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So Pinkie died because she and Dash were joking and it caused Dash to become depressed for the remaining years? As much as this story is good it makes not a lot of sense. It needs a little more plot outline and maybe do another chapter or sequel where the Mane five (or four idk) help RD.

Well I meant for more that their relationship fell apart, Rainbow is an unreliable narrator that remembers that one conversion and its aftermath. Pinkie wanted to have someone to talk to about her problems and Dash was so focused on herself that she never could. More like an unhealthy relationship ending badly and Rainbow being hung up and not understanding what she did wrong.

I'm sorry but... I feel like it was extremely fast pace. Not very good.
I know. Stupid. I'm a hypocrite because my stories are fast pace.
But overall, not my cup of tea. Sorry.
Good idea though!

Still should have a sequel where they try to help. Hey maybe it could play out that the whole gravestone thing is Dashs imagination telling her "your friendship died with her" and Pinkies actually alive

so the whole first chapter never happened? and now she wants to die because she's lonely? or something? im confused


The first chapter is entirely in her head. Her version of the breakup is that Pinkie died. That's because Pinkie decided to change and move on and therefore in essence die because Rainbow couldn't understand why she could break up with her so easily. Her mind couldn't handle it. Rainbow has also major depression and begins hearing things that aren't there when things aren't going her way. And since she's an alcoholic it makes her problems worse. The attempted suicide did happen- hence why she woke up in the hospital. The ending is more tragic hope because she knows now that she's really messed up and caused all her issues because she hasn't been healthily managing her mental issues with medication.

It's ending is hopeful but its literally the first step to getting better. She's completely ruined her relationship with Pinkie with her antics and being a bad friend. She's now on medication and probably her other friends deal with that in other ways.

thats really deep no wonder i didnt get it

Using classic song titles is a good way to turn heads.

I know it really won't, but I kind of hope this would eventually receive a sequel where Dash SOMEHOW manages to repair things with Pinkie.

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