• Published 5th Jun 2020
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My Little Ninja Turtle (Part 2) - MlpTmntDisneyKauane

Equestria is in danger, now Mane 6 and Turtles need to reconsider, leave differences behind and be friends again to save Equestria from these terrible villains.

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Three months later, in the night at the Twilight castle, Twilight was at the library organizing some of her books while singing with her mouth shut (And what she was singing was the TMNT 2012 theme song).

She sang with her mouth shut and pasted the books in order on the bookcase, but then, she stops when she sees two photo pictures on the bookcase, a photo of her with her friends and Spike and her mutant friends with April and Casey in Equestria, the another was hers with her friends and Spike her mutant friends with April, Casey and Splinter in the turtle world.

Twilight smiles when he sees these beautiful pictures, but then sighs sadly, Spike who was helping Twilight with the books noticed Twilight sighing like that.

"What's wrong, Twilight?" Spike asked.

"I don't know, Spike, I'm just a little worried I think, it's been over three months since we've seen the boys, none of them sent a message, and Mikey is the one who always and most sends me a message." Twilight explaned. "Maybe I should go over there just to see if they're okay." She said.

"Twilight, no need to worry, you know that boys are always busy saving the world, I'm sure they are fine." Spike said.

But then, the two heard a small noise, Twilight turns and sees her message book of the turtles blinking.

"See, they even just sent a message." Spike said.

"Oh finally, let's see." Twilight said happily levitating the book, opened it and started reading.

Twilight started to read the message, she was excited when she started reading, but then her smile disappeared, Twilight got a little worried, and then more worried, and then sad.

"*Gasp * Oh no!" Twilight said.

"What's wrong, Twilight? Are they not okay!?" Spike asked a little worried.

"Yes, they are, Spike, but ..." Twilight can't even complete and give a sad sigh.

"Twilight, what happened?" Spike asked.

"Come on Spike, we have to tell the girls." Twilight said and the two ran out of the library.
In the dining room, the girls were eating pancakes, along with the Starlight Glimmer who is no longer evil but she still didn't have a new hairstyle.

"So Starlight, tell us more about your friend Sunburst, were you guys too close?" Applejack asked.

"Well, we were very close indeed, Sunburst and I always studied together, we did school work together, we practically did everything together." Starlight explained.

"Tell me, Starlight, did you like him?" Pinkie asked.

"Of course, he was my friend and ..." Before Starlight continues to explain, Pinkie asks again. "No, I meant, do you like him SO MUCH?" Pinkie asked smirking.

Starlight understood what Pinkie meant by that and blushed. "Oh ... hehe, well ..." Before Starlight explained, Twilight called. "Girls, girls!"

"Twilight? What is it, darling?" Rarity asked.

"The boys, they texted me." Twilight explained.

"What boys?" Rarity asked.

"The turtles, they texted me." Twilight replied.

"Gosh, finally." Said Applejack.

"The turtles? It's The Legendary Ninja Turtles that you girls talked about?" Starlight asked.

"Yeah, it's them." Fluttershy replied.

"Dude, I thought they would never come back." Rainbow joked.

"That's not funny, Rainbow! This is a serious thing." Twilight cursed Rainbow.

"What happened to the boys, Twilight, are they okay?" Fluttershy asked.

"Yes. But, Master Splinter, Leo, New York, they..." Twilight couldn't quite explain it and sighed very sadly.

The girls soon noticed from Twilight's expression that a very bad thing happened.

"Twilight, can you read the message for all of us?" Starlight asked.

"*Sigh* Okay, listen." Twilight said, opened the book and started to read the message.

"Dear Twilight Sparkle: I know it's been a long time since we visited or wrote to you, especially me. But there were a lot of really bad things in New York, the Kraangs started the invasion earlier than we thought, they were more advanced than in Equestria, they mutated the humans and April’s father, Leo was seriously injured fighting the Shredder, and Shredder beat Master Splinter, he is gone, we lost. But we escaped of the Kraangs, we left New York and we moved to a safe place far from the city, April's old house and farm, the first thing we did when we arrived was to take care of Leo who was now deeply unconscious and very hurt. Now we are doing everything and planning everything we can to go back to New York and defeat the Kraangs, but while we don’t do that, we spend time here on the farm, Mikey has fun feeding the chickens, although they don’t like him very much, Donnie has built a laboratory in barn to create a remedy to cure Leo when he wakes up, and so far he still hasn't managed very well, Casey keeps doing work on the truck, although he has been crushed in it many times, April spends time with us and spends time writing her jornal, she really misses home, and me, well, i'm here on the side of my unconscious brother, waiting for him to wake up while i write this message for you. Things are very difficult, Twilight, we still don't know how to defeat the Kraangs, we still don't know if Master Splinter is really dead and I'm worried that Leo will never wake up, he's been unconscious for three months, sometimes I have no hope that everything will be fine, but I don’t know, looks like somehow it seems to a part of me that still has hope, saying that everything will be fine. Well, I really hope that everything will be fine soon, that we will return to New York, so that we can see you and the girls, because the portal was in New York and there is no way to visit you guys, all we got was the book, but the portal is not. Well, if you're reading this, I appreciate you listening to me. From your friend: Raphael. "

Twilight finishes reading and closes the book sadly, while everyone who heard the whole message was shocked.

"My godness, this is horrible!" Said Fluttershy sadly.

"Oh my Celestia!" Said Rarity shocked and sad.

"Holly Chalumpa!" Said Applejack.

"Oh boy, this is really bad." Said Starlight.

"Yeah, this is really..." But before Rainbow finished saying it, she was shocked and confused by something. "Wait wait wait! Did you say Raphael? Are you sure it was Raph who sent this message? Are you sure you didn't read the wrong name?" Rainbow asked incredulously.

"Rainbow Dash, didn't you hear the message!?" Applejack asked cursing.

"I heard, but, Raph?" Said Rainbow, still incredulous.

"Look, I know Raph is not that sentimental type of person, but you heard the message, he and the others went through horrible situations." Said Fluttershy.

"Yeah darling, even tough men have feelings." Said Rarity.

"Look, listen, no matter who sent the message, New York was dominated by the Kraangs, Master Splinter is missing and Leo is unconscious, and are you worried about who sent the message!?" Twilight asked a little angry.

The girls were even shocked to see the stress of Twilight.

"Twilight, please calm down." Spike tried to calm her down.

"Spike is right Twilight, get angry so not helping the boys." Said Starlight.

So Twilight's anger soon turns to sad, she don't wanna it to happen the same when she and Leo argued cause she was angry, so Twilight takes a deep breath and calms down.

"Sorry girls, it's just that I'm so worried about the boys now, especially Leo, he's been unconscious for three months now, and I'm so afraid the Kraangs are destroying the turtle world." Twilight said.

"I know, darling." Said Rarity.

"We all are." Said Applejack.

"Oh, I hope Master Splinter is fine." Said Fluttershy sadly.

"Me too." Pinkie said also sadly.

"I just... feel that we could have done something to help them." Twilight said.

Twilight feels a lot of worry and sadness about it, until Starlight approaches her. "Look, I don't know these turtles, yet, but I'm sure they will be able to save New York and their world, because if they managed to defeat the Kraangs here in Equestria, surely they were able to defeat them in their world, not with magic like the first time, but somehow they will succeed, but all we can do now is not to lose hope, and hope that the boys will win, that everything will be fine. " Starlight ended.

Twilight smiled feeling better. "You are right, Starlight. Thank you." She thanks

Starlight smiled proudly as a sign of 'You're welcome'.

"Wow Starlight, you spoke so beautifully." said Rarity proudly.

"Yeah girl, you're really changing, it's turning into a good pony. '' Said Applejack.

"Keep it up, friend." Rainbow said.

"Well, thank you girls." Starlight thanked smiling.

"Yeah, I'm proud of you, Starlight. And thanks again." Twilight said.

"Well, that's what friends are, isn't it?" Said Starlight.

"Well, I hope the turtles are all right." Spike said.

"Me too. Besides, it's just a bunch of stupid Kraangs, I mean, what can be worse than that?" Rainbow asked.

Then Pinkie Pie starts to give her hunch speaking quickly: "Well, it would be worse if a Mutagen Bomb falls on their world that would destroy everything and turn all humans into mutants and mainly Leo who sacrifices himself for his brothers and is hit by the bomb that turns him into a giant and evil monster, and several years would pass and their world is now a dangerous Wasteland with full of ravangers and the turtles would be changed, Raph would be a heartless survivor called the Red Stripe, Donnie would be a robot, Mikey would be a wise old man called Holly Chalumpa and Leo who doesn’t remember anything about his life after the double mutation would be an evil king of Wasteland named Maximus Kong who has no mercy on anyone and kills practically everyone in his path." Pinkie gives a big gasp after saying so much fast, and then smiling.

The others were completely confused by arching their eyebrow, they practically didn't understand anything that Pinkie said because she was talking too fast.

"Buuuut, this is just a hunch." Pinkie smiled.

"Okay then?" Said Starlight confused.

"So Starlight, how about you spend time with me at the boutique?" Rarity suggested.

"Oh of course, you know, I'm thinking about changing the style of my mane, making a new hairstyle." Said Starlight while touching the fringe.

"Okay dear, i got this, your mane will be a lot better than this fringe." Said Rarity, and she and Starlight left.

"Well, we have to go, too. Good night Twilight." Applejack said goodbye.

"Good night Spike." Rarity said goodbye.

"I wish the boys luck." Said Fluttershy and all the girls go out.

"Good night girls, and good luck in your reforme, Starlight." Twilight said goodbye.

"*Sigh* Well, what do we do now?" Spike asked.

"I'm going to continue organizing the books to try to take this worry out of the turtles and..." But before Twilight ends, her book blink stings again.

"Huh, another message?" Spike asked.

Twilight opens the book, she starts to read, and as soon as she read, her emotions were positive, Twilight started to smile when she read it.

"Oh my god, really?! i can't belive, this is so good!" Twilight said excitedly and relieved.

"What, what is good, Twilight?" Spike asked curiously.

"It's Leo, Raph just texted me that Leo has recovered from his coma, he's awake!" Twilight said very happy.

"Really!? This is great!" Spike said.

"Yeah, and..." Twilight read the message a little more and suddenly her smile disappears. "Aw, but he's still hurt, he got a different voice, he's a little weak and has a terrible pain in his leg."

"Oh man." Spike said. "Well, at least he is awake and he will recover well."

Twilight smiled a little at that. "Yeah, at least that." She said.

"Besides, Starlight is right, I'm sure everything will be fine in the end." Spike said.

"Yeah, I just hope the worst will really not happen." Twilight said.

"Well, aside from that crazy hunch that Pinkie said, that I hardly understand anything, I hope that nothing worse will happen. It's not like everything that Pinkie said was going to happen." Spike said.

"Yeah, probably." Said Twilight, feeling a little better about it and knowing that nothing worse can happen, especially with what Pinkie said.

OR could it happen ???

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Excited! Excited!

Are you going to do one where the mare 6 travel to New York or your Mutant Apocalypse in Equestria?

Okay that was great and shocking (not to mention Raph emotional writing) and since Pinkie forseen the future with her “hunch” the next story will be surprising! And in the next story make sure that bond between Leo and Twilight goes up because the shipping between these two are good. I’m excited for the next story. Please posted it soon because this is so awesome!

I also think of that myself. I hope so too so the mane 6 would help the turtles when they return to New York before the mutant apocalypse thing.

Shocking ending 🤩👍

What’s next?

This book is awesome!!! I love everything about it!!! You did amazing Kauane!! I can't wait to read the next book!! If there will be one. But I know how it is when writing a book so we will be patient! Booyakisha!!

Thank you. And yes, there will be more, there is even another one that still has incomplete chapters, called Teenage Equestria Ninja Girls

Oh, yes! I found it and started reading it too. :twilightsmile:

Very impressive. 20/10 and God

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