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Balance - BioQuillFiction

2012, the year the world was going to end. I really didn't think much of it, to me the world would be the same no matter what happens. Earth is violent and lacking real heroees. Maybe in my sleep I'll dream of a better world if this one does die.

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Keyblades Live in the Graveyard

Author's Note:

Yeah! Another crossover! This time with A Wielder and His Students I do this for intesesting character interactions between two authors and unique story development. Please check out A Wielder and His Students for his perception ending.

“What’s the rush?” The Nightmare Ventus armored man spoke, jumping from his rooftop and across the street from Devin.

Devin pointed his Keyblade at him, threateningly, “Who are you?! And why do you have that Keyblade?!”

“Do I just look untrustworthy? This makes two times I meet someone from earth and they both point Keyblades at me… maybe it’s my armor?” The man questioned himself.

“That, and the fact that you have the most powerful and dangerous Keyblade in existence!”

“Well, that and the Heartless I sent to lure you out. Last attempt to find one of you guys left me waiting all night.”

“I'll ask about that later, why are you here?”

“Looking for you. I can explain everything, but first I wanna know something. How long have you been here, and what’s happened since then? You tell your story, then I’ll tell mine.”

Devin seemed hesitant, but the armored man appeared honest enough, so he lowered his blade slightly, “Alright. First off, I've been here for at least four days, Celestia, Luna, and Cadence were nearly raped by a former member of Celestia’s counsel after being hopped up on darkness and controlling the Heartless, I spent the past couple of days dating two of the royal sisters, and today I was spending time with Cadence, not dating, she's married. Now your turn.”

“Allright.” The man pushed a button on his shoulder and his armor reverted into a metal sleeve like in Birth By Sleep. After that he disbanded his Keyblade. “So to wrap up my end I’ve been doing this close to a month, or over? I haven’t entirely been keeping track of time. When I asked for the X-blade, I accepted the job that goes with it, keeping the worlds in balance. After a while I found out the X-blade can take me to parallel versions of the world's. The first one I went to was nearly killed off by Nobodies and a survivor of the Keyblade War. When that was dealt with I woke up after the fight a week later where I found out that, on that Equestria, a law stated that a hero who saves the kingdom is given the hand of the princesses… so yeah, only the other surviving people wanted in, not I have seven wives-to-be. Gave them all keyblades and the eight surviving kids… well, six of them, the last two are not even a year old yet.”

“...Wow. Your life sounds harder than mine. And the royal sisters wish for my hand in marriage, but I'm giving it a month before I decide. So, what's the reason you came to my Equestria anyway?”

“Getting as much help as possible. The first born Emblem Heartless is… well, let's just say that He’s pulling a multi-dimensional Xehanort from Dream Drop Distance. That’s not all though.” Zeke pulled out something from his pocket, and tossed it to Devin. When he picked it up, he was stunned.

“What the hell?!”

“358/2 days. He has access to earth.”

“Well, ain't that lovely?! Now what?!”

“I’m searching the worlds, every reflection, trying to find people willing to fight to win against Core. I think I can count on Huxley, but… how old are you?”

“Eighteen, going on nineteen in a few months, why?”

Zeke just tilted his head. “Seriously? I’m nineteen and like a foot taller than you. I thought you were like, fourteen!”

Devin sighs, “I was short when I was a kid, but I outgrew my older brother by an inch, and I'm STILL short?!”

“Well, in any case. What are your plans for this Equestria?”

“Well, I was going to fight some Heartless like any other wielder, but apparently I have to make a decision about whether or not I'm gonna marry the princesses, tell them about the Book of Prophecies, and give those I consider worthy Keyblades.”

“I’ve already given over a hundred people in my dimension Keyblades.”

“Well, that's good, I suppose, but I got a Book of Prophecies from God that depicts the future of this world and I haven't even read through it yet.”

“You mean this?” Zeke asked, pulling out Devin’s book.

“What the—?!” Devin pats his pockets for his book, but nothing.

“Had one of the Heartless pick it out of your pocket on the way here. Not very observant, are you?” Zeke opened the book, skimming through the pages. “Looks like you’ve got quite the life ahead of you. Seems we’ll meet again many times after this.”

“That's great, but could you please give that back? I don't want anypony seeing it and getting any wild ideas for the future.”

Zeke tossed it over the Devin. “Now then, I have a personal question to ask?”

Devin sighs once again, “Alright, but it better not be TOO personal, or we’re gonna butt heads.”

Zeke pushed the button that made his armor reappear, and summoned the X-blade. “I need to test just how strong you are. The luna in my world can take me on one-on-one, let’s see how you do.”

Devin shrugs, “Okay, but keep in mind, I've been practicing my sword skills since I was little, so I may just give you a challenge.”

Zeke rushed forward, swinging his blade as Devin. Devin managed to summon Gazing Eye in time to block, but was thrown to the side like a ragdoll. “And I was taught to kill since I was little.”

Devin picks himself up, “Seriously?! Do you come from a family of hunters or something?!” he rushes forward to deliver a downward strike as Zeke raises his blade to block.

“My name, is Zeke Ventral. You should know that name if you watch the news.” Zeke punched Devin the the stomach with his free hand, once he was distracted, and Zeke spin kicked him into a wall.

Devin coughed, “Damn. You're better than I thought you were.” he gets into a fighting stance, “But playtime’s over.” Devin uses Teleport to disappear and reappear behind Zeke and attempted to bum rush him, but he was too quick and swung behind him in wide arc, making Devin slide under his blade and his wide open legs, he then stood up and used Fire on him, but Zeke jumped out of its path and onto a rooftop. “C’mon! Take the beating like a man!”

“I guess you really never heard of my family before. I suppose it’s possible.” Zeke arched his back, and to Devin’s shock, Xehanort's Guardian heartless appeared behind Zeke. “You fight well though, so this will be interesting.”

“I don't listen to the news, too boring. But I will give you a fight you won't forget!” Devin leaped up to the rooftop and tried to land on top of Zeke with his feet ready to crash, but he dodged the attack and Devin only managed to destroy part of the building...and started hopping on one foot. “Owowowowow! That really hurt! Son of a bitch!”

Zeke snapped his fingers and Green Requiem appeared. “Heal him.” The Heartless floated over to Devin and sprinkled a small amount of green dust.

“Huh. Well that worked.” Devin gets back into his battle stance, “Shall we continue?”

“Perhaps somewhere without risk to property damage.” Zeke points to the half broken building behind Devin.

“Ehehehehe, right.” Devin chuckles nervously.

“Alright then, let's hope your girlfriends don’t kill you over this.” Zeke taunted as his opened a portal with his Keyblade and tossed it into the air, turning it into a glider. “Follow.”

Devin jumps in carelessly, “Last one in's a rotten egg!”

As Zeke enters the portal, he sees Devin screaming as he is tossed and hits the walls of the portal… Yeah… it’s kinda funny. He thought to himself. After a short while, the portal spat them out, and Devin rolled around the floor after he landed. Zeke landed next to him. “You should have turned the Gazing Eye into a glider.”

Devin stood up, wobbling as he was still dizzy, “Granddad, you ran another stop sign.” he slurred.

Zeke slapped him. After Devin returned to his senses, he looked around, and saw the rusted Keyblades around him. “Yeah, this place.”

“The Keyblade Graveyard?”

“Last place out Keyblades saw battle, right?” Zeke said as he jumped a distance away from Devin. “Seemed appropriate.”

Devin smirks, “I agree.” with one step, he pushes forward into a breakneck dash and clashes Keyblades with Zeke, holding them in a deadlock.

Zeke smirks and hits Devin with a nearby Keyblade he grabbed. “Keep your eyes not just on the opponent… GAH!” Zeke screamed as his fell to the ground. The Keyblade he grabbed was pulsating.

“Whoa! You okay?” Zeke continued screaming, his eyes started to glow both black and white. “It's that Keyblade!” Devin rushed towards him and attempted to knock it out of his hand with a single swing.

The Keyblade was thrown somewhere in the distance, leaving Zeke breathing heavily as he tried to regain his calm. “T… It…. IT hurts!”

“Dude, what the hell just happened?!”

“K, Keyblade… They hurt! They want wielders! They’re dying. They need wielders… Kept screaming.”

“You're not making any sense, man! Are you saying the Keyblades are still alive?!”

Zeke managed to nod. “Need, need wielders. Make the pain go away, stop blood, forget war…”

Devin was at a loss for words, Zeke is acting way differently than he was before. Devin picked him up and put his arm over his shoulder as he raised his Keyblade to open a portal, “C’mon, let's get the fuck outta here.” the portal activated and he threw his Keyblade in the air, turning it into a glider, it looked similar to Terra’s. They left the wretched graveyard and returned to Devin’s Equestria. They rested nearby the area where they first started their battle.

To Devin’s worry, Celestia and Luna were both walking down the street towards them, both looking rather cross. When Devin checked on Zeke, he was muttering and twitching still. “Great.” He said.

“Devin, what is the meaning of this?” Celestia demanded.

“I wish to know as well.” Luna added.

“Alright, I'll explain.” Devin explained the whole situation from start to finish, when he was done, the sisters looked like they a mix of anger and shock.

“Why didn't you get us to handle this issue?” Celestia asked.

“Do you not trust us?” Luna asked with pouty lips.

“No! I DO trust you two! It's just...I wanted to handle this myself, I felt like this wasn't your problem, that it was mine. I'm sorry.”

Celestia sighed, “I suppose I can't stay mad at you, but what about him?” she motions to Zeke.

“Well…” Devin rubs the back of his head, not knowing the answer to that particular question.

“Can we not just send him back?” Luna asked.

“...I can try, but I don't know if it'll work.” Devin activated another portal and checked it to see it was exactly the world Zeke came from, “Close enough, I guess.” he picks Zeke up and tosses him in, “SORRY, DUDE! HAVE TO PICK THIS UP NEXT TIME!”

No sooner after Zeke was thrown into the portal, he fell out, grunting and muttering. “F, f. Forget the war.” He managed to say.

“Well, that failed.” As Devin went back to pick up Zeke, Zeke screamed a noise that was inhuman, shattering windows and even cracking the ground around him. Devin and the princesses backed up.

Zeke soon stopped abruptly, and stood up. His expression was blank and his eyes looked almost hollow. “Forget the war.” He said, and the Keyblade that started all this appeared rather than the X-blade. “Forget the blood.” Several more keyblades appeared, but they were stuck into Zeke’s body like needles in a pin cushion. “Forget the darkness.” A small group of Keyblades appeared and were floating around Zeke. “We. Want. New. Wielders.” Zeke’s voice sounded like a hundred different people talking at once.

“Oh. Crap.” Devin said. Zeke ran towards them, faster than should be humanly possible. Devin brought up his Keyblade to guard, but Zeke passed him. “What in the fuck?!” As Devin turned around, Zeke’s real target became clear. He was after the princesses. “Nooooo!” Devin charged after him and launched a beam from his Gazing Eye that erected a barrier that protected the princesses, like Aqua did for Terra in the battle with Xehanort and Vanitas.

Zeke stopped just in front of the barrier, touching it with his free hand. “Chosin.” He said, as Celestia and Luna clutched their cheats as two of the Keyblades floating around Zeke vanished. He then ran off towards a random direction.

“Now where is he going?” Devin shook his head, “I'll deal with him later. Celestia! Luna! Are you two okay?!” The two moved, and seemed fine as they got up.

“Y, yes I believe so.” Celestia answered. “It hurt, but like getting pricked by a needle.”

“Good, now we gotta deal with Zeke.”

“I feel… odd though.” Luna stated. “Like… something is new.”

Devin felt worried about this. “What do you mean?”

“I feel like… I can’t quite put it. I just know something is different.” Luna stomped in frustration. As she was gonna hit the air in the same froze when a flash of light appeared in her hand, and what was there was one of the two Keyblades that vanished from around Zeke. “That’s it…” The blade was long, decorated like the night with the stars and dark sky as the blade. The base was a full moon, and the top was a crescent moon. The Keychain was a star. “So...now I have a Keyblade as well?”

“...Yeah, it looks like it.” Devin said, not believing what just happened.

“Perhaps this is all he is doing?” Celestia said. “Devin, you said the Keyblades at the graveyard were still alive, and Zeke heard them screaming when he touched one, right?”

“Yeah, but how is giving ponies Keyblades a good thing? The Keyblade can be either light or dark, therefore even the Keyblade can corrupt somepony.”

“Idiot.” They all turned around, and saw a man in a blank mask and dressed in purple robes. “Keyblades aren’t just given out like candy on halloween. A Keyblade chooses it’s master, meaning it searches for a master that’s compatible, otherwise it can’t keep a connection to them. Basically only someone with a largely dark heart can posses a Keyblade of Darkness.” He said.

“So what? Not all Keyblades are of darkness, and judging by your words, you seem to know too much about them and the darkness.”

“I believe Zeke was trying to get you to help end me. I’m Core, and right now we need to stabilize Zeke, or everyone, good and bad, will be getting new weapons.”

“How do I know I can trust you?”

“Kid, to me, you’re worthless, but I need Zeke. Right now he’s being controlled by every Keyblade from the Keyblade Graveyard. Those rotting blades are too mad to think, they just want wielders. Your options are either trust me and get Zeke under control, or you’re gonna be teaching this whole world about Keyblades.”

Devin looked back at Celestia and Luna for a counter-argument, but they looked just as unsure as him. With a growl, he said, “Fine! But if you try anything funny, I'll end you myself!”

“God himself tried, and failed. But we’ll see how you do after this is over.” Core turned around to face the road. “I can trace Zeke’s energy. I just need to get close enough for him to pull out the X-blade. Once that’s done, the X-blade will do the rest.” Core ran off, and Devin, Celestia and Luna followed.

“So, you're sure this'll work? Any defects? I should know if this plan blows up?”

“By themselves, Keyblades are no real match for the X-blade, but the whole Graveyard is taking advantage of Zeke’s situation to control him and keep the X-blade from keeping them away.”

“Okay, where is he then?”

“... Feels like he made it to… the castle.” Core jumped across rooftops, staying a distance ahead of the three. It took a while, but the three caught up with him in front of the castle gate.

“Where is he exactly in the castle?”

“... coming right at us.” Core jumped back, dodging the door’s sudden burst open. “Figured they come after me.”

Zeke looked at Core. “Purify. Save.”

“What gibberish is he saying?”

“It’s the Keyblades. They’re alive, but they’re so worn they can only speak their basic functions and actions. I am a Heartless so they’re gonna target me.” Zeke rushed at Core, a barrage of Keyblades following the attack. Core blocked them all without effort. “Told ya.”

“Yeah, whatever.” Devin summoned the Gazing Eye, “Let's thrash him till that X-blade pops back out.” he rushed Zeke, ready to strike.

Three Keyblades met Devin’s attack, stopping him mid air and tossing him aside. They followed after Devin, swinging as if someone else was holding them. “Brother. Why fight us?” The Keyblades asked.

“First off, I'm not your brother,” Devin began, “second, you guys are going crazy and I gotta stop you!” he pushed back, trying to gain some ground.

“Wielder. Silence. We. Speak. To. Brother.” They said, and the Gazing Eye flashed with light for a second. “Wielders. Forget the war.” Several more Keyblades went after Devin, until Luna jumped in and blocked them with hers.

“HOW DARE YOU FEEBLE WEAPONS TELL MY FIANCÉ TO SILENCE!” Luna booms with her Royal Canterlot Voice, “HE IS MORE NOBLE THAN ALL OF YOU COMBINED!!” Luna pushed them all back with little effort and they all were flung and embedded into a nearby wall.

“New. Wielder. Sister. You. Are. Well?” Luna’s Keyblade flashed white for a second. “Sanity? We need wielders. Forget the war. Regain sanity.” Out of the ground, a mini hurricane of Keyblades swallowed Luna, and she screamed in pain. “Wielders. Sanity. No difference.”

Devin was struggling not to lash out at the Keyblades, he knew he had to think rationally about this, maybe fighting them won't help, but perhaps talking to them… “Wait.” The Keyblades halted their advance on Luna, “You don't need wielders to be whole, and you also don't need them to regain your sanity. Look into your hearts, you know this is wrong, please, just let my friends go.”

The Keyblades looked at Devin. “Keyblades heart is wielders Heart… body’s heart is like fathers heart. Father made us. One Keyblade for every sentient being.”

“Whoever this ‘father’ is, he wouldn't want you to do this, there's always another way. Don't take away other being’s lives to make yourselves whole again. We can find you new wielders, just not by force.”

“Father made us. Are you there, father?” As hoped, the Keyblades summoned the X-blade, and raised it to the sky. “Father. What are we to do is we lack wielders?” The X-blade glowed, shooting a beam of light into the sky, making all the clouds swarm around the beam. After a bit, Kingdom Hearts hovered up in the sky above Canterlot. “Father! Make us forget. Make us forget. MAKE US FORGET THE WAR!”

“I’m out.” Core said as he fell into a dark portal.

“Hey! Coward!” Devin exclaimed, but let it go for now. He finally made headway with the Keyblades, and felt it was best not to keep fighting.

Kingdom Hearts lowered some light over the Keyblades controlling Zeke’s bady, and they began to speak. “We want wielders father. You made us incomplete. We need wielders. You made us this way. Give us our chosen wielders.” They stood silent for a time. “Can such deed be done?” Silence again. “Thank you, father.” The Keyblades took the X-blade, and stabbed it into Zeke’s chest. “Complete at last.”

“What the hell?!” Devin said, “What was that about?!”

Zeke’s whole body arched, facing Kingdom Hearts. An orb of light left Zeke’s body and in the light of Kingdom Hearts, turned as blue as it, and went back inside of Zeke. The Keyblades around him disappeared and soon Kingdom Hearts vanished, leaving Zeke lying on the floor.

Devin ran over to Zeke’s unconscious body. “Zeke! You okay?”

Zeke grunted. “What? What the heck happened?” He asked as he got up.

“You were possessed by every Keyblade in the graveyard, and we had to snap you out of it.”

“Really? That feels… really?”

“You are not hurt, are you?” Luna asked.

“No, I feel fine. Great actually.” Zeke noticed Luna’s Keyblade. “Oh, when did Devin give you that?”

“I didn't. When you ran off, you said something and Celestia and Luna were grabbing their chests in pain, then all of a sudden, Luna got her Keyblade.” Devin explained.

“That… that happened?” It’s true. “Who said that?”

“Said what?”

“Someone just said ‘it’s true’, right now.” In Luna’s hand. Zeke looked at Luna’s Keyblade.

“Uh… I think Luna’s Keyblade spoke?”

“Really?” Devin looked at Luna’s Keyblade, “The other Keyblades talked, but we were able to hear them. So how come only you can hear Luna’s?”

I can answer that.” Zeke spoke, covering his mouth in surprise as that voice wasn't his.

“Uh…” Was all Devin could say.

“That wasn’t me.” Zeke said.

It was me.” The other voice spoke from Zeke again.

“What the heck? Who are you?” The X-blade appeared in Zeke’s hand. “I didn’t summon it.”

I summoned myself.

Zeke looked at the X-blade. “M, my Keyblade is talking through me… How?”

Well, the father of all Keyblades, myself included, Kingdom Hearts, basically turned you into… well, a human Keyblade.”

“Wow. That's...pretty cool.” Devin said.

“How in the flying hell did that happen?!” Zeke screamed.

Well, the decayed Keyblades from the Keyblade Graveyard wanted wielders, but Father was on Devin’s side in this argument. Since you already had a connection to him through me, he just basically turned your own heart into another version of himself. You can store and purify every decayed and insane Keyblade you come across. Welcome to the family brother.

Devin pats Zeke on the shoulder. “Congrats! You got a new family!”

‘I have a family! Twilight, Fluttershy, Luna, Celestia, Hearts Care, Rune, and Rainbow Dash! How in the hell am I gonna explain that I became a Keyblade?!”

“Well, just tell them the truth, if they're truly your family, they'll understand.”

“Pardon.” Luna spoke. “But my sister and I have never met you before Zeke.”

“And I imagine Twilight would have wrote about having a special somepony.” Celestia added.

“You forget I’m from a parallel version of your world.” Zeke said. “I just know Rune’s gonna try and swing me around like a Keyblade… How long was I on that Keyblade possessed rampage?”

“Um…” Devin counted with his fingers, “Half an hour, give or take a few minutes. Why?”

“How many people here did the Keyblades choose and give themselves to? Other than Luna and Celestia?”

“I have no idea. Maybe we got lucky and they didn't get anyone.”

Oh, they did. About twenty people, including the princesses.

“Damn.” Zeke said

“Who, exactly?” Devin asked.

Not sure. The ones we got in the castle though were a guard, a pink version of those two, and some blond unicorn.” The X-blade said.

Devin’s eyes bulged out of his head, “Oh, God, please no.”

I think the Keyblade that chose that guy was… I think it was our youngest brother, Ultima. Yeah, he picked that guy. He rarely chooses a wielder. Most of the time he mimics me and has wielders make or earn his Keychain.


As Keyblades we see a person's true nature by seeing their heart. When I tell you that we pitied that sad guy, it was like looking at a wet, kicked puppy. Ultima saw something in him though, and his past wielders he chose kept the worlds safe for years.

Devin wanted to argue more, how Blueblood was physically, mentally, and morally unfit to wield even one normal Keyblade, but he knew he wouldn't win with the wisest Keyblade of all, so he just grumbled in annoyance.

Well, the last few I didn’t quite catch who they were… except this one other oddball. Looked like a Centaur, watch out for him. His heart was as black as they come. And don’t blame me, Keyblades of darkness were trying to find wielders too. Luckily it was just the two.

Devin sighed, “Fine then. So now what happens?”

Well, as the X-blade, first forged Keyblade by my father, I declare that you Devin, Personally train those that were given Keyblades and keep an eye out for the two dark ones. Also, keep an eye on Ultima for me. Strong he may be, he’s still the baby of the family.

“Thank god, I can talk now.” Zeke said.

“So, guess I'm a teacher now.” Devin said. “Not the worst job I've had. But what about the other dark Keyblade?”

Void Gear? Meh, just look for some girl with an itchy sweater and huge glasses that hangs around a library even when a crazy Keyblade person is in the room. Void is very troubled by the way, last wielder he had was someone with part of a heart, but only the darkness in it. Same guy tried to wield me, worst migraine ever after I broke and exploded.

“Oh boy…” Devin groaned, rubbing his temples.

Well, I’ll be off. This guy needs to have a talk with his finances.

Zeke shook his head. “That’s going to take some getting used to.” Zeke used the X-blade and opened a portal. He then turned it into a glider and jumped on. “Good luck with all this… We both need it.” He flew into the portal.

I flew out over the Empire. It was doing so well. I hope I won't be able to hear every Keyblade speak.

You are.

So you can speak in my mind?

Yes. Don't worry, I'll hep explain this to the others.

Things just went from weird, to crazy in seconds.

Look at it this way, you've just achieved a state that might be enough to help in the battle against Core and his reflections.

It feels so quick, too soon though.

We may chose our paths, like Keyblades chose wielders, but we never know where our choices will take us.

I still can't believe the Keyblade Graveyard possessed me. I don't remember any of it, how was that even possible?

That was my fault. My connection to our father made them confuse you for his when you picked up the Keyblade. Word spread like wildfire around us... and somehow, even when we were on another world, the found your heart.

What makes me spacial?

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