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After hearing about how Granny Smith had a heart attack, Diamond Tiara decides to try to cheer up Apple Bloom. Will she be able to rekindle an old friendship, or will she fail horribly?

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this felt like it started with an idea and then half way through they just fuck it i am writing some off the wall shit.

Uh...well, that's Matty for you. He sure knows how to write...uh, this! :derpytongue2:

Granny Smith was revived with Apple Necromancy. Because of these canonical events, it's no wonder Apple Bloom would be pissed that DT didn't talk Apple Bloom out of DT's idea of bringing back Granny Smith from the Great Pastures, who now has to be occasionally locked and chained to her bed and rockin' chair so she doesn't keep trying to murder everypony in their sleep all the time, chanting her fancy-smancy demon speak.

All in all, DT has every right to be upset though. If Apple Bloom had only given up a few of her legs and an eye and tried to get DT to share in the cost of bringing back Granny Smith, they'd a managed to close up that demonic link between life and death before Apple Bloom's parents showed up and end up having to pay their debts.

And to think Diamond didn't even get a THANK YOU for all that. Apple Bloom still hasn't forgiven DT for that day, refusing to sacrifice her parents and some of her maids to get back her mom and pops who still didn't get her that shiny new wagon yet. Pfft, DT's offering to give her one just wouldn't just wouldn't be the same. She tried to explain that to DT, but, of course that selfish rich filly just wouldn't understand how much SENTIMENTAL VALUE was worth when it came to big shiny red wagons.

And that's why to this day, and Apple Bloom's involvement in DT's mother's disappearance, which granted Apple Bloom a possessed Shiny Red Wagon she had to settle for since, but promised to be from her dead parents, simply because she didn't have enough of a trade in value for two dead parents.

Y'all can see how upsetting this all be for a farm filly. Having to settle for a cursed (but seeped deeply with sentimental value) shiny red wagon because your so called 'friend' was too stingy to pay her back her parents in that whole equal exchange (plus interest) mombo-jumbo that the book AB got outta her pappy's basement went on about. Diamond clearly is the worst bestest friend AB ever had.

And that's the full canonical FiM approved by Lauren Faust origin story that in no way infringes on anyone's intellectual properties of how Granny Smith became a a living dead.

Would've been better if it had swarm of bees at some point, but still pretty good.

“I just, I don’t know. I just wanted to check up on you, is all,” Diamond Tiara said as she looked away. “You mind if I… come inside?”

“Ah dunno, Diamond,” Apple Bloom sighed as she looked away. “Ah really don’t wanna git pregnant.”

Pervy Bloom...

Also, I still think flatline is a stable condition :ajsmug:

Before I started reading this, I didn't notice the 'comedy' and 'random' tags. Though while reading it, I knew that either they were there, or they should. I just love these random comedies - even if Granny Smith has a heart attack, another heart attack and finally getting an anvil to the head by Big Mac :rainbowlaugh:

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