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Chapter 5

“Ow! Luna! Careful!”

Luna rolled her eyes as she continued to spray disinfectant into the wound. “Sunset, careful is what you should have been when you decided to steal my motorcycle. Careful is what you should have been when going around a curve.” the woman scolded although she remembered being in a similar position when she was roughly the same age. “Careful is not going past the speed limit, you're lucky road rash is the only thing that happened!”

Luna usually would leave the parental stuff up to Celestia, after all, Sunset did live with her however when the girl had appeared on her porch, shaking and bleeding only to confess what she had done Luna had taken some pity upon her and decided to attempt to keep this a secret from Celestia. After all, the kid probably would be grounded till the end of the school year if she found out.

“You're lucky I don't decide to knock some sense into that thick skull of yours! Heaven knows after what you've done you deserve it!” Luna continued after the teen remained quiet, pausing only to lift the girl's chin up so that she had to make eye contact with her “This better never happen again or I won't only tell my sister but whatever she does to you, I'll make it ten times worse. You could have been killed.”

Luna let that sink in as she finished up bandaging the girl up before heading into the kitchen, returning with a mug of something sweet smelling.

“here, You've lost a bit of blood. You might want to keep your glucose levels up...and the warmth will give you something to focus on so you don't go into shock.” Luna stated before sitting down beside her, unsure of what to say as the adrenaline wore down.

Glancing over at the girl she took note of the teen's trembling form. Is she afraid of me or just scared because of what happened? She wondered as she reached over and brushed a strain of hair from the girl's face.

“How about you spend the night? We'll figure out something to tell Tia tomorrow. Besides, you're too shaken up to be alone right now and Celestia did say she wouldn't be back till eight tonight.” Luna suggested, earning a slightly watery, yet confused look.

Why is she wanting to help me? She should be furious at me!

“You're really not going to tell her?” she questioned, earning a chuckle.

“Only because I think that having to have someone clean out debris from the badly scraped skin is punishment enough. Next time this happens, I will tell her. This doesn't mean I'm not punishing you for stealing my bike but it won't be getting grounded for three months.” Luna responded, pulling the girl slightly closer before adding “although I doubt helping me clean out the basement and helping me repair my bike will be any harder than rebuilding a wall.”

Luna knew she was being easy on the girl, but she figured that the crash probably scared her enough given the state that she had shown up on her doorstep in.

“Thank you, I swear I won't do anything like this again.”

“I know Sunset, I was a teenager once too you know, I did a lot of stupid shit that I regretted too...half ending with me in the ER getting stitches. You're not the first or last person who's going to make stupid choices and have to face the consequences.” Luna responded before adding with a smirk "However after we get the bike fixed I will teach you to ride if you promise that you won't go gallivanting around without my knowledge again."

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rip sunset i find it so hard to belive that Luna isn't telling Celestia

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