Romance Nonsense

by BrilliantCreativity

First published

After being enlightened by Spike and Big Mac that love just might actually real he starts to question his feelings for his best friend.

Basing off of the events of the leaked episode "The Break up Breakdown".
After Discord's adventure with Big Mac and Spike during Hearts and Hooves Day, and his new belief in love, Discord starts to question his true feelings for Fluttershy and whether or not he should do anything about it.

Romance Nonsense

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Discord stretched out his arms as he snapped his fingers and transported himself and Spike to Twilight's castle.

"Thanks Discord, that may have been one of our best quests yet!" Spike exclaimed.

"I know right, the way I shot that arrow right into that skeleton's eye, even I was impressed, and that doesn't happen often," Discord said cheekily. Spike nodded and gave a yawn.

"Well, see ya later Captain Wuz," Spike said before he dashed up the stairs to go to bed.

"Au revoir Garbunkle the Magnificent," Discord replied before snapping his lion paw and teleporting to his dimension.
Discord walked up to his front door and stepped inside of his crazy home.
He looked around his house and eventually sat down on his orange couch and sprawled his body across the whole thing.

Staring up at the ceiling, Discord thought about all that had happened in the past twenty hours.

"Pfft, love...what's the big deal? Like, oh congratulations you two are in love, what do you want a pat on the back?!" Discord yelped, flinging his arms towards the ceiling.

"And then there's those ridiculous sayings like 'oh, anypony can find love' blah blah blah or 'everypony deserves love'," Discord practically spat the word as if it were out of date chocolate milk.

"Pleeaase, there is no way in Equestria that everypony can find, I mean it's just not plausible...and then there's all these ponies running around and going out of their way just to show how much they love another pony...just sounds like a waste of time to me..." Discord rolled on his side and looked out his window that had curtains with blue polka dots on top of a purple backdrop, tied to the sides.

Discord gave a frown gave a disgruntled sigh towards the fact that this whole 'love' thing was bothering him. Perhaps it was because no pony had ever loved him, at least not that he knew of...did he ever have parents who loved him? He didn't know.

"Ugh, you're being ridiculous Discord, you're stressing about nothing," he said to himself. He lied there for a while longer before he gave an angry moan and threw his head face down on the couch.
Slowly Discord shifted his head to look back in the direction of the window but his eyes shifted to the round and stone table in front of him. Atop that table was placed a picture frame with a photo of him and Fluttershy.

Discord looked at the picture and sighed but right after he leaped off the couch and tried to slap himself.

"Nooo, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no..." he repeated.

"No way! Not in a millennia, nope, never, nada, no," Discord said to himself sternly. He stood there for a few more minutes before he began to feel the sweat fall from his face.

"I gotta talk to Spike!" he exclaimed swiftly before snapping his eagle talons and teleporting to Twilight's castle.

Discord appeared in Spike's bedroom and eyed the room, scanning for his friend's bed. Discord's head spun around to the noise of a snore coming from behind him.

Discord glared at the snoring lump and summoned a bucket of water and dumped it on the sleeping dragon.

"Rari-" Spike cut himself off as he awoke with a start and looked up at the draconequus.

"What the heck dude? What was that for?!" Spike asked angrily.

"Don't point talons at me, you're the one who started to fill my head with all these ideas of love and smut..." he replied.
Spike looked at his friend but then felt a smile creep across him face.

"Oh my Celestia! Is this really happening, who is she? Oh, wait, wait, wait don't tell me. It's Fluttershy isn't it? Oh it's sooo Fluttershy, I called it so hard!" Spike exclaimed, as he fell onto his bed, dying of laughter. Discord, however, could not reciprocate the same feelings.

"Well, I'm glad you're getting a good laugh about it, because I find this very concerning I'll have you know," Discord complained, crossing his arms.

"Oh come on Discord, you're the Spirit of Chaos and Disharmony and just a few hours ago you didn't believe in love *snicker *snicker, a-and n-now..." Spike fell, again laughing even harder.

Discord snapped his tail feathers and made a closed zipper appear on Spike's mouth. Discord leaned down to Spike's level so that they were eye to eye.

"Be quiet! If Twilight hears you she's gonna want to know what's going usual," he muttered the last part, "Spike...listen to me, it pains me to say this, in fact I don't even know if this is such a good idea but...ugh...I need your help."

"What was that last part?" Spike asked after unzipping the zipper on his mouth. Discord grumbled and turned away.

"I said I...need your help."

"Come on Discord speak up, I can't hear-"

"I said I NEED YOUR HELP...oh jeez that was loud, you don't think Twilight heard-"

" need my help?" Spike said, quite surprised and shocked. Discord gave another long sigh.

"Yes, are you happy!"

"Ok ok, so, umm what do you-"

"It's about Fluttershy! Today when you were saying," Discord turned his head into an exact replica of Spike's, " 'I mean you don't have tea with Fluttershy every Tuesday because you like tea'," Discord transformed his head back to normal, "and it appears that I think you may have been...ughh...right," Discord said with crossed arms.

"Aaand...why is this a bad thing?"

"Because I've never cared about somepony that way before...I didn't even believe that it existed until a few hours ago!" Discord said, throwing his arms in the hair, exasperated.

"You know Discord, loving somepony doesn't always mean in a romantic way. Maybe you just love Fluttershy as a friend," Spike explained.

Discord seemed to think about it for a bit.

"It seems that I would hope that would be the answer...although I'm not too sure..." Discord said, allowing his mind to wander.
ugh, this is requiring way too much thinking about life. Discord complained to himself.

"Well," Spike began, interrupting Discord's "concentration", "why don't you just talk to her?" Spike suggested.
Discord looked at his friend as if he had gone completely mad.

"Now why would I do such an idiotic thing like that?!" Discord asked.

"Well, for one it's not idiotic...and second, Fluttershy is a reasonable pony who I'm sure would be open to a conversation like this. Seeing as how you're new to this, she might feel it's her job to help you understand it..." Spike said, trying to persuade the puzzled draconequus.

"I suppooose," Discord moaned. At that moment Discord gained an that just might even out the odds and make him feel more comfortable.

Discord put on his evil scheme face and circled Spike.

"Oh no," Spike muttered.

"So Spike...are you up for a little proposition?" Discord asked slyly. Spike gulped, "Uhh...suure? Maybe...I guess."

"Oh goody. So here's the plan, if I go talk to Fluttershy then you have to go talk to that fashionista you're ever so fond of," Discord smirked. It was easy to tell that Spike was nervous; his face was sweaty, his pupils shrank and he looked like a statue.

"Umm...I-I..." oh come on Spike, it's for Discord, he needs this. Spike gulped one last time, "D-deal," he said as he extended his dragon claw which Discord happily took.

"Ok, now remember you made this deal, so you better keep your promise!" Spike said. Discord backed up, now realizing what he had just committed himself to.

"Well um, when shall we proceed with the umm...task?" Discord inquired. Spike sneered maliciously, "Right now."

"Now! But what if she's not even awake? It's 12:26 in the morning!" Discord yelped.

"Fluttershy's used to waking up at any random given time...Rarity however...ugh Discord what do I even say to her?"

"Calm your scales, you don't have to confess your undying love for her or anything. know what, why don't I give you the night to think about it; then in the morning you have to tell her whatever it is you come up with, deal?" Discord added. Spike looked stunned, it wasn't like to Discord to give somepony a let-out in one of his deals.


Discord just stood there and leaned against the wall, trying to look cool and chill.
He held out his lion paw in front of his face and blew on them.

"Sure, what are friends for."
Spike felt suspicious about the whole affair, this was very out of character for Discord.

"Ok, what's the catch?" Spike finally said. Discord looked offended.

"Whatever do you mean sir Spike, I assure you there is no catch...although I'm pretty sure I still need my lawn mowed," Discord explained, smiling.
Spike narrowed his eyes.

"A real lawn mower?" Spike asked. Discord sighed, "Yes yes, a real lawn mower; you're lucky I'm in a generous mood right now."

"Uhh, yeah," Spike somewhat agreed, while rubbing the back of his head wondering what to say next. "Well I suppose you should be getting to Fluttershy's now, right?"

"Uh yeah, I was just about. To. Say. That," Discord gulped.

"Pfft, some draconequus is nervous," Spike laughed; Discord only glared.

"Please, this will be a piece of cake," he said as a piece of cake materialized in his hand before he ate it.

"Well since you're so confident, better get going then," Spike smirked.

"I will," Discord stated firmly. He snapped his fingers and materialized a jet-pack and helmet; blasting off through the roof.

Spike stared up at the ceiling and could only hope the best for Discord, and Fluttershy.

Discord appeared on Fluttershy's doorstep and raised his paw to knock but swiftly pulled it back.

"Oh come on now Discord, don't be such a coward! It's just Fluttershy, and she's your friend, and she'll understand anything you have to say...right? Yes! Of course she will...*gulp...w-why wouldn't she?"

Discord finally gathered up his courage and knocked on the wooden door, wishing he had a paper bag.
He waited a while but was only greeted with silence. He was about to knock once more but the door suddenly opened.

Below him stood a tired looking pegasus with mangled hair and sleepy eyes.
She gave a small yawn.

"Hi Discord, *yawn, why are you here so late at night?" she asked, dreary. Discord twiddled with his fingers but quickly stopped. This was ridiculous! What did he have to lose or worry about. could lose Fluttershy. The back of his mind reminded him.

Fluttershy still stayed in the door-way, leaning against the door frame, almost falling asleep right there.
Before Discord said anything, he noticed her tired state and felt foolish.

Swiftly, Discord picked up his best friend and carried her inside, laying her on the couch.

"I'm so sorry my dear, for waking you up at this hour see..." he took a deep breath. "A certain topic came up today, er, yesterday I guess."

She yawned, but still listening.

"And w-what topic wou- *yawn, would that be?" she asked.

"Umm the...the l-lo-love one, thingy," he said, best he could without cringing. Fluttershy seemed to clear her eyes of any pockets.

"I see, and...?"
Discord guessed that shew was cuing him to continue.

"A-and well, you see up until to-yesterday, I didn't really think love was a real thing an-"

"Wait what? How can you not believe in love Discord?" Fluttershy interrupted, surprise and almost angry it seemed.

"Hey, hey, hey, I do now!"

"What could've led you to believe that love didn't exist? Ponies fall in love all the time."

"I don't know, it just didn't seem realistic. I mean it's not like anypony has ever said that," he said sadly, but quickly tried to recover himself, "But like, it's not like that bothers me or anything. I mean when you consider how I've acted in the past and my looks and species, I guess it's a fate I was just born with, and I never had parents, at least I don't think so, that ever told me that so...I guess I just kinda ignored the whole..thing," he sighed. He didn't look in Fluttershy's eyes, he didn't dare.

"Discord?" she asked softly.

"Hmm?" he slumped, rubbing his eagle arms with his lion paw.

"Have you ever loved someone?" Fluttershy asked. Discord turned to face her.

"No," he stated simply. Fluttershy's face seemed to fall but she tried to hide it.

"I've never loved someone..." he said, looking at the ground, "I-I think I do love someone...somepony for that matter," he admitted shamefully.
Fluttershy smiled at her friend.

"And would I know this friend?" she asked. Discord chuckled.

"I'd say you'd know her better than anypony I've ever met," he grinned as he took a step closer to her.

"And what would you say this mare looked like?" Fluttershy teased.

"Oh well, she's got this amazing coat that looks just like the colour of butter, this mane that reminds me of cotton candy..." Discord met his eyes with Fluttershy's, "and she's got the most beautiful teal eyes I've ever seen," He said softly. Discord was now looking down on Fluttershy as she sat on the couch.

"A-and what is h-her name?" Fluttershy whispered, feeling anxious. Discord leaned down to her ear and whispered, "Fluttershy."

Fluttershy moved her hooves around Discord's neck and gave him a hug which he happily returned.

"Oh, thank you so much for understanding Fluttershy," Discord said.

"That's what friends are for," she said, smiling. Discord pulled away from the hug but still held onto her as he looked down, into her eyes.

Fluttershy gazed back up at him but her eyes slowly moved downwards, as did his.

Slowly they could feel each other's breath as they got closer. Discord couldn't take the suspense any longer and dived in, meeting Fluttershy's lips with his.

Fluttershy was the first to pull away but she just rested her head on his shoulder.



"I love you."
Discord chuckled but could almost feel a part of him wanting to cry. Finally, in his thousands of years of living, partly as a statue, somepony had said the words he now knew he had been dying to hear forever.

"I love you too...Fluttershy."