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Twilight Sparkle, sorceress-in-training and magical prodigy, is about to become the new Archmage. However, the ceremony is interrupted when villages throughout Equestria are attacked by the forces of Lord Tirek, many ponies kidnapped. Now, sent by Princess Celestia, Twilight, Wonderbolt Cadet Rainbow Dash, apple farmer Applejack, fashion designer Rarity, animal caretaker Fluttershy, and party planner Pinkie Pie must travel to the Midnight Realms to rescue Tirek's prisoners and stop him from bringing about eternal darkness. But what role do the captured ponies and Nightmare Moon play in this plan?

MLP belongs to Hasbro.

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Wow! This is some great world building! My only gripe is that you used Tirek as the Big bad of the story when I was planning to use him in mu AU version of Friendship Is Magic, but you beat me to the punch. Well all's fair in love and fanfiction I suppose. I wish you the best of luck with this story.

You probably won't know this reference, but this is a story that also reminds me of Ridley Scott's Legend. Right down to the concept of an unending struggle between Light, and Darkness, with two races/beings who embody the aspects themselves. The one embodying Darkness waiting for the day when he would find a way to destroy light forever, and bring the Age of Darkness. Maybe I could draw a few more comparisons, but at the moment all of them escape me. So i'll settle for saying how I enjoyed this prologue, and in turn, this story. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of it as it comes along.:)

And now I'm following it.

I do like it when a fic can expand the scope of the two-part episodes of FiM.


What do you like the most about it?

Holy cow. Not much I can say other than this looks like a very intriguing start to your story. The world-building in the opening chapter is quite well done indeed, as is the foreshadowing of the action to come. I LOVE how well you mix G1 with G4

Just a couple of minor details:

1. Starswirl would be a SORCERER rather than a SORCERESS (as he is a HE)

and 2. When you said "his" advisor and "his" council, I think you actually meant "THEIR" (as you were referring to both King Cosmos AND Queen Majesty).

Beyond that, though, excellent start and I will very certainly be looking forward to more.

Thank you for pointing those out.

The way you seem to blend both generation's stories as fluidly as you do. It doesn't feel like a jumbled mess, or anything. This feels like the beginning of an ACTUAL story au for the show. All I hope is that Tirek is a perfect hybrid of his two incarnations.:)

You are quite welcome.

Adding to Read Later. Massive backlog.

Doesn't mean you can't use Tirek in yours...

You've got a point.

An interesting start, the prologue felt a little heavy on the world building having both Tirek and Grogar referred too, perhaps only Tirek was needed for this one, and maybe set up Grogar subtly through out the story, maybe also flush these elements out in the story proper, with each character being familiar with different parts.

Yeah, You got a point. I might have them mention Grogar, and have flashbacks to the Second War, particularly the part where Luna becomes Nightmare Moon, and as for setting up Grogar for a sequel, Maybe... Can't exactly make any promises. I'm kinda making the story up as I go.

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