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Vesperion Seraph

My favorite things are Good fanfics, Roman Empire, Historical Warfare, Tactics, And Dragons. Ya cant forget the dragons!


Damascus is a hybrid. Of a changeling and a dragon. Born into a time of conquest for equestria. and living in an unjust society where the rich nobles profit off the backs of the poor and conquered. With a personal vendetta against one noble in particular. He plants to make a statement. But not with words, as those are so often ignored. But with something nobody can ignore.

A bullet to the skull.

A One shot (Heh) Story. Featuring my personal OC as the main character. Enjoy.

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A Little short for my taste, but a good quick read. It's also quite pleasant to see another half dragon OC.

Dayum, just when shit was getting really good. Its a nice little read, would love to see this world you built fleshed out more, but your choices are your own. Still nice though.

i would... But if you check my list of stories, im good at starting strong, bad at finishing at all.

An then, Celestia had him hunted down and executed for murdering her nephew. In turn sparking an uprising that had to be quelled by massive violence far worse than what the murderer had ever experienced, tainting his memory forever as the one to kick loose years of bloodshed.

That’s certainly in one version of the timeline.

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