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Hola, I'm not Spanish, I am an insecure box child who likes chocolate, writing, My Little Pony and mangos.

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When Fluttershy and her friends come back from their mis-led adventure conducted by the Master of Chaos as well as her best friend, Fluttershy decides that maybe now should be the time to have a talk with the draconequus. Realizing that there are things that even she doesn't know about Discord, Fluttershy comes to the conclusion that it's always better to be open about your feelings...no matter what.

Ahh, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to include fluttercord at the end but I couldn't help it :twilightblush:

Chapters (1)

Things have been hectic lately for Fluttershy. Feeling like she needs a trip, she remembers something Discord said something about a place with "sand like powdered sugar" and asks him about it.
Long story short, the two of them go on a trip and have...fun.

Chapters (4)

Fluttershy, feeling proud of herself for reforming the Lord of Chaos, is caught up in a web of questions and piles of confusion as Discord distances himself and Filthy Rich pries into Fluttershy's personal life.
Feeling the stress, the Element of Kindness searches for a way to escape the publicity and make things right with Discord. Is it too much or will Kindness prevail?
Note: I do not own the Cover Image!

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Basing off of the events of the leaked episode "The Break up Breakdown".
After Discord's adventure with Big Mac and Spike during Hearts and Hooves Day, and his new belief in love, Discord starts to question his true feelings for Fluttershy and whether or not he should do anything about it.

Chapters (1)

Princess Celestia has faith that Fluttershy can reform Discord, The Spirit of Chaos and Disharmony. Fluttershy gives it her best efforts, while Discord try's to distance himself from her, but she refuses to give up on him.

Chapters (1)

Readers of the friendship journal still pursue Fluttershy for answers as to why she keeps learning the same thing. Thankfully Discord is there to have a little...chat with them when they interrupt the two's Tuesday Tea.

This is a cute little fanfic idea I had a small while after the episode "Fame and Misfortune" was aired.

Chapters (1)

Fluttershy has always been a shy girl, but during her senior years in High School the bullying just gets worse, causing her to have a severe case of depression.
After being kicked out of the last school, Discord, a new student to Canterlot High finds interest in Fluttershy, but every time he tries to get closer to her she just seems to pull away. Persistent, he keeps trying to figure out why she acts the way she does.
Can Discord help Fluttershy overcome the horrid thoughts that ponder her mind every day and night, or is it too late?

Chapters (7)
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