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Like my mind, I'm blind to a lot of things. However, in exchange, my mind can roam free without relying on sight for ideas. Like my stories, I love to spread love&kindness to all that want it.


*Originally written 3/12/17*


The CMC are always looking for a new adventure, rather it would be in school, at home, anything that would peek their interest. What they didn't expect was a raccoon, a turtle and a hippo to appear out of nowhere. What happens next will change their life's forever.

*CMC take place after Friendship Games. Sly Cooper and the gang take place after Thiefs In Time. Spoilers will appear from both so you have been warned.*

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I would like to thank GhoulDash97 for writing Sly, Murray, Bentley and Carmelita Fox. I wrote the CMC and one other.

Okay...uploaded, then cancelled 1 hour later. That's a new record

From a chronological point. If you don't know how to continue, keep it as incomplete or on Hiatus but not cancelled, just a good advice. It's a good story, I would say continue it.

8422659 It was set as cancelled but I'll change it to Hiatus

What I can tell for sure, is that Carmelita will be very frustrated, as the CMC are children and thus, can't be arrested.

8422696 Your not wrong. Anyways, it set to Hiatus for now. I'll give it a week to see how it does.

WEll, I wish you good luck with the story, from my view, you did a great job!

8422704 Thanks although I can't take all the credit. My friend was just as helpful. If not for him, this story wouldn't exist.

It"s ok, but it needs work. Are the girls back in Sly dimension? What will their sisters say about their new friends? Is Carmelita going to be turned into a kid. It needs work, but I want to know more.

8422773 A)Thank you for your honest criticism. I'm well aware it's flawed. It was originally going to be scrapped but decided to let everyone else see it before doing so. B)No but I won't give away detailed as it still needs to be polished. C)Can't give away the details of the story. Sorry. Thanks for your thoughts.

I am will to pm some ideas if you like.

8422850 I'd be willing to take note of them but I can't promise that said ideas will be used as I'll have to run though them with my Co(friend).

It dose have potential but it needs more detail

8424057 Thank you for your input. I'm aware that it's flawed but if things go well, we'll continue the series.

You should keep writing this! The fan fiction is off to a good start. And I think it is cool to have a crossover with Sly Cooper. I haven't seen many fan fictions on this topic. :)

8424232 thanks. I(we) may get back on it on a later date.

8426897 Cool! I can't wait to read it then. :)

Did you accidently hit the publish button? The story is on the Latest Updates page, yet no new chapter




8422850 *Update* This story has been cancelled. If you wish to know why, here's the link. To give you the abridged version, I've lost all heart to it. Sorry to get your hopes up...

*Update 2-It's no longer cancelled but it will be awhile before another update will happen.

The link is a empty side.

8581222 I had removed it since I had changed my mind. It still won't be updated anytime soon though.

Okay, I'm pretty sure it will be worth the wait.

8580848 Aww that is too bad. :(

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