• Published 7th Feb 2017
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Balance - BioQuillFiction

2012, the year the world was going to end. I really didn't think much of it, to me the world would be the same no matter what happens. Earth is violent and lacking real heroees. Maybe in my sleep I'll dream of a better world if this one does die.

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Moving on

As morning came I began wondering what we should do today. There isn’t much to do around here so maybe we could head off somewhere, leave this town and look for what’s, or rather who’s controlling the Nobodies. That person in my dream said it was a forgotten survivor from the Keyblade War, but did they even have knowledge of Nobodies back then? I sighed. I really don’t know what to do right now, the Safe Spot isn’t really safe anymore since the Nobodies found it and whoever is pulling the strings here might know about us already.

Everyone was enjoying a breakfast of easy make pancakes so best now. “Guys?” I spoke, gaining their attention. “The Nobodies found us yesterday, so I’m not sure how safe it is here anymore. I was thinking we may have to leave and find somewhere else to go.”

“Where would we even go?” Scootaloo asked. “Ponyville is all we know.”

“I’ve been thinking, Celestia and Luna control the sun and moon here, right?”

“Yeah, everyone knows that.” Rumble said.

“In that case, wouldn’t Canterlot be a lot safer than here? The sun and moon still moving across the sky means the princesses are safe, so our best bet is to go there.”

“But the trains were derailed by huge Nobodies the day they started attacking, to walk and climb there would take days even if we followed the railroads.” Dinky said.

I stood up. “Follow me.” I said as everyone began following me. Once outside I summoned the X-blade and threw it up into the air. When it came back down as a glider everyone was amazed by how it did that. I also pressed the button on my metal sleeve and when my armor appeared they pretty much lost it. “Not sure if I can get you kids your own armor, but all of your keyblades should be able to transform into gliders as well. It’s one of the many ways people can travel from world to world, but this way is pretty much forgotten about by what’s left of the Keyblade wielder.”

“So we just, toss them into the air!?” Scootaloo asked.

“That’s pretty much what I do.”

With that said, they all threw their Keyblades into the air as high as possible and to my surprise, they all turned into gliders. Scootaloo's came out looking something pretty much like a scooter, only with razor sharp edges on the back end of the foot rest. Rumbles came out much like Ven’s, only silver and with more designs. Buttons came out like Terra’s, only looking like something a steampunk made. Dinky’s was the oddest, it looked like a mini gummi ship only big enough to hold one person. It was blue and covered in stars, with a crescent moon on both sides of it.

“That went better than expected. Now, go back inside and grab your things, we should leave before any Nobodies come back here.”

Within minutes everyone grabbed what they felt they needed, or had kept with them since this hell started for them, and we left. The fly in the sky felt great, but I did warn them they didn’t have armor on so it would be best if they didn’t do anything crazy. We made it to Canterlot in only ten minutes, and the city was a mess from a bird's eye point of view. It was clear a battle took place here, probably skilled mages trying desperately to fight off Nobodies to no avail. We landed near the train station and the only sound to be heard was wind blowing down the empty streets.

“This is unsettling.” Button said.

“No kidding,” I replied. “Looks like ground zero here. Maybe the castle is where most of everyone went to?”

“Seems like it would be the only safe place.”

“So should we head there?” Dinky asked.

“Yeah, main roads should lead us there.” I answered. We all kept our Keyblades out while walking since just being here put us all on edge. The main road did in fact lead to the castle, where we were greeted by a large locked gate. “Watch this.” I said, pulling out the X-blade and pointing it at the lock, within seconds, a beam of light shot out and the sound of a lock opening came from the gate as the lock opened and fell off. “The ultimate skeleton key.”

We walked in and to our surprise, we saw somebody walking around the front entrance. It was a woman, black hair with orange fur. She was dressed in some kinda grey jumpsuit. “Excuse us, miss?” Dinky asked.

The woman reacted and turned around… I nearly dropped my Keyblade. Her face was pale like death, eyes were hollow, and her chest had this device that pulsated darkness all around it. “What is that?!” Scootaloo yelled.

“I’ve never seen anything like that, I don’t know if that’s a person or a Nobody!” I replied, shaking… if that is a person, then that machine is messing with them. Is that why the Nobodies were taking people? For this?! I looked up and she was walking towards us slowly. I lunged forward, jabbing my Keyblade into the machine over her heart, slowly I turned it and I saw the machine come apart at the seams. When I pulled it out, the machine fell off completely and the woman fell to the ground. I lifted her up and to my relief she was breathing and the color was returning to her face. “Thank goodness.”

“Zeke, what was that?” Button asked.

“Keyblades have amazing powers, even the heart will do what they command. I think that machine was some kinda lock, keeping her heart in darkness against their will. I freed it.”

“When will she wake up?” Rumble asked.

“Soon hopefully. Life will be different for her, but at least she’s alive.”

“This doesn’t look good, you don’t think this was ground zero, do you?” Button asked.

“This event might prove that right, but that also means whoever is behind this, is somewhere in that castle” The four of them looked at the castle doors, the looks on their faces were a mix of fear, anger, and justice. “You all want to head in, right?”

“If we don’t, whoever is in there might get away. Plus, more people like her could be in there. We just gotta do it now.” Scootaloo said.

“Fine,” I said, placing the woman on a bench. “But no matter what, you four just take on the small frys and I’ll handle the snakes head.”

Opening the door, we all walked at a fast pace through the castle. The fact that nothing was in the castle made us more nervous than at ease, only dust and cobwebs along side the decorative antiques the lines the sides of the hallway. We opened every door we came across and still nothing, not even any other people like that woman. “I don’t like this.” I said.

“Same.” They all said simultaneously.

“You don’t think they left?” Dinky asked.

“Doubt it, I think whoever this is… they might be expecting us.”

Hours of searching lead us to the doors of the throne room. Upon opening the doors we were greeted by pods that looked like flowers. There were five, all empty. “What are these?”

“Not sure, something is off.”

“Bravo.” Someone behind us said, We turned around and saw a man in a black bear mask and red lab coat standing at the doorway. “You five have come quite a ways.”

“So you’re the one behind the Nobodies?”

“Yes, it was tricky, but after several hundred quick experiments I realized what needed to be done.” He pulled out a glass jar, holding a small pink heart. “Lacking feelings makes it easier to drown out the screams of the test subjects. I also saw you take my prized invention off of subject T-979.”

“You survived the Keyblade War, why keep bringing out more darkness?”

“Because it’s fun. All worlds were once one and now they all shine as stars within the darkness of the night sky!”

I flung my Keyblade at him, cutting his face and striking the wall behind him. “I grew up with people like you.” I summoned the X-blade back to , taking a battle ready stance. “And quite frankly, I always felt someone needs to teach you the meaning of fear!

I lunged forward, he pulled out a sword to defend, but I tossed it out of his grip with one swing and kept attacking as fast as I could. He seemed able to summon swords without end, yet I either blocked or deflected all of them. I continually fought, landing blows as fast as I was capable. Scootaloo, Dinky, Button and Rumble tried to help as much as they could, but this bastard summoned swarms of Nobodies to keep them busy in the hallway. We each managed to land blows on one another, cuts slicing old scars on my body. Each cut he made somehow made me feel more alive, stronger… HaPPy!

I was lost in the fight, I found myself enjoying the life or death battle, but I knew it couldn’t end, nothing good ever does! “I sAy wE End tHiS!” I yelled, and let my darkness flood me! The shock wave tossed my nameless opponent across the room and against the wall. The power was INFINITE! And I loved all of it! A quick look behind me revealed that Xehanort's Guardian was floating behind me. I smiled and in a flash, appeared over the Nobody and had the Guardian hold him by the throat. “It’S bEEn FuN, BUt nOw iT’s tIMe To saY FAreWeLl.”


As his limp body fell to the ground, a darkness began to consume it and soon there was no proof he was ever here other than his heart in the jar. As my high from the fight began to come down and my dark power subsided I began to realize how I was acting… How I was talking… At that moment I acted no different than the rest of my family. As the last of the darkness left me and the Guardian faded into mist I collapsed onto the floor, crying. This was why I prefered not to fight, fighting brings out my true nature, the beast I cage, the Demon in my heart.

I woke up in a large bedroom, decorated like the sun itself lived here. I realized this must be Celestia’s room, or rather, the Celestia of this world, dimension? Still gotta figure out how I got here. As I tried to move I felt something heavy across my chest and stomach. Looking down, I spotted not one, not two, more than three, SIX anthro pony women hugging me as they slept. What shocked me the most out of was how… close to the skin the blanket was over them, like if they… were… nude…

Now, many men back on earth, especially in my family, would naturally savor this moment if it ever happened to them… I’m not most men… My immediate response was to try and make a break for the window, not caring about the drop since this room clearly isn’t on the bottom floor. Yet I found myself unable to move, mainly since they all were hugging me with enough force I might as well be anchored to this bed, so I settled for the only alternative I could think of. A silent scream.

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