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This story is a sequel to Inspiration Aftermath

All thanks to the story 'Inspiration Aftermath' by paleowriter, we didn't get to know what Rarity was going to make for Spike. But, not to worry, I made this sequel story to that story to complete it.

Rarity now gives Spike her gift for her evil behavior towards him during the Inspiration business. Spike also has a gift for Rarity that he's been making for a very long time.

Credit to paleowriter:

A Contest Entry for Rubyfire377's Sparity Contest

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Comments ( 2 )

Ahh, you see this, this is how you make a sequel to a slice of life. The best part being that this is exactly how I see Spike finally confessing to Rarity and her managing to accept it. It’s just so sweet. I don’t know about you, but I give this story a full ten out of ten. Well done my friend, well done indeed.

Do you suppose Rarity and Spike would plan on getting married anytime soon?

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