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My Little Ninja Turtle (Part 2) - MlpTmntDisneyKauane

Equestria is in danger, now Mane 6 and Turtles need to reconsider, leave differences behind and be friends again to save Equestria from these terrible villains.

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The Magic of Friendship

Inside Canterlot's castle in the Throne Room, Leo went to confront Shredder, but his confrontation failed after fighting Nightmare Moon, but luckily his brothers and Spike showed up just in time. Now the group looked at the two Dark Alicorns while the two looked at the group in anger, but then the anger turns into a smirk expression on Shredder.

"*Evil giggles* So, now the whole group is reunited again?" Shredder asked sarcastically while giving another evil giggles. "But that doesn't solve anything. There is really no way that four teenage ponies and a baby dragon can defeat powerful beings like me. This is useless!"

"Oh yeah? Well find out, Shredder, that in our world, we have defeated several enemies." Raph said as he helped his brother Leo to his feet.

"Yeah, and find out something else, Pony Shredder, there is another you in our world and..." Mikey spoke but was interrupted by Shredder. "And by the way did you beat him?"

Mikey was quiet for a few seconds. "... Well ... Uuumm, not yet, but ..." Shredder interrupts Mikey again. "Just as I thought, if the four of you can't beat the Shredder in your world, then don't doubt that the four of you never beat me!"

Mikey felt humiliated for a moment, but the others did not feel like him.

"It's true, we haven't beaten him yet, but we've only faced him once, we weren't ready!" Donnie told Shredder.

Mikey even got better with this. "Yeah, but now we train a lot, and now for sure we will be able to defeat you, and ... the other ... black Alicorn ... that I don't know??" Mikey arches his eyebrow when he noticed Nightmare Moon while Nightmare just frowned.

"By the way, who is this other Alicorn?" Donnie asked.

"Princess Luna?!" Spike asked shocked.

"On the way, Spike, Luna is not that tall and neither is she that black." Raph said.

"No, it's true, Spike is right, this is Princess Luna, but Shredder also brainwashed her just like he did with the girls, making her become Nightmare Moon." Leo explained.

"Nightmare Moon!? Are you talking about that Dark Alicorn that Luna transformed to destroy her own sister which forced her to ban Nightmare to the moon for 1000 years?" Mikey asked.

"Yeah, it's really her." Spike replied.

"Man, I thought you hadn't paid any attention to the story, Mikey." Donnie said a little surprised.

"Of course I paid attention bro, do you think I'm that? Some kind of..." Before Mikey finished cursing, "ENOUGH!!" Nightmare Moon shouted in a scary voice (Just like Luna was in Nightmare Night).

Everyone shut up after the shout of Nightmare Moon.

"Thanks for that, Nightmare." Shredder thanked and Nightmare smirked as a sign of 'you're welcome'. "I see that the four of you never really give up, but you are still blind and foolish. You have not yet realized that I have the magic of the most powerful Alicorn princesses of Equestria, there is no magic or spell and not even magic stones that can defeat. I am invincible now thanks to all these magics I have, and you still want to try to defeat me? Didn’t your silly brother show you that it’s useless to keep fighting!? "

Leo was angry at that while the others were angry at what Shredder said about Leo. "So give up, teenagers, Equestria is mine now! So why you guys don't go back for your stupid world of yours?" Shredder asked sarcastically.

But Leo just frowned in anger and confidence, and took a few steps forward. "As I already told you Shredder, my brothers and I never gave up or surrendered. But one thing you are sure of, I was a fool to try to fight you. But just because I was alone, and if you have one The thing my friend Twilight Sparke taught me is that being alone will not bring you success, but look around now, this is my team, my family, and believe me, when we’re together and working together, we’re always successful.

Many were moved by what Leo said, even Mikey who cried and used a Raph bandage to blow his nose, which made Raph angry and slapped Mikey on the head.

"We were raised together, trained together, fought together and won together. We haven't defeated the Shredder of our world yet, but I know that one day we will defeat him, because we will do everything to defeat you." Leo prepared his Katanas. "Because that's what heroes do." He finished.

The words touched the others who were soon filled with confidence and courage, the brothers then just as Leo prepared their weapons, Spike also feeling the same as the others cupped a little fire.

"Huh, so you guys choose the hard way, right?" Shredder asked, until he made an evil giggle, preparing his magic to attack. "As I thought!" He replied.

And with that, Nightmare Moon smirked and prepared her magic too, the two Dar Alicorns were ready to fight.

"Okay then, let's start that fight again, but only now with the other Shredder, sound good to me" Raph smirked spinning his Sai.

"But what about Princess Luna? I mean, Nightmare Moon? I don't wanna hurt a Princess." Mikey said.

"Don't hurt, just fight and defend yourself." Donnie said.

"That's right, Luna is still there, we can't hurt her" said Leo.

"Well, but she wants to. And hopefully she won't be banished 1000 years to the moon again." Raph joked as he spun his Sais and pointed them out.

"And the plan?" Spike asked.

"Distract Shredder and Nightmare, recover the elements, destroy Shredder and save Equestria. Guys, GO!" Leo ordered and the fight begins.

Raph attacks Shredder first, he uses his Sais trying to hit Shredder, but Shredder defends himself from the Sais, Raph then holds Shredder's horn with one of his Sais, but as soon as Raph grabs his horn, Shredder uses his magic with strength and explodes Raph, Raph is thrown to a wall with force forming a great crack in the wall.

"RAPH!" Leo cries, and with that he attacks Shredder.

Shredder defends himself from the Katanas, and Leo dodges Shredder's punches and kicks, Leo tries to make an attack with his Katanas flying, but as soon as he flies, the wing where Nightmare Moon had thrown that is in the left wing gives a popping sound, and with that Leo screams in pain, falls and Shredder kicks him very hard, throwing him to a wall, but don't left a crack just like Raph.

"LEO!" Donnie cries, he runs quickly to see Leo, but then Nightmare Moon attacks Donnie, as Donnie now no longer had his staff now what he could only use is his magic.

Nightmare shoots Donnie with her magic, but Donnie quickly uses his magic to make a shield, Donnie then undoes the shield by turning it into a laser that hit Nightmare, but she dodges.

"Huh, clever boy!" Nightmare Moon smirked.

"You have not seen anything yet!" Donnie said preparing another attack, but before he did any magic, Nightmare Moon levitates him.

"That's right, and that's why I don't want to see anything." Said Nightmare and threw Donnie to a window that I break and Donnie was falling and screaming outside.

"DONNIE!" Mikey cries.

Outside, Donnie was falling while screaming and looking at the floor that he was about to fall.

"MAN, WHY DIDN'T I TURN INTO A PEGASU?! WHAT AM I GOING TO DO NOW!!" Donnie asked himself screaming.

Donnie looked at him quickly while thinking about something, Donnie no more than his horn, Donnie looks at his horn, thinking that maybe this is his salvation now.

"*Sigh* Okay, this is my only chance, you can do it, Donnie." Donnie told himself and starts using his magic to levitate himself.

Donnie tries hard at his magic, but it was still falling, Donnie realizes that he was almost reaching the ground, and soon he was scared, but Donnie couldn't lose his focus.

"Easy, easy Donnie, remember what Rarity said." Donnie told himself and continued and strove his magic. "Focus ..." He said, reaching a few meters on the ground. "Concentration ..." He said, reaching a few inches on the floor. "Patience ..." Donnie was getting close to the floor. "And .... Strength!" Donnie finished and his horn's aura shines brightly making his whole body have that aura, and then Donnie stops just when his hooves are almost on the ground.

"Huh, i did it?" Donnie wondered, he looks at the floor and then looks at himself that was covered in his purple aura, Donnie then managed to get a little more high. "Yeah, I did it" Donnie celebrated.

But then Donnie looks up at the castle, listening to the noises and seeing the windows glowing, now that Donnie knew how to levitate, he could go back up there where the castle was and help others, so Donnie levitates up, and then he saw one of the flags, levitated one of them and removed the cloth flag, leaving only an iron staff, now Donnie had a staff weapon to use in the fight.

Meanwhile inside the castle, Mikey was looking in the window where Donnie was been tossing, he was looking worriedly for his brother.

"Donnie where are you? Please tell me you survived the fall, please don't tell me that you..." Before Mikey finished, Nightmare Moon shoots her magic at Mikey, hurling him into the same crack wall Raph had been shaken.

The crack gets bigger, it spreads to the ceiling, breaking it and making some pieces of it fall, Mikey tried to get up after the magic shot, but then he sees a small stone fall next to him, he looks up and then a lot of stones from the ceiling fall, Mikey screams at that.

"MIKEY!" Leo, Raph and Spike cries.

Mikey just crouched down and closed his eyes waiting for the stones to crush him, but then magically the stones are levitated, regardless of crushing Mikey. Mikey opens his eyes realizing that the stones did not crush him, he looks around to know who saved him and saw that it was Donnie who saved him and that he is levitating himself.

"Donnie! You're okay! And you're flying!" Mikey said cheerfully.

"I'm actually levitating, but yes, i did it." Donnie said throwing the stones out and going back to the ground.

But then the two saw Shredder approaching them, the two immediately moved out of the way, Mikey prepared his Nunchaku and Donnie prepared his new staff. Donnie hits his staff on Shredder, but Shredder grabs the staff and hits it in Donnie's face, and then kicks him. Mikey throws his Nunchaku's chains at Shredder's hoof, but Shredder pulls the chains before Mikey, bringing him closer to Shredder who then punches him hard.

"Donnie are you okay?" Spike asked.

"Ugh, yeah i guess, ow." Donnie said, passing his hoof on his mouth.

"Man, I wanted help you guys so badly, but I don't fight like you do, I don't even have a weapon, I'm just not helping at all." Spike said he felt bad about not helping his friends.

Donnie realizes that Spike really likes and wants to help, Donnie looks at his iron staff and has an idea on how to help Spike so that he helps them.

"Spike, have you been watching my fighting movements well?" Donnie asked.

"The yeah of course, I watched everything, your attacks, your stick movements and ..." Before Spike finished, Donnie asked one more question. "And do you think you can do the same moves and attacks that I do?"

"I think so, why?" Spike asked.

Donnie hands his iron stiaff to the little Dragon, Spike understood what Donnie meant by that and gets excited.

"*Gasp* Really!?" Spike asked excitedly.

"That's right, little dragon, show what you know how to do." Donnie said.

Spike was very excited to pick up the staff, but then before he does, he thinks a little more. "Wait, but what about you? You need a weapon." He asked.

"Okay, I can handle my magic. By the way, you need it more than I do." Donnie said.

"Wow, thank you Donnie, that was really generous." Said Spike taking the staff.

"Well, a friend of mine taught me more about it." Donnie was talking about Rarity.

And then Spike rolls the staff just like Donnie does and gets ready for the fight. Spike approaches Shredder with his new staff

"Aw look here, so baby Dragon wants to play fighting now, right?" Shredder joked.

"That's right, and this baby Dragon is going to show what he can do!" Spike challenged by pointing his staff at the Shredder.

Shredder accepted this challenge and fought the Little Dragon, Shredder smashes Spike with his hoof, but Spike deflects and hits Shredder with his staff hard, Shredder felt a little pain in that hitting, but did not give up trying to crush the little Dragon, Spike took a few steps backwards bypassing Shredder's hooves, and then he spits focus on his hooves, now that Shredder really felt a lot of pain with it, Spike took this opportunity, ran over to Shredder, jumped and hit his staff well in his face making his helmet come out, Spike falls to his feet and smirked for his victory.

"BOOYAKASHA!" Spike celebrated.

"Sounds weird when he say that." Mikey said.

"Sounds weird when YOU say that." Raph joked while Mikey felt a Deja Vu.

"Very great, Spike!" Donnie hits his hoof on Spike's back.

"I have to admit, Spike, for someone who is still training, you did great." Leo praised while stroking Spike's head.

"Thanks guys, I couldn't have done it without you guys, especially you Donnie." Spike said.

"Well, that's what friends do." Donnie said, and Spike smiled.

And then Mikey comes in, grabs it and gives Spike a big mess on the head. "My congratulations, Spike, my buddy, gave Shredder a big hit on the face!" Mikey congratulated and left Spike.

"Argh, thanks Mikey." Spike thanked him while fixing his scales on the head that Mikey had messed up when he messed him.

''Yeah Spike, you did really well, but we're not done yet. "Raph reminds everyone and looks at Nightmare Moon that was approaching, and then looks at Shredder who was getting up and was without his helmet, revealing a angry face and a burn mark on his left face and with a dry eye on it.

"Jeez." Said Spike with the face of Shredder.

"This is exactly how our Shredder is in our world." Mikey said.

"Well, but the difference is that our Shredder is bald, this one still has hair." Donnie explained.

"And it looks like our problems have gotten worse." Raph said he was looking the other way.

The others look where Raph was looking, and see the controlled Mane 6 at the entrance to the throne room.

"Oh no, the controlled girls!" Mikey said worriedly.

Everyone looks around that all the enemies were everywhere now, everyone looking smirked at the ponies turtles and Spike while the heroes who were slightly injured looked at the enemies angrily preparing their weapons. Shredder and Nightmare Moon prepare their magic and The Mane 6 controlled begins to attack first and soon the ponies turtles and Spike start the fight, but now the fight was not going well for the heroes.

Rainbow punches Raph hard, Rarity kicks Donnie and Applejack punches him, Pinkie pushes Mikey and Fluttershy pushes Mikey in the belly, and finally Leo defends himself from Twilight's blows, but Twilight hits her hoof on Leo's left wing that was injured. Leo gets distracted by the pain of his wing, which was a good time for Nightmare Moon to shoot him with her magic, but Leo narrowly dodged the laser, but that was just a distraction for Shredder to shoot Leo with his magic, Leo is hit by the laser, and before he can get up, Shredder arrests Leo by placing his hoof on top of him.

"Surrender now young, Shredder is your master now, fool!" Shredder attacked.

"You ... Ugh ... You are not and will never be my master, neither you nor the other Shredder!" Leo refused.

"So be it." Said Shredder preparing his magic. "Now your life ends, Leonardo.

Leo just closed his eyes waiting for his death, but suddenly, Spike jumps with his staff and hits Shredder on the back, Shredder turns to Spike taking his hoof off Leo, Leo gets up a bit and takes his Katanas back.

Spike defends himself from Shredder's blows with his staff, but on Shredder's other blow he made Spike drop his staff and before he took it back and before any of the turtles attacked Shredder, Shredder grabs Spike, levitates one of his blade claws and the tip of it near Spike's head, the turtle ponies stopped as soon as Shredder aimed his blade at Spike.

"Let him go now, Shredder! Go threaten someone your size!" Raph cursed Shredder.

"Now kids, drop your weapons, or this will be Baby Dragon's last breath!" Shredder threatened to point the blade over Spike's head, leaving Spike very scared.

"No guys, don’t drop your weapons! You don’t need ..." Before Spike finished. "SHUT UP, DRAGON!" Shredder shut him up.

"You coward!" Raph cursed Shredder.

"Do you guys choose, you four, or him?" Shredder asked almost about to stick his blade on Spike, while Spike very scared gulped.

The turtles were standing still holding their weapons still making a decision, but then one of them dropped their weapons, the others looked and saw that it was Leo who dropped his weapons.

"Leo!?" Raph asked shockingly.

"Guys, drop your weapons." Leo ordered.

"What!? But Leo ..." Before Raph says something, Leo orders again. "Do what I say, Raph! It's Spike's life that matters.

So with what Leo did and said, Mikey let go of his Nunchaku and Donnie turned off the magic on his horn, Raph still didn’t let go of his weapons, he didn’t want to do that, but as soon as Raph looks at Spike who was really really scared, Raph was sorry for that poor little dragon face.

"* Sigh* Fine." Raph decided and soon also dropped his weapons.

"You made the right choice." Said Shredder, removing the blade next to Spike and dropping him.

And the ponies turtles were disappointed in themselves. "So,
we lost, didn't we? "Mikey asked sadly.

"Yeah, it looks like it." Donnie also said sadly.

"But at least Spike is going to live." Raph said.

"I'm proud of you, brother, you made the right choice." Said Leo, and Raph smiled, but was still disappointed to have lost.

While all the enemies were looking at the turtles' failure, Nightmare Moon was at the throne with Shredder and the Mane 6 controlled by the two, each three were beside the dark alicorns. "*Smirk* You all fought well, I have to admit." Said Shredder and soon prepared his magic. "But it was a waste of time and life for you, now it's time for you all to learn a lesson!"

Shredder makes a big red aura and shoots ponies turtles, the ponies turtles come together waiting for the blast to hit them, and then the blast hits them, causing red smoke around them.

"BOYS!" Spike cries.

Shredder gives his evil laugh celebrating the death of the turtles, but as soon as the smoke clears, Shredder is shocked by what he sees. "What!?" He asks angrily.

The explosion hit the ponies turtles, but they weren't dead, they didn't even leave where they were after the explosion, instead they were all shining, each one shining with the color of their mask.

"Wow dudes, look at me, I'm orange!" Mikey said admiringly.

"What happened to us?" Donnie asked as he looked at his body that was glowing purple.

"Did Shredder happen to do that to us when he threw that magic ball?" Raph asked while also looking at his body, which was glowing red.

"No, it can't be that, he wouldn't do that." Donnie said.

"So why are we shining like this? How did it happen? And where did it come from?" Mikey asked, still looking at his body.

Leo looked for a moment at his body that was glowing blue, but then he stopped and look at his brothers, Leo saw that they were all together, as a team, as a family, as friends. Then in a small gleam in Leo's eyes, Leo gasped in surprise, he seemed to finally understand what had happened.

"That's it, I know what that was, and now I know how we can defeat Shredder." Leo said smirking confidently.

"Really? And how?" Mikey asked.

Leo smirking looks at Shredder who was looking at everyone with anger. "Everypony, get together!" Leo ordered, and everyone joined.

"You fools, still think you can defeat me just because your bodies are shining now !? Because these shining bodies are not going to defeat me or save you four!" Said Shredder and threw another magic at them.

But as soon as he shoots, the same thing happens. "No!" Shredder said angrily.

Nighmare helps Shredder shooting at the turtles, but the same thing happens again. "What!? This is impossible!" Nightmare shouted, and angrily flies up to the turtles to attack them.

But as soon as it arrives close, the glow that was in the turtles explodes, throwing Nightmare Moon with force to a wall, leaving her unconcious. And after that explosion, the ponies turtles started to float, Leo was calm, but the brothers were still confused.

"Dude, what's going on?" Mikey asked worried and confused, but then he felt someone holding his hoof, he saw it and it was Leo.

"Don't worry, little brother, you needn't worry." Leo said, Mikey heard him, thought a little, and seemed to understand, and closes his eyes and the glow in the turtles is strong.

"I don't understand, what is it?" Donnie asked but then Leo held Donnie's hoof.

"You don't have to understand, Donnie, just feel and believe." Said Leo, Donnie did what Leo said and finally understood, so he also closes his eyes.

"Guys, are you going to explain to me what's going on?" Raph asked confused.

"Raph, you need to feel it to understand." Said Leo, Raph was still confused, but still he joined the others, he held Donnie's hoof and Mikey's hoof, Raph looks around his whole group gathered and shining, and finally Raph understood and closed his eyes, and then the glow got stronger, Spike even raised his arm and covered his eyes with that bright glow.

Shredder just looks very angry at growling and fires magical beam in the turtle ponies, but when he shoots, nothing happens, Shredder tries harder, but as soon as he tries, the magic around the turtles explodes, Shredder renders himself not to be thrown like Nightmare Moon, Shredder looks at the magic glow getting stronger.

"No, NO! This is impossible! I have the two magics of the most powerful princesses of Equestria! There is no magic that can defeat these magics!!" Shredder shouted.

"You're wrong, Shredder. There is a magic that can defeat your magic, a very powerful magic that our friends taught us, a magic that you don't know!" Leo finished.

And so with that, the turtle ponies opened their eyes that were shining brightly, their sparkles got strong and joined together forming a strong green glow that then exploded, Shredder tries to escape this explosion that was spreading, but as soon as it gets close to window, the explosion was already coming up. "No, no, no!" The explosion expands and Shredder hurls out of the castle. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

The explosion expands, reaches Canterlort, and the Kraangs and Hoof who were attacking the ponies saw the explosion and were hit by it, sending all the robots away while the ponies who was attacked are happy again. The explosion then expands to Ponyville and does the same things with the robots that were in Ponyville, sent them all away and transformed the ponies that had become Kraangs back to normal, in Sweet Apple Acre the same happens, the robots are sent away and the Kraang ponies are back to normal, including the Applejack family.

Everywhere there were Kraangs and Hoof Clan the explosion exploded and threw them all away with Shredder (Just like the defeat of Chrysalis and the Changeligs).

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Shredder screamed and all enemies flew away from Equestria.

And then the explosion that was expands, exploded all over Equestria causing a very strong glow.
After this strong explosion, inside the castle of Canterlot, the ponies turtles are half unconscious on the ground, as soon as they wake up, they start to moan with a headache.

"Oooow! My ... My head!" Raph moans.

"Oow jeez, this headache is worse than when we went through the portal, ugh!" Donnie said hitting his head on the floor.

Leo gets up moaning a little and putting his hoof on his head. "Ow man." Said Leo.

Mikey gets up, but starts to walk a little crooked, dizzy and also with a headache. "Oow dudes, all this magic was too much for me, I can't even stand on four legs anymore." Mikey moans and falls flat on his face.

Mikey raises his head and sees the Elements of Harmony on the floor that were no longer black.

"Hey brothers look, the elements are no longer black." Mikey called.

"So that means ..." Before Donnie completes, he look the other way and see the Mane 6 lying unconscious on the floor.

"The girls!" Said Leo, the others ran to see the girls.

Leo went to see Twilight. "Twilight!?" Leo called her, he moves her a little to wake her up. "Twilight, wake up, are you okay?" He asked a little worried.

Then Twilight moans a little, she opens her eyes that were no longer white, she turns her eyes to Leo. "Leo?" She asked quietly.

Leo smiled happy for his friend was no longer in control. "Yes, Twilight." He answers.

Twilight smiles and then hugs Leo, who then hugs her back. "You guys did it, you guys defeated him." Twilight said.

"No, WE did it, we couldn't have done it without you girls." Said Leo.

Twilight is touched by this and tightens the hug a little, and then Spike appears. "Twilight!" He screamed and hugged Twilight, who hugs back." Oh Spike, I'm sorry for throwing you at that time and almost attacking you when you were protecting Leo. "Twilight apologized.

"Hey it's okay, it wasn't your fault." Spike said.

Twilight smiles at knowing that Spike was right. "You're right, Spike." She said.

"Rarity!" Spike stops hugging Twilight and goes to Rarity, Twilight smiles as she rolls her eyes and frowns, cause she already knew that Spike would be more concerned with Rarity than with her, and with that Twilight and Leo giggled.

Meanwhile, Donnie helped Rarity to get up who was moaning and with a little headache, Rarity recovers, but then is shocked by something.

"*Gasp* Oh my Godness! Oh Donnie, your staff, I'm so sorry!" Rarity apologizes sadly after remembering what she had done with Donnie's staff.

"Hey, don't worry, it wasn't your fault. Besides, I got another one with Master Splinter. Donnie said, and Rarity smiles with that.

And then ... "Rarity!" Spike hugs Rarity who hugged him back.

"Oh Spike, you were so brave and agile with that iron staff." Rarity praised.

"Hehe, well, I got a little help from Donnie." Spike blushed.

Meanwhile, Mikey was looking for Pinkie, but suddenly, someone pounced him, Mikey and someone who pounced him rolled over and then stopped and stood up when that someone who was Pinkie Pie hugged him tightly.

"I'm free! Thanks Mikey! And I'm sorry for almost attacking you, I'm sorry for chasing you many times, and I'm sorry for giving you that big hug that I'm giving you now!" Pinkie cheerfully apologized as she tightened her hug, leaving Mikey's eyes a little wide.

But despite that super tight hug, Mikey was enjoying it. "You're ... welcome ... and ... I forgive." Mikey said feeling tight.

Meanwhile, Rainbow was recovering, until Raph appeared and extended his hoof offering help to get up.

But Rainbow hits his hoof. "Take that hoof off, I know how to get up!" Rainbow said rudely as Raph frowned.

Rainbow Dash gets up and wipes the dust off her arm.

"So, you're not going to say anything?" Raph asked, frowning.

"Say what?" Rainbow asked, frowning.

"Oh I don't know, maybe thank us for saving you girls and your world?" Raph suggested sarcastically.

"Ugh fine. Thank you!" Rainbow thanked him unwillingly.

"You're welcome!" Raph said unwillingly too.

The two pegasus stand with arms crossed with each other frowning, but then Rainbow stops frowning and gives a small smile.

"But seriously now." Rainbow was saying and Raph also stopped frowning and started listening to what Rainbow has to say. Thank you, really. If it weren't for you guys, Equestria would be on Shredder's hooves now. "Rainbow really thanked him.

Raph gave a small smile at that, but then Rainbow hugs him, leaving Raph surprised and confused. "Hey hey hey, what are you doing !?" He asked, surprised and confused.

"I'm hugging you, you silly, never heard of a hug?" Rainbow asked joking.

"Of course I heard but ..." Before Raph says anything, he starts to feel that he is enjoying this hug. "Well, never mind." He said and hugged Rainbow back.

But then the two stopped hugging when they realized they were being watched by Applejack who was smirking.

"So, are you best friends now?" Applejack asked smirked.

"Shut up AJ!" Raph cursed.

"Yeah, there are no BEST friends, just friends!" Rainbow said.

"Uh-huh, i see." Applejack smirked and get out of there.

"Look here, this is the last time we do this, okay?" Rainbow said.

"I agree, we'll never speak of this again." Raph said and he and Rainbow agreed.

Meanwhile after Spike finishes hugging Rarity, Fluttershy quickly came and hugged him.

"Spike I'm sorry! You almost suffered a terrible fall because of me, I almost killed you, I'm sorry!" Flutteshy apologized with verry sorry.

"Ugh, it's okay Fluttershy, it's okay!" Said Spike feeling tight in Fluttershy's strong hug.

But then Twilight saw someone else unconscious, and that someone was Princess Luna who was no longer Nightmare Moon. "Oh my, Luna!" Twilight runs over to her and Leo goes along.

The two Alicorn leaders checked how Luna is doing, and then Luna wakes up moaning a little.

"Luna, are you okay?" Leo asked.

Luna gets up a little. "Yes, I am. Thank you guys, but I'm sorry for what I did, including you, Leonardo.

Leo looks at his left wing that was hurt by Nightmare Moon that she had shot. "It's okay, Your Highness, we know that Nightmare Moon is not really you, it wasn't your fault, it was Shredder's, we forgive you." Said Leo and Luna gives a small smile.

But then the group saw someone entering the throne room and that someone was Princess Celestia. "Congratulations, ponies, you all made it." She thanks.

"Princess Celestia!" Twilight said cheerfully and hugged her teacher who hugged her back.

"Sister!" Luna hugs her older sister, Celestia happy and relieves to see her back hugging her.

"Oh Luna, I'm glad you're okay, I thought I was going to lose you again." Celestia said, almost wanting to cry.

"Never again, sister, never again." Said Luna, the hug of the two sisters even made Mikey and Pinkie cry.

"Your highness, are you okay? Does Shredder do anything to you?" Leo asked Celestia.

"No, I'm fine Leonardo. And thanks to all of you, my sister and I have recovered our magic and Equestria is saved once again thanks to your teamwork. You all learned that it doesn't matter what you are, or what world you come or think differently, what matters is what you believe in. You girls believed in these four youths when you need them most, without these four youths, you girls would never have found out about these enemies that this guys tried to stop them from destroying their world."

The girls were happy and proud of themselves for what Celestia said.

"And you boys, you guys learned a lot about these six ponies and a lot in our world, but the four of you learned the most important lesson that helped you defeat Shredder and his soldiers, you learned the magic of friendship. You four are a great team, and a great family, and the friendship between you all is proof of that, and for that we are grateful to you guys. Thank you all for saving our world. "

The ponies turtles were happy and proud of themselves for what Celestia said.

"No problem, Your Highness, we just did our job." Mikey boasted smiling.

"I hope you don't mind staying here in Equestria for a while, after all I still need to read a book of portals to send you back to your world." Twilight said.

"No problem, Twilight, we can stay here for a little while, after all I have a few more flying things that I would like to learn when my wing gets better." Said Leo.

"Well, I'm going to enjoy teaching you some." Twilight said smiling.

"And if you want some lessons from me, I can also give you some." Rainbow said.

"*Giggles* As you wish, Dash." Said Leo

"Now it's time for the group hug!" Pinkie cheered, stretching out her arms and hugging all her friends.

The only ones who weren't in the hug were the turtles, and Mikey who really wanted to get into it, looks at Raph who didn't want it with sad dog eyes, with that look from Mikey, Raph just rolled his eyes and snorted.

"Ugh ok, let's do the group hug." Raph said and Mikey smiled with shining eyes.

Mikey was quickly the first to enter the hug of others, and then everyone was doing the hug in a group, even Raph who by his frowning look was not enjoying it, but without anyone noticing, Raph had a little smiled.

But then, Pinkie cuts off the hug "Hey, you know what it's calls for?" She asked excitedly.

"A pizza!?" Mikey replied excitedly.

"That and something much better." Pinkie said and picked up her party cannon. "A PARTY!" Pinkie screamed and threw a bunch of confetti with her cannon.