• Published 5th Jun 2020
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My Little Ninja Turtle (Part 2) - MlpTmntDisneyKauane

Equestria is in danger, now Mane 6 and Turtles need to reconsider, leave differences behind and be friends again to save Equestria from these terrible villains.

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New confrontation

Meanwhile at Canterlot Castle in the throne room, Shredder was with the black elements, talking to his six Hoof Clan robots.

"Continue the search for the escaped ponies, Hoof Clan, we cannot let anypony stop being mutated by the Kraangs." Shredder ordened and the Hoof Clan robots left the throne room.

All the robots left and the door in the throne room was closed, and then a Kraang approaches Shredder.

"What is it now!?" Shredder asked in frustration.

"The one called Kraang Prime would like to speak to the one called Shredder." Kraang explained.

"Okay then, turn on the communicator." Shredder ordened.

Then Kraang turns on the communicator, and a virtual image appears with Kraang Prime. "Greetings, the one called as Shredder." Said the Kraang Prime.

"So how are the mutations in Equestria?" Shredder asked.

"All those known as ponies have already been mutated in the town called Ponyville and the farm is called Sweet Apple Acre." Kraang Prime explained.

"But while the Canterlot ponies? You haven't mutated them here so far." Shredder asked.

"The Kraangs are currently doing what is known as repairs, at the moment the stock of mutagen is low, and we are modifying the mutagen for what is known as the best." Kraang Prime explained.

"Well then don't be too long, we had a deal, remember!? You Kraangs could transform Equestria all over if I governed." Shredder said in frustration.

"Don't worry, everything is going as in what is known as agreement, the Kraangs are already doing what the Kraangs wanted to do with the world called as Equestria, so the one called as Shredder. can rule the world called Equestria without let the Kraangs upset the one called as Shredder. " Kraang Prime.

"It better be, remember, I didn't make that agreement just for you Kraangs to get me out of that damn Tartarus." Shredder remind.

"The Kraangs have already bought the one known as agreement, the one called the Shredder, the Kraangs can transform the world called Equestria as they wish and Shredder can rule it as wish." Said Kraang Prime.

"Well then, as a new king of Equestria, I orden that the Kraangs continue to transform all the ponies of Equestria, until they are all mutated, I don't want any living thing in Equestria escape to his mutation." Shredder ordened.

"It seems that the one called the Shredder really wants to do what the Kraangs want too." Said Kraang Prime.

"These stupid ponies are nothing to me, for many decades they have been thinking about magic, joy, friendship and all these cheesy, ridiculous and stupid things, and with the other Canterlot students it was no different, they all just wanted to know about friendship instead of knowing other things that are more important than a stupid friendship, and maybe that will now make these naive ponies wake up for life and see reality, MY reality. " Shredder explained.

"The Kraangs will do what the one known as Shredder wants, so soon Equestria will belong to the Kraangs and Shredder, Kraang Prime hanging up." Kraang Prime finished and hung up the communicator.

Shredder was about to return to the throne, but then he heard some noises outside the throne room, noises of robots being broken, until one of the Kraangs entered the room and quickly closed the door by holding it.

"What's going on out there !?" Shredder asked irritably.

"One of those turtle calls is here, and one of them and that one called..." Before the Kraang was finished, the door Kraang was holding is opened brutally causing Kraang to be thrown and fall.

And Leo was at the entrance to the throne room. "Leonardo." The Kraang finishes what he was saying.

Shredder turns and looks at Leo. "Well, well, well, so are you the leader of your group of mutant turtles from another world?" Shredder asked sarcastically and gave an evil giggles. "Honestly, I expected more than that, do you really think that a teenager like you has a chance to lead a team and defeat someone powerful like me?" Shredder asked sarcastically.

But Leo angrily just looks at Shredder. "Free our friends from your mind control now, Shredder!" Said Leo.

"And why should I? They are being very useful to me, you don't need them anymore, they are mine now!" Said Shredder, and from his expression I could tell he was smirking.

Leo who got angrier prepared his Katanas. "Give it up now, Shredder, or I will..." Before Leo finished, Shredder interrupted by bringing his face close to Leo.

"Will what!? Do you think that just because you are in another world, does it mean that someone who already existed in your world will be different from that world !? Well know, boy, that some things in the worlds are different, others are the same, so I'm going to ask you again: do you have a chance to defeat someone powerful like me?" Shredder asked.

Leo just frowned. "That's what we're going to find out!" Said Leo and used his magic to make a shine brightly in Shredder's face.

Shredder screams, pulling away while rubbing his eyes, what a good time for Leo to attack him with his Katanas, but Shredder dodged the Katanas, Shredder hits his claw blades on Leo, but Leo flies away from the throne room, Leo flies around the throne room, Shredder uses his magic and shoots at Leo, but Leo dodges making the red laser hit one of the windows and breaking it, Leo uses his magic by shooting at the Shredder, but Shredder uses his magic to make a shield, the blue laser hits the shield and goes back to Leo who is almost hit by his own laser.

Leo stops flying, lands and prepares his Katanas, Shredder runs to Leo and Leo does the same, Shredder beats his claws but Leo defends himself with his Katanas, Leo hits with Katanas but Shredder defends himself with his claws, and continued this they defend themselves and hit their blades, but then Shredder hits one of Leo's Katanas by throwing it, Leo was now holding the blade claws with just one Katana, but then Leo quickly comes out of Shredder's blade claws and picks up his other Katana, Shredder returns to Leo with his claw blades, but Leo quickly holds the blades with his Katanas, Shredder struggles to hit his claws on Leo and Leo struggles to hold Shredder's claws.

"Why don't you quit now, boy !? Don't you see that you'll never be able to hit me with these stupid swords? Better surrender now if you don't want to get hurt." Shredder warned with a smirk expression.

"There's something you haven't heard from me yet, Shredder." Before Leo said anything else, he used his magic on his Katanas to make them shine.

Leo raises the Katanas that caused a strong and explosive glow that pushed Shredder away. "I never give up!" Leo finished what he was going to say about him.

Leo prepares back his Katanas that were shining thanks to his magic, Shredder prepares his blade claws back, Leo runs over to Shredder and hits his Katanas on him, and Shredder as always defended himself with his blade claws, Shredder hits his blade claws on Leo, but Leo deviates from the claws and with the magic that was in his Katanas managed to cut the claws of Shredder.

"What!?" Shredder asked, shocked and angry.

Shredder angrily, hits his other blade claws on Leo, and Leo did the same thing, dodged and cut the other claws. Shredder looks at his other claws that were now cut and growl with rage, now what Shredder had to use was his magic.

Shredder uses his magic and shoots Leo, dodges the laser that ends up hitting another window breaking it, Leo positions his Katanas preparing another attack, but unfortunately not every spell lasts long, because now Leo's Katanas have stopped shining , they were now just normal Katanas.

"Oh no." Said Leo.

Shredder gives an evil laugh. "Oh yes." Said Shredder, levitating Leo, hed hurled him at a wall and broke it a little, luckily Leo used his magic to make a shield before he hit his back on the wall.

Leo sees Shredder approaching quickly, Leo uses his magic and teleports, Shredder stops, Leo teleports away and behind Shredder, Leo breathes a little while sweating, Leo was using and spending a lot of his magic that was tiring him, he now barely able to levitate his Katanas, Shredder looks back to where Leo was and noticed that Leo was getting exhausted, and from the look in Shredder's eyes and his evil giggles, it is possible to notice that he was smirking.

"So, you're getting tired, huh? Well, it's going to be a lot easier for me now!" Said Shredder preparing his magic.

Leo was thinking about what to do now that his magic was weak, Leo then look to the throne where the black elements that were floating were, so Leo had an idea. Leo frowning in anger looks at Shredder and smooths his hoof on the floor getting ready to run up to Shredder.

"You're kidding, you're kidding, right?" Shredder asked, frowning.

Leo didn't answer anything, prepared his magic and ran to Shredder and Shredder then did the same. The two male alicorns run towards each other, seeing who will take down who, but it turns out that Leo was not using his magic to attack, but rather to distract, as soon as Leo reaches the Shredder, Leo teleports and Shredder stops.

"Huh, what!?" Shredder asked, confused and angry.

Leo is teleported behind the Shredder and close to the throne, but as soon as Shredder finds out Leo was behind him, Leo uses his magic, quickly pushes Shredder out of the throne room and closes and locks the door to the room.

"*Sigh* Okay let's go, this doesn't hold him for long." Leo said to himself and runs to the throne where the elements of his friends that were black.

Then Leo hears Shredder trying to break down the door. "Okay, I can do this, maybe just one spark." Leo said to himself.

Leo then uses his magic, tries hard to turn the elements back to normal so that his friends are freed from Shredder's mind control. "Ugh come on, come on Leo, you can do this!" Leo told himself.

And then Shredder manages to break down the door, as soon as he breaks down, he sees Leo using his magic on the elements.

"No! What are you doing?!" Shreddef asked angrily.

Leo tries harder at his magic, and then one of the elements starts to blink. "No, NO!" Shredder shouted in anger preparing his magic to do something with Leo.

But then suddenly, before Leo continues with his magic, something explodes near him, throwing him off the throne.

"UGH, what the!?" Leo asked shocked and confused.

Shredder gives his evil laugh, Leo without understanding why Shredder was laughing like that, looks back and is shocked by who he saw.

Whoever was on the throne was the one who prevented Leo from using his magic on the elements and who blew him away, and who was there was the evil black alicorn giving her evil laugh ... Nightmare Moon.

"Oh no, Princess Luna?" Leo asked.

Nightmare Moon looks at Leo as she frowed. "Princess ... Luna? I don't know who you're talking about, i am .... Nightmare Moon!"

Leo now seemed to understand what had happened for Luna to become Nightmare Moon, Shredder also did some kind of mind control on her with the black elements, but not the same as what he did with the Mane 6, cause Nightmare was not white-eyed .

"Shredder, what did you do to Luna!?" Leo asked angrily.

"I just fulfilled her wish, she was feeling weak, loser and pathetic, and now she is everything I wanted." Said Shredder.

"You haven't fulfilled anything, you just did brainwashing on her, just like you did with my friends!" Said Leo.

"It doesn't matter now, what matters now is that Nightmare Moon is a queen now, she will help me defeat anyone who tries to stop our reign, like you!" Said Shredder, making an expression that he was smirking.

Leo looks at Nightmare Moon who flew close to him while she smirking.

"Nightmare Moon, finish him off!" Shredder did.

Nightmare Moon prepares his magic. "Yes, Shredder." Nightmare replied smirking and shoots Leo, but Leo quickly uses magic to make the shield.

Leo undoes the magic shield and quickly moves away from Nightmare Moon and takes his Katanas back.

"Luna, you have to get out of this control, Shredder is not your king, he is just controlling you and using you to attack anyone who is preventing him, you need to snap out of this, this is not who you are!" Leo talks to Nightmare.

"There's no use talking to your lies, little boy, Shredder is my king and my master, and you are the enemy." Nightmare Moon prepares another magic to shoot Leo. "And my name is not Luna ... It's Nightmare Moon!"

Nightmare Moon shoot her magic at Leo, but Leo uses his Katanas to defend himself from the laser. "No, you are mistaken, this is what Shredder is making you think, he is controlling you, I am not your enemy, Luna!" Leo talks to Nightmare.

Nightmare Moon just frowns in anger and prepares another magic. "I already shoot another magic at Leo.

Leo dodges the laser, and apparently Leo had no choice, he has to do what he did with the controlled girls, fight. And then Leo and Nightmare Moon's fight begins.
Meanwhile outside the castle, the three ponies turtles and Spike took all of the Mane 6 controlled and tied them with the Applejack rope and Mikey's Nunchakus chains, Mikey finishes tying them all up, and the girls try to break free.

"Sorry girls, but we didn't have another one." Mikey apologized.

"I'm not sorry." Raph smirking said approaching to Rainbow. "So, who's the loser now, Dash?" He smirked mocking Rainbow.

Rainbow frowned in rage and head-butted Raph's snout.

"OW!" Raph rubs his hoof on his snout. "Okay, that hurt!" Raph admitted, frowning.

"He he, very good Dash." Mikey said, until Raph looked at Mikey angrily and snarled, which made Mikey nervous. "I mean, very good, Raph?" Mikey smiled nervously.

But then, the three ponies turtles and Spike heard noises in the castles, they looked and saw that the castle's few windows were shining brightly.

"Holly Chalumpa! What's going on in there !?" Mikey asked.

But then Donnie realizes one of the turtle ponies was missing. "Wait, where's Leo?" Donnie asked.

"He's inside the castle, confronting Shredder." Spike answered.

"Leo is at the castle!?" Donnie asked shocked.

"Confronting Shredder!?" Mikey asked shocked.

"Alone without us !?" Raph asked shocked.

"Yes, yes, and unfortunately yes." Spike answered all questions.

"But why did he go without us?" Mikey asked.

"Probably because he needed us here to distract the girls." Donnie guessed.

"Yeah, and maybe to try to free them too." Spike guessed.

The others look at the castle that still had windows that were shining.

"And it looks like things are not going as Leo planned." Raph said.

"Yeah, if were, the girls would be back to normal by now." Donnie said pointing to the Mane 6 controlled who were still trying to break free.

"Oh man, what are we going to do now then !?" Mikey asked worriedly, while the others looked at the castle that still had windows that were shining.

But then, Raph, who was also looking, frowned confidently. "I tell you what we're going to do!" Raph said.

"Raph?" Donnie asked confused.

"We are going to go inside the castle, and help our brother and end this Shredder. Come on, no turtle; or pony, is left behind!" Raph said.

"Wow Raph, that was so moving!" Mikey smiled with some tears in his eyes.

"Very good Raph, now you're showing a spirit of loyalty." Spike said.

"Yeah, thanks to a friend of mine." Raph smirked and turned his eyes to Rainbow Dash who was still trying to break free.

"So what are we waiting for? Let's go!" Spike saind.

"Booyakasha!" Mikey shouted, and all the boys up to the castle.

But then, the controlled Mane 6 who was still struggling to break free, but then Twilight controlled with anger that couldn't take it anymore, she used her magic on the chains and ropes and blew it up, freeing all the controlled Mane 6, the girls recover and Twilight smirked to everyone who also smirked, and all the girls went after the boys to the castle.
Meanwhile inside the castle, Leo was still fighting Nightmare Moon, and his fight was not going very well.

Nighmare shoot her magic on him, but Leo turns away, but then Nightmare Moon runs to Leo and hit her horn, but Leo holds her horn with his Katanas, Nightmare struggled to pierce Leo with her horn and Leo struggled to hold Nightmare Moon.

"You can't win, boy, Shredder and I are more powerful than you, we will rule all of Equestria and not anything you can do to stop us!" Said Nightmare Moon.

Leo just frowns in anger and pushes Nightmare Moon with his Katanas away from him.

"My brothers and I came to these world to save it, save it from the Kraangs, the Hoof Clan and the Shredder of Equestria, and we will not be leaving until we finish our mission!" Leo attacks Nightmare Moon with his Katanas but Nightmare hits the Katanas with her horn defending herself, so she holds one of the Katanas with her horn. "Because this is what my brothers and I do, we save the world, no matter if it is different and from another dimension, we save all worlds from threats like Shredder and the Kraangs!" Said Leo.

Nightmare Moon pushes Leo's Katana, and uses her magic to force him to a wall, Leo hits his back on the wall and before he gets up, Nightmare Moon places her hoof on top of Leo, pinned him on the floor.

"Surrender now, boy, give yourself to us, join us and we promise that maybe we'll let you live if you serve us. And that's a big maybe. You will be our ally, and we will be your masters! " Nightmare Moon proposed, smirking.

But of course Leo declined the offer, he used his magic to push Nightmare out of him and stood up to face Nightmare Moon. "I will never join you or Shredder, I will never join any evil being, and you two will never be my master, the only master I have and am loyal to, is Master Splinter!" Said Leo preparing his Katanas.

"Well then, so you choose the hard way? The way you will die!" Nightmare Moon asks and shouted by shooting her magic at Leo.

Leo flies dodged the laser, Leo flies out of the castle at the broken window.

"And where do you think you're going !?" Nightmare Moon asked smirking, spread her wings and flew out of the castle after Leo.

Outside the castle, Leo flew thinking about what to do now while Nightmare Moon flew after Leo shot her with magic, Leo dodged the lasers that hit some parts of the castle, hitting the ceiling, walls, bridges and windows , Nighmare continued and continued without even caring that she was firing and breaking some parts of the castle, but then in her another shot that she gave in anger, she manages to hit Leo on one of his wings, Leo screams in pain and starts to fall , Leo tries to recover with his other wing that had not been hit, but you can't fly with just one wing, Leo ends up going to a window breaking it, Leo was back in the throne room, Shredder was standing on the throne looking for Leo who had just fallen, Leo threw himself up, but he was injured and felt a lot of pain in his body, including his wing that Nightmare shot.

Nightmare Moon enters the window where Leo had fallen and broken and lands looking at Leo who was injured, could barely get up, Nightmare just smirk giving her evil giggles.

"Very good, Nightmare, you did a good job." Said Shredder.

"Thank you, King Shredder." Nightmare Moon said smirking and walking over to Shredder, and stands by his side.

Leo tried hard to get up, but he couldn't, Leo tries to levitate the Katanas that were beside him, but his magic was also weak.

"Now do you see? Do you see that it is useless to continue fighting with powerful beings unable to be defeated!? Is pathetic!" Said Shredder.

Leo only takes one of his Katanas with his hoof while still trying to get up.

"Why do you still insist that? Give up soon if you don't want to die, you've already proved that you're useless, you're alone, I have all the magic and you have NOTHING!" Said Shredder.

Leo just frowns in anger looking at Shredder, but then...

"That's not true, Leo does have something." A voice calls to them at the entrance to the room, Leo looks back and that was his brothers and Spike who were there, and Raph was the one who said that. "He has us, he is not alone" said Raph.

Leo smiles, touched to see everyone and what Raph said while Shredder and Nightmare Moon looked at everyone angrily. Now the whole group was together, what will happen now?