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Epileptic-autistic eldest of four, artist, creative, and horse crazy girl who is obsessed with entertainment media and history among other things.


Pear Butter may be a Pear but that doesn't mean she wants to be one. She has no choice in the matter since it's something forced on her just because of who her parents are: Prickly Pear and Sweet Heart Pear.

The cover by the way was a picture drawn by me. :twilightsmile:

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OK I make this criticism often. The chapters are too short, a single paragraph is far too short to justify it's own chapter. You should either lengthen what you got or condense several into fewer chapters.

I do a healthy mix of short and long chapters in my books that's just how I write. It's my preferred way to write mostly because that's how some of my favorite book series are written. I hope you understand. Thanks for the criticism anyhow.

I honestly can't name any book series that has 1 paragraph chapters. Everything also feels very rushed due to the short length, which is the reason chapters under 500 words bug me.

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