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Basing off of the events of the leaked episode "The Break up Breakdown".
After Discord's adventure with Big Mac and Spike during Hearts and Hooves Day, and his new belief in love, Discord starts to question his true feelings for Fluttershy and whether or not he should do anything about it.

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This was a sweet story, also I saw the leak. It's funny to see Discord put up a front around other ponies/the guys, but he opens up to Fluttershy. Keep up the good work!

This fic made me like the Fluttercord shipping. Great job, bro!

That was awesome! Now I really need to see how you do rarispike, even though that is not really one of the ships I happen to like. However I think you would do it well, so please?

Very good. I saw the leak, also (I have really got to stop or there won't be any surprises for next year.) I hope we get actual Fluttercord soon.

Ah Discord, it's hard being a statue and than not being a statue than being in love. I look forward tot he Sparity turn around of their agreement.

Also, you should really remove Big Mac from the character list. He doesn't even get mentioned in the story.

please make a sequel where discord and Fluttershy fuck I wanna do a reading of it. :yay: :scootangel:

:twilightblush: I don't know...I'll have to think about that one.

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