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Long Live The Empress - morion87

The once and future ruler of Equus is reborn. But what does this have to do with Twilight Sparkle?

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Lost Branches Of the Family: Starlight Glimmer pt. 1

Starlight Glimmer was having a good day. Wait, scratch that. She was having a good year all around, and npony could tell her otherwise. Starlight ignored those who did.

Our Town (and she still hadn't come up with a better name for it yet) hadn't grown as much as she had hoped it would've had. In her more vindictive moments, she blamed the multiverse for hating her.

But that was beside the point.

Ever since the Battle of Ponyville, she couldn't hide her excitement at all that had changed recently. Even the ponies around her couldn't miss the literal spring in her step.

Nopony commented on it. That wasn't very friendly, and they were all about friendship. All figured that Starlight would tell them all when she was ready.

So when Night Glider came to tell her that some new ponies had come to town, Starlight was all ready to greet and welcome them.

With a practiced smile, she opened her door. "Hello, and welcome to Our-AAAAH!"

And immediately slammed it shut again, slumping up against it with a ragged breath. Her expression soon became one of horror.

"Why did I do that?! To them of all ponies! Now they're really gonna kill me."

On the other side of the door, somepiny spoke up. "Well, that wasn't very nice."

"Does she always do that?" Another asked.

"Starlight has never done that before. It almost looked like she had seen a ghost with all of you," Party Favor replied.

"How would she know us? We've never been hear before," a younger voice asked.

"Let's find out shall we?" Came another. One that made Starlight's blood run cod. She knew it, even having never heard it before. A part of her that could not ignore, no matter how much she wanted too.

For the first time in a long time, Starlight cursed her ancestry. She was so not ready for this. But she couldn't turn them away now, not after they had come so far.

Gulping down her panic, Starlight opened the door and hoped for the best.


Having the door slammed in her face was a new one for Cosmos. Usually Starlight was much friendlier to a group. At least until her shame called Our Town was exposed for what it was.

But they hadn't reached that point yet.

Even the townsponies could tell something was up with Starlight. Which was saying something in their dumber than usual state.

But this had to be done. Starlight's vision, while noble, was never going to work like she wanted it to. It had never worked in fact. If she thought Equestria would just roll over, then she didn't know the princesses as well as she thought.

But that was beside the point as Starlight's door began to open. Cosmos was ready for whatever the cult leader had for her.

Starlight threw herself at Cosmos's hooves, her head bowed. "Please don't kill me empress! I surrender!"

And just like that, Cosmos had no idea what the buck was going on.

Author's Note:

Cue the awkward family reunions. The girls never met them in Canterlot, though Fleur did see Amber at one point.

It took all her self control not to run over.

All the families will be shown. None of them are new. They're all named characters in G4.

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