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"Left 4 Dead(2) is copyright by Valve and Equestria Girls is copyright by Hasbro, I own no rights to either property. Any names, likenesses, and descriptions of people in this work of fiction is purely coincidental."

I think the better question you should ask yourself, is why are people still stupid enough to put a disclaimer like this (and in various other forms) in their story?

Hasbro doesn't give a shit. Valve gives even less of one. And it's not a site rule. So why? Just wasted space.

Simply for legal purposes. People who used song lyrics were liable for lawsuits and such. Claiming that you have no association with said works is standard thing to do:
Also as a rebuttal to "Hasbro doesn't give a shit": SillyFillyStudios.

Don't forget to let Ellis talk about his buddy Keith

There's one major flaw in your logic. If Hasbro, or Valve in this case as well, cared. This site would have been shut down years ago.

Plus it's very unlikely that a disclaimer would stop either company if they suddenly did give a shit about any of this.

Just saying.

I'm just glad the smoker didn't put his tongue in her mouth

-Smoker- *Wheeze, Cough cough*
-RD- *Choke*
-Smoker- *Blu-lah-lah-lah-lah-lah-lah-lah* /Sloppy Frenchie+throat/
-Ellis- *Shudders* Bwur-ur-ur-ur-ur!

Oooooh yes, more L4D2... Sweet.
Wait, I thought RD, AJ, and Rarity had firearms for the Smoker bit... Two pistols and a shotgun?

AJ has the shotgun and Rarity and Rainbow have a pistol each, it takes about a full pistol clip to kill a smoker, and on top of that it was top of the rollercoaster.
Also Pistols are really only accurate to medium and close range

So RD flew at it with a bat to save ammo?

Essentially, yes.
I'm not quite sure how I'll incorporate the infinite ammo of the pistols (maybe just saying that there's a shit ton of ammo, but that feels like a cop out) but she did it to save bullets

I can already hear the friendly fire incidents from here...

RD: OW! Do I look like a target?!
AJ: Dagnabbit, don't shoot me!
Rarity: Are you really going to shoot a beautiful maiden like this?! Come on!
Pinkie: HEY! Do, I, look like, one of them?!
Fluttershy: D-Did I get bit?! What are you doing?!
Sci-Twi: HEY! That was my ass you shot lead into! Oop... Pardon my language.
Sunset: What the?! Excuse me!? EXCUSE ME! Where in the hell do you think your shooting?!

It'd be more like:
RD: Hey! Who the hell do you think you're shooting?!
Applejack: Of the no good, rotten, down right despicable things!
Pinkie: Hello, still walkin' n' talkin' here?!
Sunset: I know that was an accident, but on the off chance it wasn't: STOP.
Rarity: My word! I can't believe you just shot a poor dame!
Fluttershy: Ouch! That... that really hurt...
Twilight: Pardon my French but which one of you assclowns shot me?

I like your ideas too, they really grab the characters

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