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Lost Rose

Just a lone rose, lost in the world

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So good. Liked and faved. Do more!

Amazing story! Loved every word of it!

Excellent prose and the build up was very atmospheric.

Where's Regidar when you need him?

Great story, though it is little bit too tame for my tastes.

Now I wanna listen to nirvana just from the title

Very well done, delightful read

I guess I should have checked out the groups it's featured in before reading...

This was so good. I'd love to see more.

I don't have better word for this than Beautiful :raritystarry:

Slowly, the world began to fade for Tempest as she floated in her blissful state of peace. The colts continued to care for her, one using a brush to tend to her mane as she soaked. Another entered the pool with her, his hooves carassing her coat as he worked the oil, seed, and dirt from the velvety hairs. And the third laid down next to the lip of the pool. He said nothing, yet hummed gently, the soft music filling the room and echoing beautifully about the stone walls.

Man those colts being absolute chads, some real good stuff
Very good. Like the take on relaxing meaningful sex, instead of fast, high chasing, careless sex portrayed by the world today

3 absolute madmen

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