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First Night

Author's Note:

Thinking back I probably should have kept this chapter since it showed the first night that Sunset stayed with Celestia, but before they found out that her back was in tatters.

What if I am making a mistake by letting her stay here? What if she is just acting like she is repentant only for people to let their guard down? Celestia wondered as she thought about the girl who was using the room just down the hall. She could say anything about Luna and I...Have us thrown in jail if she were to play her cards right. Celestia sighed as she got out of bed, heading down the hall to where her current housemate was staying however as she looked through the crack in the door Celestia saw something that she would never have imagined from the girl.

Sunset was sitting on the bed with her face buried in her hands, her body shaking almost violently as soft sobs shook her body. She must have really meant what she said earlier. She thought as she knocked at the door, causing the girl to almost fall off the bed.

“M-Miss Celestia! Um...Is there something wrong?” Sunset stammered, bloodshot eyes growing to the size of saucers as soon as she saw the woman standing there.

“No Sunset, there's nothing wrong. I just wanted to see how you were doing.” Celestia answered softly, brow furrowing as she moved toward the girl who instantly flinched back.

“I...I'm okay. I guess I just have too much on my mind right now so I can't sleep.” Sunset answered, averting her gaze as she added softly, her voice trembling as if she was afraid to even say what came next “Do you think I could go downstairs and make myself some tea? I promise not to make a mess.”

She is terrified to just ask me that? “You haven't been eating much lately, I mean you threw away half of the lunch Luna got for you today. Do you think that if I fixed something light that you'd be able to stomach it?”

“I-I guess so.” Sunset replied softly, glancing down as she added “but no meat okay? I can handle chicken and fish sometimes but...”

The girl felt fire run through her back as she jerked at the sudden touch on her shoulder, although when she looked up she saw an apologetic look on the principal's face.

“Don't worry Sunset, I remember you mentioning your dietary needs once or twice in the past.” Celestia assured, although her words caused an image of the same girl storming into her office to make demands about more food choices in the cafeteria.

However, this girl in front of her, this girl who was sitting there with unshed tears in her eyes was nothing like the girl who had stormed into her office on multiple occasions.

“I was thinking of making a vegetarian soup since it's so cold out...and we've both been working out in the cold today.” Celestia offered, wishing that she would get some kind of response that wasn't stammered or a mere nod.

“Want to come help?” she offered, smiling gently before adding “Even if it is just keeping me company so that I'm not stuck talking to myself?”

Sunset couldn't help but smile slightly at the light jab Celestia took at herself as she stiffly got to her feet.

“Okay...Just don't expect me to actually cook anything. I haven't made anything more than instant noodles, Mac and cheese, Rice, eggs and sometimes spaghetti when I felt like dealing with scrubbing a pot clean.” Sunset answered, glancing down although she heard Celestia chuckle.

“So most things you could pop into a microwave or just add hot water to? I'll keep that in mind.”


why is she being so nice? I literally brainwashed everyone at school just a few days ago! She should be furious at me...Not offering to make me food. Sunset thought as she sat by the kitchen counter, watching as Celestia worked. First Luna gives me lunch...Even when I'm supposed to be working on the wall. She made me take breaks, although I don't deserve them...and Celestia offered me a warm place to sleep. Why are these people so nice? I belong locked away in the darkest parts of the earth, not here.

“Are you sure you're okay Sunset Shimmer?” Celestia's voice broke her from her thoughts and caused heat to crawl into her face. Not really but I can't possibly bother her with that.

Sunset thought, so she did something that she had become good at over the years. She lied.

“Yes, Ma'am. I mean...I'm still a bit sore from everything that happened but I'm just....I have a lot to think about.” she answered, surprising herself that it was indeed at least half of the truth.

“there's some Advil in the cabinet by the sink if the pain is too bad..” Celestia said, “If you would like to see if it would help a bit of your pain I can get the bottle for you.”

“No thank you. I'll be alright.” Sunset answered with two things in mind:

First, she didn't know rather or not she would have an adverse reaction and second, she deserved the searing pain that radiated across her back.

“Alright but you know where it is if you change your mind.” Celestia answered before sitting a cup in front of Sunset, followed by a bowl of soup.

“Thank you, ma'am.”

Celestia watched as Sunset timidly began to eat, although the girl seemed to be distracted by something although she had no idea what it could be outside of what had already been cleared between them.

“Sunset, I want you to understand that you are completely safe here and if you need anything at all please tell me. I want to help you in any way that I can.” Celestia stated softly, reaching over to touch Sunset's hand, noticing how even with such a gesture that the teen flinched.

“I know miss Celestia and I promise I won't make you regret this chance you're giving me.” the teenager responded, glancing down at the hand that was on top of her “You know you don't have to do any of this but yet you do. Even after I was a royal bitch. Why?” she asked, feeling a light squeeze to her hand.

“First off, please watch your language. Second off...I don't want you facing anything alone after what happened the other day. No matter what you have done in the past, no one deserves having to relay on themselves for everything, especially a teenager.”