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I like fan fic's but i'm uniquely unoriginal.


We all expected it. We all saw it coming. But today of all day's? What to do to save a reunion and keep the pony shaped lumb of meat out of the filly's sights?

((This Fic is not really cannon to any other story's. just a one shot for something that needed to be done. for reasons

Proofread and edit by MintLynx (( I'm so sorry.))

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داستان عالی بود! من عاشق توسعه شخصیت و نحوه انتقال بین صحنه ها شدم! شرح شما باعث خوشحالی من شد و امیدوارم که شما به خوبی کار کنید! اطمینان حاصل کنید که سس را در لباسشویی قرار ندهید!

Oh there's better's stories out there. i just made this story out of a special occasion that happened But i'm glad ((and surprised)) you enjoyed it. thanks!

You killed ... Granny Smith!!! I was reading and reading, not sure why I kept going but I did. Like holy shit I was confused for half of the stuff I was reading and then at the end with all the gore ... all the dead Granny Smith details. WHY!!! WHY GRANNY WHYYYYYYYY! She is a harmless old pony who is trying to make a living off selling cider to the town of Ponyville.

I personally would have killed Big Mac

So .... That is really ...I can't say anymore.

R.I.P Granny

Grab the Globs of Granny and throw it in a hole!

She died on her own. Rahzzy was only doing the family a favor :3

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