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Chapter 4

It was too damn early to get up.

This was the first thought that Sunset head as she headed downstairs on a Saturday morning, having been woken up a few minutes earlier in order to go to the school to do community service sentence. She thought about playing sick, but knowing Celestia she would just end up doing a ton of household chores during the day.

“Tia made fresh doughnuts this morning if you're hungry.” Luna said, motioning toward the glass bowl on the counter.

“Thanks. Um...Aunt Luna? Do you think that you can get me a cup of coffee? I'm still too groggy to attempt it.”

this earned a chuckle from the blue-haired woman.

“Alright, just make sure you don't sit on Tiberius, he was scurrying around there somewhere and he likes to climb.” Luna responded as Sunset took a seat, taking a doughnut from the container.

“That overgrown rat better leave me alone this morning or I will flush him.” the teen threatened emptily, still too half asleep to really figure out what she was saying at all.

“He'll just freeze up and you'll think you killed him again.” Luna quipped, only to be flipped off by her niece. Luna, however, could only smirk as she watched a fuzzy gray mass edge it's way toward the edge of the table, pausing behind the napkin holder and out of the line of sight from Sunset, who really wasn't paying attention.

Then as she put down the pastry in order to turn her attention to her coffee it was in front of her in a flash, grabbing the teen's breakfast and rushing back across the table as fast as it's tiny legs could carry it.

“What the hell you overgrown rat!” Sunset exclaimed, getting up to give chase only to be dumbfounded by the fact that the creature not only could move pretty fast on carpet but also had the food gripped by it's long, slender tail.

“What the hell? Luna put your rat on a leash or something! You know what? I'm done...I'm walking to school.” With that the fiery-haired teenager stormed from the kitchen, only pausing to slam the door behind her on her way out of the house.

“Tiberius, I know she is freaked out by you but did you have to take her breakfast?” Luna chuckled, earning a noise from the creature that sounded oddly like a laugh.

“Okay, I'll take that as a yes. But seriously, Pony-girl isn't used to a prank playing possum so tone it down a bit....although if you want to hang upside down by her bed frame sometime....I'd love to see her reaction to that.”