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It's been a rough two weeks for Sunny Starscout. She expected her Bridlewood vacation to be simple- relax with Izzy, see the town, and have fun.

Izzy has other ideas. Namely going on an adventure. Cause adventures are fun and Sunny likes those a lot, even if she says otherwise. And if Izzy has a few ideas on what to say to her best friend after the adventure? Even better.

Cause Bridlewood has ruins that Sunny would just love to visit.

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this is so well written and in character!!! and that ending was so cute!!!!! <3


Well thank you. I definitely like the ship so I definitely tried to do something fun with them.

Very enjoyable read.
The characters were on point and their interactions were a lot of fun.
The last section was a really nice high to go out on. The story was enough to have a fun ride, it didn't drag and it left me wanting to see what they get up to next.
So all in all, a great first short story on Sunny and Izzy.

Aww, so heartwarming, I love it! :heart:

Izzy? I am sold :D
She smiles brighter than the sun^^

Ri2 #6 · Oct 7th, 2021 · · ·

...Izzy makes a good point. If the magic came back, what ELSE will?

Alphabittle coughed. "I'd love to debate life and all that, but I have things to do and places to be before I die. The records are this way."

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
The White Album
Let It Be

Dunno why, just felt like Alphabittle ran through the Beatles' later work in this one these two sentences.


Well that's odd and funny. I definitely didn't plan on referencing the Beatles. Not complaining since I do love their music. Just I definitely hadn't been doing that on purpose.

I mean, it's a bit of a stretch. I just saw "debate life" and thought of psychedelia, so Sgt Peppers.

I know there’s only the movie to go off of but that was bizarre.

Author Interviewer

darnit, where's the middle of the story? :P

This had me smiling from beginning to end. If only it were loooonger ^_^


Well I have ideas to continue in another story when the actual season of G5 drops. Hard to write something that would hold up without big revisionist changes when that whole season will come out. So like 99 percent sure that a sequel or something is in the works in my head.

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