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Steal from the wealthy. Murder the poor. Such is the way of the backstabbing rat. I am the unrivaled master of this art.


Twilight and Discord have become really good friends recently. So much so that the draconequus decides to give Twilight a gift. A gift that she will appreciate more than anything else. A library, but not just any library. It's a theoretically infinite library that has any fact, fiction or picture that you want, even if it doesn't exist. After Pinkie Pie discovers it, she starts to spend a lot of time looking at "fictional" photos of her friends. If only her friends realized what they were actually doing in these photos.

Rated teen for slightly suggestive dialogue.

Cover art by JanoCota on DeviantArt.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 4 )

The twist is they all have been doing that, there is only one logical conclusion.

Interesting start. I hope you continue this. Addiction (particularly this kind) is a serious problem in the contemporary real world.

So many books, so many options, so much nightmare fuel... I wonder how many of those books I could read before finding something so out of the mortal compreension that I would have a stroke, theoretical infinity is likely to contain something written in ancient god language that is not words or symbols but the meaning itself, afterall

Good chapter. I could feel the tension in the story.

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