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When I'm not drawing ponies and dragons, I'm probably reading about ponies and dragons.

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I loved it. The progression, how everything flowed together. I also love Tempest and Twilight, so cute!!
I can't help but hope we get to see some sequels of this from you.

I'm ready for more twizzle!!!!

For a first effort, this is great. It's also rare to find present tense done well.

Really nicely done. I'm kinda torn on the second half, I feel like anal would've meshed more with the degredation and dom/sub stuffs, but the vaginal led well into the romantic conclusion. Probably just my own bias though, gotta have that buttstuff. =3

What if it's the other way around?

Stallion (or futa) on mare breeding, anatomically correct and impregnation.
The classics are just the best. :twilightsmile:

Open up your "thiiiggghhhhs!"

Trans Tempest is such a cool idea, given the two names she's got.

I would love to read more if you did a sequel

boo on the pony porn

Comment posted by Fracturedheart deleted May 24th, 2019

Why are the villains always so attractive? It's not fair.

I'd love to see this continued! :pinkiehappy:

I would love to see a sequel to this. One where Tempest and Twilight move in together, keep Tempests dick instead of getting rid of it, and having lot's of loving sexy times.

That's was actually a really good read. A lot less rapey and humiliating then I thought it would be. Especially loved the talk and feels after.

Great job!:moustache:

The ending was actually cute. Wished the real movie ended this way but, ratings of course, but one can dream huh?

It's clear you haven't been on this site for long.

I see this, and I feel repulsed enough to not want to read it.

Oh, believe me, it's definitely not it being about ponies that bothers me, or the various kinks. Hell, I've read headless_rainbow's stuff and came out more or less fine.

I can't quite put a finger on it. :applejackunsure:

Maybe because it's about Twilight? That doesn't sound convincing to me.

Heck, what am I even trying to do with this comment?

EDIT: It seems that my conscience has grown with a vengeance lately.

Judging by the other comments, it seems that this story isn't exactly non-con fare. I probably should've seen the comedy and romance tags sooner. Oh well, off to give it a try (soon)!

This needs a sequel with a pregnant Twilight.

If tempest push twilight's cage rocking back and forth a little, it would be a great tease for the lip and clit.

I am just saying

Excellent fic, especially considering this is not only your first fic, but "currently unedited" as well according to the Author's Note. Content-wise my only real critique is that scenebreak at around a quarter of the story, though at the same time it leaves enough up to the imagination of the reader...

Oh well, have a fave and a follow.

Continuing to stare at Tempest's firm plot, she squints in concentration.
Why are the villains always so attractive? It's not fair.

Female Villains: "That is our secret!"

Slightly irritated, Twilight mutters, “No. I already lost. I gave up. You sang about it and everything.”

If a pony sings about it, it is serious.

How can this get worse?! The alicorn screams internally. Not only did she smell me, but now she's teasing me about it!

Be careful, Twi. Otherwise the writer will answer the question for you...

“Cumming from just sucking dick. You really are a filthy slut, princess.”

She was a student of Celestia and was (partly) raised by Cadance. What did you expect?

Well, that ending was unexpected.
But I liked it! Good job! (You just go like #300)
But one question remains: Was Celestia able and willing to cast the desired spell on Tempest? Or was the spell to complicated for her? Or did she decide Tempest is better the way she currently is?


Late to this story and the comments section, but I actually did a full "Open Up Your Thighs" parody rewrite of the song over on my DA account back in April 2018. :D

Granted, I was inspired by a tumblr blog by that name.

Anyway, good story. :)

I loved it Twilight and Tempest were adorable together!

Adorable, hot, wholesome.

This is so incredible! YES! Would you be up for doing an anal version? Twi's ponut doesn't get enough love.

Just read this for a second time, would really like a sequel set after the battle to see how her friends and the princesses react to Twilight and Tempest getting together.

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