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Hi everyone! RainbowThunder is here. I am Russian pegasister (yes, even if I have stallion on avatar), who practices English in fanfic writing. And I like ponies. That's all.


After his mother's death, Thunderlane ponders how to tell his younger brother Rumble about this. And Rumble doesn't even know what death is. Will Rumble be able to understand the older brother? Will Thunderlane be able to find a common language with Rumble?

Chapters (2)
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You should really take the 'in' out of the title. "Thunderlane, I need in you" sounds like a clop fic title.

Really? O God! Sure I will change.

Good start and so sad. I used that background too. Makes me wonder what happened to their father.

Well, about father ... I think he just didn't like his kids and his wife. He didn't care. But in principle, Thunderlane and Rumble are not too worried about it, because their mother was more expensive. Mom raised them and took care of them. And father ... wasn't with them, when Thunderlane and Rumble grew.

Makes sense. In that case I'd suggest he's mentioned in the first chapter, so people aren't confused about him

I just don't know how to describe it. I mentioned him a little at the beginning. What else do you think is missing?

Ah, sorry I overlooked the mentioning of their father, thus wondering why he wasn't mentioned.

This should be an interesting read, given that I lost my own mother a month ago.

Oh my God. I'm really sorry about your mom.

Let me guess, Bluescreen? Anyway, I knew their feeling, lost my cat back in 2012, was like a little brother to me. And something I noticed.

This pony doesn't exist anymore. He was, and now he's gone. This is a natural process; ponies usually die because of illness or because of age. With mom the same situation happened with mom .Mom is gone forever and won't come back. I won't tell you where she went.

The space and shouldn't it say She was, and now she's gone?

And I am really sorry about your cat.

It's okay. I actually gave my cat a tribute in my first story, naming the cat of the main character after it.

I usually hate my morbid curiosity, but not today! Seriously, this was a nice sweet short story.

Really? Thank you so much for your comment :)

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