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When a group of bronies named Daniel, Mark, and Chucky won't quit getting under people's skin online by starting endless arguments and causing trouble for people, they don't realize that their actions have affected the magic of friendship. They affected the magic of friendship in the worst possible way.

The Friendship Map summons Princess Twilight and her friends to help fix this friendship problem. Princess Twilight and her friends wind up going to earth to take the humans affecting the magic of friendship to Equestria. 

When Daniel, Mark, and Chucky are brought to Equestria, they learn a lesson on friendship from Princess Twilight and the rest of the Main 6.

Note: Even though this description is told in third person, the story is told from the first-person point of view. The main characters are Princess Twilight and Daniel

Thank you to those that helped me out

Listener proofreader

Fennekin11506 pre-reader

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