• Published 5th Jun 2020
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My Little Ninja Turtle (Part 2) - MlpTmntDisneyKauane

Equestria is in danger, now Mane 6 and Turtles need to reconsider, leave differences behind and be friends again to save Equestria from these terrible villains.

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Meanwhile in Ponyville, Mane 6 was fighting the Kraangs and the Hoof Clan, and the fight was not very good for the girls.

In the Rainbow Dash and Applejack fight, Applejack used her ropes to pick up and tie the Hoof Clan. And Rainbow took some storm clouds and shocked the Kraangs, making their brains come out of their bodies and run away.

"Take this, canned brains!" Rainbow scoffed.

"Don't celebrate too soon Dash, there are more of them coming." Applejack warned.

"I got it." Rainbow said kicking the storm cloud and shocking some of the Hoof Clan.

"Rainbow, there are more of them coming to Cloudsdale, you need to go there." Said Applejack.

"No way, I can't leave you girls." Rainbow said.

"Relax, let's be fine, I need to help my family on the farm and you need to help others in Cloudsdale." Said Applejack.

"...Alright, I will, I wish you luck Aj." Rainbow said and flew to Cloudsdale.

"Hang on my family, I'm coming." Said Applejack lowering her hat and running over to Sweet Apple Acree.

In the fight between Fluttershy and Rarity, Fluttershy was too afraid to fight, but she dodging attacks from the Kraangs and the Hoof Clan was very useful indeed, Rarity used her magic and levitated the robots by beating them together and throwing them.

"And that is why you guys should never mess with a lady." Rarity said spoiled.

"Yeah, don't mess with Rarity, or me!" Said Fluttershy nervous and very afraid as she fled from the blows of the robots.

Rarity was distracted by the other robots that didn't even notice a well-armed Hoof Clan behind her.

"Rarity, watch out!" Fluttershy warned.

Rarity looks back, the Hoof Clan was about to kill her with his fist, but suddenly, a green fire hit the Hoof Clan melting him, Rarity looks at where this fire came from, when she looks, she saw who made it that was Spike.

"Nopony messes with my Rarity!" Spike said he felt like a hero.

"Spike Wikey!" Said Rarity happily, she hugs Spike making him blush.

"Spike? Are you here?" Fluttershy asked in surprise.

"Yes, and I managed to convince the boys to make it up." Spike said.

"The boys?" Rarity asked.

"Wait, if you're here, then that means..." Fluttershy said.

While in the fight for Twilight and Pinkie, Twilight shot the robots using her magic, Pinkie attacked the robots with one of her crazy tricks.

"Surprise!" Pinkie gave a gift to a Kraang.

Kraang opens the present and Pinkie comes out of the present with a cupcake.

"Double surprise!" Pinkie throws the cupcake at Kraang.

When other robots appeared, Pinkie started to roll her arms, throwing a bunch of cupcakes at them while laughing like crazy.

Twilight used all her magic to attack all robots. But suddenly, behind Twilight and Pinkie was a giant Kraang with a tank full of mutaten, and he was aiming for Twilight and Pinkie, and then the Pinkie Sense fired, Pinkie started to shake.

"Twilight, there's something behind us!" Said Pinkie.

Twilight and Pinkie look back and the giant Kraang shoots the mutagen, Twilight and Pinkie just bend down and close their eyes waiting for the mutagen to hit them, but suddenly, a blue magic shield forms between them, preventing the mutagen from reaching them.

"Wow, great time to make the shield Twily." Said Pinkie.

"But... I didn't make this shield." Twilight said.

"No? So who did it?" Pinkie asked.

"Well, why don't you look over here?" Somepony asked sarcastically.

Twilight and Pinkie look and see who made the shield was Leo.

"Leo?" Twilight asked in surprise.

"You came back!" Pinkie said cheerfully.

"Not only him, we too." Raph said and the other brothers appear.

"Boys?!" Twilight asked in surprise.

Leo undoes the shield, while the other ponies turtles are surprised by the giant Kraang with mutagen.

"Holly Chalumpa!" Mikey said shocked.

"Quick let's go, before he shoots mutagen at us!" Leo ordened.

Twilight, Pinkie and the ponies turtles run away from the giant Kraang, they hide behind a house.

"Is everypony okay?" Leo asked.

"Everything okay." Mikey answered.

"Positive." Pinkie answered.

"Twilight are you..." Before Leo finished his question, Twilight hugs him. "Okay?" Leo completed his question confused.

"Leo ... I'm sorry." Twilight apologized.

Leo was surprised and happy to hear that from Twilight, he felt that they were now friends, Leo hugs her too.

"I'm sorry too." Leo apologized.

Twilight smiled happy to have her friend back as she tightened her hug, Mikey seeing Twilight and Leo making up reminded him that he too needs to make up with somepony.

"Pinkie, look, i'm ... Sorry, for blaming you for something silly, is that I ..." Before Mikey finished his apologies, Pinkie hugs him leaving Mikey surprised.

"I'm sorry too, I didn't want the two of us to stop being best friends forever." Pinkie apologized.

"So, can we go back to being best friends forever?" Mikey asked.

"Do you want to hear something? YES!!!" Pinkie asked and answered happily as she tightened more her hug, but Mikey didn't care about that super tight hug.

"Yay ... How ... Nice!" Said Mikey feeling very suffocated by the tight hug (But he was enjoying it anyway.)

"Alright, everypony has already make up, everypony is fine, now we can save Equestria and go home!?" Raph asked.

"Okay, Donnie, Mikey and Pinkie, you're going to help others." Leo ordered.

"Yes sir!" Pinkie answered by salute.

"You can count on us!" Mikey said.

"We take care of that!" Donnie said.

Donnie, Mikey and Pinkie go to help others.

"Raph, you're going to help Rainbow Dash." Leo ordered.

"What?! Why do I always have to be with that stupid colored mule!?" Raph asked angrily.

"Because yes and you need to make up to her." Leo replied frowning.

Raph groaned a little in anger.

"Ugh fine! I'm going, but that's just because I already know how to fly and you don't know so far." Raph said flying over to Cloudsdale and helping Rainbow Dash.

"Well, what about us?" Twilight asked.

"We are going to save the other ponies, let's go!" Leo ordened and he and Twilight went to save the other ponies.
Meanwhile in Rarity, Fluttershy and Spike, the three were fleeing the giant Kraang.

"Oh for Celestia's sake! Don't let this Kraang shoot that mutagen in me, I'm too beautiful to be a mutant!" Rarity does drama.

"And I don't want to become a mutant again!" Said Fluttershy with fear.

"I don't want to be a mutant either, I'm technically already a mutant!" Spike said in a panic.

While the three were running, the giant Kraang shoots mutagen at them, but suddenly, the three are diverted from the mutagen by someone who levitated them, and the one who saved them was Donnie who used his magic.

"Phew, that was close." Donnie said.

"Donnie!" Said Rarity happy to see his friend in purple.

Donnie dropped the three.

"So, did Spike help you reconsider with us?" Fluttershy asked.

"Yep, now Pinkie and I are friends again." Mikey said extending his arm at Pinkie.

"Best friends forever again!" Pinkie said cheerfully.

"And by the way ..." said Donnie, approaching Rarity. "Rarity, my bad for blaming you and calling you Drama Queen, I hope you forgive."

"Oh darling." Said Rarity hugging Donnie. "Of course I forgive you, and I'm sorry, too." She apologized.

"So are we friends again?" Donnie asked.

"For sure." Rarity replied.

But then the moment of making peace was interrupted, when the others heard cries for help, some ponies were running from the giant Kraang, but it didn't go on, the giant Kraang threw mutagen into the ponies transforming them into Kraang ponies.

"Oh my godness!" Said Rarity in horror.

"This is exactly what the Kraangs are planning to do in our world." Donnie explained.

"We nedd to do something!" Spike said.

"You're right, let's find Twilight and Leo, they must know what we're going to do." Said Fluttershy and everyone runs to find the leaders.
Meanwhile in Cloudsdale, Rainbow Dash beat the flying Kraangs and Hoof Clan while the other pegasus fled to safety. Rainbow was really enjoying giving these robots a beating.

"Ahaha! Take this, weak robots! Nopony has a chance with Rainbow Dash!" Rainbow boasted.

While she was distracted bragging, she was hit by the blow of a Hoof Clan, she dropped a cloud and the Hoof Clan pinned her ready to punch her in the face, but suddenly, Raph kicked the Hoof Clan.

"Nopony has a chance with you? Huh, I see." Raph mocked.

"You ?! What are you doing here !?" Rainbow said was not at all happy to see her ex-friend in red.

"Look, you're welcome for saved you, okay?" Raph complained.

"I didn't need your help, I'm doing really well," Said Rainbow.

"Well, that's not what I saw." Raph mocked.

"Shut up! Why are you here !?" Rainbow asked rudely.

"Well, I thought you needed help with these guys" Raph answered.

"No! I don't need your help!" Rainbow answered rudely.

"Fine, but I'm still going to end these guys with or without you." Raph said.

"Yeah whatever, do whatever you want, just leave me alone!" Rainbow replied rudely.

"Fine!" Raph left Rainbow.

"Huh, stupid red guy." Rainbow swore by herself and went back to fighting the other robots.
While in Twilight and Leo, the two were saving the other ponies from the terrible Kraangs and Hoof Clan.

"Everypony go!" Twilight oderned and everypony ran.

While Twilight helped the ponies escape, Leo fight the Kraangs and Hoof Clan, he dodged the blows, defended himself and cut the robots in half.

"Has everypony gone?" Leo asked.

"Yes, they are all safe." Twilight answered.

"Great, let's go find our friends." Said Leo.

"Wait, is that Applejack?" Twilight asked.

They looked at them and saw that it was really Applejack running up to them.

"Applejack!" Twilight said.

Applejack took a breath after the run.

"The giant Kraang ... My family ... I can't ... I lose them ..." Applejack said as she breathed and tried to say everything in full.

"Applejack calm down, take a deep breath." Leo asked.

"Applejack, what happened?" Twilight asked.

"... I went there to help my family, I arrived in time, but when I was helping them to escape, the giant Kraang was already there, and he threw mutagen at us, I was the only one who escaped the mutagen, but the rest of my family, Applebloom, Big Mac and Granny Smith, they were all merged and made into Kraang ponies. I tried to help them remember but they attacked me, I couldn't save my family. " Applejack ended up feeling sad.

"Oh Applejack, I'm sorry for your family." Twilight felt sorry.

"Don't worry about Applejack, we will bring your family back, we will bring everypony back, I promise." Leo promised.

"Thank you." Applejack thanked him.

And then the other friends arrived.

"There you are!" Donnie said.

"We need to get out of here, the giant Kraang is shooting mutagens at everypony." Said Rarity

"We already know." Said Leo.

"And he got it right in my family." Said Applejack still feeling sad.

"Oh this is terrible!" Fluttershy felt sorry for Applejack.

"Spike!" Twilight hugs Spike. "Spike please i'm sorry for leaving you behind, I was so angry that I didn't even realize you weren't there." She apologized.

"Okay okay, I forgive you." Spike forgave.

"Where's Raph and Rainbow?" Fluttershy asked.

"They are in Cloudsdale." Twilight answered.

"Huh, I doubt they already maked up now." Said Spike dryly.

"There's only one way to find out, does anypony have a binocular there?" Mikey asked.

"I have." Pinkie gave Mikey the binocular and he looked at Cloudsdale, he saw Rainbow and Raph fighting separately.

"Well, they are fighting the Kraangs and Hoof Clan, but they are still separate." Mikey said.

While in Cloudsdale, Rainbow and Raph were still fighting separately, Raph taller to catch the other flying Kraangs.

"Where do you Kraangs think you are going?" Raph asked mockingly.

Raph flies and punches and kicks all Kraangs, making them all fall.

"Huh, easy as pie." Raph bragged as he kissed his muscles.

He flies higher to catch the other robots.

"Man, Raph is flying very high." Mikey said.

"Mikey, you know you don't have to use binoculars, do you? We can see them from here." Donnie said.

"Yeah, I know, but I want to take a closer look. And also, I like using binoculars." Mikey said, looking back through the binoculars while Donnie frowned.

Returning to Cloudsdale, Rainbow hits some from the Hoof Clan.

"Ha, you robots really don't stand a chance with me, because ..." Before Rainbow finished bragging, she was hit on the head by a Hoof Clan who made her pass out and started to fall.

"Oh no! Rainbow Dash has been bulldozed!" Mikey said in a panic.

"RAINBOW DASH!" Everypony cries.

When Raph fought against the Kraangs, he looked down and saw that Rainbow Dash was falling.

"*Gasp* Rainbow Dash!" Raph cries worried.

Raph ends the Kraangs quickly.

"Hold on, I'm coming!" Raph shouted and flies down fast.

Raph was as fast as he could to catch Rainbow, the others were watching what was going on.

"He won't make it!" Donnie said worriedly.

"Oh, I don't want to look!" Said Fluttershy covering her eyes with her wings.

"Me neither!" Said Mikey, but instead of covering his eyes with his hooves, he's a Twilight wing and a Leo wing and uses them to cover his eyes while Twilight and Leo frowned.

Returning to Raph, he was very, so fast that causing a shockwave.

"Wait, what's going on with Raph!?" Donnie asked confused and worried.

"Wow, if he can do what I'm thinking, then we don't need to do anything." Said Applejack.

"What? What do you mean?" Donnie asked.

"Just relax and watch, pal, just realax and watch." Said Applejack.

Returning to Raph, the shockwave and speed of Raph increased more and more. Mikey and Fluttershy open their eyes a little. Raph was getting faster and faster end the shockwave got stronger and stronger, and then ...


Raph makes an explosion, forming a ring of vibrant green and red colors, just like Sonic Rainboom.

"OH MY GOSH, HE DID IT, HE DID A SONIC RAINBOOM LIKE RAINBOW DASH DID!!! UWU!!" Fluttershy celebrated jumping with joy.

"HOLLY CHALUMPA! YOU SEEN THIS, HE DID IT, HE DID A SONIC RAPHAEL!!!" Mikey baptized and celebrated while rocking Donnie like crazy while Donnie still shocked at what Raph did.

Raph makes shapes red and green lines, Rainbow was almost reaching the ground, but Raph managed to catch her in time by her arms, and that explosion of color ring spread in the sky, attracting the attention of some Kraand and the Hoof Clan.

"Kraang see that known as not good." Said one of the Kraangs.

The color ring explosion spread and knocked over all the flying robots. Raph flies straight close to the ground still forming shapes red and green lines, and then Rainbow wakes up.

"Huh, what?" Rainbow wakes up confused, she looks at someone holding her arms and those someone was Raph.

"Raphael?" Rainbow asked.

"What's up?" Raph said.

Rainbow looks back and is shocked and surprised at what Raph did.

"Wow! Raph you did it!" Rainbow said.

"Yeah you're welcome." Raph said.

"No, I meant you did that." Rainbow pointed.

Raph looks back and was shocked and surprised by what he did, from the explosion ring to the shapes red and green lines.

"Wow. This ... is .... AWESOME!!!" Raph shouted.

Raph reaches his friends, and when he arrives, the shapes red and green lines are over and he releases Rainbow.

"That was AWESOME!!!" Pinkie shouted happily.

"Raph, that was amazing!!! I already baptized, The Sonic Raphael!" Mikey said.

"Yeah I know, that was awesome! I never thought I could do this." Raph said.

"Raph, I know this was cool, you saved Rainbow, but have you done what you should have done?" Leo asked.

"Done what?" Raph asked, but then he remembered. "Oh yeah." He said frowning.

Raph approaches Rainbow, but before he says anything...

"Raph, that was awesome! Dude, I take everything I said from you." Rainbow said.

"Huh, thanks." Raph said, but he remembered what he had to do. "Hey Dash." He called her.

"Yes?" Rainbow asked.

".... I'm ... i'm ... sorry" Raph whispered, not wanting to do that.

"What? What did you say? I didn't hear." Rainbow asked joking while she smirk.

"I said ...I'M SORRY!!!!! "Raph screamed with a giant head (exactly the same time that he apologized to Leo.)

"OH oh alright I heard, sorry too." Rainbow apologized.

"Yeah, but you owe me more excuses than I do." Raph said.

"He's right Rainbow Dash, you started to blame it." Mikey said in agreement.

"Fine, sorry sorry and sorry, happy now?" Rainbow asked dryly and sarcastically.

"Yep." Raph replied smirking.

Everypony started laughing a little, but then the laughter ended when they saw the catastrophe in Ponyville.

"Okay, can we get out of here right before we are transformed into Kraangs?" Donnie asked.

"That's right, everypony in my castle, now!" Twilight changed and everyone ran.

They ran away from some Kraangs and Hoof Clan and are almost affected by the mutagen, everpony manages to reach the castle, they all enters.

"Quick, get something heavy to block the door!" Said Applejack and everyone did as she asked.

"The windows, we need to cover the windows!" Fluttershy warned.

"I got this!" Rainbow said preparing hammer, nails and wood.

Rainbow and Fluttershy covered the windows and the others covered the door.

"Phew, that should hold for now." Twilight said relieved.

Fluttershy finishes covering the other window.

"There, I think this was the last one." Said Fluttershy.

"So, what are we going to do now?" Pinkie asked.

"We won't be here forever, will we?" Raph said, not wanting this to happen.

"I don't want to stay here forever, if I'm not going to be bored, and when I get bored I go crazy, AND I'M ALREADY GETTING CRAZY NOW!!!" Mikey freaked out.

Until then Raph slaps him, shocking Mikey.

"Did you just slap me?" Mikey asked, frowning in anger.

"I was calming you down." Raph said.

"Why would that calm me down?!" Mikey asked freaking.

"Okay everypony, calm down, we're just going to stay here for now until we have a plan to save Equestria." Said Leo.

"Leo is right, and the situation is much worse than we thought, we need a plan." Twilight said.

While some thought of a plan, Fluttershy a large window that was not covered.

"Oh, we forgot to cover that window!" Said Fluttershy.

"Alright, I got this." Rainbow said taking wood and nail.

Rainbow was about to hammer when she saw something approaching the window.

"Huh, but what is..." Before Rainbow finished her question, that something she saw entered the castle breaking the window she was going to cover, and that someone was Princess Luna who was hurt.

"Princess Luna!?" Rainbow asked shocked.

"Luna!?" Twilight asked shocked and worried.

"Oh my godness!" Said Fluttershy worried.

"Holly Chalumpa!" Mikey said shocked.

The others ran to help Luna while Rainbow covered the window again.

"... He arrived, he is in Canterlort, he attacked my sister." Luna tried to explain.

"Who, who's there?" Twilight asked.

"Shredder." Luna answered, and everyone is shocked.

"Princess, what happened?" Leo asked.

"Shredder attacked me, and after that he stole my magic, and he probably must have stolen it from my sister too. He is very strong, even my sister is not able to defeat him." Luna explained.

Everyone was shocked.

"Jeez, if this guy stole your magic and that of your sister, then that's it, we're all doomed. DOOMED!!!" Mikey freaks out.

"Don't make me give you another slap. Mikey!" Raph cursed him.

"Guys, don't give up, we can still fix it." Twilight said.

"He's very strong, Twilight, he can try to steal your magic." Said Luna.

"Well, my magic was once stolen by Tirek, and we still haven't given up." Twilight said.

"Well, but this is very different now, Twilight." Said Rainbow while she was still hammering.

"Well, but come on, let's not give up, as I said before, together we will always be successful, we already made a mistake in separating, but now we are together again, and we will no longer let any silly mistake separate us and again, and we will not give up until we save Equestria and defeat the Shredder." Twilight said.

Everyone was moved by the words of Twilight.

"And I know that we will all succeed, because friendship and good always win." Said Twilight and extends her hoof. "Are you all with me?" Twilight asked.

"Always!" Said Rainbow extending her hoof.

"We are always with you" Said Rarity extending her hoof.

"Lets do this." Said Applejack extending her hoof.

"That's right!" Pinkie said positive extending her hoof.

"Yay." Fluttershy whispered, extending her hoof.

And then Spike extending his hand too

But before they all lifted their hooves, Leo extended his hoof too.

"We are in this together too." Said Leo.

"Exactly!" Mikey said positive extending his hoof.

"And we are not leaving until we save this world." Donnie said extending his foof.

"Yeah yeah whatever." Raph said dryly, extending his hoof.

And before everyone raises their hooves, they look at Luna hoping she will also extend her hoof, Luna realizes why everyone was looking at her.

"Let's save Equestria." Said Luna extending her hoof.

"Everypony ready?" Twilight asked.

"Ready!" Everypony answered.

"Let's save the world!" Everypony shouted raising their hooves up.