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Celestia has talked her anti social sister into making a club for other ponies and creatures who might be able to relate to her struggles. Luna didn't know what to expect from her new friends but it seems that they're all the romantic type?

(Fluttershy x Discord)(Pinkie x Sombra)(Twilight x Tempest)(Starlight x Trixie)(Luna x Chrysalis)

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 5 )

Interesting concept, hope to see more :pinkiehappy: plus it has ships thats new to me, now i am really interested :twilightsmile:

i'm about to pass this story as nothing more than a silly one
then saw (lunaxChrysalis) :pinkiegasp:
you got my attention right there, i'll be anticipating for your next update :pinkiehappy:

Oh, another chapter, and more about Luna past, too? Happy times!~

I see no spelling errors, maybe because I'm blind, but good work!~

Oh ho! i'm excited to what kind of backstory you have in store for them, i can see one of them having tragic past, the question is who?
oh hope dear chrissy accept Luna invite even she have to speak to them indirectly in the shadow, to avoid you know who~

This chapter came out nicely specially the glimpse of luna past and the awkwardness of the room, Good work!

Why’d the chapter have to end!?!?:raritydespair:

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