• Published 5th Jun 2020
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My Little Ninja Turtle (Part 2) - MlpTmntDisneyKauane

Equestria is in danger, now Mane 6 and Turtles need to reconsider, leave differences behind and be friends again to save Equestria from these terrible villains.

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Confrontation (parte 2)

Sometime after Luna's fight with Shredder, Luna who was unconscious finally wakes up, she wakes up not quite knowing where she was.

"Where... Where am I?" Luna asked herself.

Luna felt a little pain, she looks at where the pain was and see her wing broken and bandaged.

"Who bandaged my wing? It couldn't have been Shredder." Luna wondered herself and doubted.

Luna looks around and sees her older sister Celestia sitting looking sad.

"Celestia?!" Luna asked shocked.

Celestia heard someone calling her, she turned and saw her little sister who finally woke up.

"My godness, Luna!" Celestia said emotional with some tears in her eyes.

Celestia quickly ran over to Luna and hugged her.

"Oh Luna, thank godness, I thought you were going to die, Shredder brought you here all injured and unconscious, I did everything to keep you alive, treated your wounds, bandaged your broken wing..." Celestia said, all relieved.

"Celestia, it's okay, I'm fine." Luna said hugging her older sister.

The two sisters cut off the hug.

"And where are we?" Luna asked.

"In the Canterlot dungeon, Shredder arrested us here." Celestia replied

When Celestia tells her sister where they were, Celestia realizes that Luna was a little disappointed about something.

"Luna?" Celestia asked.

"I am weak." Said Luna.

"What?" Celestia asked, confused and shocked.

"Yes, that's what you heard well." Said Luna.

"Luna, you are not weak." Said Celestia.

"Really? Because my magic was easily stolen, I was injured and my wing was broken. Do you still think I'm not weak?" Luna asked in frustration.

"Luna, doing your best that you can is not being weak, it is trying." Said Celestia.

Even with Celestia's words, Luna didn't feel convinced or better.

"But I still can't believe you did that." Said Celestia.

"I needed to do it, I wanted to save you, I didn't want anything bad to happen to you." Said Luna.

Celestia placed her hull on Luna's work. "But you know what? You did it." Said Celestia.

"What do you mean? What are you talking about?" Luna asked.

"When you weren't here in Canterlot yet, Shredder was threatening me and almost came close to killing me, but then when you showed up, Shredder left me." Celestia explained.

With that Luna felt a little better. "Well, I'm glad you're fine, and that I got there on time." Said Luna.

"Me too." Said Celestia and hugged her little sister.

"And don't worry sis, our friends are already coming here with the Elements of Harmony." Said Luna.

Luna expected her sister would happy about it, but what happened was the opposite of that, Celestia felt sad about it and still hopeless.

"Tia? What's wrong?" Luna asked.
Meanwhile in the throne room, Shredder was just sitting there on the throne, when a Kraang appeared.

"The one known as Shredder, Kraang seek an audience!" Said the Krang.

Shredder felt uncomfortable. "Why do you disturb me, Krang!?" Shredder asked disturbed.

"Those known as the Turtles and the Mane 6 have taken those known as Elements of Harmony, and now it looks like those known as the Turtles and the Mane 6 are coming to defeat the one known as the Shredder." Kraang explained.

Shredder did not seem concerned nor even angry, it is not known for sure if Shredder is smirking, but on hearing his evil giggles, you can bet he was smirking.

Shredder rose from the throne and walked to a window. "So, these ponies think they can defeat me with a bunch of pebbles?" Shredder asked sarcastically.

"But those known as Elements of Harmony are those known to be very powerful and can defeat that known as any enemy." Kraang explained.

"I know what the Elements do, but it doesn't matter, when I was still a student of Celestia, I was studying a lot about the Elements of Harmony. The Elements of Harmony defeat any enemy yes, but only if that enemy doesn't have the magic of the sun and moon, and now that I have these two magics, there is no element and no magic will be able to defeat me." Shredder explained while smirking (even though you couldn't see it because of his helmet)

"So those known as the ones known as the Turtles and the Mane 6 can't defeat the one known as the Shredder?" The Kraang asked.

"Exactly, and since they are coming here with the Elements of Harmony, it won't be long before they find out that the Elements don't work on me, and then I will take the Elements to become the most powerful Alicorn in the world!" Shredder explained and then gave an evil laugh.

"And what will the one known as the Shredder do while those known as the Turtles and the Mane 6 have not yet arrived?" The Kraang asked.

Smirked shredder (even if not seeing) coming out of the window while talking. "I said Luna a lot of bad and offensive things to her, and she probably must be feeling a loser by it, she feels weak and useless now, but I will convince her that she can be strong, powerful and ruling... If she join me. *Smirk*" Shredder finished explaining his evil plan.
Meanwhile in the dungeon, Celestia explained everything about the Elements exactly what Shredder explained in the throne room.

"What?!" Luna was shocked.

"Yeah, unfortunately the Elements won't be able work now." Celestia said sadly.

"So, what are we going to do, Tia?" Luna asked worriedly.

"Look Luna, Shredder is now very powerful, and the elements are not going to save us this time. We can't do anything" Celestia said sad and without hope.

Luna started to feel it too. "I think that must also be why I wanted to face Shredder, because if the Elements didn't work, then at least fighting would be the solution." Luna said sadly.

"Not even fighting would work, sister." Said Celestia.

"I know now, because he showed me that I am weak." Said Luna disappointed with herself.

"Luna, as I said, do the best you can..." Before Celestia finished, Luna interrupted. "There's no point in making me better, Tia, because even you know it's true." Said Luna, disappointed with herself.

"Luna, you're leaving those words that Shredder said to you by letting you be distrust of yourself, you shouldn't ..." Celestia is interrupted. "Just leave me alone." Said Luna.

"Luna, you are not weak..." Celestia is interrupted again. "I said leave me ALONE!!!" Luna shouted angry.

Celestia shocked with Luna's tone of voice, Celestia didn't know what else to do to comfort her little sister, so she does what Luna asked, leave her alone. Luna sat in her corner alone and away from her older sister, but Luna felt bad about having yelled at her sister like that, she starts to think that she taked it hard and went too far, but after what just happened, now was not a good time for Luna to apologize yet.

And then the two sisters heard footsteps, when they looked at where the footsteps came from, they saw Shredder.

"What you want!?" Luna asked, frustrated to see Shredder again.

"So, now you know about the Elements and what they can't defeat?" Shredder asked Luna, Luna answered nothing. "Huh, as I thought, so, while those ponies haven't arrived yet, I'll have more time to do what I wanted to do." Said Shredder.

"No, no! Stay away from me!" Celestia pleaded, for she knew what Shredder meant by that.

Luna immediately got in the way of Shredder preventing him from approaching Celestia. "If you want to put your blades in my sister, then first you have to go through my corpse." Luna challenged.

Until then Shredder give an evil giggles. "And who says I'm here to kill your sister?" Shredder asked.

"What?" Luna asked confused.

"No, no, no. *Evil giggles* And even if I did, it would be very easy to pass over your corpse." Said Shredder placing his claw blades under Luna's head and then removed it, that was a sign of what Shredder would do to Luna if he really had to kill Celestia.

"So why are you here?" Luna asked still frustrated.

"Do you know, Luna, of all those things I called you?" Shredder asked, Luna just got angry and quiet. "Well then, and you want to be strong, don't you? What if I tell you that I can make your wish come true?" Shredder asked as he walked around Luna.

"What do you mean?" Luna asked.

"You know I have your magic, and I can share it with you and you will be more powerful than ever, on one condition." Said Shredder.

"Oh yeah? And what condition is that?" Luna asked.

"Simple, you just need to join me!" Said Shredder smirking (even not seeing it)

"What!?" Luna asked shocked.

"No! No Luna, don't do this, don't listen..." Before Celestia finished, Shredder shut her up. "Silence Celestia!" Shredder shouted and tied a rope to Celestia's mouth stopping her from saying anything. "It's your sister's choice." Shredder warned Celestia.

"And why should I join you, you threatened me and threatened all of Equestria!" Said Luna.

"But as I said, if you join me, you will be more powerful than ever, and then you will also rule Equestria as you always wanted, but then your sister stoped you by banishing you to the moon for a thousand years, and you think do others ponies still respect you?" Said Shredder.

Luna was touched by that part that Shredder asked.

"As I thought, then join me, you will have everything you want, respect, power and all the Equestria that we can govern." Said Shredder.

"We? What do you mean "we"?" Luna asked confused.

"I am saying that we rule together ... as king .... and queen." Shredder explained.

"What?" Luna asked shocked, until Shredder started to sing.

"Shredder: The time has come to take your side
The choice is yours alone
In Tia’s shadow you can hide
With all her lies
The truth you’ve never known

Or come with me, embrace the dark
Unleash your nightmare half
Then by dawn’s light
We’ll set it right
We’ll make it so
And let our sorrows go.

Come with me my dear."

Shredder extends his wing on Luna

"Shredder: I need you my dear."

Shredder holds Luna's hoof, and then he hugs her.

"Shredder: It’s been such a long time
Since I have felt this close to…"

Angry Luna cuts the hug and start sing too.

"Luna: Do you really think that I could ever join your side?
Do you really take me for a fool!?
All that your plan offers me is fear inside their eyes
That is not the way I wish to rule!"

Shredder approaches Luna using his magic by holding her by the neck.

"Shredder: Why can’t you see all the pain that she’s brought us!?
This is a way we can finally be free."

Luna moves away from Shredder

"Luna: All I can see is the fury that blinds you
Keep your revenge plans away from me!"

Shredder uses his magic, showing everything that happened in Luna's past when she became Nightmare Moon and was banished to the moon by her sister.

"Shredder: It’s not about me this too involves you, she let you rot for 1000 years!
Don’t you believe she should pay for all your tears?"

Some tears started to flow from Luna's eyes because of her past, but Luna didn't let that keep her from continuing and refusing Shredder's request and confronting against him.

"Luna: This is not a game Shredder! I know how this will end!"
Revenge cannot bring your heart to peace!"

Shredder with hate in his eyes approaches Luna.

"Shredder: I decide what revenge brings! it’s my means to an end!"
With or without you I shall not cease"

"Luna: No pony’s perfect and Tia’s no different
You must let go of things long past"

"Shredder: It’s too late for sorries and Tia must suffer
I’ll be set free when revenge is cast"

"Luna: I fell to ruin, i let darkness inside me
I paid the price trapped inside the moon
Forsaken my ways I’ve redeemed myself at last!"

Shredder uses his magic and holds Luna to a wall by holding her by the neck.

"Shredder: You cannot hide from the truth now!"

"Luna: No!"

Shredder drops Luna brutally.

"Shredder: You will give in to your dark side!"

"Luna: NO!"

Luna is about to punch Shredder, but Shredder stopped her the same way he did when Luna tried to punch him, holding her punch, Shredder just lowered Luna's arm.

"Shredder: And I’ll give you all you desire
If you can reject her no longer will we have to hide!"

"Luna: Can’t you see it’s
Over now! time to forgive"

"Shredder: Not for me, it’s too late"

"Luna: Don’t let hate take over you"

"Shredder: Hate’s what fuels me it feels great!"

"Luna: Please Shredder, leave me be!"

"Shredder: Dearest Luna you’re like me"

"Luna: NO!
I refuse…"

"Shredder: It’s your fate, come join me"

"Luna: NO NEVER!!"

"Shredder: YES FOREVER!!"

"Luna: I won’t Shredder! Take all your evil deeds and ROT IN TARTARUS!!!"

"Shredder: So be it then, Luna"

Shredder uses his magic and teleports out of the dungeon, leaving Celestia and Luna alone.

Song from Princess Trixie Sparkle (Confrontation Luna vs Astelle): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SDI08uJNMEw&list=PLzovgQr5fHQiZM4eg9hWtfq9yBVSWj_gp&index=6