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RariJack is OTP. If you disagree with me, I'm going to come to your house and shit in your mouth.


Despite her elegance, Twilight has always been a rather impulsive pony. That means if someone of authority tells her what to do she does it, even if that so called "authority" is actually just a crystal table. If the map has a demand, she conforms as if it came from the mouth of the princess herself. To her surprise, the map tells her to go to the Everfree Forest of all places. While there, she slips and falls into a hole in the moss floor. This is just the start of a rather off adventure.

This is an Undertale crossover. Delta Rune got me hyped and now I gotta write. Cover art by Jittery-the-Dragon.

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Very good so far, keep up the good work and you'll have 1,000,000 views in no time.

G✌💧te☼ will not stop experimenting with the worlds.
this is an interesting experiment
experiment with darkness ...


I really don’t think Gaster’s experiment is Delta Rune

"Howdy!" A young voice greeted from behind her. Twilight shrieked and jumped up from the rocks. If her fur wasn't so mashed down by mud, it would have stood up like a cat's. "You're an... interesting specimen, aren'tcha? Never seen a monster like you before. I'm guessing you came from the surface." It said with the cutest little face she ever seen.

Damn it Asriel

Plz tell me we’ll get to see some genocide sans

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