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Sapphire is my favorite gem and a Rose specifically a red one is my favorite flower. So that's how my OC Sapphire Rose was born!


Long ago, before Equestria was founded, a group of ponies that called themselves Guardians protected the land with their magic. When founders came upon the land that would become Equestria they didn't know it, but they caused unstable magic like the Windigos almost destroyed Equestria before it even began.

The Guardians were the ones that stopped the Windigos, not the bonds of friendship. 

The Guardians are the ones that have sworn with their hearts and all their power to protect Equestria from threats like the Wendigos that would come about in the near future. 

The Guardians are the ones that will give their lives to save Equestria again and again. 

The bonds of friendship are not enough to protect a precocious land like Equestria. To the Guardians the Founders of Equestria could care less about protecting the land, they just want to claim it for their own. 

The Guardians will be the ones, standing at the gates, ready to use their magic to send unstable magic to a realm that will keep it under control. 

The Guardians are the ones that rightfully own the land of Equestria. The bonds of friendship don't. 

The Guardians will always be there to protect Equestria.

Note: This is the OC Challenge story.

OC's in this story are:

Fancy Mark/Dark- OC created by Fancy Mark

Melody- OC created by Nikki Wampler

Firewing- OC created by Matthew Atkins

Little Snack- OC created by Betty_Starlight

Atherlight Melody- OC created by Christopher Smith

Purple Artist- OC created by David Simmons

Lord Thunder- OC created by Joshua Vargason

Then of course there's my OC Sapphire Rose (even though she's the OC's in the story's boss from chapter one onward, she might pop up here and there but she won't be in there very much)

Thank you to all the OC's that have worked on the story with me, especially Fancy Mark for helping out with the editing.

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Why didn't you make Sapphire Rose the main OC?

Because I like the other OC's better than mine for the main ones. I especially like Fancy Mark, Aether and Melody.

Are you still accepting OCs?

Sure, yours would be a supporting cast though. Because I already have the main ones if that's okay with you?

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