My Little Ninja Turtle (Part 2)

by MlpTmntDisneyKauane

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Equestria is in danger, now Mane 6 and Turtles need to reconsider, leave differences behind and be friends again to save Equestria from these terrible villains.

This is a continuation of My Little Ninja Turtle, if you haven't read it, then you need to read it to read and understand this story
My Little Ninja Turtle (Part 1)
Equestria is in danger, the Kraangs and the Hoof Clan are attacking and the Shredder nobody knows where he is, now Mane 6 and Turtles need to reconsider, leave differences behind and be friends again to save Equestria from these terrible villains.

(The story begins before Karai believes she is really the daughter of Splinter and after Mane 6 meets and defeats Starlight Glimmer)


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Previously on My Little Ninja Turtles....

The ninja turtles discovered that the Kraangs opened a portal to another world, a world completely different from theirs, the turtles decide to go to that world to find out what else the Krangs want from it, but when they went to that world, they were shocked with what happened, the ninja turtles turned into ninja ponies, after meeting Mane 6, the ponies turtles and Mane 6 get together to save Equestria from the evil Kraangs and the counterpart of the Shredder in Equestria. The group went through a lot of things, a lot of fights, a lot of friendships, a lot of training, a lot of fun, a lot of mutants and a lot more fights. But in the last fight against the Kraangs, the group is teleported far from Ponyvillw, this soon caused accusations and arguments between Mane 6 and ponies turtles that soon stopped being friends and separated, but Applejack, Fluttershy and Spike do not want that they stop being friends, so each one separated to make the others reconsider, Spike went to talk to the boys and Applejack and Fluttershy went to talk to the girls. Getting the girls to reconsider was a failure, after returning to Equestria (Without noticing that Spike was not with them), the Mane 6 were horrified by what they saw, Ponyville and other parts of Equestria were already being attacked by the Kraangs. And now, what are they going to do?
After returning to Ponyville, the Mane 6 were horrified by what they saw, Ponyville and other parts of Equestria were already being attacked by the Kraangs.

"What are we going to do, Twilight!?" Fluttershy asked worriedly.

Twilight was really worried about the situation now and she really didn't know what else to do.

"I ... I don't know." Twilight answered worried.

"Well, I will tell what we are going to do, we are going to end these Kraangs!" Said Rainbow punching her hooves.

"Alright, but don't think that just because we're going to do this that our conversation is over, cause it isn't over yet." Said Applejack

"What!? Sorry, I can't hear you, I'm too busy ignoring you!" Rainbow ignored Applejack, making Applejack red in anger.

"Come on girls, let's save Equestria!" Twilight ordered.

"BOOYAKASHA!!!" Pinkie shouted happily.

"Pinkie, don't even say the phrase those suckers say!" Rainbow said.

"Aaww, but I love to say 'Booyakasha'." Pinkie said sadly.

"See? Even Pinkie misses the boys right now." Said Applejack.

"Ah blah blah blah, enough of this talk and let's get rid of those brain cans!" Rainbow said uncomfortably.

"But ..." Before Applejack says something, Twilight interrupts. "Lets go Girls!"

And all of the Mane 6 are in action running to Ponyville, only Applejack and Fluttershy not yet, Applejack just groaned in anger.

"I don't know anymore how we are going to make them rethink about the boys!" Said Applejack a little depressed.

"Don't worry Aj, I'm sure we'll find a way, maybe who knows they can rethink themselves." Said Fluttershy.

"*Sigh* Yeah maybe, I hope." Said Applejack.

"But now I have to agree with Rainbow on one thing, we need to stop the Kraangs from destroying Equestria!" Fluttershy reminds.

"Yeah, you're right, we need to do this now, with or without the boys." Said Applejack.

"So come on, girls need us." Said Fluttershy running to Ponyville and helping the other girls.

But before Applejack ran along with Fluttershy, she thought about the boys and the fact that Spike is still there to make the boys rethink as well.

"Spike, wherever you are, I wish you luck in reconsidering the boys." Applejack thought and soon also ran to Ponyville to help his friends fight the Kraangs.


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Meanwhile in Our Town, the ponies turtles were still trying to find a way back to their world, but until now they didn't know how and were still angry at the argue between them and the girls.

"Argh, what a waste of time, I knew it was a very bad idea that we came to this stupid world!" Raph complained.

"Yeah, if we had known that these worlds had six pony heroines, we would be in our world playing video games and eating pizza with peperoni." Mikey complained.

"Probably those stupid girls must have already defeated the Kraangs and the Hoof Clan without us, don't you think Leo?" Donnie complained and asked.

Leo didn't respond, even though Leo argued and got mad at Twilight, somehow he was a little sad, the same sadness that Twilight also felt when they argue.

"Leo!?" Donnie asked and called him.

"Huh, what?" Leo asked.

"Leo, what's wrong?" Donnie asked.

"Nothing, why the question?" Leo answered and asked.

"You look kind of ... sad." Donnie said.

"Yeah, won't you tell me you miss those stupid girls!?" Raph said uncomfortably.

"Of course I'm not. And even if I did, so what?" Leo asked rudely.

"Hey Leo, take it easy, Raph just ..." Before Mikey finishes speaking, Raph interrupts rudely. "So you shouldn't miss those fools, they blamed us for things that we didn't do anything wrong!"

"But we also blame them for things that they did nothing wrong, we are also wrong!" Leo admitted rudely.

"Oh so now are we to blame!?" Raph asked sarcastically and rudely.

"Maybe yes!" Leo replied sarcastically and rudely.

"ENOUGH PLEASE!!!" Mikey begged. "I can't take these fights anymore, I didn't liked to argue with the girls and stopped being friends with them, especially with Pinkie." Mikey said sadly.

"Oh great, now Mikey is missing those mules." Raph said angrily.

"Yeah alright, I admit, I miss the girls, are you happy now?!" Mikey said rudely and sadly.

"No, I'm angry!" Raph said ready to punch Mikey.

But Donnie stops Raph using his magic by holding his hoof.

"Raph, you shouldn't do that, don't you remember what Fluttershy said?" Donnie asked.

"I don't care what she said, it would be much better if we had never met the girls!" Raph said.

"But I really miss the girls, Pinkie Pie, and Spike." Mikey said.

"Guys! Guys!" A thin male voice called the turtles.

"Huh, now it looks like I'm hearing Spike calling us." Mikey said thinking that voices were heard in his mind.

"Boys!" The voice called them again.

"Great, now I'm also hearing his voice in my mind." Raph said, not liking to hear that.

"Wait, I hear it too." Donnie said.

"Yeah, now we're all crazy." Raph said dryly.

"Stop it, you are not hearing things, Spike is really there." Leo pointed.

"Guys! Boys!" Spike called them running over to them.

"Spike?" Mikey asked.

Spike reached the boys, he stops and takes a breath after running so much.

"Spike my buddy!" Mikey said happily patting Spike's head.

"Hey, I thought you were angry with me and the girls." Spike said.

"With girls, but you don't." Mikey said. "But actually I have to admit, I miss the girls." Mikey said sadly.

"Well, that's why I'm here, you boys and girls need to reconsider." Spike said.

"It was a waste of running for you, Spike, because give up, we won't reconsider with them!" Raph said rudely.

"But boys, you guys can't help being friends just because of a silly little mistake, and to tell you the truth, nobody did anything wrong." Spike said.

"Yeah, Spike is right, after all it was Kraang who teleported us away." Donnie admitted.

"And something tells me that this was all Shredder's plan." Spike said.

"Yeah, but so what!? I don't care, they blamed us for something silly! Now it's their problem against those Kraangs." Raph replied rudely.

"It wasn't cool Raph, it wasn't that kind of loyalty that Rainbow taught you." Spike said.

"Screw loyalty!" Raph said rudely.

"Raph, shut up!" Leo oderned.

"Look, you need to stop remembering that silly mistake and remember the good things that happened when you guys meet the girls." Spike said. "Mikey, do you remember how you and Pinkie talked a lot?" He asked Mikey.

"Yes, I remember, it was very funny, and she taught me how to stay on two legs even though I was a pony, now I have improved my fights as a pony." Mikey said.

"So, you still don't want to be friends with her?" Spike asked.

".... No, I missed her, and the girls." Mikey replied sadly with sad dog eyes.

"Donnie, do you remember the good times you and Rarity had?" Spike asked.

"Yeah, she taught me how to use my magic and she made me have more confidence with April." Donnie replied.

"Do you want to stop being friends with her for this?" Spike asked.

"No, not really." Donnie replied feeling bad.

"And Leo, you and Twilight were the ones who spent the most time and had fun, remember?" Spike asked.

"Yes, and I admit, I really didn't want the two of us to stop being friends." Leo said feeling a little sad.

"And Raph ..." Before Spike say somethig, Raph interrupted saying:"Argh fine! Rainbow Dash is cool, she taught me to fly, we became friends, I didn't like it when we stopped being friends and blah blah blah!" Raph admitted rudely.

"Well, now that all of you have reconsidered, can we talk to the girls?" Spike asked.

"For sure, Spike." Leo replied.

"The problem is that they are now in Ponyville." Spike said.

"Wait, they left you behind!?" Mikey asked shocked.

"Even I was shocked and upset about it." Spike replied dryly.

"Well, what are we waiting for? They may need our help." Donnie said.

"You and Leo have magic, you can teleport us over there." Mikey reminds.

"Alright, everyone get together." Leo ordered.

Everyone got together, Donnie and Leo use their magic.

"Twilight, I hope that you and the girls have also rethought, because I really want us to be friends again." Leo thought and everyone was teleported.

A New Era Begins

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Meanwhile in Canterlot, all the ponies there were running and hiding from the Kraangs and the Hoof Clan, the royal guards were defending, but most were already cut off and wounded, and Princess Luna was doing that too.

"Everypony go! Run away and go somewhere safe!" Luna ordened while the others ran, doing what Luna said.

But suddenly, something explodes near Luna causing her to be knocked over, Luna gets back up and saw who really almost shot her, it was Shredder, not the Shredder of the turtle world, that was the Shredder counterpart of Equestria.

"So, you must be Shredder." Luna said, frowning in anger.

"And you must owe Luna, Celestia's younger sister, or I should call you Nightmare Moon." Said Shredder.

"This is past, I am more of that monster, the only monster here now is you." Said Luna.

Shredder hits Luna by knocking her away, Luna gets back up.

"Do you really want to do this?" Luna asked.

"For sure!" Shredder responded by preparing his blades.

And Luna and Shredder's fight begins, Luna dodged Shredder's blades while she used her magic to take down Shredder, unfortunately her magic against Shredder didn't work, Shredder was stronger than Luna.

"Your magic is too weak for me." Said Shredder.

"You have not seen anything yet!" Said Luna.

Luna uses her magic and shoots at Shredder, the laser didn't affect anything at all in Shredder it only made him move away from Luna, Luna flies up to Shredder, but Shredder uses magic and stop Luna, he throws her against a wall, Luna was getting hurt , but she didn't give up.

"Is that all you know how to do !?" Luna asked.

"No, but I'm glad you asked!" Said Shredder using his magic harder and shoots Luna.

Luckily Luna flies around in time for the magic explosion, Shredder flies over to Luna and pinned her by throwing her to the ground and predicting her, Luna struggled having to let go of Shredder, but he was too strong and Luna was already hurt.

"For years, I always wanted to be better than everypony, better than my brother, better than your sister Celestia, I wanted to prove to everypony that who doubted me that I could be powerful, but nothing I did was enough , nothing Celestia did for me was enough, she didn’t give me the value I deserved, all she valued was for my stupid brother who wasn’t even my real brother. But now, I’m going to prove to her and to everypony that I am the mighty." Said Shredder.

"... Shredder, I understand you, but none of what you are doing will give you the respect you say you deserve, it will only give you darkness and evil to you, you must not let hate and jealousy take over from you, you don't have to be a villain." Said Luna.

"I know I don't need to ... But I WANT!!!" Said Shredder, levitating Luna.

"I was stuck in Tartarus for 500 years, I even met a friend there, he taught me everything about magic of everypony, and he taught me how to steal it." Said Shredder.

Shredder uses his magic and starts draining Luna's magic that comes out of her horn and into in Shredder's horn, and Luna just screamed in pain while her magic was drained, when Shredder finished draining Luna's magic, he drops it, Luna could barely get up so weak that she was after her magic had drained.

"Yes, I can feel all the power of the moon myself!" Saind Shredder.

"You ... You are a monster ..." said Luna, totally weak.

"Now all that remains is to steal Celestia's magic, and Equestria and the world will be mine alone!" Shredder said flying to Canterlot Castle.

Luna struggles to get up and succeeds.

"I need to go over there and let my sister know before it's too late." Said Luna flying to the castle.
Meanwhile in the castle of Canterlot, Celestia taking the innocent ponies that were in the castle to safety.

"Everypony over there! Hide there and don't leave until I say it's okay!" Celestia ordered and everyone runs into a room and locks the door.

And suddenly when Celestia finished taking the ponies to a safe place, she watches someone from a distance, she didn't even have to think twice to find out that guy was Shredder, Celestia didn't show fear when Shredder got closer and closer, she just frowned her forehead, she closes her eyes and when she opens them, Shrdder was already right in front of her looking at her eyes, Celestia showed no fear, only anger.

"After so many years, I have come home my teacher." Said Shredder.

"This is no longer your home, and I am no Longer your teacher." Said Celestia.

"Oh yes, you have new favorite now." Said Shredder.

Yes, and she is better than you, and she will one day be the best princess Equestria has ever seen." Disse Celestia.

"*evil laughter* Too bad it will never happen, because now Equestria is mine." Said Shredder.

"Equestria will not be yours, you will never be a king you said so much!" Said Celestia.

Shredder turned his back to Celestia

"Huh. so, that's how it's going to be?" Shredder perguntou sacasticamente.

"That is how it MUST be!" Said Celestia with hate, she stamps her front hooves down and charges her horn.

"Fine, that's better for me." Said Shredder preparing his blades.

Shredder turns his head, growls and whips around clash his horn with Celestia's as she flys up and fire a beam at him and he fires magical beam back at her. they seemed even until Shredder poured more magic into his attack and sent Celestia flying into the the castle crashing through the doors.

It was at this very moment that Celestia and Shredder's fight and the song began.

"Shredder: I remember a time when I lived just to please you
Following your plan to fulfill my destiny
But now I understand what I couldn’t see then
You tried to get me out in that role
But now I’m taking back control"

Shredder was shooting magic laser at Celestia, but Celestia used her magic to make a shield.

"Shredder: So bear my fury!
And bitterness
For a heart that’s long made cold
It’s time to recompense
For the damage and the lies!"

Shredder used all his magic and managed to hit Celestia, Celestia was hurt, but not enough for her to give up.

"Shredder: Bear my fury!
Take back your curse
Release me from torment
And soon Equestria will be mine once again
A new era begins!"

Celestia was getting more and more hurt the more she fought the Shredder, but she still hasn't given up.

"Shredder: It’s too late to run and hide
And I won’t accept surrender
It’s time you paid for your crimes
And finally give me peace
You’ve met your own demise
And turned me into a monster
You tried to get me out in that role
But now I’m taking back control

So bear my fury!
And bitterness
For a heart that’s long made cold
And soon Equestria will be mine once again
A new era begins!"

Celestia flies away from Shredder and out of the castle, and then she find her younger sister Luna.

"Sister!" Luna said hugging Celestia. "Celestia i'm sorry, i tried to stop him but he was very strong and i went ..."

"It wasn't your fault, sister, and it doesn't matter now." Said Celestia.

The two sisters see Shredder coming.

"Luna goes, you need to go to Ponyville to let the others know!" Celestia asked.

"No! I can't leave you with this monster!" Luna refused.

"Luna, I'll be fine, Equestria's destiny is what matters now, now go, I'll delay you." Celestia asked.

"But ..." Before Luna says anything, Celestia asks again. "GO!"

Luna had no other choice, she did what her older sister asked and flew out of Canterlort. And then, Shredder uses his magic and explodes where Celestia was, throwing her too far.

"Shredder: All my pain
And all my strife
Lead back to you and your demise
You can’t escape
My punishment
From this great evil deep inside"

Celestia falls into the castle, she can barely get up so many wounds.

"Shredder: You tried to get me out in that role
But now I’m taking back control"

Shredder approaches her and uses his magic by holding Celestia by her neck and pinning her to a wall.

"Shredder: So bear my fury!
And bitterness
For a heart that’s long made cold
It’s time to recompense
For the damage and the lies!

Bear my fury!
Take back your curse
Release me from torment
And soon Equestria will be mine once again
A new era begins"

Shredder uses his magic and begins to drain Celestia's magic.

"Shredder: A new era begins"

Celestia screamed in pain as her magic drained away.

"Shredder: A new era begins!"

Shredder finishes singing and draining Celestia's magic, he drops Celestia and Celestia was really so weak that now she couldn't even get up.

"Yes, now the magic and all Equestria is mine!" Said Shredder giving his evil laugh.

Song from Princess Trixie Sparkle (A new era begin):


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Meanwhile in Ponyville, Mane 6 was fighting the Kraangs and the Hoof Clan, and the fight was not very good for the girls.

In the Rainbow Dash and Applejack fight, Applejack used her ropes to pick up and tie the Hoof Clan. And Rainbow took some storm clouds and shocked the Kraangs, making their brains come out of their bodies and run away.

"Take this, canned brains!" Rainbow scoffed.

"Don't celebrate too soon Dash, there are more of them coming." Applejack warned.

"I got it." Rainbow said kicking the storm cloud and shocking some of the Hoof Clan.

"Rainbow, there are more of them coming to Cloudsdale, you need to go there." Said Applejack.

"No way, I can't leave you girls." Rainbow said.

"Relax, let's be fine, I need to help my family on the farm and you need to help others in Cloudsdale." Said Applejack.

"...Alright, I will, I wish you luck Aj." Rainbow said and flew to Cloudsdale.

"Hang on my family, I'm coming." Said Applejack lowering her hat and running over to Sweet Apple Acree.

In the fight between Fluttershy and Rarity, Fluttershy was too afraid to fight, but she dodging attacks from the Kraangs and the Hoof Clan was very useful indeed, Rarity used her magic and levitated the robots by beating them together and throwing them.

"And that is why you guys should never mess with a lady." Rarity said spoiled.

"Yeah, don't mess with Rarity, or me!" Said Fluttershy nervous and very afraid as she fled from the blows of the robots.

Rarity was distracted by the other robots that didn't even notice a well-armed Hoof Clan behind her.

"Rarity, watch out!" Fluttershy warned.

Rarity looks back, the Hoof Clan was about to kill her with his fist, but suddenly, a green fire hit the Hoof Clan melting him, Rarity looks at where this fire came from, when she looks, she saw who made it that was Spike.

"Nopony messes with my Rarity!" Spike said he felt like a hero.

"Spike Wikey!" Said Rarity happily, she hugs Spike making him blush.

"Spike? Are you here?" Fluttershy asked in surprise.

"Yes, and I managed to convince the boys to make it up." Spike said.

"The boys?" Rarity asked.

"Wait, if you're here, then that means..." Fluttershy said.

While in the fight for Twilight and Pinkie, Twilight shot the robots using her magic, Pinkie attacked the robots with one of her crazy tricks.

"Surprise!" Pinkie gave a gift to a Kraang.

Kraang opens the present and Pinkie comes out of the present with a cupcake.

"Double surprise!" Pinkie throws the cupcake at Kraang.

When other robots appeared, Pinkie started to roll her arms, throwing a bunch of cupcakes at them while laughing like crazy.

Twilight used all her magic to attack all robots. But suddenly, behind Twilight and Pinkie was a giant Kraang with a tank full of mutaten, and he was aiming for Twilight and Pinkie, and then the Pinkie Sense fired, Pinkie started to shake.

"Twilight, there's something behind us!" Said Pinkie.

Twilight and Pinkie look back and the giant Kraang shoots the mutagen, Twilight and Pinkie just bend down and close their eyes waiting for the mutagen to hit them, but suddenly, a blue magic shield forms between them, preventing the mutagen from reaching them.

"Wow, great time to make the shield Twily." Said Pinkie.

"But... I didn't make this shield." Twilight said.

"No? So who did it?" Pinkie asked.

"Well, why don't you look over here?" Somepony asked sarcastically.

Twilight and Pinkie look and see who made the shield was Leo.

"Leo?" Twilight asked in surprise.

"You came back!" Pinkie said cheerfully.

"Not only him, we too." Raph said and the other brothers appear.

"Boys?!" Twilight asked in surprise.

Leo undoes the shield, while the other ponies turtles are surprised by the giant Kraang with mutagen.

"Holly Chalumpa!" Mikey said shocked.

"Quick let's go, before he shoots mutagen at us!" Leo ordened.

Twilight, Pinkie and the ponies turtles run away from the giant Kraang, they hide behind a house.

"Is everypony okay?" Leo asked.

"Everything okay." Mikey answered.

"Positive." Pinkie answered.

"Twilight are you..." Before Leo finished his question, Twilight hugs him. "Okay?" Leo completed his question confused.

"Leo ... I'm sorry." Twilight apologized.

Leo was surprised and happy to hear that from Twilight, he felt that they were now friends, Leo hugs her too.

"I'm sorry too." Leo apologized.

Twilight smiled happy to have her friend back as she tightened her hug, Mikey seeing Twilight and Leo making up reminded him that he too needs to make up with somepony.

"Pinkie, look, i'm ... Sorry, for blaming you for something silly, is that I ..." Before Mikey finished his apologies, Pinkie hugs him leaving Mikey surprised.

"I'm sorry too, I didn't want the two of us to stop being best friends forever." Pinkie apologized.

"So, can we go back to being best friends forever?" Mikey asked.

"Do you want to hear something? YES!!!" Pinkie asked and answered happily as she tightened more her hug, but Mikey didn't care about that super tight hug.

"Yay ... How ... Nice!" Said Mikey feeling very suffocated by the tight hug (But he was enjoying it anyway.)

"Alright, everypony has already make up, everypony is fine, now we can save Equestria and go home!?" Raph asked.

"Okay, Donnie, Mikey and Pinkie, you're going to help others." Leo ordered.

"Yes sir!" Pinkie answered by salute.

"You can count on us!" Mikey said.

"We take care of that!" Donnie said.

Donnie, Mikey and Pinkie go to help others.

"Raph, you're going to help Rainbow Dash." Leo ordered.

"What?! Why do I always have to be with that stupid colored mule!?" Raph asked angrily.

"Because yes and you need to make up to her." Leo replied frowning.

Raph groaned a little in anger.

"Ugh fine! I'm going, but that's just because I already know how to fly and you don't know so far." Raph said flying over to Cloudsdale and helping Rainbow Dash.

"Well, what about us?" Twilight asked.

"We are going to save the other ponies, let's go!" Leo ordened and he and Twilight went to save the other ponies.
Meanwhile in Rarity, Fluttershy and Spike, the three were fleeing the giant Kraang.

"Oh for Celestia's sake! Don't let this Kraang shoot that mutagen in me, I'm too beautiful to be a mutant!" Rarity does drama.

"And I don't want to become a mutant again!" Said Fluttershy with fear.

"I don't want to be a mutant either, I'm technically already a mutant!" Spike said in a panic.

While the three were running, the giant Kraang shoots mutagen at them, but suddenly, the three are diverted from the mutagen by someone who levitated them, and the one who saved them was Donnie who used his magic.

"Phew, that was close." Donnie said.

"Donnie!" Said Rarity happy to see his friend in purple.

Donnie dropped the three.

"So, did Spike help you reconsider with us?" Fluttershy asked.

"Yep, now Pinkie and I are friends again." Mikey said extending his arm at Pinkie.

"Best friends forever again!" Pinkie said cheerfully.

"And by the way ..." said Donnie, approaching Rarity. "Rarity, my bad for blaming you and calling you Drama Queen, I hope you forgive."

"Oh darling." Said Rarity hugging Donnie. "Of course I forgive you, and I'm sorry, too." She apologized.

"So are we friends again?" Donnie asked.

"For sure." Rarity replied.

But then the moment of making peace was interrupted, when the others heard cries for help, some ponies were running from the giant Kraang, but it didn't go on, the giant Kraang threw mutagen into the ponies transforming them into Kraang ponies.

"Oh my godness!" Said Rarity in horror.

"This is exactly what the Kraangs are planning to do in our world." Donnie explained.

"We nedd to do something!" Spike said.

"You're right, let's find Twilight and Leo, they must know what we're going to do." Said Fluttershy and everyone runs to find the leaders.
Meanwhile in Cloudsdale, Rainbow Dash beat the flying Kraangs and Hoof Clan while the other pegasus fled to safety. Rainbow was really enjoying giving these robots a beating.

"Ahaha! Take this, weak robots! Nopony has a chance with Rainbow Dash!" Rainbow boasted.

While she was distracted bragging, she was hit by the blow of a Hoof Clan, she dropped a cloud and the Hoof Clan pinned her ready to punch her in the face, but suddenly, Raph kicked the Hoof Clan.

"Nopony has a chance with you? Huh, I see." Raph mocked.

"You ?! What are you doing here !?" Rainbow said was not at all happy to see her ex-friend in red.

"Look, you're welcome for saved you, okay?" Raph complained.

"I didn't need your help, I'm doing really well," Said Rainbow.

"Well, that's not what I saw." Raph mocked.

"Shut up! Why are you here !?" Rainbow asked rudely.

"Well, I thought you needed help with these guys" Raph answered.

"No! I don't need your help!" Rainbow answered rudely.

"Fine, but I'm still going to end these guys with or without you." Raph said.

"Yeah whatever, do whatever you want, just leave me alone!" Rainbow replied rudely.

"Fine!" Raph left Rainbow.

"Huh, stupid red guy." Rainbow swore by herself and went back to fighting the other robots.
While in Twilight and Leo, the two were saving the other ponies from the terrible Kraangs and Hoof Clan.

"Everypony go!" Twilight oderned and everypony ran.

While Twilight helped the ponies escape, Leo fight the Kraangs and Hoof Clan, he dodged the blows, defended himself and cut the robots in half.

"Has everypony gone?" Leo asked.

"Yes, they are all safe." Twilight answered.

"Great, let's go find our friends." Said Leo.

"Wait, is that Applejack?" Twilight asked.

They looked at them and saw that it was really Applejack running up to them.

"Applejack!" Twilight said.

Applejack took a breath after the run.

"The giant Kraang ... My family ... I can't ... I lose them ..." Applejack said as she breathed and tried to say everything in full.

"Applejack calm down, take a deep breath." Leo asked.

"Applejack, what happened?" Twilight asked.

"... I went there to help my family, I arrived in time, but when I was helping them to escape, the giant Kraang was already there, and he threw mutagen at us, I was the only one who escaped the mutagen, but the rest of my family, Applebloom, Big Mac and Granny Smith, they were all merged and made into Kraang ponies. I tried to help them remember but they attacked me, I couldn't save my family. " Applejack ended up feeling sad.

"Oh Applejack, I'm sorry for your family." Twilight felt sorry.

"Don't worry about Applejack, we will bring your family back, we will bring everypony back, I promise." Leo promised.

"Thank you." Applejack thanked him.

And then the other friends arrived.

"There you are!" Donnie said.

"We need to get out of here, the giant Kraang is shooting mutagens at everypony." Said Rarity

"We already know." Said Leo.

"And he got it right in my family." Said Applejack still feeling sad.

"Oh this is terrible!" Fluttershy felt sorry for Applejack.

"Spike!" Twilight hugs Spike. "Spike please i'm sorry for leaving you behind, I was so angry that I didn't even realize you weren't there." She apologized.

"Okay okay, I forgive you." Spike forgave.

"Where's Raph and Rainbow?" Fluttershy asked.

"They are in Cloudsdale." Twilight answered.

"Huh, I doubt they already maked up now." Said Spike dryly.

"There's only one way to find out, does anypony have a binocular there?" Mikey asked.

"I have." Pinkie gave Mikey the binocular and he looked at Cloudsdale, he saw Rainbow and Raph fighting separately.

"Well, they are fighting the Kraangs and Hoof Clan, but they are still separate." Mikey said.

While in Cloudsdale, Rainbow and Raph were still fighting separately, Raph taller to catch the other flying Kraangs.

"Where do you Kraangs think you are going?" Raph asked mockingly.

Raph flies and punches and kicks all Kraangs, making them all fall.

"Huh, easy as pie." Raph bragged as he kissed his muscles.

He flies higher to catch the other robots.

"Man, Raph is flying very high." Mikey said.

"Mikey, you know you don't have to use binoculars, do you? We can see them from here." Donnie said.

"Yeah, I know, but I want to take a closer look. And also, I like using binoculars." Mikey said, looking back through the binoculars while Donnie frowned.

Returning to Cloudsdale, Rainbow hits some from the Hoof Clan.

"Ha, you robots really don't stand a chance with me, because ..." Before Rainbow finished bragging, she was hit on the head by a Hoof Clan who made her pass out and started to fall.

"Oh no! Rainbow Dash has been bulldozed!" Mikey said in a panic.

"RAINBOW DASH!" Everypony cries.

When Raph fought against the Kraangs, he looked down and saw that Rainbow Dash was falling.

"*Gasp* Rainbow Dash!" Raph cries worried.

Raph ends the Kraangs quickly.

"Hold on, I'm coming!" Raph shouted and flies down fast.

Raph was as fast as he could to catch Rainbow, the others were watching what was going on.

"He won't make it!" Donnie said worriedly.

"Oh, I don't want to look!" Said Fluttershy covering her eyes with her wings.

"Me neither!" Said Mikey, but instead of covering his eyes with his hooves, he's a Twilight wing and a Leo wing and uses them to cover his eyes while Twilight and Leo frowned.

Returning to Raph, he was very, so fast that causing a shockwave.

"Wait, what's going on with Raph!?" Donnie asked confused and worried.

"Wow, if he can do what I'm thinking, then we don't need to do anything." Said Applejack.

"What? What do you mean?" Donnie asked.

"Just relax and watch, pal, just realax and watch." Said Applejack.

Returning to Raph, the shockwave and speed of Raph increased more and more. Mikey and Fluttershy open their eyes a little. Raph was getting faster and faster end the shockwave got stronger and stronger, and then ...


Raph makes an explosion, forming a ring of vibrant green and red colors, just like Sonic Rainboom.

"OH MY GOSH, HE DID IT, HE DID A SONIC RAINBOOM LIKE RAINBOW DASH DID!!! UWU!!" Fluttershy celebrated jumping with joy.

"HOLLY CHALUMPA! YOU SEEN THIS, HE DID IT, HE DID A SONIC RAPHAEL!!!" Mikey baptized and celebrated while rocking Donnie like crazy while Donnie still shocked at what Raph did.

Raph makes shapes red and green lines, Rainbow was almost reaching the ground, but Raph managed to catch her in time by her arms, and that explosion of color ring spread in the sky, attracting the attention of some Kraand and the Hoof Clan.

"Kraang see that known as not good." Said one of the Kraangs.

The color ring explosion spread and knocked over all the flying robots. Raph flies straight close to the ground still forming shapes red and green lines, and then Rainbow wakes up.

"Huh, what?" Rainbow wakes up confused, she looks at someone holding her arms and those someone was Raph.

"Raphael?" Rainbow asked.

"What's up?" Raph said.

Rainbow looks back and is shocked and surprised at what Raph did.

"Wow! Raph you did it!" Rainbow said.

"Yeah you're welcome." Raph said.

"No, I meant you did that." Rainbow pointed.

Raph looks back and was shocked and surprised by what he did, from the explosion ring to the shapes red and green lines.

"Wow. This ... is .... AWESOME!!!" Raph shouted.

Raph reaches his friends, and when he arrives, the shapes red and green lines are over and he releases Rainbow.

"That was AWESOME!!!" Pinkie shouted happily.

"Raph, that was amazing!!! I already baptized, The Sonic Raphael!" Mikey said.

"Yeah I know, that was awesome! I never thought I could do this." Raph said.

"Raph, I know this was cool, you saved Rainbow, but have you done what you should have done?" Leo asked.

"Done what?" Raph asked, but then he remembered. "Oh yeah." He said frowning.

Raph approaches Rainbow, but before he says anything...

"Raph, that was awesome! Dude, I take everything I said from you." Rainbow said.

"Huh, thanks." Raph said, but he remembered what he had to do. "Hey Dash." He called her.

"Yes?" Rainbow asked.

".... I'm ... i'm ... sorry" Raph whispered, not wanting to do that.

"What? What did you say? I didn't hear." Rainbow asked joking while she smirk.

"I said ...I'M SORRY!!!!! "Raph screamed with a giant head (exactly the same time that he apologized to Leo.)

"OH oh alright I heard, sorry too." Rainbow apologized.

"Yeah, but you owe me more excuses than I do." Raph said.

"He's right Rainbow Dash, you started to blame it." Mikey said in agreement.

"Fine, sorry sorry and sorry, happy now?" Rainbow asked dryly and sarcastically.

"Yep." Raph replied smirking.

Everypony started laughing a little, but then the laughter ended when they saw the catastrophe in Ponyville.

"Okay, can we get out of here right before we are transformed into Kraangs?" Donnie asked.

"That's right, everypony in my castle, now!" Twilight changed and everyone ran.

They ran away from some Kraangs and Hoof Clan and are almost affected by the mutagen, everpony manages to reach the castle, they all enters.

"Quick, get something heavy to block the door!" Said Applejack and everyone did as she asked.

"The windows, we need to cover the windows!" Fluttershy warned.

"I got this!" Rainbow said preparing hammer, nails and wood.

Rainbow and Fluttershy covered the windows and the others covered the door.

"Phew, that should hold for now." Twilight said relieved.

Fluttershy finishes covering the other window.

"There, I think this was the last one." Said Fluttershy.

"So, what are we going to do now?" Pinkie asked.

"We won't be here forever, will we?" Raph said, not wanting this to happen.

"I don't want to stay here forever, if I'm not going to be bored, and when I get bored I go crazy, AND I'M ALREADY GETTING CRAZY NOW!!!" Mikey freaked out.

Until then Raph slaps him, shocking Mikey.

"Did you just slap me?" Mikey asked, frowning in anger.

"I was calming you down." Raph said.

"Why would that calm me down?!" Mikey asked freaking.

"Okay everypony, calm down, we're just going to stay here for now until we have a plan to save Equestria." Said Leo.

"Leo is right, and the situation is much worse than we thought, we need a plan." Twilight said.

While some thought of a plan, Fluttershy a large window that was not covered.

"Oh, we forgot to cover that window!" Said Fluttershy.

"Alright, I got this." Rainbow said taking wood and nail.

Rainbow was about to hammer when she saw something approaching the window.

"Huh, but what is..." Before Rainbow finished her question, that something she saw entered the castle breaking the window she was going to cover, and that someone was Princess Luna who was hurt.

"Princess Luna!?" Rainbow asked shocked.

"Luna!?" Twilight asked shocked and worried.

"Oh my godness!" Said Fluttershy worried.

"Holly Chalumpa!" Mikey said shocked.

The others ran to help Luna while Rainbow covered the window again.

"... He arrived, he is in Canterlort, he attacked my sister." Luna tried to explain.

"Who, who's there?" Twilight asked.

"Shredder." Luna answered, and everyone is shocked.

"Princess, what happened?" Leo asked.

"Shredder attacked me, and after that he stole my magic, and he probably must have stolen it from my sister too. He is very strong, even my sister is not able to defeat him." Luna explained.

Everyone was shocked.

"Jeez, if this guy stole your magic and that of your sister, then that's it, we're all doomed. DOOMED!!!" Mikey freaks out.

"Don't make me give you another slap. Mikey!" Raph cursed him.

"Guys, don't give up, we can still fix it." Twilight said.

"He's very strong, Twilight, he can try to steal your magic." Said Luna.

"Well, my magic was once stolen by Tirek, and we still haven't given up." Twilight said.

"Well, but this is very different now, Twilight." Said Rainbow while she was still hammering.

"Well, but come on, let's not give up, as I said before, together we will always be successful, we already made a mistake in separating, but now we are together again, and we will no longer let any silly mistake separate us and again, and we will not give up until we save Equestria and defeat the Shredder." Twilight said.

Everyone was moved by the words of Twilight.

"And I know that we will all succeed, because friendship and good always win." Said Twilight and extends her hoof. "Are you all with me?" Twilight asked.

"Always!" Said Rainbow extending her hoof.

"We are always with you" Said Rarity extending her hoof.

"Lets do this." Said Applejack extending her hoof.

"That's right!" Pinkie said positive extending her hoof.

"Yay." Fluttershy whispered, extending her hoof.

And then Spike extending his hand too

But before they all lifted their hooves, Leo extended his hoof too.

"We are in this together too." Said Leo.

"Exactly!" Mikey said positive extending his hoof.

"And we are not leaving until we save this world." Donnie said extending his foof.

"Yeah yeah whatever." Raph said dryly, extending his hoof.

And before everyone raises their hooves, they look at Luna hoping she will also extend her hoof, Luna realizes why everyone was looking at her.

"Let's save Equestria." Said Luna extending her hoof.

"Everypony ready?" Twilight asked.

"Ready!" Everypony answered.

"Let's save the world!" Everypony shouted raising their hooves up.

It's time to be Ninja

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The following day, many ponies of Ponyville were all turned into Kraangs, some ponies that have not yet become hidden in their homes, especially tge Mane 6 and the ponies turtles. In the Twilight castle, Fluttershy looks through hidden window so that no one outside sees her.

"Oh my, everypony out there has all been turned into Kraangs, there's hardly anypony left." Fluttershy said feeling sorry.

"And we're already running out of food here at the castle, there isn't even a slice of pizza." Mikey said looking for some pizza under a carpet.

"And not even a cupcake." Pinkie said looking at the same carpet as Mikey.

"Hey, can you two stop marrying food and get connected in the plan?" Raph drew attention.

The two silly ponies stopped looking for food and paid attention to the Leo and Twilight plan.

"Okay everypony, so that we can defeat the Shredder, you guys will have to go to the Everfree forest and get the Elements of Harmony." Said Luna.

"Indeed, the Elements of Harmony is our only chance to defeat the Shredder and save Equestria." Twilight said.

"Okay, but how exactly are we going to get there?" Rainbow asked.

"Yeah, with that bunch of ponies Kraangs and Kraangs mutagen snipers." Applejack asked.

"Well, for that we will need help from the boys." Twilight said.

"We?" Raph asked.

"That's right, brothers, we will help the girls to be ninjas." Said Leo.

"But were our training sessions not useful?" Mikey asked.

"Yeah, and we even did well in the last few fights. Well, except the fight we were teleported and we had an argument that made us stop being friends and parted ways which gave us even worse problems." Pinkie said and reminds quickly.

"Yeah, that wasn't really cool." Spike said dryly.

"But now this is different, girls, we need to take the training but seriously now." Said Applejack.

"Actually Applejack, we don't need to take it seriously in training." Twilight said.

"Not?" Applejack asked.

"No, we just need to do what we learn and what we do best. We all do well in other fights not only because of training, but also because of what we know how to do best." Twilight said.

"Yeah, Twilight is right, Pinkie Pie is fast and has a Pinkie Sense." Spike said.

"Uh huh, it's true." Pinkie said, until she started to shake and was almost reached by a wood that was dropped by Rainbow.

"Oops, sorry Pinkie, I was covering the windows better." Rainbow apologized.

"It's okay, Dashie." Said Pinkie.

"And Applejack is strong and good with kicks and ropes." Said Spike

"That's right, partner." Said Applejack by spinning a rope.

"Fluttershy, you have good reflexes and have a stare that scares anyone." Spike said.

"Oh well, I don't really like doing that stare, but thanks." Fluttershy said timidly.

"Rainbow Dash, you are very fast and great at fighting." Spike said.

"Yeah, I know that." Rainbow boasted smirking.

"Rarity, you are also a lot good for fights, but your beauty makes any enemy distracted." Spike said.

"That's because no stallion has withstood the fabulous Rarity." Rarity showed off.

"Yeah, no stallion." Said Spike totally in love and almost drooling

"Uumm, Spike, continue." Mikey consented Spike.

"Oh yeah sorry." Spike consented. "And finally Twilight, you are smart and the best in magic, and most importantly, you are the leader, you know what is best for your team, for your friends.

Twilight was totally touched by Spike's words that soon started to form tears in her eyes.

"Thank you Spike, thank you all." Twilight wipes her tears.

"So, what are we going to do now?" Donnie asked.

"Well, I'm going to go back to Cantelort, confront Shredder and save my sister while you guys are going to get the elements, I trust you all." Said Luna.

"Thank you Princess Luna." Twilight thanked.

"Good luck to you all, the fate of Equestria depends on you all now." Said Luna.

"Good luck for you too, princess." Said Leo, and then Luna leaves.

"Now guys, let's do this, the girls already know some of our fighting techniques, but they still don't know how to hide like ninjas." Said Leo.

"In fact, Fluttershy is already good at this." Mikey said.

"Yeah, it's true." Said Fluttershy, until Rainbow let another wood fall to the ground, scaring Fluttershy who hid quickly.

"Rainbow, can you stop covering the windows? They are already covered well." Applejack cursed her.

"Okay fine." Rainbow said dryly, dropping the woods and hammer.

"Jeez, where did Fluttershy go now?" Mikey asked.

"I'm here Mikey" Said Fluttershy who was hiding behind Mikey, she hid herself so well that neither Mikey nor anyone saw her hiding behind Mikey.

"See? She's already good at hiding." Said Mikey

"Anyway, but you girls need to improve, we will no longer let anyone interfere with our training, because that is why the Kraangs and the Hoof Clan were attacking, to distract us, but now it's time for us to train more, it's time... to be ninja! " Leo said confidently.

"Oh no, Leo please don't tell me that you are goinna..." Before Raph completes, Leo starts to sing.

"Leo: I know the world can get you down"

"Sing!" Raph completed uncomfortable.

"Leo: Things don't work out quite the way that you thought

"Leo please stop this." Raph covered his ears, but Leo didn't stop.

"Leo: Feeling like all your best days are done
Your fears and doubts are all you've got"

"Wow, I didn't know that Leo sang so well." Said Pinkie.

"Neither me, can you believe it?" Said Mikey

"Leo: But there's a light
Shining deep inside
Beneath those fears and doubts so just and leave them aside
And let it shine
For all the world to see
That it is time, yeah, time to be ninja"

All (exept Raph): Ah, ah,ah, ah, ninja
It's time to be a ninja
Ah, ah ah, ah, ninja
It's time to be a ninja

"Twilight: I've no idea how hard it's been"

(All (exept Raph): it's time to be so ninja)

"Twilight: This leadership routine i need to do" Twilight feels inconfident."

(All (exept Raph): it's time to be a ninja)

"Leo: Don't let this distrust let you give up
Be ninja, it's all up to you."

(All (exept Raph): Be a ninja)

"Twilight: I feel the light
Stirring deep inside
It's like a tale that i can decide" Twilight feels confident again.

(All (exept Raph): it's time to be a ninja)

"Leo and Twilight: And now it's time
For all the world to see
That it is time, yeah, time to be ninja"

"Okay, let's go!" Said Raph feeling confident and inpired now.

"All (Even Raph now): It's time to be ninja
Let loose, be you, a ninja
It's time to be ninja
Go big, be you, a ninja"

"Raph: We flew up there fighting high in the skies"

"Mikey: We hide and watch well with our eyes"

"Donnie: We make the plans and we do the way"

"Leo: We save those lives for a glorious day"

"All: We see that light
Filling up our sky"

"Leo: So take that strength inside of you and fly"

"All: Cause it's the time to let our colors free"

"Twilight: Hey Everypony, it's time to be ninja"

Spike plays the drums.

"Girls: Hey"

Spike plays the drums.

"Boys: Hey"

Spike plays the drums.

"Girls and boys: Hey"

Spike, Pinkie and Mikey plays the drums.

"All: Hey!"

"Come on guys, it's time to go outside and show what we know how to do." Twilight said.

Everyone went outside, but secretly for no one could see them, each hid behind a home, a tree, a bush and a rock, and when someone saw them, they knocked out (at least Raph and Rainbow who always do that).

After hiding so much, straying so much, and knocking out who saw them, they all made it out of Ponyville.

"We did it, yay!" Pinkie celebrated.

"Yeah, it wasn't as difficult as I thought." Said Fluttershy.

"It was easier for me to punch those guys who saw us than hide." Raph said.

"I also think." Rainbow agreed, and the two temperamental pegasus fist bumped.

"Okay guys, now we need to go to the Everfree forest and get the elements, let's go!" Twilight ordened and everyone ran into the Everfree forest.
Near the castle of the two sisters, the group passes through the Everfree forest.

Look guys, Spitfire told me that the Kraangs may be here in this forest, hiding and mutating everypony. "Rainbow Dash explained.

"Yeah, but no time for that now, Rainbow, we have to get the elements, and if we defeat Shredder, we will also defeat the Kraangs." Twilight explained.

"Yeah, we just need to get the elements and BOOM! Bye bye Shredder and Kraangs!" Said Pinkie.

"Stay focused, guys." Said Leo.

"That's right, we're almost there." Said Twilight.

After a long walk, the group reached the Tree of Harmony.

"There, the Tree of Harmony and the Elements." Twilight said.

"So are these pebbles going to help us save this world?" Raph asked incredulously.

"Yeah, you can believe these "pebbles" have helped us save the world many times." Rainbow replied dryly.

"Come on girls, let's get the elements." Twilight said running up to the tree, but then Leo stops her by geting her it with his magic.

"Twilight, wait!" Said Leo.

"What?" Twilight asked.

"Look." Leo pointed.

Twilight looked and saw that the path to the Tree of Harmony was surrounded by Kraangs and Hoof Clan, the whole group is hidden behind a bush and watches.

"Robots, ugh, man i hate this guys!" Rainbow complained.

"Well, then let's get rid of them!" Raph said preparing his weapons.

"Wait Raph, we can't just attack." Said Leo.

"Yeah, there are a lot of them, and probably some of them are going to run away and tell Shredder about us if we start to attack." Twilight explained.

"So what's the plan for getting past those guys, fearless leaders?" Raph asked Twilight and Leo.

"We need somepony to distract them so that we can get the elements." Twilight explained.

"But the question is, who is going to distract them?" Said Leo.

"Yeah, who's going to distract them?" Pinkie asked.

"Well, probably the ones who were the dumbest." Mikey said.

But then the whole group looks at Pinkie and Mikey.

"Uum, why are you guys looking at us both?" Pinkie asked, Mikeys realized why the others were looking at him and Pinkie.

"Oh no, you looking like that means..." Before Mikey completes, Raph completes. "That you two will be the bait."

"OH COME ON!" Mikey complained.

"Shhhhhhhhhh!" Everyone (except Pinkie) silenced Mikey.

"Sorry, oh come on." Mikey whisped. "But how are we going to distract these guys?" He asked.

"I have an idea!" Pinkie said, she whispered her idea in Mikey's ear, Mikey started to like and be interested in the Pinkie Pie idea.

"Oh great, okay then, but I want to wear a skirt." Mikey said, and the two goofy ponies left the bush quickly.

"A skirt? But what are they going to do? Dress and drag and do the Hula?" Raph asked.

The Kraags and the Hoof Clan hear drum noise and there was Mikey skirt leaf and flowers around his neck and head while Pinkie dresses up a giant pizza.

"Mikey: HULA! If you're hungry for a hunk of fat and juicy meat
Eat my friend Pinkie Pie here because she is a treat
Come on down and dine
On this tasty swine
All you have to do is get in line "

"Are you kidding me?" Raph said dryly, and he and Rainbow face palm.

"Mikey: Are you achin '"

"Pinkie Pie: Yep, yep, yep"

"Mikey: For some pepperoni"

"Pinkie Pie: Yep, yep, yep"

"Mikey: She's a big pizza"

"Pinkie Pie: Yep yep"

"Mikey: You could be big pizza too, oy!"

Mikey and Pinkie run screaming and the Kraangs and the Hoof Clan run after them.

"Yeah, it worked!" Mikey said.

"Next time I want to wear a skirt." Said Pinkie.

"Combined." Mikey agreed.

Mikey and Pinkie keep running and screaming, and others go to Tree of Harmony.

"Look, I don't think it was dance and costumes that made it work." Rainbow said.

"For sure, that would be ridiculous" Raph agreed.

Twilight uses magic and removes the Elements of Harmony from the tree.

"Remember girls, even if we use the Elements of Harmony, we still need to put them back on the tree when we defeat the Shredder." Twilight said.

"We know that, Twilight." Said Applejack.

Twilight puts all the elements in the girls forming necklaces.

"Oh, how I miss the elements." Said Rarity enjoying her element.

"Ah yeah, this is how I like it, baby!" Rainbow said.

"Now let's find Pinkie and add her element." Twilight said.

"Oh, is she and Mikey okay?" Fluttershy asked worriedly.

"Hey guys!" Pinkie and Mikey said they just arrived.

"Pinkie, Mikey, are you two okay?" Fluttershy asked.

"Relax, we are great." Mikey said.

"Uum Mikey, why are you still wearing a skirt?" Rainbow asked.

"Well, I liked that skirt, I can roll with it." Said Mikey, waving his skirt.

"Take off that skirt, you idiot, it's looking ridiculous!" Raph cursed him.

"Fine." Mikey said frowning and took off his skirt.

"I can't believe that even from that ridiculous idea of ​​costumes and dancing, the distraction worked." Rainbow said.

"Well, I had an idea of ​​this distraction, but the how it was supposed to be it was Mikey's idea." Said Pinkie.

"Really? Mikey, where did you get that idea from?" Fluttershy asked.

"I saw it in a movie, a meerkat and a pig distract a bunch of hyenas by doing that kind of distraction that Pinkie and I did." Mikey explained.

"What is a movie?" Pinkie asked.

"I'll explain later, but seriously, this movie I'm talking about is awesome! Although there is a part of it that made me cry." Mikey said sadly.

"Okay, enough talking about distractions and movies and saving Equestria soon?" Raph asked.

"Raph is right, now we need to go to Cantelort and defeat Shredder." Twilight said as she put Pinkie's element on her neck.

"I hope Princess Luna is doing well in confronting Shredder." Said Rarity.

"I hope so." Donnie agreed.

"Let's go guys." Twilight did and everyone ran to Cantelort.

Song inspired in Time to be Awesome by MLP Movie:

Confrontation (part 1)

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Meanwhile in Canterlot, Celestia was trapped in the dungeon of Canterlot, alone, weak and without magic, cause Shredder had stolen her and her younger sister's magic, Luna happily managed to escape, but her older sister did not. In the dungeon Celestia was alone, but until then Shredder appeared.

"What do you want now?" Celestia asked, not happy to see Shredder again.

"I came to tell you that Equestria is doing well as I govern." Said Shredder.

"Huh, I highly doubt it." Celestia said dryly.

"All Ponyville ponies have already been transformed into Kraangs, Canterlort will soon be next and then soon the Crystal Empire will be next and then ..." Before Shredder finished talking, Celestia interrupted him angrily. "You call that "doing well as you govern ?!" I don't know if you noticed, but you're destroying Equestria, not making nothing better! You're being greedy, selfish and a very bad king, if that's what you say to yourself. You may even have stolen my magic and my sister's, but you will never be a real king! "

Shredder just growls and turns from coast to Celestia.

"And maybe you didn't realize it either, but it was your fault that this all happened, it was your fault that I am like this now, and it was your fault that Tang Shen died!" Said Shredder with hate.

"You can't blame me for any of this, especially for what happened to Tang Shen, you know a lot about what happened, you were there almost killing your own brother and ..." Before Celestia finished explaining, Shredder interrupted with rage. "He was never my brother! Did you forget? I was the son of the leader of the Hoof Clan and Yoshi was the son of the Hamato Clan." Shredder remind.

"You are ungrateful! The Hamato Clan ponies took care of you, a kind of thing the Hoof Clan wouldn't do for you!" Celestia cursed Shredder, but then Celestia was saddened by a saying thing. "But then hate and jealousy took over you, making you forget all those who loved you, making you forget who you are."

Shredder places his blade claws on Celestia, almost piercing Celestia's neck.

"Nopony really loved me, and this is who I am, and this is my kingdom now, Equestria is mine, and I will make it better than ever!" Said Shredder, removing Celestia's blade claws.

"Don't you understand? You are making Equestria worse, you are letting the Kraangs transform all Equestria. Look, if you really want to make Equestria better, then stop this evil and get rid of the Kraangs." Celestia advised.

"The Kraangs are not going anywhere!" Shredder replied.

"You are threatening the ponies to be extinct!" Said Celestia.

"Then so be it, I don't care!" Said Shredder.

"You can't do this!" Said Celestia.

"I am the king now, I can do whatever I want!" Said Shredder.

"If you were half the man Hamato Yoshi was..." Before Celestia was finished, Shredder punched her hard and made her fall. "I'M 10 TIMES BETTER THAN HAMATO YOSHI WAS!

Celestia tried to get up, but Shredder's punch was too strong, Shredder pinned Celestia to a wall and placed his blade claws close to Celestia's neck.

"Now I will make you suffer all my fury!" Said Shredder.

But before Shredder did anything to Celestia, a Kraang calls him.

"The one known as the Shredder." The Kraang called him.

"Ugh, what do you want now !?" Said Shredder uncomfortable.

"The one known as somepony wants to talk to the one known to Shredder." Said the Kraang.

Shredder took the blade claws off Celestia's neck and he brutally placed her on the floor.

"I will go now, but when I get back, you will still suffer my fury." Said Shredder leaving Celestia alone in the dungeon.

"*Sigh* You are not 10 times better... You are 10 times worse." Celestia said alone and sadly.
And then in the throne room where Kraang said somepony is, there was no one there.

"So, who wants to talk to me?" Shredder asked Kraang.

"It's me!" Someone with a female voice answered.

Shredder looks at where that voice comes from, but before he realizes who is, he's pushing the force and fall, Shredder raised his head to see who did it, and who did it was Celestia's younger sister, Princess Luna.

"You!" Shredder said angrily.

"Yeah, it's me." Luna answered frowning in anger.

Shredder stood up and faced Luna angrily and approached Luna as she spoke. "So you dare to challenge your new king?"

"You are not my king!" Luna said, Shredder only ignored what Luna said.

"I fought you until I was weak, I stole your magic and that of your sister, and now I am the most powerful, and you are without magic and without strength, so, do you still want to challenge me?" Shredder asked.

"Less talk "king", more fight!" Luna replied.

And then Shredder accepted the challenge, he advanced his punches on her, but Luna quickly dodged, Shredder continued to hit his punches on Luna, but Luna continued to deflect the punches, until then she managed to punch Shredder in the face, Shredder was impressed by that (sarcastically).

"Huh, I see that you have improved your fighting techniques a lot." Said Shredder pretending to be impressed.

"Some of my new friends have taught me some of their tricks." Said Luna.

"Your friends, they taught you well," said Shredder pretending to be impressed.

Luna throws another punch, but Shredder holds her punch, surprising Luna.

"But they didn't teach you everything." Said Shredder.

Shredder turned Luna's arm almost twisting it while Luna screamed in pain, he throws Luna to a wall, before Luna gets up again, Shredder puts his hoof on top of her and he intend her on the floor while Luna was struggling to free herself of the Shreedder's hoof.

"Shredder is your master and king now, princess" said Shredder.

"I am the princess of Equestria, and I have a master and not even a king!" Luna shouted and kicked Shredder with her legs taking him off her, Luna stood back up.

"Now your life will end, fool!" Said Shredder running to Luna and Luna did the same.

Shredder punches, but Luna dodges and pushes him, and then Shredder uses his magic and levitates Luna and throws her, but luckily Luna gets up quickly when she hits the ground.

"You can't fight your king forever!" Said Shredder.

"I already told you. You ... are not ... my KING!" Luna shouted and teased at the Shredder, Shredder flew away from Luna.

"That's it!" Said Shredder not taking this fight anymore.

Luna runs to him, but then surprising Luna, Shreder uses his magic and shoots Luna, Luna hits a wall, she almost couldn't get up after that magic shot, and before she gets up, Shredder levitates her.

"You fool, did you really think you were coming here just because you thought you were brave and could defeat me just because you felt strong? Because you think it wrong! Because I am the most brave, the most powerful and the strongest, and you..." Shredder said and threw Luna on the floor.

Luna couldn't get up, she was too weak. "You're nothing." Shredder completed what he was saying, and then stepped very hard on Luna's wing, hearding a bone crack that he broke her wing, Luna screamed with the purest pain she ever felt, Luna felt completely weak.

"You're a weak Luna, you were born weak and that's what you always will be!" Shredder completed and hit Luna's head hard, knocking her out.

Confrontation (parte 2)

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Sometime after Luna's fight with Shredder, Luna who was unconscious finally wakes up, she wakes up not quite knowing where she was.

"Where... Where am I?" Luna asked herself.

Luna felt a little pain, she looks at where the pain was and see her wing broken and bandaged.

"Who bandaged my wing? It couldn't have been Shredder." Luna wondered herself and doubted.

Luna looks around and sees her older sister Celestia sitting looking sad.

"Celestia?!" Luna asked shocked.

Celestia heard someone calling her, she turned and saw her little sister who finally woke up.

"My godness, Luna!" Celestia said emotional with some tears in her eyes.

Celestia quickly ran over to Luna and hugged her.

"Oh Luna, thank godness, I thought you were going to die, Shredder brought you here all injured and unconscious, I did everything to keep you alive, treated your wounds, bandaged your broken wing..." Celestia said, all relieved.

"Celestia, it's okay, I'm fine." Luna said hugging her older sister.

The two sisters cut off the hug.

"And where are we?" Luna asked.

"In the Canterlot dungeon, Shredder arrested us here." Celestia replied

When Celestia tells her sister where they were, Celestia realizes that Luna was a little disappointed about something.

"Luna?" Celestia asked.

"I am weak." Said Luna.

"What?" Celestia asked, confused and shocked.

"Yes, that's what you heard well." Said Luna.

"Luna, you are not weak." Said Celestia.

"Really? Because my magic was easily stolen, I was injured and my wing was broken. Do you still think I'm not weak?" Luna asked in frustration.

"Luna, doing your best that you can is not being weak, it is trying." Said Celestia.

Even with Celestia's words, Luna didn't feel convinced or better.

"But I still can't believe you did that." Said Celestia.

"I needed to do it, I wanted to save you, I didn't want anything bad to happen to you." Said Luna.

Celestia placed her hull on Luna's work. "But you know what? You did it." Said Celestia.

"What do you mean? What are you talking about?" Luna asked.

"When you weren't here in Canterlot yet, Shredder was threatening me and almost came close to killing me, but then when you showed up, Shredder left me." Celestia explained.

With that Luna felt a little better. "Well, I'm glad you're fine, and that I got there on time." Said Luna.

"Me too." Said Celestia and hugged her little sister.

"And don't worry sis, our friends are already coming here with the Elements of Harmony." Said Luna.

Luna expected her sister would happy about it, but what happened was the opposite of that, Celestia felt sad about it and still hopeless.

"Tia? What's wrong?" Luna asked.
Meanwhile in the throne room, Shredder was just sitting there on the throne, when a Kraang appeared.

"The one known as Shredder, Kraang seek an audience!" Said the Krang.

Shredder felt uncomfortable. "Why do you disturb me, Krang!?" Shredder asked disturbed.

"Those known as the Turtles and the Mane 6 have taken those known as Elements of Harmony, and now it looks like those known as the Turtles and the Mane 6 are coming to defeat the one known as the Shredder." Kraang explained.

Shredder did not seem concerned nor even angry, it is not known for sure if Shredder is smirking, but on hearing his evil giggles, you can bet he was smirking.

Shredder rose from the throne and walked to a window. "So, these ponies think they can defeat me with a bunch of pebbles?" Shredder asked sarcastically.

"But those known as Elements of Harmony are those known to be very powerful and can defeat that known as any enemy." Kraang explained.

"I know what the Elements do, but it doesn't matter, when I was still a student of Celestia, I was studying a lot about the Elements of Harmony. The Elements of Harmony defeat any enemy yes, but only if that enemy doesn't have the magic of the sun and moon, and now that I have these two magics, there is no element and no magic will be able to defeat me." Shredder explained while smirking (even though you couldn't see it because of his helmet)

"So those known as the ones known as the Turtles and the Mane 6 can't defeat the one known as the Shredder?" The Kraang asked.

"Exactly, and since they are coming here with the Elements of Harmony, it won't be long before they find out that the Elements don't work on me, and then I will take the Elements to become the most powerful Alicorn in the world!" Shredder explained and then gave an evil laugh.

"And what will the one known as the Shredder do while those known as the Turtles and the Mane 6 have not yet arrived?" The Kraang asked.

Smirked shredder (even if not seeing) coming out of the window while talking. "I said Luna a lot of bad and offensive things to her, and she probably must be feeling a loser by it, she feels weak and useless now, but I will convince her that she can be strong, powerful and ruling... If she join me. *Smirk*" Shredder finished explaining his evil plan.
Meanwhile in the dungeon, Celestia explained everything about the Elements exactly what Shredder explained in the throne room.

"What?!" Luna was shocked.

"Yeah, unfortunately the Elements won't be able work now." Celestia said sadly.

"So, what are we going to do, Tia?" Luna asked worriedly.

"Look Luna, Shredder is now very powerful, and the elements are not going to save us this time. We can't do anything" Celestia said sad and without hope.

Luna started to feel it too. "I think that must also be why I wanted to face Shredder, because if the Elements didn't work, then at least fighting would be the solution." Luna said sadly.

"Not even fighting would work, sister." Said Celestia.

"I know now, because he showed me that I am weak." Said Luna disappointed with herself.

"Luna, as I said, do the best you can..." Before Celestia finished, Luna interrupted. "There's no point in making me better, Tia, because even you know it's true." Said Luna, disappointed with herself.

"Luna, you're leaving those words that Shredder said to you by letting you be distrust of yourself, you shouldn't ..." Celestia is interrupted. "Just leave me alone." Said Luna.

"Luna, you are not weak..." Celestia is interrupted again. "I said leave me ALONE!!!" Luna shouted angry.

Celestia shocked with Luna's tone of voice, Celestia didn't know what else to do to comfort her little sister, so she does what Luna asked, leave her alone. Luna sat in her corner alone and away from her older sister, but Luna felt bad about having yelled at her sister like that, she starts to think that she taked it hard and went too far, but after what just happened, now was not a good time for Luna to apologize yet.

And then the two sisters heard footsteps, when they looked at where the footsteps came from, they saw Shredder.

"What you want!?" Luna asked, frustrated to see Shredder again.

"So, now you know about the Elements and what they can't defeat?" Shredder asked Luna, Luna answered nothing. "Huh, as I thought, so, while those ponies haven't arrived yet, I'll have more time to do what I wanted to do." Said Shredder.

"No, no! Stay away from me!" Celestia pleaded, for she knew what Shredder meant by that.

Luna immediately got in the way of Shredder preventing him from approaching Celestia. "If you want to put your blades in my sister, then first you have to go through my corpse." Luna challenged.

Until then Shredder give an evil giggles. "And who says I'm here to kill your sister?" Shredder asked.

"What?" Luna asked confused.

"No, no, no. *Evil giggles* And even if I did, it would be very easy to pass over your corpse." Said Shredder placing his claw blades under Luna's head and then removed it, that was a sign of what Shredder would do to Luna if he really had to kill Celestia.

"So why are you here?" Luna asked still frustrated.

"Do you know, Luna, of all those things I called you?" Shredder asked, Luna just got angry and quiet. "Well then, and you want to be strong, don't you? What if I tell you that I can make your wish come true?" Shredder asked as he walked around Luna.

"What do you mean?" Luna asked.

"You know I have your magic, and I can share it with you and you will be more powerful than ever, on one condition." Said Shredder.

"Oh yeah? And what condition is that?" Luna asked.

"Simple, you just need to join me!" Said Shredder smirking (even not seeing it)

"What!?" Luna asked shocked.

"No! No Luna, don't do this, don't listen..." Before Celestia finished, Shredder shut her up. "Silence Celestia!" Shredder shouted and tied a rope to Celestia's mouth stopping her from saying anything. "It's your sister's choice." Shredder warned Celestia.

"And why should I join you, you threatened me and threatened all of Equestria!" Said Luna.

"But as I said, if you join me, you will be more powerful than ever, and then you will also rule Equestria as you always wanted, but then your sister stoped you by banishing you to the moon for a thousand years, and you think do others ponies still respect you?" Said Shredder.

Luna was touched by that part that Shredder asked.

"As I thought, then join me, you will have everything you want, respect, power and all the Equestria that we can govern." Said Shredder.

"We? What do you mean "we"?" Luna asked confused.

"I am saying that we rule together ... as king .... and queen." Shredder explained.

"What?" Luna asked shocked, until Shredder started to sing.

"Shredder: The time has come to take your side
The choice is yours alone
In Tia’s shadow you can hide
With all her lies
The truth you’ve never known

Or come with me, embrace the dark
Unleash your nightmare half
Then by dawn’s light
We’ll set it right
We’ll make it so
And let our sorrows go.

Come with me my dear."

Shredder extends his wing on Luna

"Shredder: I need you my dear."

Shredder holds Luna's hoof, and then he hugs her.

"Shredder: It’s been such a long time
Since I have felt this close to…"

Angry Luna cuts the hug and start sing too.

"Luna: Do you really think that I could ever join your side?
Do you really take me for a fool!?
All that your plan offers me is fear inside their eyes
That is not the way I wish to rule!"

Shredder approaches Luna using his magic by holding her by the neck.

"Shredder: Why can’t you see all the pain that she’s brought us!?
This is a way we can finally be free."

Luna moves away from Shredder

"Luna: All I can see is the fury that blinds you
Keep your revenge plans away from me!"

Shredder uses his magic, showing everything that happened in Luna's past when she became Nightmare Moon and was banished to the moon by her sister.

"Shredder: It’s not about me this too involves you, she let you rot for 1000 years!
Don’t you believe she should pay for all your tears?"

Some tears started to flow from Luna's eyes because of her past, but Luna didn't let that keep her from continuing and refusing Shredder's request and confronting against him.

"Luna: This is not a game Shredder! I know how this will end!"
Revenge cannot bring your heart to peace!"

Shredder with hate in his eyes approaches Luna.

"Shredder: I decide what revenge brings! it’s my means to an end!"
With or without you I shall not cease"

"Luna: No pony’s perfect and Tia’s no different
You must let go of things long past"

"Shredder: It’s too late for sorries and Tia must suffer
I’ll be set free when revenge is cast"

"Luna: I fell to ruin, i let darkness inside me
I paid the price trapped inside the moon
Forsaken my ways I’ve redeemed myself at last!"

Shredder uses his magic and holds Luna to a wall by holding her by the neck.

"Shredder: You cannot hide from the truth now!"

"Luna: No!"

Shredder drops Luna brutally.

"Shredder: You will give in to your dark side!"

"Luna: NO!"

Luna is about to punch Shredder, but Shredder stopped her the same way he did when Luna tried to punch him, holding her punch, Shredder just lowered Luna's arm.

"Shredder: And I’ll give you all you desire
If you can reject her no longer will we have to hide!"

"Luna: Can’t you see it’s
Over now! time to forgive"

"Shredder: Not for me, it’s too late"

"Luna: Don’t let hate take over you"

"Shredder: Hate’s what fuels me it feels great!"

"Luna: Please Shredder, leave me be!"

"Shredder: Dearest Luna you’re like me"

"Luna: NO!
I refuse…"

"Shredder: It’s your fate, come join me"

"Luna: NO NEVER!!"

"Shredder: YES FOREVER!!"

"Luna: I won’t Shredder! Take all your evil deeds and ROT IN TARTARUS!!!"

"Shredder: So be it then, Luna"

Shredder uses his magic and teleports out of the dungeon, leaving Celestia and Luna alone.

Song from Princess Trixie Sparkle (Confrontation Luna vs Astelle):

The Battle Begins

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After picking up the Elements of Harmony, Mane 6 and the Ponies Turtles were ready to defeat Shredder and save Equestria. After arriving at Canterlot, the group was hiding behind some bushes watching a lot of Kraangs and Hoof Clan at the entrance to Canterlot, devising a plan before they started fighting with the other robots.

"So, what's the plan now?" Applejack asked.

Leo was about to say something when he was cut off by Raph. "We don't need one, we just have to end these guys." Raph said preparing his Sais and coming out of the bush.

"Raph wait!" Leo stops Raph using his magic, levitating Raph back into the bush before any robots have seen him, Raph snorts in anger.

"Argh, I'm already tired of these magical levitations!" Raph complained.

"Dude, you need to stop attacking without thinking, you're like Rainbow Dash." Said Applejack.

"By the way, where's Rainbow?" Fluttershy asked.

"Uum, I think I already know where she is." Said Spike frowning and pointing to where Rainbow is.

Rainbow was about to attack the robots, until she was stopped by Twilight who used her magic and brought her back into the bushes.

"No Rainbow Dash!" Said Twilight, frowning with anger.

"Oh come on!" Rainbow complained, and Twilight dropped her.

"You two really have a problem with acting without thinking." Said Rarity to Rainbow and Raph.

"Why think? Just attack." Rainbow said, frowning.

"I agree with her." Raph agreed, also frowning.

"Anyway, what's the plan?" Applejack asked again.

"Before we go on the attack we need to get rid of the robots that are on watch." Twilight said.

"So, is Mikey and me supposed to distract them again?" Pinkie asked.

"I still have the skirt of leaves." Mikey said showing the skirt.

"Actually, only Mikey will do the distraction again." Said Leo smirking.

Mikey understood what Leo meant, and he liked it. "Oh I get it, alright, i got this." Mikey said coming out of the bush and preparing for distraction.

"But what is he going to do?" Twilight asked.

"Just watch." Said Leo.

While on the lookout, two Kraangs were talking.

"What Kraang do after when that known as Equestria be destroy?" Asked the Kraang 1.

"Kraang will go to the one known as ..." Before Kraang 2 finished its answer, the two Kraangs heard something. "Hey you!" Something called them.

The two Kraangs look and see only the shadow of a pony. "Look at me here!" Said someone making the shadow waving.

"A pony, also known as a pony." Said the Kraang 1.

The two Kraangs went after the pony that was making this shadow, when they arrived, there was no shadow and no pony.

"Kraang believe that one known as no one is ..." Before Kraang 2 completed, the two Kraangs were destroyed by Donnie and Rarity, Donnie had the blade of his stick and cut Kraang 1 and Rarity kicked Kraang 2 hard making him hit a tree and make his brain run.

Back on the lookout, three Hoof Clans saw the same shadow that the two Kraangs saw.

"Hey over here!" Said someone doing his shadow showing the tongue.

The three Hoof Clans went after the shadow pony, but when they arrived, there was no one and no shadow, and then they saw Rainbow and Raph's fists.

Back on the lookout...

"La la la la laaa laaaaaa!" Someone spoke making swinging the tail, which caught the attention of two Kraangs and two Hoof Clan, and as always when they arrived where the shadow came from, there was no one, and they were tied up by Applejack.

And lastly on the lookout, there was no more pony or shadow, but two Hoof Clan and one Kraang realized that some robots were missing.

"Kraangs is no longer seeing those knows ..." Before Kraang ended, Twilight and Leo ended up with the last robot watchmen.

"Okay, I think those were the last ones." Twilight said.

"Alright Mikey, it's all gone!" Leo called Mikey.

And the one who was doing the shadows was Mikey who appeared in the shade.

"Well, that was fun." Mikey said.

"Wow Mikey, you are very fast and very good with shadows." Twilight said.

"Like the turtles." Mikey bragged.

"Okay guys, let's go." Leo ordered and everyone runs to Cantelot.
After passing the city of Canterlot, the group arrives at the castle, but before they could enter the castle, the path was full of robots Kraangs and Hoof Clan, all looking at the group of heroes.

"So, what's the plan now?" Applejack asked.

"Yeah, because the distractions won't work anymore." Donnie said.

"Well, looks like we're gonna do this in the hard way!" Rainbow said punching her hooves.

"I agree with you." Raph said also punching his hooves.

"There are too many of them and it won't be possible to end them all." Said Rarity.

"We don't need to end them all, we just need to decrease the number of them so that the six of us can get to the Shredder." Twilight said.

"Okay guys, don't let them distract you, we need the girls to reach Shredder. Ponies, GO!" Leo ordered and everyone goes to fight. (The fight was like the Mane 6 fight against the Changelings.)

There were many punches and kicks and hits on the ground, the only one who wasn't fighting was Fluttershy who was very scared, Fluttershy dodged and ran away from those who were attacking her, Fluttershy ran but then she was surrounded by some robots who were about to hit and shoot laser at her and Fluttershy was just bent down with fear waiting for the punches and lasers to come, but Rainbow and Raph appear and punch and kick the robots that were surrounding Fluttershy, Rainbow helps Fluttershy to get up.

In the other fight, Applejack throws the rope at some Hoof Clans and ties them up, some Kraangs that arrived, Applejack kicks them all.

"Huh, you are all very bad at this." Applejack scoffed.

But then one of the Kraang's brains comes out and snarls and jumps in the face of Applejack.

"UGH, okay, that's get weird!" Said Applejack frowning while trying to get offf the Kraang in her face, but then Donnie uses his stick and hits the Kraang that was in the face of Applejack.

"Phew, thanks Donnie." Applejack thanked him.

"You're welcome." Donnie said.

And then other robots appear, but Rarity appears and ends them all, she punches, kicks, headbutted, uses her magic and smashes, Rarity continued and continued until there was no robot left, the robots that were on the ground destroyed, after this fight Rarity breathes a little after this adrenaline of fighting while Donnie and Applejack were shocked with their mouths dropped and their eyes wide open (Donnie was white-eyed).

"Wow." Donnie said.

"Yeah, really wow." Said Applejack.

In the other fight, Twilight used his magic and shoot the robots, Leo cut the robots in half using the Katanas and Spike spit fire on the robots, making them catch fire and melt.

"Fire away, robots! Hehe, get it? Fire? Run away?" Spike explained the joke, but then one of the flying Hoof Clan caught him and took him high. "AAAH! Twilight! Leo! HELP!" Spike cries for help.

"SPIKE!" Twilight cries.

"I'll get him!" Said Leo ready to fly, but Leo forgot that he still didn't know how to fly properly, in an attempt
to fly, Leo lost his way and fell.

"Argh, damn it!" Leo complained.

"Look, can you guys leave the flight lessons for later and HELP ME?!" Spike asked sarcastically and shouted after the sarcasm.

Then Twilight uses her magic and shoots the Hoof Clan who caught Spike, Spike falls but Twilight flies and catches her little dragon friend.

"Are you okay, Spike?" Twilight asked.

"Yeah i fine, thanks Twilight." Spike thanked and Twilight smiles, Twilight looks at Leo who was getting up, she goes to him to see if he is okay.

"Are you all right, Leo?" Twilight asked.

Before Leo answer, he looks at his wings, feels down. "I still don't know how to fly." He answered.

"Hey it's okay, you'll soon get it right." Twilight tried to make him feel better.

"Okay, but I still don't understand how I'm still not managed, I did everything exactly that you said and taught me." Said Leo.

"Well, maybe you better take lessons from Rainbow Dash, after all, she taught Twilight to fly." Spike said.

"Hmmm, I think I forgot to say anything else about the flight." Twilight said while thinking what she had forgotten to say.

"Well, I don't think so, because you said and taught everything, the way, the speed, the slowness, the wind, the feeling ..." Before Spike was finished ...

"It is!" Twilight remembered as soon as Spike said 'feeling'.

"It is what?" Leo asked.

"The first time I was learning to fly, I was more focused on my mind, following all the things Rainbow said, and so I didn't do very well in the first few lessons." Twilight explained.

"Yeah, so?" Leo asked.

"So there was one more thing she taught me, to stop thinking and move on." Twilight explained.

"And what does it mean?" Spike asked.

Before Twilight responds, she approaches Leo. "It means that for you to fly, you need not only think, but also feel, that to fly it comes not only from here (she touches Leo's head) but also here. (she touches Leo's chest, where his heart is.)"

Leo get it what Twilight meant and he smiles, Twilight also smiles, until then Spike disrupts the moment. "Uum look here, I hate to disturb the moment of you two, but we have a big trouble than learning to fly now!" Spike points to the robots that are coming.

"Okay, come on!" Said Leo preparing yours and Katanas and he, Twilight and Spike come back to the fight.

In the other fight, Pinkie played with the robots quickly dodging one of the Hoof Clans.

"I'm here! I'm here! No, I'm here! Here! Here! Here now! Over here!" Pinkie was chattering and dodging the Hoof Clan who was trying to hit Pinkie, but he ended up getting dizzy. "Now over here!" Pinkie finished and punch the Hoof Clan. "Uh, that was fun!" Pinkie said giggling and started jumping over the heads of the robots while laughing.

"BOOYAKASHA!" Mikey shouted by spinning his Nunchakus and hitting the robots, then stopped turning the Chakus and started punching and kicking the robots. "Yeah, it's really fun." Mikey said.

Then Pinkie noticed a lot of flying robots reaching to Mikey.

"*Gasp* Mikey look out!" Pinkie warns.

"What!?" Mikey didn't hear what Pinkie said.

The robots were getting close to Mikey, Pinkie didn't even want to look at what was going to happen, but then, Mikey started to shake, and he left where the robots were going and everyone hit the ground and hit each other, breaking them all, Pinkie open one eye and see that Mikey is okay.

"Wow, what was that about?" Mikey asked himself confused because of that shake he felt.

"Mikey, how do you get out of there so fast?" Pinkie asked.

"I, I don't know, I had felt a shake, and felt like it was something bad coming to me and..." Before Mikey finished explaining, Pinkie gasped in shock and then smiled.

"I know what happened." Pinkie said excitedly.

"You know? And what was that?" Mikey asked.

"You woke up your Mikey Sense!" Pinkie said very happy, which also Mikey happy and surprised.

"Really !? Was that my sense warning me? Do I now have a sense like you? I will feel the dangers !?" Mikey asked excitedly.

"Uh hum, uh hum, and uh hum!" Pinkie replied, and she and Mikey hugged happily.

"And all thanks to you Pinkie, my best friend!" Mikey said.

"Aw you're welcome Mikey, my best friend!" Said Pinkie.

But then, their tails trembled, which means they had someone else. "There is someone else here, we are not alone." Pinkie and Mikey said at the same time.

The two look and were not really alone, more robots were arriving.

"Well, let's do this!" Pinkie and Mikey said at the same time.

Pinkie catches Twilight and Mikey catches Leo, and the two move their tail, making Twilight and Leo shoot lasers at their horns at the robots, like guns lasers.

And in all the fights, Rainbow headbutted the robots and Raph hit them with his Sai, Applejack kicked the robots, Fluttershy dodged making the robots hit himself, Rarity punched the robots and Donnie hit them with his stick, Spike spit fire in the robots, Twilight used her magic to shoot the robots and Leo cut them with his Katanas, Pinkie uses her party cannon shooting the robots and Mikey hit them in the face with his Nunchakus. And it kept repeating, repeating, repeating and repeating, until it finally ended. All robots, Kraangs and Hoof Clan have already been destroyed.

"Okay, that ... was ... AWESOME!" Rainbow shouted.

"That was fun!" Said Pinkie.

"That was cool!" Mikey said.

"That was scary." Said Fluttershy stooping in fear.

"Yeah, it did my muscles good." Raph said kissing his arms.

"You know what? You're really great with these Sais." Rainbow said.

"Yeah, and now I'm learning better by holding them with just hooves." Raph said, spinning his Sai.

"And you are verry tough for a turtle." Rainbow said.

"Yeah, that's right, I'm strong, skilled and most importantly, I'm not afraid of anything." Raph bragged while smirking.

But then a cockroach appears under and next to Raph, as soon as Raph looks at the cockroach, the cockroach makes a little sound, Raph screamed at the time and flew very fast up high, Rainbow looks up where Raph flew and he was holding on a cloud while looking down with fear.

"EVEN COCKROACHES EXIST IN THIS WORLD!!?" Raph asked shouted with fear.

Rainbow frowned. "Aren't you afraid of anything? Huh, I see." Rainbow scoffed while smirking.

"Oh my, is he okay?" Fluttershy asked worriedly.

"Yeah he's fine, he's just a little..." Before Rainbow finished answering, she realizes that Fluttershy don't asked about Raph, she asked about the cockroach, she only realized when Fluttershy came close to the cockroach, she raises the cockroach in her hoof.

"Aw are you okay little roach?" Fluttershy asked, the cockroach responded in little sounds. "Oh, I'm glad you're okay, you're a really cute cockroach." Fluttershy praised and touched her snout to the cockroach.

Raph saw everything Fluttershy was doing and he couldn't believe it. "SERIOUSLY?!" Raph shouted.

"Fluttershy likes animals, what did you expect?" Rainbow replied Raph and he frowned.

"Uum guys? There's more of them coming!" Spike warned and pointed to where more robots were coming.

"Okay. Girls, go and beat the Shredder, my brothers and I will hold them." Leo ordered and prepared his Katanas.

"Okay, thanks Leo. Girls, come on!" Twiight thanked and ordened and the Mane 6 run, but before Fluttershy accompanies her friends, she puts cockroaches on the floor.

"Goodbye little roach, and watch out for robots." Fluttershy said goodbye and warned, and the cockroach leaves.

And then Fluttershy runs with her friends, and Spike stays with the boys.

"I'm going to help you guys, I'm a fire-breathing dragon remember?" Spike said.

"Okay, Spike, but be careful." Said Leo.

"Be careful? Pff, it's these guys who need to be careful of me." Spike smirked and cupped a little fire.

The robots were approaching, but before the fight started, Raph was still holding in the cloud, until Leo called him. "Raph, let go of that cloud and come help!"

"Fine fine, I was already going!" Raph said frowning, releasing the cloud and going to fight.

"BOOYAKASHA!" Mikey shouted and the fight begins.
Meanwhile, the girls entered the castle, and there were more robots there, but not as many as those outside, so the girls just run and Twilight shoots robots that approached her and her friends, the girls go through them all and soon arrived at the entrance to the throne room that was closed, Twilight uses her magic and opens the gate by force.

"Shredder!" Twilight called angrily.

Shredder was sitting on the throne, as soon as he saw the girls, he stood up.

"So, are you the six heroines of Equestria? Huh, I expected more than that, you are just silly children." Said Shredder.

"Your kingdom is over for you, Shredder!" Twilight said.

"Yeah, free the princesses and Equestria from these robots and aliens and your curse!" Rainbow said.

"Or what? How do you girls think you can beat me?" Shredder asked.

"With this." Twilight responded by showing her crown with her element, and soon the others also showed their elements.

"The Elements of Harmony, huh?" Shredder said he was not at all surprised.

"You should be surprised, these elements are very powerful." Rarity warned.

"Powerful? Huh, do you really think these pebbles can defeat someone very powerful who is me?" Shredder asked sarcastically.

"This is your last chance, Shredder, leave Equestria or you will suffer the magic of these elements!" Twilight warned.

But Shredder just gave an evil giggle. "I prefer to choose the hard way." Said Shredder.

"So be it. Girls, get together!" Twilight ordered and all the Mane 6 get together.

Twilight begins to use her magic and the Elements of Harmony shone, the Mane 6 started to float and the brightness increased, and then the eyes of Twilight and their friends shone brightly and the brightness of the elements became strong, and in that brightness, a colorful bow comes out who went straight to Shredder, Shredder screamed for a while, but then they discovered that Shredder pretended he was screaming and gave an evil laugh, leaving Twilight shocked, and then Shredder uses his magic and blows up the colorful bow and the girls that soon fell and their elements stopped shining.

"What the?" Twilight asked shocked, and Shredder gave his evil laugh.

"What happened? Why didn't the elements work?" Applejack asked while looking at her element.

"Because I have the magic of Celestia and Luna, and with all of these two magics together in me, no power or magic can defeat me. You should very well of that, Twilight Sparkle, since you are the student of Celestia." Said Shredder and then said it to Twilight and she felt embarrassed about it for not knowing everything about the Harmony Elemendo.

"Oh no, what are we going to do now?" Fluttershy asked worriedly.

"I tell you what you're going to do now." Shredder replied and used his magic to levitate the elements for him, the last element he took was of Twilight.

"No! My element!" Twilight tried to get her element back, but it was too late, Shredder was already with all the elements.

"You girls will receive my commands." Shredder replied.

"We will not obey anything Shredder! We are not your puppets!" Rainbow cursed and flew to Shredder about to kick him in the face.

"You're right, you are not. But now you are!" Said Shredder and threw his magic at the Rainbow element, which soon turned black.

Rainbow was close to kicking Shredder in the face, but as soon as Shredder shot her element, Rainbow stopped and fell to the floor, groaning and shaking a little, as if she had a headache.

"Rainbow!?" Twilight called her concerned.

Rainbow stops shaking and gives her last groan, Rainbow gets up, and when she lift her head, her eyes were white, the girls were shocked by this.

"*Gasp* Oh no, Rainbow! What did you do to her ?!" Twilight asked angrily.

"She said you girls weren't puppets. But now she is." Shredder replied.

Then, Rainbow controlled walked over to the Shredder and stood beside him.

"You ALL are now!" Said Shredder.

And then Shredder throws his magic at the element of Rarity and Applejack that soon went black as well as the element of Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Applejack groaning from the headache, and then they stopped groaning and their eyes were white. And then Shredder throws his magic at the Pinkie and Fluttershy element and just like the other elements, they also went black, Pinkie and Fluttershy also groaned and it wasn't long until they also had white eyes.

Twilight is shocked by what had happened to her friends, and they all walked over to Shredder.

"No, girls, stop! You need to wake up, Shredder is controlling you, you need to resist!" Twilight tried to stop her friends, but all of them were next to Shredder.

"It's too late, Twilight Sparkle, your friends are mine now." Said Shredder, and then levitated the last element that was not yet black, the element of Twilight. "And you too!" Said Shredder.

Shredder casts her magic on the element of Twilight, and soon Twilight groans too, but Twilight don't surrender that easily, she moaned struggling and resisting Shredder's control.

"Ugh, Argh! No ... Argh ... You ... won't ... Ugh ... I won't ... ugh ... be your ... slave ..." Twilight struggled a lot trying to resist control.

The Twilight Element blinked black and pink.

"Go ahead, you can resist the urge, but you will not resist for long, one hour you will get tired, get a headache and have no choice but to give up and join me." Said Shredder.

The Twilight Element was still blinking, and Twilight was still groaning trying hard not to be controlled, she could barely use her magic for that, because it was so strong, Twilight resisted, struggles, her Element was still shining, and then....

And then, the Twilight element stopped blinking and was black, that means Twilight unfortunately didn't make it, Twilight raised her head and her eyes were white, Twilight controlled walked over to Shredder and joined him and her controlled friends.

"Now, my controlled ponies, go after the turtles and destroy them!" Shredder ordered and the controlled Mane 6 obeyed and left the throne room.

Shredder looks at the Harmony Elements that were now in dark magic.

"These elements will now be very useful. Well, since I can control these girls with these elements, so now it's time for these turtles to meet their other biggest enemy... The Nightmare Moon." Shredder smirked under his helmet.

Friends VS Friends

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Meanwhile outside the Canterlot castle, the Ponies Turtles and Spike were fighting the robots Kraangs and Hoof Clan, Donnie and Mikey were fighting together, Leo and Spike were fighting together and Raph was fighting alone.

The boys were almost finished destroying all the Kraangs and Hoof Clan, Raph punched, kicked and punctured the robots with their flying Sais.

"Ha, you guys are much easier to break when you're flying." Raph scoffed as he spun his Sais.

Raph was distracted by this as he didn't even see the other robots behind him, they caught Raph predicting him in his arms.

"What the!?" Raph was shocked.

Raph tried to break free, but more robots caught him.

"Hey, let me go, you old cans!" Raph cursed as he tried to break free.

So Spike looks up and sees that Raph is in trouble, but he has an idea how to help him.

"Leo, throw me up there." Spike asked and pointed up.

Leo sees where Spike wants him to throw him. "Are you sure?" Leo asked.

"Trust me, I know what to do." Spike said.

And Leo trusts Spike, so he decides to do what he asked. "Oky then." Said Leo, levitating Spike and throwing him up there where Raph was.

"Raph, get down!" Spike warned.

Raph listened and bent down, so Spike spits fire on the robots that were holding Raph and the other flying robots and they all fell, Spike passed by everyone and started to fall.

"Mikey, a little help here!?" Spike called Mikey.

Mikey heard and saw Spike falling. "I'm coming, buddy!" Mikey said.

But the path to where Mikey was going to pick up Spike was blocked by the robots. "Uh oh." Mikey said.

"Mikey, you better think fast, I'm getting close to the ground!" Spike warned.

Mikey looked at the robots while thinking nervously about something before Spike fell to the ground, but then, a flashlight lit over Mikey's head (that means he had an idea), then he got up on two legs, which left the confused robots, Mikey ran and somersaulted over the robots that left them falling on the ground, Mikey goes through all robots and catches Spike just when he was close to falling to the ground.

"I caught!" Mikey said.

"Wow Mikey, that was cool." Spike said.

"Thanks, I learned this from a challenge that Pinkie challenged me." Mikey explained by putting Spike back down.

And Donnie ends up with the last robot. "Okay, I guess that was the last one." Donnie said.

Everyone looks around at a bunch of destroyed Kraangs and Hoof Clan robots.

"Yeah, I think it's all gone." Said Leo guarding his Katanas.

"Dude, we're really awesome!" Raph said.

"Yeah, it's the Pony Turtle power, bro!" Said Mikey

The four brothers palm their hooves celebrating, Spike also palm his hand celebrating with them.

"Yeah, it was great to be able to fight together with you." Spike said.

"I also think Spike my buddy." Said Mikey patting Spike's head.

"Hey, did the girls defeated Shredder?" Donnie asked.

"I think so." Raph said.

"Hmmm I don't think so, because when they uses the elements, it cause a big magic explosion that sends all enemies away, and the robots are still here." Spike explained.

"Do they need help?" Donnie asked.

"Well, there's only one way to find out, let's go inside the castle and ..." Before Mikey finished speaking as he walked, he bumped into someone, and that someone was Twilight with her head down.

"Oh, hi Twilight, so did you and the girls defeat Shredder?" Mikey asked, but Twilight said nothing.

Then Twilight lifted her head and her eyes were white, which left the others surprised, and Twilight's friends appeared behind Twilight, all of them were white-eyed.

"Uuum, girls? When did you girls learn to get their eyes like that?" Donnie asked.

"Twilight?" Leo asked.

So, Twilight uses her magic and shoots Mikey, but Mikey bent down.

"Wow Twilight! Watch out, you almost hit that laser on me!" Mikey warned.

But Twilight shot another laser, but Raph grabs him.

"I guess this is what she wanted to do, Mikey." Raph said.

"Twilight, what are you doing !? They are our friends!" Spike asked, but Twilight shoots another laser, but this time on Spike, Spike bent down.

"Oh no, Shredder must have done something to them, maybe mind control." Donnie guessed.

"So the elements didn't work !?" Mikey asked shocked.

"So, what now?" Raph asked.

"I think now it's up to us to save Equestria." Said Leo preparing his Katanas.

"But what about our friends?" Mikey asked.

"I think we have no other choice, Mikey, they are no longer our friends, now they are just Shredder puppets." Donnie said.

"Yeah, but just for the record, I don't feel bad about fighting Dash." Raph said preparing his Sais.

"That was cruel, Raph." Spike said, frowning.

"Okay guys, it's time, defeat Shredder, save our friends and Equestria, now it just depends on us." Said Leo.

And the fight of the Ponies Turtles and the controlled Mane 6 begins.

And each fought another, Leo fought Twilight, Raph fought Rainbow Dash, Donnie and Spike fought Rarity and Mikey fought Pinkie Pie (And Mikey didn't really want to do that.) Controlled Applejack and Fluttershy just attacked any one of them.

In Leo's fight and controlled Twilight, Twilight throws a laser with her horn at Leo, but Leo defended himself from the laser with his Katanas, Twilight runs over to Leo and punches, but Leo dodges her punches, and then he holds both hooves while Twilight looked at him angrily.

"Twilight, listen to me, it's me, Leo, your friend!" Leo talk to her.

But Twilight just hit her head on Leo's, which made Leo dizzy for a few seconds, as soon as Leo comes back, Twilight attacks him again, but Leo defends himself with his Katanas.

"Twilight, you need to fight what is controlling you, this is not you!" Leo talk to her.

But Twilight still attacked him. In Raph and Rainbow's fight, the two pegasus temper were fighting in the sky, Rainbow quickly attacks Raph, but Raph gets out of the way quickly, Rainbow comes back and attacks Raph again, Rainbow starts to punch and kick, but Raph held on and dodged the her blows.

"Look Dash, not that I don't wanna fight you, because actually I want." Raph said smirking.

But then he dodges Rainbow's punch. "But can you get out of this control and help us defeat Shredder?" Raph asked sarcastically.

But Rainbow punches again and Raph dodged. "Well, I think this is a no." Raph said preparing his Sais and starting to fight for real.

In Donnie and Spike's fight against Rarity, Rarity tried to kick Donnie and Spike in the face, but Donnie dodged the kicks and Spike stayed behind Donnie, Rarity takes another kick, but Donnie uses his stick and hits Rarity in her leg that was going to hit his face.

"Rarity, don't do this, we are your friends!" Spike talk to her.

Rarity takes another hit, but Donnie defends himself with his stick. "Listen to Spike, Rarity, we are friends, not enemies, Shredder is the enemy, and he is controlling you and controlling your friends!" Donnie talk to her.

But Rarity pushed Donnie, he and Spike fall, the staff that Donnie dropped, Rarity broke it by stepping on it.

"Oh come on! Even in another world I break my staff!" Donnie complained.

"Donnie, if I were you I would get an iron staff, it is better." Spike suggested.

So, Rarity attacks them again, but then Spike looks to his left side and runs, cause Applejack was going after him, and Donnie was now alone fighting Rarity.

In Mikey's fight against Pinkie, Pinkie was the one who attacked the most while Mikey defended herself from her blows, as he still didn't want to fight his best friend.

"Pinkie Pie please, I don't want to fight you." Mikey talk to her.

But Pinkie did not care and continued to attack Mikey. "Remember when we first met?" Mikey asked, but Pinkie don't answer and continued to attack. "Remember when we eat pizza and cupcakes together?" Mikey asked again, but Pinkie still hasn't answered and was still attacking him. "Remember when we both became best friends forever!?" Mikey asks and Pinkie doesn't answer anything.

Pinkie then pushes Mikey and pinns him to the floor while Mikey looks at his controlled friend who was looking angry.

"Pinkie, you are my best friend, but you gave me no other choice." Mikey lamented, and hit his Nunchaku in the face of Pinkie who made her get off Mikey, Mikey got up and took the chance to escape, Pinkie got angry about it and ran after Mikey.

Returning to Spike, Spike was still running from Applejack. "Applejack, did you resist when you were mutated, can you resist this control too!?" Spike asked as he ran.

Applejack said nothing and kept running after the little dragon, but then Spike stopped when Controlled Fluttershy stop in front of him.

"Fluttershy !?" Spike asked shocked.

Fluttershy looked at the little dragon and she just smirked, which made Spike nervous. "Fluttershy, why this smile?" Spike asked.

But quickly Fluttershy catches Spike and flies him high, and Spike screamed.

"AAAH! Fluttershy, stop! I'm not a flying dragon!" Spike shouted in fear, but Fluttershy flew higher and faster. "AAH! GUYS! BOYS! SOMEPONY HELP ME!!" Spike cries for help.

Leo was still fighting Twilight, but then he hears Spike's screams, he looks up and sees that Spike was in high danger.

"Spike!" Leo cries, so Leo uses his magic and fends off Twilight, Leo now need to think about what to do before Twilight votes and fights him. "Ugh, what do I do now? Where's Raph when I need him?" Leo wondered while looking at where Raph is.

So Leo looks at something, it wasn't Raph, but it was his wing. Leo looks at his two wings, thinking that only he could save Spike now, that now was the time for him to learn to fly once and for all.

"Hold on Spike, i'm coming." Said Leo.

Then he spread his wings, jumped and started flapping, Leo tried to stay balanced on the flight, but it didn't take long for him to lose his way and fall, Leo gets up and tries again, this time he runs a little, jumps and flaps his wings, this time Leo was a little taller, but it don't took a long time until he lost the way of the flight and fell again, Leo gets a little irritated by this and snorts, but he didn't give up, Leo this time runs faster, jump taller and flap his wings, Leo was almost losing and balanced, and before Leo fall again, Twilight quickly appeared flying and pushing Leo into the sky very fast and very high.

Leo was shocked. "Twilight?!" He asked shocked, Twilight just looked at him with an angry look.

Leo tried to get free, but Twilight pushes him really hard and fast, but then Twilight stops and smirks, although Twilight was controlled and doesn't remember her friends, she still knew that Leo still didn't know how to fly, Twilight let go of the arms of Leo.

"Twilight no!" Said Leo, and held himself in the arms of Twilight. "Don't do this, Twilight, I know you don't want to do this, Shredder is forcing you to do this." Said Leo.

But Twilight just fought, Leo defended himself while holding, but then Leo heard Spike's screams, Leo looked up and Fluttershy took Spike very high, and then she stopped, while Spike was nervous about it.

"Fluttershy please, don't tell me you're going to ..." Before Spike finished, Fluttershy drops him and Spike starts to fall and scream.

"SPIKE!" Leo cries, but then Leo who was distracted looking at Spike, he ended up getting hit on the head by Twilight, which made him unconscious, Leo released Twilight and soon he falls.

Leo was high sky in the falling, but it didn't take long before he woke up from his unconscious, when he wakes up, he looks down and panics, Leo flapped his wings while screaming, but it didn't work, he didn't fly.

"Come on, come on, come on! Come on wings, help me with this!!" Leo asked while still flapping his wings, but it still didn't work, Leo looks down and sees that he is close to reaching the ground and he screams.

But then, Leo remembers something Twilight told him when the two were fighting robots, Twilight told him something about the flight.

"It means that for you to fly, you need not only think, but also feel, that to fly it comes not only from here (she touches Leo's head) but also here. (She touches Leo's chest, where his heart is.) "Leo remembered the words of Twilight.

Leo looked finnaly understend what Twilight meant, so Leo just closed his eyes as he fell with his body straight with his head to the ground, while Leo fell, he was still with his eyes closed and calm, and then his heart starts to beat loudly, and slowly Leo's wings spread, Leo was close to the ground, and then his wings spread wide, Leo opens his eyes, and suddenly...

Leo flies when he was close to the ground, Leo was even surprised and shocked to have almost hit his face on the ground, Leo then looks at the ground far and at his wings, and Leo realizes that he was finally flying, leaving him surprised.

"I did it?" Leo wondered in surprise, but then his surprise turns to joy and emotion. "Yeah, i did it. I'm flying! Finally, i'm flying!!" Leo celebrated while doing flying somersaults, Leo then spun flying while feeling refreshing wind.

But then his celebration ends when he hears Spike's scream, Leo looks and Spike was almost on the ground, now that Leo knows how to fly, he can save Spike, Leo flies up to Spike.

Spike was already reaching the ground, and he fearfully covers his eyes waiting for death, but then Leo arrives in time for Spike to almost hit the ground, Leo saves Spike, but Spike was still covering his eyes.

"AAH, I died!? Am I dead!? Am I going to die!? Am I already dead!? i already died?!" Spike asked with great fear.

"Spike, open your eyes, you didn't die." Leo soothed him.

Spike opened one eye, and then opened them all when he saw that he was safe, Spike looked that he was on the coast of Leo who now knew how to fly.

"Leo? Are you flying?!" Spike asked in surprise.

"Yep, finally." Said Leo smirking.

"Yeah, it was about time." Spike said.

Leo lands on the ground and Spike leaves Leo's coast, but then, someone levitates Spike and flings him to the wall, Leo looks at who did it, and who did it was Controlled Twilight.

"Twilight!?" Leo asked shocked.

Twilight looks angrily at Leo and attacks him, Leo defends himself from Twilight. "Twilight, enough, I don't want to fight you anymore, I'm not your enemy!" Said Leo.

Twilight didn't mind and throwing a laser with her horn at Leo, Leo was hit by the laser and thrown away because of the shot that Twilight shot, Leo tries to get up but was in pain, Twilight approaches Leo preparing another magic to shoot him .

So, Spike who was unconscious for hitting his back against the wall, wakes up, Spike wakes up feeling a little back pain, he rubs his back to relieve the pain, but then he feels a pain in his tail, he looks to his tail and see that his tail was twisted and bruised, so he look the other way and see Twilight threatening Leo, Spike had to do something to help Leo, he ran up to him.

Twilight was preparing her magic to shoot Leo while Leo just looked at Twilight.

"Twilight ... Stop." Leo said while still in pain.

Twilight was ready to finish with Leo, but suddenly...

"Twilight, NO!" Spike stood in front of Leo and face to face with Twilight, Twilight was shocked, her horn stopped glowing and she looked at Spike angrily.

"Twilight, enough of that, we're here to defeat Shredder and not to hurt our friends!" Spike reminds, but Twilight just growled with anger. "Twilight, listen to me, you need to snap out of this, that's not you" said Spike.

But Twilight just showed more anger and pinned Spike to the ground while looking at him with an angry look, but Spike still tried. "Twilight, I know you are still there, you have resisted and tried for many other things, you are the strongest pony I know, you can resist that too." Spike said calmly and sadly.

Twilight was still looking angry at Spike who was at the price on the floor for her. "Twilight, please." Spike said calmly and sadly.

Twilight was still looking at Spike angrily, and Spike was looking at Twilight sadly with the look of a sad dog. And then, with cute Spike's sadness, suddenly, Twilight's angry look turns into a sad and shocked look, it was the true Twilight coming back but still with white eyes.

".... S-Spike?" Twilight asked.

Spike was surprised and thrilled by this, he knew that Twilight was almost back, and Leo felt the same as Spike.

"Yeah, that's right, Twilight." Said Leo, Twilight looks at Leo still with a sad look. "It's us, your friends, remember us, remember who you are." Leo said.

Twilight still with a sad and shocked look. "... Leo?" Twilight asked, and then her eyes started to blink, one for just white and one for pupil eyes.

But then in the meantime at the Canterlot castle in the throne room, Shredder was sitting on the throne with the Elements of Harmony in dark magic, but then something caught Shredder's attention, one of the elements starts to flash again, it was the Twilight element, that meant that Twilight was coming out of his control.

"So the princess of friendship is getting out the control, huh?" Shredder asked in no surprise as he levitated the blinking element. "But not for long." Said Shredder and looped his magic into the Twilight element again.

Meanwhile outside the castle, Twilight seemed to be almost back to being herself, but suddenly, Twilight screams in pain is what it seems to be, leaving Spike and Leo worried.

"Twilight?!" Spike called out to her worried.

Twilight stops yelling, and gets her head down, Twilight raises her head, and she was back with white eyes and a look of anger, Twilight was being controlled again.

Controlled Twilight uses her magic and shoots Spike and Leo, but Leo grabs Spike and the two of them were almost hit by the magic laser, Leo really couldn't take it anymore, he uses his magic and he and Spike are teleported out of there and hid behind a tree.

"Man, it was so close, Twilight was close to getting out of hand." Said Spike.

"But even if she did, Spike, she would get back under control anyway, they all would." Leo explained.

"But and now?" Spike asked.

Leo didn't know what to do, but he knew where he was supposed to go now. "I don't know yet, but I know where I'm going. Spike, you stay here and help my brothers, I'm going to Shredder." Leo ordened.

"Yes sir!" Spike answered by salute and went to help others.

Then, Leo opened his wings and flew to the castle of Canterlot to face the counterpart of his greatest enemy.

New confrontation

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Meanwhile at Canterlot Castle in the throne room, Shredder was with the black elements, talking to his six Hoof Clan robots.

"Continue the search for the escaped ponies, Hoof Clan, we cannot let anypony stop being mutated by the Kraangs." Shredder ordened and the Hoof Clan robots left the throne room.

All the robots left and the door in the throne room was closed, and then a Kraang approaches Shredder.

"What is it now!?" Shredder asked in frustration.

"The one called Kraang Prime would like to speak to the one called Shredder." Kraang explained.

"Okay then, turn on the communicator." Shredder ordened.

Then Kraang turns on the communicator, and a virtual image appears with Kraang Prime. "Greetings, the one called as Shredder." Said the Kraang Prime.

"So how are the mutations in Equestria?" Shredder asked.

"All those known as ponies have already been mutated in the town called Ponyville and the farm is called Sweet Apple Acre." Kraang Prime explained.

"But while the Canterlot ponies? You haven't mutated them here so far." Shredder asked.

"The Kraangs are currently doing what is known as repairs, at the moment the stock of mutagen is low, and we are modifying the mutagen for what is known as the best." Kraang Prime explained.

"Well then don't be too long, we had a deal, remember!? You Kraangs could transform Equestria all over if I governed." Shredder said in frustration.

"Don't worry, everything is going as in what is known as agreement, the Kraangs are already doing what the Kraangs wanted to do with the world called as Equestria, so the one called as Shredder. can rule the world called Equestria without let the Kraangs upset the one called as Shredder. " Kraang Prime.

"It better be, remember, I didn't make that agreement just for you Kraangs to get me out of that damn Tartarus." Shredder remind.

"The Kraangs have already bought the one known as agreement, the one called the Shredder, the Kraangs can transform the world called Equestria as they wish and Shredder can rule it as wish." Said Kraang Prime.

"Well then, as a new king of Equestria, I orden that the Kraangs continue to transform all the ponies of Equestria, until they are all mutated, I don't want any living thing in Equestria escape to his mutation." Shredder ordened.

"It seems that the one called the Shredder really wants to do what the Kraangs want too." Said Kraang Prime.

"These stupid ponies are nothing to me, for many decades they have been thinking about magic, joy, friendship and all these cheesy, ridiculous and stupid things, and with the other Canterlot students it was no different, they all just wanted to know about friendship instead of knowing other things that are more important than a stupid friendship, and maybe that will now make these naive ponies wake up for life and see reality, MY reality. " Shredder explained.

"The Kraangs will do what the one known as Shredder wants, so soon Equestria will belong to the Kraangs and Shredder, Kraang Prime hanging up." Kraang Prime finished and hung up the communicator.

Shredder was about to return to the throne, but then he heard some noises outside the throne room, noises of robots being broken, until one of the Kraangs entered the room and quickly closed the door by holding it.

"What's going on out there !?" Shredder asked irritably.

"One of those turtle calls is here, and one of them and that one called..." Before the Kraang was finished, the door Kraang was holding is opened brutally causing Kraang to be thrown and fall.

And Leo was at the entrance to the throne room. "Leonardo." The Kraang finishes what he was saying.

Shredder turns and looks at Leo. "Well, well, well, so are you the leader of your group of mutant turtles from another world?" Shredder asked sarcastically and gave an evil giggles. "Honestly, I expected more than that, do you really think that a teenager like you has a chance to lead a team and defeat someone powerful like me?" Shredder asked sarcastically.

But Leo angrily just looks at Shredder. "Free our friends from your mind control now, Shredder!" Said Leo.

"And why should I? They are being very useful to me, you don't need them anymore, they are mine now!" Said Shredder, and from his expression I could tell he was smirking.

Leo who got angrier prepared his Katanas. "Give it up now, Shredder, or I will..." Before Leo finished, Shredder interrupted by bringing his face close to Leo.

"Will what!? Do you think that just because you are in another world, does it mean that someone who already existed in your world will be different from that world !? Well know, boy, that some things in the worlds are different, others are the same, so I'm going to ask you again: do you have a chance to defeat someone powerful like me?" Shredder asked.

Leo just frowned. "That's what we're going to find out!" Said Leo and used his magic to make a shine brightly in Shredder's face.

Shredder screams, pulling away while rubbing his eyes, what a good time for Leo to attack him with his Katanas, but Shredder dodged the Katanas, Shredder hits his claw blades on Leo, but Leo flies away from the throne room, Leo flies around the throne room, Shredder uses his magic and shoots at Leo, but Leo dodges making the red laser hit one of the windows and breaking it, Leo uses his magic by shooting at the Shredder, but Shredder uses his magic to make a shield, the blue laser hits the shield and goes back to Leo who is almost hit by his own laser.

Leo stops flying, lands and prepares his Katanas, Shredder runs to Leo and Leo does the same, Shredder beats his claws but Leo defends himself with his Katanas, Leo hits with Katanas but Shredder defends himself with his claws, and continued this they defend themselves and hit their blades, but then Shredder hits one of Leo's Katanas by throwing it, Leo was now holding the blade claws with just one Katana, but then Leo quickly comes out of Shredder's blade claws and picks up his other Katana, Shredder returns to Leo with his claw blades, but Leo quickly holds the blades with his Katanas, Shredder struggles to hit his claws on Leo and Leo struggles to hold Shredder's claws.

"Why don't you quit now, boy !? Don't you see that you'll never be able to hit me with these stupid swords? Better surrender now if you don't want to get hurt." Shredder warned with a smirk expression.

"There's something you haven't heard from me yet, Shredder." Before Leo said anything else, he used his magic on his Katanas to make them shine.

Leo raises the Katanas that caused a strong and explosive glow that pushed Shredder away. "I never give up!" Leo finished what he was going to say about him.

Leo prepares back his Katanas that were shining thanks to his magic, Shredder prepares his blade claws back, Leo runs over to Shredder and hits his Katanas on him, and Shredder as always defended himself with his blade claws, Shredder hits his blade claws on Leo, but Leo deviates from the claws and with the magic that was in his Katanas managed to cut the claws of Shredder.

"What!?" Shredder asked, shocked and angry.

Shredder angrily, hits his other blade claws on Leo, and Leo did the same thing, dodged and cut the other claws. Shredder looks at his other claws that were now cut and growl with rage, now what Shredder had to use was his magic.

Shredder uses his magic and shoots Leo, dodges the laser that ends up hitting another window breaking it, Leo positions his Katanas preparing another attack, but unfortunately not every spell lasts long, because now Leo's Katanas have stopped shining , they were now just normal Katanas.

"Oh no." Said Leo.

Shredder gives an evil laugh. "Oh yes." Said Shredder, levitating Leo, hed hurled him at a wall and broke it a little, luckily Leo used his magic to make a shield before he hit his back on the wall.

Leo sees Shredder approaching quickly, Leo uses his magic and teleports, Shredder stops, Leo teleports away and behind Shredder, Leo breathes a little while sweating, Leo was using and spending a lot of his magic that was tiring him, he now barely able to levitate his Katanas, Shredder looks back to where Leo was and noticed that Leo was getting exhausted, and from the look in Shredder's eyes and his evil giggles, it is possible to notice that he was smirking.

"So, you're getting tired, huh? Well, it's going to be a lot easier for me now!" Said Shredder preparing his magic.

Leo was thinking about what to do now that his magic was weak, Leo then look to the throne where the black elements that were floating were, so Leo had an idea. Leo frowning in anger looks at Shredder and smooths his hoof on the floor getting ready to run up to Shredder.

"You're kidding, you're kidding, right?" Shredder asked, frowning.

Leo didn't answer anything, prepared his magic and ran to Shredder and Shredder then did the same. The two male alicorns run towards each other, seeing who will take down who, but it turns out that Leo was not using his magic to attack, but rather to distract, as soon as Leo reaches the Shredder, Leo teleports and Shredder stops.

"Huh, what!?" Shredder asked, confused and angry.

Leo is teleported behind the Shredder and close to the throne, but as soon as Shredder finds out Leo was behind him, Leo uses his magic, quickly pushes Shredder out of the throne room and closes and locks the door to the room.

"*Sigh* Okay let's go, this doesn't hold him for long." Leo said to himself and runs to the throne where the elements of his friends that were black.

Then Leo hears Shredder trying to break down the door. "Okay, I can do this, maybe just one spark." Leo said to himself.

Leo then uses his magic, tries hard to turn the elements back to normal so that his friends are freed from Shredder's mind control. "Ugh come on, come on Leo, you can do this!" Leo told himself.

And then Shredder manages to break down the door, as soon as he breaks down, he sees Leo using his magic on the elements.

"No! What are you doing?!" Shreddef asked angrily.

Leo tries harder at his magic, and then one of the elements starts to blink. "No, NO!" Shredder shouted in anger preparing his magic to do something with Leo.

But then suddenly, before Leo continues with his magic, something explodes near him, throwing him off the throne.

"UGH, what the!?" Leo asked shocked and confused.

Shredder gives his evil laugh, Leo without understanding why Shredder was laughing like that, looks back and is shocked by who he saw.

Whoever was on the throne was the one who prevented Leo from using his magic on the elements and who blew him away, and who was there was the evil black alicorn giving her evil laugh ... Nightmare Moon.

"Oh no, Princess Luna?" Leo asked.

Nightmare Moon looks at Leo as she frowed. "Princess ... Luna? I don't know who you're talking about, i am .... Nightmare Moon!"

Leo now seemed to understand what had happened for Luna to become Nightmare Moon, Shredder also did some kind of mind control on her with the black elements, but not the same as what he did with the Mane 6, cause Nightmare was not white-eyed .

"Shredder, what did you do to Luna!?" Leo asked angrily.

"I just fulfilled her wish, she was feeling weak, loser and pathetic, and now she is everything I wanted." Said Shredder.

"You haven't fulfilled anything, you just did brainwashing on her, just like you did with my friends!" Said Leo.

"It doesn't matter now, what matters now is that Nightmare Moon is a queen now, she will help me defeat anyone who tries to stop our reign, like you!" Said Shredder, making an expression that he was smirking.

Leo looks at Nightmare Moon who flew close to him while she smirking.

"Nightmare Moon, finish him off!" Shredder did.

Nightmare Moon prepares his magic. "Yes, Shredder." Nightmare replied smirking and shoots Leo, but Leo quickly uses magic to make the shield.

Leo undoes the magic shield and quickly moves away from Nightmare Moon and takes his Katanas back.

"Luna, you have to get out of this control, Shredder is not your king, he is just controlling you and using you to attack anyone who is preventing him, you need to snap out of this, this is not who you are!" Leo talks to Nightmare.

"There's no use talking to your lies, little boy, Shredder is my king and my master, and you are the enemy." Nightmare Moon prepares another magic to shoot Leo. "And my name is not Luna ... It's Nightmare Moon!"

Nightmare Moon shoot her magic at Leo, but Leo uses his Katanas to defend himself from the laser. "No, you are mistaken, this is what Shredder is making you think, he is controlling you, I am not your enemy, Luna!" Leo talks to Nightmare.

Nightmare Moon just frowns in anger and prepares another magic. "I already shoot another magic at Leo.

Leo dodges the laser, and apparently Leo had no choice, he has to do what he did with the controlled girls, fight. And then Leo and Nightmare Moon's fight begins.
Meanwhile outside the castle, the three ponies turtles and Spike took all of the Mane 6 controlled and tied them with the Applejack rope and Mikey's Nunchakus chains, Mikey finishes tying them all up, and the girls try to break free.

"Sorry girls, but we didn't have another one." Mikey apologized.

"I'm not sorry." Raph smirking said approaching to Rainbow. "So, who's the loser now, Dash?" He smirked mocking Rainbow.

Rainbow frowned in rage and head-butted Raph's snout.

"OW!" Raph rubs his hoof on his snout. "Okay, that hurt!" Raph admitted, frowning.

"He he, very good Dash." Mikey said, until Raph looked at Mikey angrily and snarled, which made Mikey nervous. "I mean, very good, Raph?" Mikey smiled nervously.

But then, the three ponies turtles and Spike heard noises in the castles, they looked and saw that the castle's few windows were shining brightly.

"Holly Chalumpa! What's going on in there !?" Mikey asked.

But then Donnie realizes one of the turtle ponies was missing. "Wait, where's Leo?" Donnie asked.

"He's inside the castle, confronting Shredder." Spike answered.

"Leo is at the castle!?" Donnie asked shocked.

"Confronting Shredder!?" Mikey asked shocked.

"Alone without us !?" Raph asked shocked.

"Yes, yes, and unfortunately yes." Spike answered all questions.

"But why did he go without us?" Mikey asked.

"Probably because he needed us here to distract the girls." Donnie guessed.

"Yeah, and maybe to try to free them too." Spike guessed.

The others look at the castle that still had windows that were shining.

"And it looks like things are not going as Leo planned." Raph said.

"Yeah, if were, the girls would be back to normal by now." Donnie said pointing to the Mane 6 controlled who were still trying to break free.

"Oh man, what are we going to do now then !?" Mikey asked worriedly, while the others looked at the castle that still had windows that were shining.

But then, Raph, who was also looking, frowned confidently. "I tell you what we're going to do!" Raph said.

"Raph?" Donnie asked confused.

"We are going to go inside the castle, and help our brother and end this Shredder. Come on, no turtle; or pony, is left behind!" Raph said.

"Wow Raph, that was so moving!" Mikey smiled with some tears in his eyes.

"Very good Raph, now you're showing a spirit of loyalty." Spike said.

"Yeah, thanks to a friend of mine." Raph smirked and turned his eyes to Rainbow Dash who was still trying to break free.

"So what are we waiting for? Let's go!" Spike saind.

"Booyakasha!" Mikey shouted, and all the boys up to the castle.

But then, the controlled Mane 6 who was still struggling to break free, but then Twilight controlled with anger that couldn't take it anymore, she used her magic on the chains and ropes and blew it up, freeing all the controlled Mane 6, the girls recover and Twilight smirked to everyone who also smirked, and all the girls went after the boys to the castle.
Meanwhile inside the castle, Leo was still fighting Nightmare Moon, and his fight was not going very well.

Nighmare shoot her magic on him, but Leo turns away, but then Nightmare Moon runs to Leo and hit her horn, but Leo holds her horn with his Katanas, Nightmare struggled to pierce Leo with her horn and Leo struggled to hold Nightmare Moon.

"You can't win, boy, Shredder and I are more powerful than you, we will rule all of Equestria and not anything you can do to stop us!" Said Nightmare Moon.

Leo just frowns in anger and pushes Nightmare Moon with his Katanas away from him.

"My brothers and I came to these world to save it, save it from the Kraangs, the Hoof Clan and the Shredder of Equestria, and we will not be leaving until we finish our mission!" Leo attacks Nightmare Moon with his Katanas but Nightmare hits the Katanas with her horn defending herself, so she holds one of the Katanas with her horn. "Because this is what my brothers and I do, we save the world, no matter if it is different and from another dimension, we save all worlds from threats like Shredder and the Kraangs!" Said Leo.

Nightmare Moon pushes Leo's Katana, and uses her magic to force him to a wall, Leo hits his back on the wall and before he gets up, Nightmare Moon places her hoof on top of Leo, pinned him on the floor.

"Surrender now, boy, give yourself to us, join us and we promise that maybe we'll let you live if you serve us. And that's a big maybe. You will be our ally, and we will be your masters! " Nightmare Moon proposed, smirking.

But of course Leo declined the offer, he used his magic to push Nightmare out of him and stood up to face Nightmare Moon. "I will never join you or Shredder, I will never join any evil being, and you two will never be my master, the only master I have and am loyal to, is Master Splinter!" Said Leo preparing his Katanas.

"Well then, so you choose the hard way? The way you will die!" Nightmare Moon asks and shouted by shooting her magic at Leo.

Leo flies dodged the laser, Leo flies out of the castle at the broken window.

"And where do you think you're going !?" Nightmare Moon asked smirking, spread her wings and flew out of the castle after Leo.

Outside the castle, Leo flew thinking about what to do now while Nightmare Moon flew after Leo shot her with magic, Leo dodged the lasers that hit some parts of the castle, hitting the ceiling, walls, bridges and windows , Nighmare continued and continued without even caring that she was firing and breaking some parts of the castle, but then in her another shot that she gave in anger, she manages to hit Leo on one of his wings, Leo screams in pain and starts to fall , Leo tries to recover with his other wing that had not been hit, but you can't fly with just one wing, Leo ends up going to a window breaking it, Leo was back in the throne room, Shredder was standing on the throne looking for Leo who had just fallen, Leo threw himself up, but he was injured and felt a lot of pain in his body, including his wing that Nightmare shot.

Nightmare Moon enters the window where Leo had fallen and broken and lands looking at Leo who was injured, could barely get up, Nightmare just smirk giving her evil giggles.

"Very good, Nightmare, you did a good job." Said Shredder.

"Thank you, King Shredder." Nightmare Moon said smirking and walking over to Shredder, and stands by his side.

Leo tried hard to get up, but he couldn't, Leo tries to levitate the Katanas that were beside him, but his magic was also weak.

"Now do you see? Do you see that it is useless to continue fighting with powerful beings unable to be defeated!? Is pathetic!" Said Shredder.

Leo only takes one of his Katanas with his hoof while still trying to get up.

"Why do you still insist that? Give up soon if you don't want to die, you've already proved that you're useless, you're alone, I have all the magic and you have NOTHING!" Said Shredder.

Leo just frowns in anger looking at Shredder, but then...

"That's not true, Leo does have something." A voice calls to them at the entrance to the room, Leo looks back and that was his brothers and Spike who were there, and Raph was the one who said that. "He has us, he is not alone" said Raph.

Leo smiles, touched to see everyone and what Raph said while Shredder and Nightmare Moon looked at everyone angrily. Now the whole group was together, what will happen now?

The Magic of Friendship

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Inside Canterlot's castle in the Throne Room, Leo went to confront Shredder, but his confrontation failed after fighting Nightmare Moon, but luckily his brothers and Spike showed up just in time. Now the group looked at the two Dark Alicorns while the two looked at the group in anger, but then the anger turns into a smirk expression on Shredder.

"*Evil giggles* So, now the whole group is reunited again?" Shredder asked sarcastically while giving another evil giggles. "But that doesn't solve anything. There is really no way that four teenage ponies and a baby dragon can defeat powerful beings like me. This is useless!"

"Oh yeah? Well find out, Shredder, that in our world, we have defeated several enemies." Raph said as he helped his brother Leo to his feet.

"Yeah, and find out something else, Pony Shredder, there is another you in our world and..." Mikey spoke but was interrupted by Shredder. "And by the way did you beat him?"

Mikey was quiet for a few seconds. "... Well ... Uuumm, not yet, but ..." Shredder interrupts Mikey again. "Just as I thought, if the four of you can't beat the Shredder in your world, then don't doubt that the four of you never beat me!"

Mikey felt humiliated for a moment, but the others did not feel like him.

"It's true, we haven't beaten him yet, but we've only faced him once, we weren't ready!" Donnie told Shredder.

Mikey even got better with this. "Yeah, but now we train a lot, and now for sure we will be able to defeat you, and ... the other ... black Alicorn ... that I don't know??" Mikey arches his eyebrow when he noticed Nightmare Moon while Nightmare just frowned.

"By the way, who is this other Alicorn?" Donnie asked.

"Princess Luna?!" Spike asked shocked.

"On the way, Spike, Luna is not that tall and neither is she that black." Raph said.

"No, it's true, Spike is right, this is Princess Luna, but Shredder also brainwashed her just like he did with the girls, making her become Nightmare Moon." Leo explained.

"Nightmare Moon!? Are you talking about that Dark Alicorn that Luna transformed to destroy her own sister which forced her to ban Nightmare to the moon for 1000 years?" Mikey asked.

"Yeah, it's really her." Spike replied.

"Man, I thought you hadn't paid any attention to the story, Mikey." Donnie said a little surprised.

"Of course I paid attention bro, do you think I'm that? Some kind of..." Before Mikey finished cursing, "ENOUGH!!" Nightmare Moon shouted in a scary voice (Just like Luna was in Nightmare Night).

Everyone shut up after the shout of Nightmare Moon.

"Thanks for that, Nightmare." Shredder thanked and Nightmare smirked as a sign of 'you're welcome'. "I see that the four of you never really give up, but you are still blind and foolish. You have not yet realized that I have the magic of the most powerful Alicorn princesses of Equestria, there is no magic or spell and not even magic stones that can defeat. I am invincible now thanks to all these magics I have, and you still want to try to defeat me? Didn’t your silly brother show you that it’s useless to keep fighting!? "

Leo was angry at that while the others were angry at what Shredder said about Leo. "So give up, teenagers, Equestria is mine now! So why you guys don't go back for your stupid world of yours?" Shredder asked sarcastically.

But Leo just frowned in anger and confidence, and took a few steps forward. "As I already told you Shredder, my brothers and I never gave up or surrendered. But one thing you are sure of, I was a fool to try to fight you. But just because I was alone, and if you have one The thing my friend Twilight Sparke taught me is that being alone will not bring you success, but look around now, this is my team, my family, and believe me, when we’re together and working together, we’re always successful.

Many were moved by what Leo said, even Mikey who cried and used a Raph bandage to blow his nose, which made Raph angry and slapped Mikey on the head.

"We were raised together, trained together, fought together and won together. We haven't defeated the Shredder of our world yet, but I know that one day we will defeat him, because we will do everything to defeat you." Leo prepared his Katanas. "Because that's what heroes do." He finished.

The words touched the others who were soon filled with confidence and courage, the brothers then just as Leo prepared their weapons, Spike also feeling the same as the others cupped a little fire.

"Huh, so you guys choose the hard way, right?" Shredder asked, until he made an evil giggle, preparing his magic to attack. "As I thought!" He replied.

And with that, Nightmare Moon smirked and prepared her magic too, the two Dar Alicorns were ready to fight.

"Okay then, let's start that fight again, but only now with the other Shredder, sound good to me" Raph smirked spinning his Sai.

"But what about Princess Luna? I mean, Nightmare Moon? I don't wanna hurt a Princess." Mikey said.

"Don't hurt, just fight and defend yourself." Donnie said.

"That's right, Luna is still there, we can't hurt her" said Leo.

"Well, but she wants to. And hopefully she won't be banished 1000 years to the moon again." Raph joked as he spun his Sais and pointed them out.

"And the plan?" Spike asked.

"Distract Shredder and Nightmare, recover the elements, destroy Shredder and save Equestria. Guys, GO!" Leo ordered and the fight begins.

Raph attacks Shredder first, he uses his Sais trying to hit Shredder, but Shredder defends himself from the Sais, Raph then holds Shredder's horn with one of his Sais, but as soon as Raph grabs his horn, Shredder uses his magic with strength and explodes Raph, Raph is thrown to a wall with force forming a great crack in the wall.

"RAPH!" Leo cries, and with that he attacks Shredder.

Shredder defends himself from the Katanas, and Leo dodges Shredder's punches and kicks, Leo tries to make an attack with his Katanas flying, but as soon as he flies, the wing where Nightmare Moon had thrown that is in the left wing gives a popping sound, and with that Leo screams in pain, falls and Shredder kicks him very hard, throwing him to a wall, but don't left a crack just like Raph.

"LEO!" Donnie cries, he runs quickly to see Leo, but then Nightmare Moon attacks Donnie, as Donnie now no longer had his staff now what he could only use is his magic.

Nightmare shoots Donnie with her magic, but Donnie quickly uses his magic to make a shield, Donnie then undoes the shield by turning it into a laser that hit Nightmare, but she dodges.

"Huh, clever boy!" Nightmare Moon smirked.

"You have not seen anything yet!" Donnie said preparing another attack, but before he did any magic, Nightmare Moon levitates him.

"That's right, and that's why I don't want to see anything." Said Nightmare and threw Donnie to a window that I break and Donnie was falling and screaming outside.

"DONNIE!" Mikey cries.

Outside, Donnie was falling while screaming and looking at the floor that he was about to fall.

"MAN, WHY DIDN'T I TURN INTO A PEGASU?! WHAT AM I GOING TO DO NOW!!" Donnie asked himself screaming.

Donnie looked at him quickly while thinking about something, Donnie no more than his horn, Donnie looks at his horn, thinking that maybe this is his salvation now.

"*Sigh* Okay, this is my only chance, you can do it, Donnie." Donnie told himself and starts using his magic to levitate himself.

Donnie tries hard at his magic, but it was still falling, Donnie realizes that he was almost reaching the ground, and soon he was scared, but Donnie couldn't lose his focus.

"Easy, easy Donnie, remember what Rarity said." Donnie told himself and continued and strove his magic. "Focus ..." He said, reaching a few meters on the ground. "Concentration ..." He said, reaching a few inches on the floor. "Patience ..." Donnie was getting close to the floor. "And .... Strength!" Donnie finished and his horn's aura shines brightly making his whole body have that aura, and then Donnie stops just when his hooves are almost on the ground.

"Huh, i did it?" Donnie wondered, he looks at the floor and then looks at himself that was covered in his purple aura, Donnie then managed to get a little more high. "Yeah, I did it" Donnie celebrated.

But then Donnie looks up at the castle, listening to the noises and seeing the windows glowing, now that Donnie knew how to levitate, he could go back up there where the castle was and help others, so Donnie levitates up, and then he saw one of the flags, levitated one of them and removed the cloth flag, leaving only an iron staff, now Donnie had a staff weapon to use in the fight.

Meanwhile inside the castle, Mikey was looking in the window where Donnie was been tossing, he was looking worriedly for his brother.

"Donnie where are you? Please tell me you survived the fall, please don't tell me that you..." Before Mikey finished, Nightmare Moon shoots her magic at Mikey, hurling him into the same crack wall Raph had been shaken.

The crack gets bigger, it spreads to the ceiling, breaking it and making some pieces of it fall, Mikey tried to get up after the magic shot, but then he sees a small stone fall next to him, he looks up and then a lot of stones from the ceiling fall, Mikey screams at that.

"MIKEY!" Leo, Raph and Spike cries.

Mikey just crouched down and closed his eyes waiting for the stones to crush him, but then magically the stones are levitated, regardless of crushing Mikey. Mikey opens his eyes realizing that the stones did not crush him, he looks around to know who saved him and saw that it was Donnie who saved him and that he is levitating himself.

"Donnie! You're okay! And you're flying!" Mikey said cheerfully.

"I'm actually levitating, but yes, i did it." Donnie said throwing the stones out and going back to the ground.

But then the two saw Shredder approaching them, the two immediately moved out of the way, Mikey prepared his Nunchaku and Donnie prepared his new staff. Donnie hits his staff on Shredder, but Shredder grabs the staff and hits it in Donnie's face, and then kicks him. Mikey throws his Nunchaku's chains at Shredder's hoof, but Shredder pulls the chains before Mikey, bringing him closer to Shredder who then punches him hard.

"Donnie are you okay?" Spike asked.

"Ugh, yeah i guess, ow." Donnie said, passing his hoof on his mouth.

"Man, I wanted help you guys so badly, but I don't fight like you do, I don't even have a weapon, I'm just not helping at all." Spike said he felt bad about not helping his friends.

Donnie realizes that Spike really likes and wants to help, Donnie looks at his iron staff and has an idea on how to help Spike so that he helps them.

"Spike, have you been watching my fighting movements well?" Donnie asked.

"The yeah of course, I watched everything, your attacks, your stick movements and ..." Before Spike finished, Donnie asked one more question. "And do you think you can do the same moves and attacks that I do?"

"I think so, why?" Spike asked.

Donnie hands his iron stiaff to the little Dragon, Spike understood what Donnie meant by that and gets excited.

"*Gasp* Really!?" Spike asked excitedly.

"That's right, little dragon, show what you know how to do." Donnie said.

Spike was very excited to pick up the staff, but then before he does, he thinks a little more. "Wait, but what about you? You need a weapon." He asked.

"Okay, I can handle my magic. By the way, you need it more than I do." Donnie said.

"Wow, thank you Donnie, that was really generous." Said Spike taking the staff.

"Well, a friend of mine taught me more about it." Donnie was talking about Rarity.

And then Spike rolls the staff just like Donnie does and gets ready for the fight. Spike approaches Shredder with his new staff

"Aw look here, so baby Dragon wants to play fighting now, right?" Shredder joked.

"That's right, and this baby Dragon is going to show what he can do!" Spike challenged by pointing his staff at the Shredder.

Shredder accepted this challenge and fought the Little Dragon, Shredder smashes Spike with his hoof, but Spike deflects and hits Shredder with his staff hard, Shredder felt a little pain in that hitting, but did not give up trying to crush the little Dragon, Spike took a few steps backwards bypassing Shredder's hooves, and then he spits focus on his hooves, now that Shredder really felt a lot of pain with it, Spike took this opportunity, ran over to Shredder, jumped and hit his staff well in his face making his helmet come out, Spike falls to his feet and smirked for his victory.

"BOOYAKASHA!" Spike celebrated.

"Sounds weird when he say that." Mikey said.

"Sounds weird when YOU say that." Raph joked while Mikey felt a Deja Vu.

"Very great, Spike!" Donnie hits his hoof on Spike's back.

"I have to admit, Spike, for someone who is still training, you did great." Leo praised while stroking Spike's head.

"Thanks guys, I couldn't have done it without you guys, especially you Donnie." Spike said.

"Well, that's what friends do." Donnie said, and Spike smiled.

And then Mikey comes in, grabs it and gives Spike a big mess on the head. "My congratulations, Spike, my buddy, gave Shredder a big hit on the face!" Mikey congratulated and left Spike.

"Argh, thanks Mikey." Spike thanked him while fixing his scales on the head that Mikey had messed up when he messed him.

''Yeah Spike, you did really well, but we're not done yet. "Raph reminds everyone and looks at Nightmare Moon that was approaching, and then looks at Shredder who was getting up and was without his helmet, revealing a angry face and a burn mark on his left face and with a dry eye on it.

"Jeez." Said Spike with the face of Shredder.

"This is exactly how our Shredder is in our world." Mikey said.

"Well, but the difference is that our Shredder is bald, this one still has hair." Donnie explained.

"And it looks like our problems have gotten worse." Raph said he was looking the other way.

The others look where Raph was looking, and see the controlled Mane 6 at the entrance to the throne room.

"Oh no, the controlled girls!" Mikey said worriedly.

Everyone looks around that all the enemies were everywhere now, everyone looking smirked at the ponies turtles and Spike while the heroes who were slightly injured looked at the enemies angrily preparing their weapons. Shredder and Nightmare Moon prepare their magic and The Mane 6 controlled begins to attack first and soon the ponies turtles and Spike start the fight, but now the fight was not going well for the heroes.

Rainbow punches Raph hard, Rarity kicks Donnie and Applejack punches him, Pinkie pushes Mikey and Fluttershy pushes Mikey in the belly, and finally Leo defends himself from Twilight's blows, but Twilight hits her hoof on Leo's left wing that was injured. Leo gets distracted by the pain of his wing, which was a good time for Nightmare Moon to shoot him with her magic, but Leo narrowly dodged the laser, but that was just a distraction for Shredder to shoot Leo with his magic, Leo is hit by the laser, and before he can get up, Shredder arrests Leo by placing his hoof on top of him.

"Surrender now young, Shredder is your master now, fool!" Shredder attacked.

"You ... Ugh ... You are not and will never be my master, neither you nor the other Shredder!" Leo refused.

"So be it." Said Shredder preparing his magic. "Now your life ends, Leonardo.

Leo just closed his eyes waiting for his death, but suddenly, Spike jumps with his staff and hits Shredder on the back, Shredder turns to Spike taking his hoof off Leo, Leo gets up a bit and takes his Katanas back.

Spike defends himself from Shredder's blows with his staff, but on Shredder's other blow he made Spike drop his staff and before he took it back and before any of the turtles attacked Shredder, Shredder grabs Spike, levitates one of his blade claws and the tip of it near Spike's head, the turtle ponies stopped as soon as Shredder aimed his blade at Spike.

"Let him go now, Shredder! Go threaten someone your size!" Raph cursed Shredder.

"Now kids, drop your weapons, or this will be Baby Dragon's last breath!" Shredder threatened to point the blade over Spike's head, leaving Spike very scared.

"No guys, don’t drop your weapons! You don’t need ..." Before Spike finished. "SHUT UP, DRAGON!" Shredder shut him up.

"You coward!" Raph cursed Shredder.

"Do you guys choose, you four, or him?" Shredder asked almost about to stick his blade on Spike, while Spike very scared gulped.

The turtles were standing still holding their weapons still making a decision, but then one of them dropped their weapons, the others looked and saw that it was Leo who dropped his weapons.

"Leo!?" Raph asked shockingly.

"Guys, drop your weapons." Leo ordered.

"What!? But Leo ..." Before Raph says something, Leo orders again. "Do what I say, Raph! It's Spike's life that matters.

So with what Leo did and said, Mikey let go of his Nunchaku and Donnie turned off the magic on his horn, Raph still didn’t let go of his weapons, he didn’t want to do that, but as soon as Raph looks at Spike who was really really scared, Raph was sorry for that poor little dragon face.

"* Sigh* Fine." Raph decided and soon also dropped his weapons.

"You made the right choice." Said Shredder, removing the blade next to Spike and dropping him.

And the ponies turtles were disappointed in themselves. "So,
we lost, didn't we? "Mikey asked sadly.

"Yeah, it looks like it." Donnie also said sadly.

"But at least Spike is going to live." Raph said.

"I'm proud of you, brother, you made the right choice." Said Leo, and Raph smiled, but was still disappointed to have lost.

While all the enemies were looking at the turtles' failure, Nightmare Moon was at the throne with Shredder and the Mane 6 controlled by the two, each three were beside the dark alicorns. "*Smirk* You all fought well, I have to admit." Said Shredder and soon prepared his magic. "But it was a waste of time and life for you, now it's time for you all to learn a lesson!"

Shredder makes a big red aura and shoots ponies turtles, the ponies turtles come together waiting for the blast to hit them, and then the blast hits them, causing red smoke around them.

"BOYS!" Spike cries.

Shredder gives his evil laugh celebrating the death of the turtles, but as soon as the smoke clears, Shredder is shocked by what he sees. "What!?" He asks angrily.

The explosion hit the ponies turtles, but they weren't dead, they didn't even leave where they were after the explosion, instead they were all shining, each one shining with the color of their mask.

"Wow dudes, look at me, I'm orange!" Mikey said admiringly.

"What happened to us?" Donnie asked as he looked at his body that was glowing purple.

"Did Shredder happen to do that to us when he threw that magic ball?" Raph asked while also looking at his body, which was glowing red.

"No, it can't be that, he wouldn't do that." Donnie said.

"So why are we shining like this? How did it happen? And where did it come from?" Mikey asked, still looking at his body.

Leo looked for a moment at his body that was glowing blue, but then he stopped and look at his brothers, Leo saw that they were all together, as a team, as a family, as friends. Then in a small gleam in Leo's eyes, Leo gasped in surprise, he seemed to finally understand what had happened.

"That's it, I know what that was, and now I know how we can defeat Shredder." Leo said smirking confidently.

"Really? And how?" Mikey asked.

Leo smirking looks at Shredder who was looking at everyone with anger. "Everypony, get together!" Leo ordered, and everyone joined.

"You fools, still think you can defeat me just because your bodies are shining now !? Because these shining bodies are not going to defeat me or save you four!" Said Shredder and threw another magic at them.

But as soon as he shoots, the same thing happens. "No!" Shredder said angrily.

Nighmare helps Shredder shooting at the turtles, but the same thing happens again. "What!? This is impossible!" Nightmare shouted, and angrily flies up to the turtles to attack them.

But as soon as it arrives close, the glow that was in the turtles explodes, throwing Nightmare Moon with force to a wall, leaving her unconcious. And after that explosion, the ponies turtles started to float, Leo was calm, but the brothers were still confused.

"Dude, what's going on?" Mikey asked worried and confused, but then he felt someone holding his hoof, he saw it and it was Leo.

"Don't worry, little brother, you needn't worry." Leo said, Mikey heard him, thought a little, and seemed to understand, and closes his eyes and the glow in the turtles is strong.

"I don't understand, what is it?" Donnie asked but then Leo held Donnie's hoof.

"You don't have to understand, Donnie, just feel and believe." Said Leo, Donnie did what Leo said and finally understood, so he also closes his eyes.

"Guys, are you going to explain to me what's going on?" Raph asked confused.

"Raph, you need to feel it to understand." Said Leo, Raph was still confused, but still he joined the others, he held Donnie's hoof and Mikey's hoof, Raph looks around his whole group gathered and shining, and finally Raph understood and closed his eyes, and then the glow got stronger, Spike even raised his arm and covered his eyes with that bright glow.

Shredder just looks very angry at growling and fires magical beam in the turtle ponies, but when he shoots, nothing happens, Shredder tries harder, but as soon as he tries, the magic around the turtles explodes, Shredder renders himself not to be thrown like Nightmare Moon, Shredder looks at the magic glow getting stronger.

"No, NO! This is impossible! I have the two magics of the most powerful princesses of Equestria! There is no magic that can defeat these magics!!" Shredder shouted.

"You're wrong, Shredder. There is a magic that can defeat your magic, a very powerful magic that our friends taught us, a magic that you don't know!" Leo finished.

And so with that, the turtle ponies opened their eyes that were shining brightly, their sparkles got strong and joined together forming a strong green glow that then exploded, Shredder tries to escape this explosion that was spreading, but as soon as it gets close to window, the explosion was already coming up. "No, no, no!" The explosion expands and Shredder hurls out of the castle. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

The explosion expands, reaches Canterlort, and the Kraangs and Hoof who were attacking the ponies saw the explosion and were hit by it, sending all the robots away while the ponies who was attacked are happy again. The explosion then expands to Ponyville and does the same things with the robots that were in Ponyville, sent them all away and transformed the ponies that had become Kraangs back to normal, in Sweet Apple Acre the same happens, the robots are sent away and the Kraang ponies are back to normal, including the Applejack family.

Everywhere there were Kraangs and Hoof Clan the explosion exploded and threw them all away with Shredder (Just like the defeat of Chrysalis and the Changeligs).

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Shredder screamed and all enemies flew away from Equestria.

And then the explosion that was expands, exploded all over Equestria causing a very strong glow.
After this strong explosion, inside the castle of Canterlot, the ponies turtles are half unconscious on the ground, as soon as they wake up, they start to moan with a headache.

"Oooow! My ... My head!" Raph moans.

"Oow jeez, this headache is worse than when we went through the portal, ugh!" Donnie said hitting his head on the floor.

Leo gets up moaning a little and putting his hoof on his head. "Ow man." Said Leo.

Mikey gets up, but starts to walk a little crooked, dizzy and also with a headache. "Oow dudes, all this magic was too much for me, I can't even stand on four legs anymore." Mikey moans and falls flat on his face.

Mikey raises his head and sees the Elements of Harmony on the floor that were no longer black.

"Hey brothers look, the elements are no longer black." Mikey called.

"So that means ..." Before Donnie completes, he look the other way and see the Mane 6 lying unconscious on the floor.

"The girls!" Said Leo, the others ran to see the girls.

Leo went to see Twilight. "Twilight!?" Leo called her, he moves her a little to wake her up. "Twilight, wake up, are you okay?" He asked a little worried.

Then Twilight moans a little, she opens her eyes that were no longer white, she turns her eyes to Leo. "Leo?" She asked quietly.

Leo smiled happy for his friend was no longer in control. "Yes, Twilight." He answers.

Twilight smiles and then hugs Leo, who then hugs her back. "You guys did it, you guys defeated him." Twilight said.

"No, WE did it, we couldn't have done it without you girls." Said Leo.

Twilight is touched by this and tightens the hug a little, and then Spike appears. "Twilight!" He screamed and hugged Twilight, who hugs back." Oh Spike, I'm sorry for throwing you at that time and almost attacking you when you were protecting Leo. "Twilight apologized.

"Hey it's okay, it wasn't your fault." Spike said.

Twilight smiles at knowing that Spike was right. "You're right, Spike." She said.

"Rarity!" Spike stops hugging Twilight and goes to Rarity, Twilight smiles as she rolls her eyes and frowns, cause she already knew that Spike would be more concerned with Rarity than with her, and with that Twilight and Leo giggled.

Meanwhile, Donnie helped Rarity to get up who was moaning and with a little headache, Rarity recovers, but then is shocked by something.

"*Gasp* Oh my Godness! Oh Donnie, your staff, I'm so sorry!" Rarity apologizes sadly after remembering what she had done with Donnie's staff.

"Hey, don't worry, it wasn't your fault. Besides, I got another one with Master Splinter. Donnie said, and Rarity smiles with that.

And then ... "Rarity!" Spike hugs Rarity who hugged him back.

"Oh Spike, you were so brave and agile with that iron staff." Rarity praised.

"Hehe, well, I got a little help from Donnie." Spike blushed.

Meanwhile, Mikey was looking for Pinkie, but suddenly, someone pounced him, Mikey and someone who pounced him rolled over and then stopped and stood up when that someone who was Pinkie Pie hugged him tightly.

"I'm free! Thanks Mikey! And I'm sorry for almost attacking you, I'm sorry for chasing you many times, and I'm sorry for giving you that big hug that I'm giving you now!" Pinkie cheerfully apologized as she tightened her hug, leaving Mikey's eyes a little wide.

But despite that super tight hug, Mikey was enjoying it. "You're ... welcome ... and ... I forgive." Mikey said feeling tight.

Meanwhile, Rainbow was recovering, until Raph appeared and extended his hoof offering help to get up.

But Rainbow hits his hoof. "Take that hoof off, I know how to get up!" Rainbow said rudely as Raph frowned.

Rainbow Dash gets up and wipes the dust off her arm.

"So, you're not going to say anything?" Raph asked, frowning.

"Say what?" Rainbow asked, frowning.

"Oh I don't know, maybe thank us for saving you girls and your world?" Raph suggested sarcastically.

"Ugh fine. Thank you!" Rainbow thanked him unwillingly.

"You're welcome!" Raph said unwillingly too.

The two pegasus stand with arms crossed with each other frowning, but then Rainbow stops frowning and gives a small smile.

"But seriously now." Rainbow was saying and Raph also stopped frowning and started listening to what Rainbow has to say. Thank you, really. If it weren't for you guys, Equestria would be on Shredder's hooves now. "Rainbow really thanked him.

Raph gave a small smile at that, but then Rainbow hugs him, leaving Raph surprised and confused. "Hey hey hey, what are you doing !?" He asked, surprised and confused.

"I'm hugging you, you silly, never heard of a hug?" Rainbow asked joking.

"Of course I heard but ..." Before Raph says anything, he starts to feel that he is enjoying this hug. "Well, never mind." He said and hugged Rainbow back.

But then the two stopped hugging when they realized they were being watched by Applejack who was smirking.

"So, are you best friends now?" Applejack asked smirked.

"Shut up AJ!" Raph cursed.

"Yeah, there are no BEST friends, just friends!" Rainbow said.

"Uh-huh, i see." Applejack smirked and get out of there.

"Look here, this is the last time we do this, okay?" Rainbow said.

"I agree, we'll never speak of this again." Raph said and he and Rainbow agreed.

Meanwhile after Spike finishes hugging Rarity, Fluttershy quickly came and hugged him.

"Spike I'm sorry! You almost suffered a terrible fall because of me, I almost killed you, I'm sorry!" Flutteshy apologized with verry sorry.

"Ugh, it's okay Fluttershy, it's okay!" Said Spike feeling tight in Fluttershy's strong hug.

But then Twilight saw someone else unconscious, and that someone was Princess Luna who was no longer Nightmare Moon. "Oh my, Luna!" Twilight runs over to her and Leo goes along.

The two Alicorn leaders checked how Luna is doing, and then Luna wakes up moaning a little.

"Luna, are you okay?" Leo asked.

Luna gets up a little. "Yes, I am. Thank you guys, but I'm sorry for what I did, including you, Leonardo.

Leo looks at his left wing that was hurt by Nightmare Moon that she had shot. "It's okay, Your Highness, we know that Nightmare Moon is not really you, it wasn't your fault, it was Shredder's, we forgive you." Said Leo and Luna gives a small smile.

But then the group saw someone entering the throne room and that someone was Princess Celestia. "Congratulations, ponies, you all made it." She thanks.

"Princess Celestia!" Twilight said cheerfully and hugged her teacher who hugged her back.

"Sister!" Luna hugs her older sister, Celestia happy and relieves to see her back hugging her.

"Oh Luna, I'm glad you're okay, I thought I was going to lose you again." Celestia said, almost wanting to cry.

"Never again, sister, never again." Said Luna, the hug of the two sisters even made Mikey and Pinkie cry.

"Your highness, are you okay? Does Shredder do anything to you?" Leo asked Celestia.

"No, I'm fine Leonardo. And thanks to all of you, my sister and I have recovered our magic and Equestria is saved once again thanks to your teamwork. You all learned that it doesn't matter what you are, or what world you come or think differently, what matters is what you believe in. You girls believed in these four youths when you need them most, without these four youths, you girls would never have found out about these enemies that this guys tried to stop them from destroying their world."

The girls were happy and proud of themselves for what Celestia said.

"And you boys, you guys learned a lot about these six ponies and a lot in our world, but the four of you learned the most important lesson that helped you defeat Shredder and his soldiers, you learned the magic of friendship. You four are a great team, and a great family, and the friendship between you all is proof of that, and for that we are grateful to you guys. Thank you all for saving our world. "

The ponies turtles were happy and proud of themselves for what Celestia said.

"No problem, Your Highness, we just did our job." Mikey boasted smiling.

"I hope you don't mind staying here in Equestria for a while, after all I still need to read a book of portals to send you back to your world." Twilight said.

"No problem, Twilight, we can stay here for a little while, after all I have a few more flying things that I would like to learn when my wing gets better." Said Leo.

"Well, I'm going to enjoy teaching you some." Twilight said smiling.

"And if you want some lessons from me, I can also give you some." Rainbow said.

"*Giggles* As you wish, Dash." Said Leo

"Now it's time for the group hug!" Pinkie cheered, stretching out her arms and hugging all her friends.

The only ones who weren't in the hug were the turtles, and Mikey who really wanted to get into it, looks at Raph who didn't want it with sad dog eyes, with that look from Mikey, Raph just rolled his eyes and snorted.

"Ugh ok, let's do the group hug." Raph said and Mikey smiled with shining eyes.

Mikey was quickly the first to enter the hug of others, and then everyone was doing the hug in a group, even Raph who by his frowning look was not enjoying it, but without anyone noticing, Raph had a little smiled.

But then, Pinkie cuts off the hug "Hey, you know what it's calls for?" She asked excitedly.

"A pizza!?" Mikey replied excitedly.

"That and something much better." Pinkie said and picked up her party cannon. "A PARTY!" Pinkie screamed and threw a bunch of confetti with her cannon.

Back to New York

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After Shredder's defeat, the ponies turtles and the Mane 6 celebrate, the group went to Ponyville with all the ponies there shouting with joy thanking the heroes, all celebrating the victory while Pinkie and Mikey rejoiced in the celebration making it a party, and Applejack reunited with her family who were pony again.

After the celebration, it was now night, the group was all in the Twilight's castle still happy with the victory, including Pinkie and Mikey who were even more.

"Who saved the world!?" Mikey asked.

"We saved the world!" The boys cheered.

"Say again, who saved the world!?" Pinkie asked.

"We saved the world!" The girls cheered.

And then Mikey and Pinkie ask at the same time. "We didn't hear, who saved..." But then they are cut off by Raph. "Can you two stop this!?" He asked angrily. "Yeah, we already get it, we are awesome." Rainbow boasted smirking.

"So Twilight, how's the portal studies going?" Leo asked.

"In fact, I'm done, I know how to send you home." Twilight said.

"Oh well, I couldn't take Mikey and Pinkie's company anymore." Raph frowned and turned his eyes to Mikey and Pinkie who were still having fun and making noise.

"Don't worry, you'll be back in your world by now, but i need your help for this, Donnie" said Twilight.

"My help? Of course, and for what?" Donnie asked.

And then the group was in the library, Twilight explained to Donnie what to do on the mirror portal.

"And then this portal that leads to a world other than yours, if we cast this spell, that portal will be activated by the other world that is yours." Twilight explained.

Donnie read the spell book a little and understood how he should do it. "Okay, I think i get it." Donnie said.

"So, are you ready?" Twilight asked.

"Ready." Donnie replied.

And then they ascended their horns and cast the magic on the mirror portal, the others were watching while Mikey and Pinkie watched with their eyes shining.

"So shiny!" The two spoke at the same time.

And then, Twilight and Donnie turn off their horns and the mirror portal was open to the turtles's world.

"And there you have it, the portal is open, boys." Twilight said.

"And it will go straight to our lair, trust me." Donnie said.

"Ah yeah, we're going back to New York!" Mikey cheered.

"Aw, can I go too?" Pinkie asked sadly.

"Not today Pinkie, maybe one day when the boys come back." Said Applejack.

Pinkie was saddened. "Aw, don't be sad Pinkie, I also wanted you girls to go, Spike to go too." Mikey comfort her.

"Yeah, it would be good if I became a dog again, well, if I really became a dog in this world." Spike said.

"Okay, it's just ... it's just ..." Pinkie was trying hard not to cry, but she started to cry with waterfall tears coming out of her eyes and hugged Mikey. "I WILL MISS YOU SO MUCH MIKEY!" Pinkie cried.

Mikey couldn't help feeling the same as Pinkie. "Me ... Me too, Pinkie." Then Mikey starts crying waterfalls like Pinkie, the two hugged each other crying.

"Oh my, this is so sad!" Said Fluttershy wanting to cry.

"Okay, enough of the two of you, you are wetting the floor with these tears." Raph complained as he took off his hooves in the pool of tears.

Then Mikey and Pinkie cut off the hug and wipe their tears. "Well, goodbye Mikey." Pinkie said goodbye smiling.

"Goodbye Pinkie, but I wish there was at least one way for us to talk between our worlds, like sending a message or ..." But before Mikey completed, Twilight remembers something. "Oh yeah, I almost forgot about that!" She said.

Twilight went to one of the bookshelves and levitated a book with a turtle shell design on the cover and give to Leo.

"Here, I want to give you this." Twilight said.

"A book?" Leo asked and opened some pages that were white.

"It's not just a book, me and Sunset Shimmer have this same type of book so that we could talk to each other without leaving the worlds, so that book is a magical message book, just someone in your world write something there, that someone from my world will read what you have to say in that other book. " Twilight explained, showing her other book

"Wow, so this is like a cell phone message, only in a book!? ' Mikey asked curiously.

"Yeah, exactly." Twilight answered.

"Cool! Let me try!" Mikey took the book that was with Leo, took a pencil and started writing something.

Then the other book that was with Twilight starts to flash, Twilight opens the book to see what Mikey had written, but what Mikey had written was a little twisted and scrambled, which left Twilight confused and without understanding.

"Sorry, it was supposed to say 'Booyakasha', I still don't know how to hold a pencil with these hooves." Mikey said, Twilight just turned her eyes while smiling and frowning.

"Well, it's time." Said Rarity to Donnie.

"Yeah, it was nice to meet you girls." Donnie said to Rarity, and she smiles.

And surprisingly, Rarity hugs him. "I will miss you, Donnie." She said.

Donnie returns the hug. "I will also miss you." He smiled.

And then the two cut off the hug. "And by the way, good luck to you and April." Rarity smirked making Donnie blush.

"Oh uum ... uum, I ... I'll have, I hope" Donnie blushed.

"Hey bros! The last one to reach the lair, will pay the Pizzas that I'll order!" Mikey challenged and quickly entered the portal.

"Mikey!" Donnie shouted in anger.

"You better go soon if you don't want to pay for Pizza." Rarity joked.

So Donnie leaves Rarity and enters the portal.

"So, you're going, right?" Rainbow asked Raph, frowning.

"Yeah, that's what it looks like." Raph replied, also frowning.

"So, goodbye." Rainbow said goodbye unwillingly.

"Yeah goodbye and whatever." Raph said goodbye unwillingly.

The two did not seem to care if one was already going, but in fact they did, Rainbow Dash will really miss Raph, and Raph as incredible as it will also miss Rainbow Dash, the two smile at each other without knowing.

"So, see you later, Rain-dumb-ow." Raph joked smirking, and left her.

"See you, Big Red." Rainbow joked also smirking.

So now Leo and Twilight say goodbye.

"It was a great pleasure to meet you, Leonardo, and I'm sorry again for having argued with you at the time when we were all arguing with each other, I was so concerned with saving Equestria that I forgot what was most important. The friends." Twilight felt a little bad about that.

But then Leo puts his hoof on Twilight's shoulder. "It's okay Twilight, I'm also gets worried about not being able to lead my team and saving New York, I know how it is, but what matters now is that we reconsider and we are friends again."

Twilight smiles at that. "I'm really proud to call you a best friend, Leo."

Leo smiles at that. "Me too, Twilight."

The two hugged each other tight and comfortable. "I'll to miss you, Twilight." Leo said.

"Me too, Leo, I'll to miss you a lot. But I hope that one day you will return to Equestria, maybe Donnie can find a way to open an Equestria portal in your world, and maybe you guys can bring April and Casey to meet, maybe even Master Splinter. "

Leo smiled at the thought. "Okay then, I'm going to talk to Donnie and the others about it."

The two alicorns cut off the hug and Leo leaves Twilight and goes to the portal that Raph was still in and saw the entire farewell.

"So, can we go? Are you finished saying goodbye to your girlfriend?" Raph joked smirking, until Leo taps Raph on the shoulder.

"Stop it, we're just friends, Raph," said Leo, frowning.

"Yeah Yeah, the Paid Pizzas are yours!" Raph scoffed and entered the portal before Leo.

But before Leo enters, he takes one last look at the Mane 6, and then looks at Twilight who was looking at him smiling, Leo then smiles too.

"Goodbye, Leo." Twilight said goodbye.

"Goodbye, Twilight" Leo says goodbye and enters the portal, and then the portal to the turtle world closes.

"*Sigh* Nice boys, isn't it?" Applejack asked.

"Yeah, I hope they'll be back soon." Said Fluttershy.

"And I hope that we will visit their world one day." Said Rarity.

"As long as there are no counterparts of us in this world." Rainbow said.

"I hope haven't, we never had the chance to go to another world, I wanted to know what it’s like to be a human so badly" said Pinkie.

"Don't worry, girls, I guarantee that one day the boys will return. And then you girls will have the chance to travel to another world." Twilight guaranteed.

"I hope so, too." Pinkie smiles slightly, but then smiles happily. "And asking again: Who saved the world !?"

"Pinkie!" Everypony cursed Pinkie and she lowers her ears nervously while smiling nervously.

But then Twilight chuckles. "Okay, just one more time." Twilight allowed everyone to respond again which made Pinkie very happy.

"We saved the world!" Everyone cheered.
In New York City, in the sewers in the Turtles' lair, there were Casey and April. Casey was sitting on the couch while April paced looking a little stressed and worried about something.

"Calm down there, red, you've been worried like that for days, you need to relax." Casey tried to calm her down.

"I can't calm down, Casey! The Turtles have been missing for 4 days, none of them answered my messages or calls, Donnie always answers my calls." April cursed as she tried to text the turtles.

"Red, I know it's worrying, but you know these guys, they must be out there saving people, eating pizza, walking on rooftops, fighting robots and stuff, saving another dimension, maybe." Casey guessed.

"But even so, Casey, they didn't disappear like that, we have to do something, it's not like a magical portal suddenly appears here and the turtles come out of it." Said April.

But for her and Casey's surprise, happened exactly what April thought wasn't going to happen, a portal sudden appears near the lair entrance, April and Casey were shocked by it. And then in the portal, the turtles came out, which were mutant turtles again, but they were still walking on all fours, as soon as everyone leaves and the portal closes, they notice that they were no longer ponies and get back up on two legs.

"Yeah, we're back!" Donnie cheered while looking at his body.

"My fingers! My turtle shell! How to miss you!" Said Mikey hugging his own body.

"Ah yeah! It's great to have my mutant turtle body back!" Raph kissed his muscles.

Leo looks at your hands and your body and then looks at the lair. "It's good to be back home." He said.

"Boys!" Said April glad to see her mutant friends back.

"Guys, you came back!" Cheered Casey.

"Yeah, we're back, how long, huh?" Donnie said until April hugs him. "I was so worried about you." She said and made Donnie blush and Casey frown.

And then, Master Splinter comes out of his Dojo and sees the turtles back. "My sons, where were you?" He asked.

"Sorry for the delay to come back, Sensei, we were preventing the Kraangs from destroying another world." Leo complained.

"Yeah, but you don't have to worry, cause everypony is okay." Mikey said.

April and Casey arches their eyebrow with what Mikey had said. "Uuum, did he just say every'pony'?" Casey asked confused.

"Mikey!" Raph called him.

"Oops, I forgot we don't need to say that anymore." Mikey said.

"But what kind of world is this that you guys were in?" April asked confused.

"A crazy one, you guys might not even believe it." Raph said.

And then after ordering Pizzas that were paid for by Leo, the whole group ate the Pizzas while the turtles told the whole story of the world that they were in.

After telling the rest, Mikey just kept talking about the best part of the adventure he liked, and what he liked best was when Raph made his spectacular Sonic Raphael.

"And then when Rainbow Dash started to fall, Raph flew down to get his cool friend, Dash was away from Raph, but Raph flew so much faster than 'BOOM'! Caused an explosion of green and red sky ring that spread across the sky and took down all the flying Kraangs and Hoof Clan, and Raph managed to catch Rainbow Dash just when she almost hit the ground, it started flying in green and red lines forming in it like 'ZIP ZAP ZIP ZAP', and that's how Raph saved Rainbow Dash and gave his first Sonic Raphael! A name that I baptized." Mikey finished and bragged about his baptize.

"Yeah, thanks for that explanation, Mikey." Raph thanked him sarcastically.

"Man, I still can't believe there's another Shredder in this world." Casey said a little surprised.

"And I still can't believe that Little Dragon managed to hit him." April said.

"Yeah, you guys should have seen how Spike fought, he was too much for a baby Dragon." Donnie explained.

"Yeah he was like..." Mikey said and started to imitate the movements and make sounds with his mouth. "So while he defended himself from the Pony Shredder blows, Spike managed to hit his staff right in the face like 'POW'!" Mikey did a sound and movement of a staff beating.

"Now what I still find strange, the ponies there live like human beings, but you guys are not human and still become ponies, don't you think that is strange?" Casey asked.

"Dude, it was only now that Casey spoke that I realized that," said Raph.

"Yeah, I mean, why did we become pony? Shouldn't we have become half pony and half turtle? A Pony Turtle?" Mikey asked and baptized.

"Well, maybe because we act like humans, we talk, we walk on two legs..." Before Donnie finishes, Mikey says something else. "We eat Pizzas!" Said Mikey eating a Pizza with hay.

"Mikey, did you just eat a Pizza with hay?" Raph asked.

"Yes bro, I know we’re not ponies anymore, but I loved eating the hay pizzas, they’re so delicious." Said Mikey eating another one of this Pizza, while April and Casey looked with disgust at Mikey being eating hay. "Do you guys want it too?" He asked.

"No thanks, I'm full." April refused.

"I just wanna eat pizza with cheese anyway." Casey refused.

"How about you, Raph? I know you liked this pizza too." Mikey smirked as he approached the Pizza with hay in Raph's mouth.

Until Raph took Mikey's hand away. "Get this Pizza out of my face! I only ate it when I was a pony, I don't eat this anymore." Raph said coming out of the couch. Mikey comes back to eat the other hay pizzas in the box, until Raph appears. "Okay maybe just one little slice." He said taking a piece of the Hay Pizza.

"I am proud of you boys." Splinter started. "You four showing today that you are better at battle fighting when you are together, just like your friend Twilight Sparkle said, when you are together with your friends, family and team together, you will always be successful. You all are stronger when you are together, when work together, and your friendship is proof of that, your friendship is your greatest strength against evil. I hope you all remember this lesson that you learned after the struggle in this world, loneliness leads you to failure, unity leads you to success, and the most important."

"Yes. Friendship is Magic." Leo completed by giving a little smile, Splinter also gave a proud little smile.

Everyone was happy with that.

"Well, this is a little ridiculous." Casey commented on what Leo said, until April punches him on the shoulder. "Ow! Red."

"*Sigh* I hope that one day we go back to Equestria, I really want the girls to come to our world, I bet Fluttershy will like the sewer rats that are here." Mikey said while Casey was shaking just thinking about what Mikey said.

"Probably, she even likes cockroaches." Raph said.

"You guys would like Equestria, especially the girls." Donnie told April and Casey.

"And you would love to do challenged with Dash, Casey, she loves to challenge those who think they can do better than her." Raph said.

"Oh yeah? Well, I'm going to show this mare what Casey Jones is capable of." Casey smirked while Raph rolled his eyes.

"But I think you would like AJ, she likes to challenge her strengths and rope skills." Mikey came up.

"Hey Don, do you think you can make a portal for Equestria?" Leo asked.

"Well I think so, I guess I can use that Kraang portal device that April picked up. But it could take days, or weeks, or maybe a month," Donnie explained.

"Okay, we wait." Said Leo.
One month after the turtles returned to New York, everyone was in the lair, Mikey was reading some comics with Ice Cream Kitty, Raph and Casey were doing an arm wrestling with Raph beating Casey, Donnie was in the lab trying to open the portal to Equestria with the Kraang portal devices with April at his side, and Leo was on the couch writing in the magical message book that Twilight had given him, writing everything that happened after they returned to New York.

"Dear Twilight Sparkle: It's been over one month since we met you and the girls. A lot happened after we got back to New York, Raph and Slash got back to being friends (I think), Mikey is saying that mutant pizzas were controlling us (huh, it must be in his mind), and finally Karai believe that Master Splinter is her real father, but Shredder now keeps her prisoner now that she knows the truth, we are finding a way to rescue her so that she can return to her real family. While we still don’t know how to race it, Raph switched minds with a Kraang, and he discovered that the Kraangs are now close to making an invasion in our world just as they did in Equestria, but now they’re evolving and we need to be very prepared for when that happens, but I bet we’ll be able to stop them, if we can stop the Kraangs from destroying Equestria, we’ll also be able to stop the Kraangs from destroying our world, and maybe we will be able to defeat our Shredder just as we managed to defeat the Shredder of Equestria. And I hope that one day my brothers and I will see you and the girls and Spike again, I hope you guys visit our world, you would like to train with us and Master Splinter, we miss you, especially Raph. And especially me. From your best friend: Leonardo. "

Leo finishes writing, closes the book leaving it by his side and turns on the television watching Space Heroes.

But then Donnie and April leave the lab to report good news. "Guys, Donnie did it." Said April.

"Did what?" Raph asked as he won again in the arm wrestling against Casey.

"I managed to open the portal for Equestria." Donnie said.

"Really!? Did you do it?! Are you sure!?" Mikey asked excitedly.

Donnie nods, Mikey immediately jumps up and screams with joy with Ice Scream Kitty, while Raph and Casey cover their ears with Mikey's screams.

"This is good, I'm going to text Twilight about it." Leo said that he then took the book and started writing.

"We will see the girls again! I will see Pinkie! we will have a lot of fun, you will like her a lot, Kitty, I guarantee you!" Mikey said excitedly hugging Kitty who soon meowed with joy.

"Yeah, thanks to what I used to open the portal at TCRI, I managed to catalyze the device by doing..." Before Donnie does all the scientific explanation, Raph interrupts."Fine fine fine, you don't need to make that scientific explanation." Raph said he made Donnie frown.

"So how about we go over there?" April asked.

"Yes, why not?" Donnie said.

"I don't know, we still have to think about rescuing Karai, planning how to stop the Kraangs, do a patrol..." Before Raph finishes, Casey interrupts. "Oh please, you're just saying that so you don't want to go back to the world." He guessed.

"Come on Raph, it's just a little bit, just to see our friends again." Mikey begged.

Then Raph snorted. *Sigh* Fine, but that's just because I miss my wings. "said Raph.

"And I miss my beautiful hair." Mikey said rubbing his bald head

"Hey guys, I just sent the message to Twilight, and she said this is good, cause she is something to show us in Equestria." Said Leo.

"Something? And what is it?" Mikey asked curiously.

"It is a surprise, and she said that it is very important and that it will be good." Leo explained.

"I hope it is." Raph said.

"So, can we go?" Casey asked.

"Well, she said it's important and that we can't lose, so yes." Leo replied.

"So what are we waiting for? Let's go, BOOYAKASHA!" Mikey cheered.
And then in Equestria, in Canterlot, a ceremony was taking place, a ceremony to honor and thank the turtles (just like the Mane 6's ceremony after they defeated Discord).

Inside the castle, the drums and trumpets begin to play, opening the gate of the throne room, the ponies turtles started walking, all the ponies were in the throne room to watch the honor the heroes who saved Equestria from the evil Shredder, the turtles walk to the throne where Princess Celestia was, and in her side were Mane 6 and on the other was Casey who was a gray eath pony, April who was a yellow unicorn and Spike who waved to the ponies turtles.

And then, Celestia begins: "We are gathered here today, to honor these four young heroes, these four brothers from another world who defeated Shredder with their skill, strength and friendship, and saved Equestria from his domain, and for that we are grateful to you four: Leonardo, Raphael, Mickelangelo and Donnatello, from now on, you guys will be known in Equestria as 'The Legendary Ninja Turtles'. "

Everypony applauded after Celestia's words, applauding to the heroes.

"Do you guys wanna see the best part?" Twilight asked.

"Sure, what is it?" Mikey asked.

And then Celestia uses her magic and outside the entrance to the throne room the curtains of a window are opened, revealing a Stained Glass from the turtle ponies defeating Shredder, the Hoof Clan and the Kraangs.

The Stained Glass:

"Wooow, it's so beautiful!" Mikey said admiringly.

"Wow, it really is a tribute to us." Donnie said.

"Huh, not bad." Raph admitted.

"Twilight, did you plan this?" Leo asked.

"Not just me, my friends and the Princesses prepared this for you guys." Twilight explained.

"Wow, didn't need it all." Said Leo.

"Well, since you guys are not known in your world, so we decided to do this for you, and you all deserve it." Twilight explained.

Leo smiles at that. "Well, thank you for all of this." He thanks.

"Well, what are friends for? And I hope that one day you all too will be known in your world." Twilight said.

"Yeah, me too." Said Leo smiling at Twilight which gives her smile back.

Everypony in the room applauded for the Legendary Ninja Turtles, and so the Ninja Turtles became known in Equestria and became best friends forever with Mane 6.

The End

But wait! It's not over yet, there's still the last chapter, the epilogue chapter.


View Online

Three months later, in the night at the Twilight castle, Twilight was at the library organizing some of her books while singing with her mouth shut (And what she was singing was the TMNT 2012 theme song).

She sang with her mouth shut and pasted the books in order on the bookcase, but then, she stops when she sees two photo pictures on the bookcase, a photo of her with her friends and Spike and her mutant friends with April and Casey in Equestria, the another was hers with her friends and Spike her mutant friends with April, Casey and Splinter in the turtle world.

Twilight smiles when he sees these beautiful pictures, but then sighs sadly, Spike who was helping Twilight with the books noticed Twilight sighing like that.

"What's wrong, Twilight?" Spike asked.

"I don't know, Spike, I'm just a little worried I think, it's been over three months since we've seen the boys, none of them sent a message, and Mikey is the one who always and most sends me a message." Twilight explaned. "Maybe I should go over there just to see if they're okay." She said.

"Twilight, no need to worry, you know that boys are always busy saving the world, I'm sure they are fine." Spike said.

But then, the two heard a small noise, Twilight turns and sees her message book of the turtles blinking.

"See, they even just sent a message." Spike said.

"Oh finally, let's see." Twilight said happily levitating the book, opened it and started reading.

Twilight started to read the message, she was excited when she started reading, but then her smile disappeared, Twilight got a little worried, and then more worried, and then sad.

"*Gasp * Oh no!" Twilight said.

"What's wrong, Twilight? Are they not okay!?" Spike asked a little worried.

"Yes, they are, Spike, but ..." Twilight can't even complete and give a sad sigh.

"Twilight, what happened?" Spike asked.

"Come on Spike, we have to tell the girls." Twilight said and the two ran out of the library.
In the dining room, the girls were eating pancakes, along with the Starlight Glimmer who is no longer evil but she still didn't have a new hairstyle.

"So Starlight, tell us more about your friend Sunburst, were you guys too close?" Applejack asked.

"Well, we were very close indeed, Sunburst and I always studied together, we did school work together, we practically did everything together." Starlight explained.

"Tell me, Starlight, did you like him?" Pinkie asked.

"Of course, he was my friend and ..." Before Starlight continues to explain, Pinkie asks again. "No, I meant, do you like him SO MUCH?" Pinkie asked smirking.

Starlight understood what Pinkie meant by that and blushed. "Oh ... hehe, well ..." Before Starlight explained, Twilight called. "Girls, girls!"

"Twilight? What is it, darling?" Rarity asked.

"The boys, they texted me." Twilight explained.

"What boys?" Rarity asked.

"The turtles, they texted me." Twilight replied.

"Gosh, finally." Said Applejack.

"The turtles? It's The Legendary Ninja Turtles that you girls talked about?" Starlight asked.

"Yeah, it's them." Fluttershy replied.

"Dude, I thought they would never come back." Rainbow joked.

"That's not funny, Rainbow! This is a serious thing." Twilight cursed Rainbow.

"What happened to the boys, Twilight, are they okay?" Fluttershy asked.

"Yes. But, Master Splinter, Leo, New York, they..." Twilight couldn't quite explain it and sighed very sadly.

The girls soon noticed from Twilight's expression that a very bad thing happened.

"Twilight, can you read the message for all of us?" Starlight asked.

"*Sigh* Okay, listen." Twilight said, opened the book and started to read the message.

"Dear Twilight Sparkle: I know it's been a long time since we visited or wrote to you, especially me. But there were a lot of really bad things in New York, the Kraangs started the invasion earlier than we thought, they were more advanced than in Equestria, they mutated the humans and April’s father, Leo was seriously injured fighting the Shredder, and Shredder beat Master Splinter, he is gone, we lost. But we escaped of the Kraangs, we left New York and we moved to a safe place far from the city, April's old house and farm, the first thing we did when we arrived was to take care of Leo who was now deeply unconscious and very hurt. Now we are doing everything and planning everything we can to go back to New York and defeat the Kraangs, but while we don’t do that, we spend time here on the farm, Mikey has fun feeding the chickens, although they don’t like him very much, Donnie has built a laboratory in barn to create a remedy to cure Leo when he wakes up, and so far he still hasn't managed very well, Casey keeps doing work on the truck, although he has been crushed in it many times, April spends time with us and spends time writing her jornal, she really misses home, and me, well, i'm here on the side of my unconscious brother, waiting for him to wake up while i write this message for you. Things are very difficult, Twilight, we still don't know how to defeat the Kraangs, we still don't know if Master Splinter is really dead and I'm worried that Leo will never wake up, he's been unconscious for three months, sometimes I have no hope that everything will be fine, but I don’t know, looks like somehow it seems to a part of me that still has hope, saying that everything will be fine. Well, I really hope that everything will be fine soon, that we will return to New York, so that we can see you and the girls, because the portal was in New York and there is no way to visit you guys, all we got was the book, but the portal is not. Well, if you're reading this, I appreciate you listening to me. From your friend: Raphael. "

Twilight finishes reading and closes the book sadly, while everyone who heard the whole message was shocked.

"My godness, this is horrible!" Said Fluttershy sadly.

"Oh my Celestia!" Said Rarity shocked and sad.

"Holly Chalumpa!" Said Applejack.

"Oh boy, this is really bad." Said Starlight.

"Yeah, this is really..." But before Rainbow finished saying it, she was shocked and confused by something. "Wait wait wait! Did you say Raphael? Are you sure it was Raph who sent this message? Are you sure you didn't read the wrong name?" Rainbow asked incredulously.

"Rainbow Dash, didn't you hear the message!?" Applejack asked cursing.

"I heard, but, Raph?" Said Rainbow, still incredulous.

"Look, I know Raph is not that sentimental type of person, but you heard the message, he and the others went through horrible situations." Said Fluttershy.

"Yeah darling, even tough men have feelings." Said Rarity.

"Look, listen, no matter who sent the message, New York was dominated by the Kraangs, Master Splinter is missing and Leo is unconscious, and are you worried about who sent the message!?" Twilight asked a little angry.

The girls were even shocked to see the stress of Twilight.

"Twilight, please calm down." Spike tried to calm her down.

"Spike is right Twilight, get angry so not helping the boys." Said Starlight.

So Twilight's anger soon turns to sad, she don't wanna it to happen the same when she and Leo argued cause she was angry, so Twilight takes a deep breath and calms down.

"Sorry girls, it's just that I'm so worried about the boys now, especially Leo, he's been unconscious for three months now, and I'm so afraid the Kraangs are destroying the turtle world." Twilight said.

"I know, darling." Said Rarity.

"We all are." Said Applejack.

"Oh, I hope Master Splinter is fine." Said Fluttershy sadly.

"Me too." Pinkie said also sadly.

"I just... feel that we could have done something to help them." Twilight said.

Twilight feels a lot of worry and sadness about it, until Starlight approaches her. "Look, I don't know these turtles, yet, but I'm sure they will be able to save New York and their world, because if they managed to defeat the Kraangs here in Equestria, surely they were able to defeat them in their world, not with magic like the first time, but somehow they will succeed, but all we can do now is not to lose hope, and hope that the boys will win, that everything will be fine. " Starlight ended.

Twilight smiled feeling better. "You are right, Starlight. Thank you." She thanks

Starlight smiled proudly as a sign of 'You're welcome'.

"Wow Starlight, you spoke so beautifully." said Rarity proudly.

"Yeah girl, you're really changing, it's turning into a good pony. '' Said Applejack.

"Keep it up, friend." Rainbow said.

"Well, thank you girls." Starlight thanked smiling.

"Yeah, I'm proud of you, Starlight. And thanks again." Twilight said.

"Well, that's what friends are, isn't it?" Said Starlight.

"Well, I hope the turtles are all right." Spike said.

"Me too. Besides, it's just a bunch of stupid Kraangs, I mean, what can be worse than that?" Rainbow asked.

Then Pinkie Pie starts to give her hunch speaking quickly: "Well, it would be worse if a Mutagen Bomb falls on their world that would destroy everything and turn all humans into mutants and mainly Leo who sacrifices himself for his brothers and is hit by the bomb that turns him into a giant and evil monster, and several years would pass and their world is now a dangerous Wasteland with full of ravangers and the turtles would be changed, Raph would be a heartless survivor called the Red Stripe, Donnie would be a robot, Mikey would be a wise old man called Holly Chalumpa and Leo who doesn’t remember anything about his life after the double mutation would be an evil king of Wasteland named Maximus Kong who has no mercy on anyone and kills practically everyone in his path." Pinkie gives a big gasp after saying so much fast, and then smiling.

The others were completely confused by arching their eyebrow, they practically didn't understand anything that Pinkie said because she was talking too fast.

"Buuuut, this is just a hunch." Pinkie smiled.

"Okay then?" Said Starlight confused.

"So Starlight, how about you spend time with me at the boutique?" Rarity suggested.

"Oh of course, you know, I'm thinking about changing the style of my mane, making a new hairstyle." Said Starlight while touching the fringe.

"Okay dear, i got this, your mane will be a lot better than this fringe." Said Rarity, and she and Starlight left.

"Well, we have to go, too. Good night Twilight." Applejack said goodbye.

"Good night Spike." Rarity said goodbye.

"I wish the boys luck." Said Fluttershy and all the girls go out.

"Good night girls, and good luck in your reforme, Starlight." Twilight said goodbye.

"*Sigh* Well, what do we do now?" Spike asked.

"I'm going to continue organizing the books to try to take this worry out of the turtles and..." But before Twilight ends, her book blink stings again.

"Huh, another message?" Spike asked.

Twilight opens the book, she starts to read, and as soon as she read, her emotions were positive, Twilight started to smile when she read it.

"Oh my god, really?! i can't belive, this is so good!" Twilight said excitedly and relieved.

"What, what is good, Twilight?" Spike asked curiously.

"It's Leo, Raph just texted me that Leo has recovered from his coma, he's awake!" Twilight said very happy.

"Really!? This is great!" Spike said.

"Yeah, and..." Twilight read the message a little more and suddenly her smile disappears. "Aw, but he's still hurt, he got a different voice, he's a little weak and has a terrible pain in his leg."

"Oh man." Spike said. "Well, at least he is awake and he will recover well."

Twilight smiled a little at that. "Yeah, at least that." She said.

"Besides, Starlight is right, I'm sure everything will be fine in the end." Spike said.

"Yeah, I just hope the worst will really not happen." Twilight said.

"Well, aside from that crazy hunch that Pinkie said, that I hardly understand anything, I hope that nothing worse will happen. It's not like everything that Pinkie said was going to happen." Spike said.

"Yeah, probably." Said Twilight, feeling a little better about it and knowing that nothing worse can happen, especially with what Pinkie said.

OR could it happen ???