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Damaskus Seraph

My favorite things are Good fanfics, Roman Empire, Historical Warfare, Tactics, And Dragons. Ya cant forget the dragons!


A human army marches into equestria, Causing a rapid response from the equestrian garrisons and levies. Both armies march towards eachother. Towards a Point known as White River...

(A short battle story, dont expect any 'worldbuilding' or character building. Just tactics and blood)
(Expect a semi realistic approach to magic combined with late medieval combat.)
(Ponies are NOT anthro.)

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 15 )

All on guard yet happily singing along to an old song about an old battle long romanticized. He cannot help but sing along, While his personal guards sing along with the king

i hope this battle will be like battle of zenta switch was fought during 1697 at river Tisa

The humans must win! Deus vult.

Deus Vult! I'm obviously rooting for the humans but I am still very much excited for how this goes about. Shame it'll just be battle story but I believe it'll still be good.

if it gets popular enough i might create a full story starting from before the battle. Though i shouldnt be counted on that considereing ive abondoned three other stories already, Thus why im doing a short story this time.

I kinda want the humans to win, just to suckerpunch the princesses for proclaiming themselves gods. But in the end I hope for each side to respect the other as equals.

I'm very interested to see what happens. Xd

By any chance are you a fan of shadiversity,skallagrim,or knight errant.

Please tell me this story's not dead!?

Dead! Lol! :facehoof: Because I think this is a beautiful concept.

Probably. Kinda wanna get back into writing now that I’m stuck at home tho

Yes! Thanks, good to see more like this!

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