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When good has prevailed across the multiverse, where do the last villains go? Well, an evil bar in a casino would be a good place to start.

Originally written for the Original Pairings contest, but 1,600 words in I looked at the rules and I’m pretty sure this wouldn’t count. Meh, I always wanted to touch on a few of these rouges anyway, and I had fun.

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Does Daybreaker really count as a villain? She only ever existed in Celestia's head.

This story takes place in the comic continuity. Specifically, Nightmare Knights, where Day Breaker is an actual villain controlled by Discord's cousin, Eris.


Let's be honest. Snips and Snails don't really count as villains. Too stupid for even Trixie's own good. Same with Iron Will. By official show canon anyway.

Comics is another story. And continuity. So this should be fun.

Well the theme of this story is the Multiverse, and also scraping the dregs.

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