• Published 5th Jun 2020
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My Little Ninja Turtle (Part 2) - MlpTmntDisneyKauane

Equestria is in danger, now Mane 6 and Turtles need to reconsider, leave differences behind and be friends again to save Equestria from these terrible villains.

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Confrontation (part 1)

Meanwhile in Canterlot, Celestia was trapped in the dungeon of Canterlot, alone, weak and without magic, cause Shredder had stolen her and her younger sister's magic, Luna happily managed to escape, but her older sister did not. In the dungeon Celestia was alone, but until then Shredder appeared.

"What do you want now?" Celestia asked, not happy to see Shredder again.

"I came to tell you that Equestria is doing well as I govern." Said Shredder.

"Huh, I highly doubt it." Celestia said dryly.

"All Ponyville ponies have already been transformed into Kraangs, Canterlort will soon be next and then soon the Crystal Empire will be next and then ..." Before Shredder finished talking, Celestia interrupted him angrily. "You call that "doing well as you govern ?!" I don't know if you noticed, but you're destroying Equestria, not making nothing better! You're being greedy, selfish and a very bad king, if that's what you say to yourself. You may even have stolen my magic and my sister's, but you will never be a real king! "

Shredder just growls and turns from coast to Celestia.

"And maybe you didn't realize it either, but it was your fault that this all happened, it was your fault that I am like this now, and it was your fault that Tang Shen died!" Said Shredder with hate.

"You can't blame me for any of this, especially for what happened to Tang Shen, you know a lot about what happened, you were there almost killing your own brother and ..." Before Celestia finished explaining, Shredder interrupted with rage. "He was never my brother! Did you forget? I was the son of the leader of the Hoof Clan and Yoshi was the son of the Hamato Clan." Shredder remind.

"You are ungrateful! The Hamato Clan ponies took care of you, a kind of thing the Hoof Clan wouldn't do for you!" Celestia cursed Shredder, but then Celestia was saddened by a saying thing. "But then hate and jealousy took over you, making you forget all those who loved you, making you forget who you are."

Shredder places his blade claws on Celestia, almost piercing Celestia's neck.

"Nopony really loved me, and this is who I am, and this is my kingdom now, Equestria is mine, and I will make it better than ever!" Said Shredder, removing Celestia's blade claws.

"Don't you understand? You are making Equestria worse, you are letting the Kraangs transform all Equestria. Look, if you really want to make Equestria better, then stop this evil and get rid of the Kraangs." Celestia advised.

"The Kraangs are not going anywhere!" Shredder replied.

"You are threatening the ponies to be extinct!" Said Celestia.

"Then so be it, I don't care!" Said Shredder.

"You can't do this!" Said Celestia.

"I am the king now, I can do whatever I want!" Said Shredder.

"If you were half the man Hamato Yoshi was..." Before Celestia was finished, Shredder punched her hard and made her fall. "I'M 10 TIMES BETTER THAN HAMATO YOSHI WAS!

Celestia tried to get up, but Shredder's punch was too strong, Shredder pinned Celestia to a wall and placed his blade claws close to Celestia's neck.

"Now I will make you suffer all my fury!" Said Shredder.

But before Shredder did anything to Celestia, a Kraang calls him.

"The one known as the Shredder." The Kraang called him.

"Ugh, what do you want now !?" Said Shredder uncomfortable.

"The one known as somepony wants to talk to the one known to Shredder." Said the Kraang.

Shredder took the blade claws off Celestia's neck and he brutally placed her on the floor.

"I will go now, but when I get back, you will still suffer my fury." Said Shredder leaving Celestia alone in the dungeon.

"*Sigh* You are not 10 times better... You are 10 times worse." Celestia said alone and sadly.
And then in the throne room where Kraang said somepony is, there was no one there.

"So, who wants to talk to me?" Shredder asked Kraang.

"It's me!" Someone with a female voice answered.

Shredder looks at where that voice comes from, but before he realizes who is, he's pushing the force and fall, Shredder raised his head to see who did it, and who did it was Celestia's younger sister, Princess Luna.

"You!" Shredder said angrily.

"Yeah, it's me." Luna answered frowning in anger.

Shredder stood up and faced Luna angrily and approached Luna as she spoke. "So you dare to challenge your new king?"

"You are not my king!" Luna said, Shredder only ignored what Luna said.

"I fought you until I was weak, I stole your magic and that of your sister, and now I am the most powerful, and you are without magic and without strength, so, do you still want to challenge me?" Shredder asked.

"Less talk "king", more fight!" Luna replied.

And then Shredder accepted the challenge, he advanced his punches on her, but Luna quickly dodged, Shredder continued to hit his punches on Luna, but Luna continued to deflect the punches, until then she managed to punch Shredder in the face, Shredder was impressed by that (sarcastically).

"Huh, I see that you have improved your fighting techniques a lot." Said Shredder pretending to be impressed.

"Some of my new friends have taught me some of their tricks." Said Luna.

"Your friends, they taught you well," said Shredder pretending to be impressed.

Luna throws another punch, but Shredder holds her punch, surprising Luna.

"But they didn't teach you everything." Said Shredder.

Shredder turned Luna's arm almost twisting it while Luna screamed in pain, he throws Luna to a wall, before Luna gets up again, Shredder puts his hoof on top of her and he intend her on the floor while Luna was struggling to free herself of the Shreedder's hoof.

"Shredder is your master and king now, princess" said Shredder.

"I am the princess of Equestria, and I have a master and not even a king!" Luna shouted and kicked Shredder with her legs taking him off her, Luna stood back up.

"Now your life will end, fool!" Said Shredder running to Luna and Luna did the same.

Shredder punches, but Luna dodges and pushes him, and then Shredder uses his magic and levitates Luna and throws her, but luckily Luna gets up quickly when she hits the ground.

"You can't fight your king forever!" Said Shredder.

"I already told you. You ... are not ... my KING!" Luna shouted and teased at the Shredder, Shredder flew away from Luna.

"That's it!" Said Shredder not taking this fight anymore.

Luna runs to him, but then surprising Luna, Shreder uses his magic and shoots Luna, Luna hits a wall, she almost couldn't get up after that magic shot, and before she gets up, Shredder levitates her.

"You fool, did you really think you were coming here just because you thought you were brave and could defeat me just because you felt strong? Because you think it wrong! Because I am the most brave, the most powerful and the strongest, and you..." Shredder said and threw Luna on the floor.

Luna couldn't get up, she was too weak. "You're nothing." Shredder completed what he was saying, and then stepped very hard on Luna's wing, hearding a bone crack that he broke her wing, Luna screamed with the purest pain she ever felt, Luna felt completely weak.

"You're a weak Luna, you were born weak and that's what you always will be!" Shredder completed and hit Luna's head hard, knocking her out.