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Your local DragonForce and Forest Rain obsessed brony. I write ‘great’ stories such as StallionForce and Rockin’ On.


So, this is the rewrite, I wonder how this will turn out.

Anyways, Hoofman Li, Sam Trotman, Diccon Lyre, and Matej Setnic are in a band called Demoniac. However, they want to start their own, they split off and create StallionForce, which would go on to become the most popular power metal band in Equestria.

StallionForce would not be without its troubles, with a revolving door lineup and popularity pannings. Will they make it through?

Chapters (6)
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I see what u did there:rainbowlaugh:

Lyre is actually a stringed instrument, his last name's actually Harper, but I made it Lyre for kicks and giggles.

Didn't this story used to have more comments and chapters?

You are correct, but being the person I am, I decided to rewrite it. So I deleted the original story and replaced it with this one, which is much better-written.

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