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Twilight Sparkle, sorceress-in-training and magical prodigy, is about to become the new Archmage. However, the ceremony is interrupted when villages throughout Equestria are attacked by the forces of Lord Tirek, many ponies kidnapped. Now, sent by Princess Celestia, Twilight, Wonderbolt Cadet Rainbow Dash, apple farmer Applejack, fashion designer Rarity, animal caretaker Fluttershy, and party planner Pinkie Pie must travel to the Midnight Realms to rescue Tirek's prisoners and stop him from bringing about eternal darkness. But what role do the captured ponies and Nightmare Moon play in this plan?

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In one of the alternate realities created by Star Swirl the Bearded's time travel spell, Nightmare Moon rules Equestria, Celestia is banished to the moon, the Night Guard and Nox Legion enforce their Princess's reign, the Elements of Harmony have been scattered and the ponies of Equestria live dependent on Nightmare Moon's magic to survive. However, all is not lost, for Twilight Sparkle, an orphaned unicorn, is the key to restoring Equestria to its former glory. With unlikely allies, she must find the Elements of Harmony, as well as brave all kinds of dangers, including Nightmare Moon herself, and her greatest warrior:

Rainbow Dash.

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It has been years since the Crystal War began. King Sombra, a cruel tyrant from the distant past, returned and reclaimed the Crystal Empire. Since then, he managed to conquer a great swathe of Equestria, thanks to his army of obedient slave soldiers, opportunistic mercenaries, and traitorous collaborators. However, all is not lost, for Celestia has gathered a team of six ponies for an important mission: find the Elements of Harmony and the Crystal Heart. It is these artifacts that hold the power to defeat Sombra and end the war. But if they are to find them, they must work together.

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