• Published 5th Jun 2020
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My Little Ninja Turtle (Part 2) - MlpTmntDisneyKauane

Equestria is in danger, now Mane 6 and Turtles need to reconsider, leave differences behind and be friends again to save Equestria from these terrible villains.

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A New Era Begins

Meanwhile in Canterlot, all the ponies there were running and hiding from the Kraangs and the Hoof Clan, the royal guards were defending, but most were already cut off and wounded, and Princess Luna was doing that too.

"Everypony go! Run away and go somewhere safe!" Luna ordened while the others ran, doing what Luna said.

But suddenly, something explodes near Luna causing her to be knocked over, Luna gets back up and saw who really almost shot her, it was Shredder, not the Shredder of the turtle world, that was the Shredder counterpart of Equestria.

"So, you must be Shredder." Luna said, frowning in anger.

"And you must owe Luna, Celestia's younger sister, or I should call you Nightmare Moon." Said Shredder.

"This is past, I am more of that monster, the only monster here now is you." Said Luna.

Shredder hits Luna by knocking her away, Luna gets back up.

"Do you really want to do this?" Luna asked.

"For sure!" Shredder responded by preparing his blades.

And Luna and Shredder's fight begins, Luna dodged Shredder's blades while she used her magic to take down Shredder, unfortunately her magic against Shredder didn't work, Shredder was stronger than Luna.

"Your magic is too weak for me." Said Shredder.

"You have not seen anything yet!" Said Luna.

Luna uses her magic and shoots at Shredder, the laser didn't affect anything at all in Shredder it only made him move away from Luna, Luna flies up to Shredder, but Shredder uses magic and stop Luna, he throws her against a wall, Luna was getting hurt , but she didn't give up.

"Is that all you know how to do !?" Luna asked.

"No, but I'm glad you asked!" Said Shredder using his magic harder and shoots Luna.

Luckily Luna flies around in time for the magic explosion, Shredder flies over to Luna and pinned her by throwing her to the ground and predicting her, Luna struggled having to let go of Shredder, but he was too strong and Luna was already hurt.

"For years, I always wanted to be better than everypony, better than my brother, better than your sister Celestia, I wanted to prove to everypony that who doubted me that I could be powerful, but nothing I did was enough , nothing Celestia did for me was enough, she didn’t give me the value I deserved, all she valued was for my stupid brother who wasn’t even my real brother. But now, I’m going to prove to her and to everypony that I am the mighty." Said Shredder.

"... Shredder, I understand you, but none of what you are doing will give you the respect you say you deserve, it will only give you darkness and evil to you, you must not let hate and jealousy take over from you, you don't have to be a villain." Said Luna.

"I know I don't need to ... But I WANT!!!" Said Shredder, levitating Luna.

"I was stuck in Tartarus for 500 years, I even met a friend there, he taught me everything about magic of everypony, and he taught me how to steal it." Said Shredder.

Shredder uses his magic and starts draining Luna's magic that comes out of her horn and into in Shredder's horn, and Luna just screamed in pain while her magic was drained, when Shredder finished draining Luna's magic, he drops it, Luna could barely get up so weak that she was after her magic had drained.

"Yes, I can feel all the power of the moon myself!" Saind Shredder.

"You ... You are a monster ..." said Luna, totally weak.

"Now all that remains is to steal Celestia's magic, and Equestria and the world will be mine alone!" Shredder said flying to Canterlot Castle.

Luna struggles to get up and succeeds.

"I need to go over there and let my sister know before it's too late." Said Luna flying to the castle.
Meanwhile in the castle of Canterlot, Celestia taking the innocent ponies that were in the castle to safety.

"Everypony over there! Hide there and don't leave until I say it's okay!" Celestia ordered and everyone runs into a room and locks the door.

And suddenly when Celestia finished taking the ponies to a safe place, she watches someone from a distance, she didn't even have to think twice to find out that guy was Shredder, Celestia didn't show fear when Shredder got closer and closer, she just frowned her forehead, she closes her eyes and when she opens them, Shrdder was already right in front of her looking at her eyes, Celestia showed no fear, only anger.

"After so many years, I have come home my teacher." Said Shredder.

"This is no longer your home, and I am no Longer your teacher." Said Celestia.

"Oh yes, you have new favorite now." Said Shredder.

Yes, and she is better than you, and she will one day be the best princess Equestria has ever seen." Disse Celestia.

"*evil laughter* Too bad it will never happen, because now Equestria is mine." Said Shredder.

"Equestria will not be yours, you will never be a king you said so much!" Said Celestia.

Shredder turned his back to Celestia

"Huh. so, that's how it's going to be?" Shredder perguntou sacasticamente.

"That is how it MUST be!" Said Celestia with hate, she stamps her front hooves down and charges her horn.

"Fine, that's better for me." Said Shredder preparing his blades.

Shredder turns his head, growls and whips around clash his horn with Celestia's as she flys up and fire a beam at him and he fires magical beam back at her. they seemed even until Shredder poured more magic into his attack and sent Celestia flying into the the castle crashing through the doors.

It was at this very moment that Celestia and Shredder's fight and the song began.

"Shredder: I remember a time when I lived just to please you
Following your plan to fulfill my destiny
But now I understand what I couldn’t see then
You tried to get me out in that role
But now I’m taking back control"

Shredder was shooting magic laser at Celestia, but Celestia used her magic to make a shield.

"Shredder: So bear my fury!
And bitterness
For a heart that’s long made cold
It’s time to recompense
For the damage and the lies!"

Shredder used all his magic and managed to hit Celestia, Celestia was hurt, but not enough for her to give up.

"Shredder: Bear my fury!
Take back your curse
Release me from torment
And soon Equestria will be mine once again
A new era begins!"

Celestia was getting more and more hurt the more she fought the Shredder, but she still hasn't given up.

"Shredder: It’s too late to run and hide
And I won’t accept surrender
It’s time you paid for your crimes
And finally give me peace
You’ve met your own demise
And turned me into a monster
You tried to get me out in that role
But now I’m taking back control

So bear my fury!
And bitterness
For a heart that’s long made cold
And soon Equestria will be mine once again
A new era begins!"

Celestia flies away from Shredder and out of the castle, and then she find her younger sister Luna.

"Sister!" Luna said hugging Celestia. "Celestia i'm sorry, i tried to stop him but he was very strong and i went ..."

"It wasn't your fault, sister, and it doesn't matter now." Said Celestia.

The two sisters see Shredder coming.

"Luna goes, you need to go to Ponyville to let the others know!" Celestia asked.

"No! I can't leave you with this monster!" Luna refused.

"Luna, I'll be fine, Equestria's destiny is what matters now, now go, I'll delay you." Celestia asked.

"But ..." Before Luna says anything, Celestia asks again. "GO!"

Luna had no other choice, she did what her older sister asked and flew out of Canterlort. And then, Shredder uses his magic and explodes where Celestia was, throwing her too far.

"Shredder: All my pain
And all my strife
Lead back to you and your demise
You can’t escape
My punishment
From this great evil deep inside"

Celestia falls into the castle, she can barely get up so many wounds.

"Shredder: You tried to get me out in that role
But now I’m taking back control"

Shredder approaches her and uses his magic by holding Celestia by her neck and pinning her to a wall.

"Shredder: So bear my fury!
And bitterness
For a heart that’s long made cold
It’s time to recompense
For the damage and the lies!

Bear my fury!
Take back your curse
Release me from torment
And soon Equestria will be mine once again
A new era begins"

Shredder uses his magic and begins to drain Celestia's magic.

"Shredder: A new era begins"

Celestia screamed in pain as her magic drained away.

"Shredder: A new era begins!"

Shredder finishes singing and draining Celestia's magic, he drops Celestia and Celestia was really so weak that now she couldn't even get up.

"Yes, now the magic and all Equestria is mine!" Said Shredder giving his evil laugh.

Song from Princess Trixie Sparkle (A new era begin): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1f5cxY_nfY