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Wow, I can't believe I get to go to Equestria. This is great. Oh, My name is Eddie. But you can call me Razor. I'm an Argonian. What's a Argonians? Well, Argonians are bipedal lizard like creatures that can breath underwater and are immune to poison. I was sent here by Princess Luna to warn the ponies about Queen Chrysalis' return, but first I got some exploring to do.

This story is set in The Chess Games of The Gods and this Non-Canon.

Note: I changed the tag to comedy because everyone needs a laugh every now and then as well as changing it to human because he's gonna mention humans and will have flashbacks about himself as a human.

I changed the tag from Crossover to Anthro because, Argonains are bipedal lizards.

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My life as an Argonain

Misspelled title.


Shit you're right. It needs to be corrected

FINALLY a new 'Chess game of the God's'' fanfic! Yes! Good luck to you sir, also instant favorite.

[Okay, were do I start? Well, how about we start off with my name? My name is Eddie Russ and I am a brony. /quote]

Hilarious intro, well done, very good indeed.


I got a lot of chapters to do. so, don't worry.

I turn to Princess Luna. "What happen to me?" I ask, sounded more worried then ever.

I turn(ed) to Princess Luna, "What happened to me exactly?" I shout in horror looking at myself. (This is what I would do)
I turn(ed) to Princess Luna, "What happened to me?" I say, and I sound more worried than I ever have before. (What you should probably do)



It should be, Argonian (start of the sentence, capitalization,)
And it also should probably be like this!

Argonian? I thought to myself (very) surprised at this (very) new development.

Stand completely still and then started screaming and running around like a lunatic.

You forgot an I or He.

"Because argonains and changelings are natural enemies in Equis. They don't like each other. The changelings and argonains have been enemies since the dawn of time." She said, grimly.

WHY?!!! Are you ever going to explain this later on or not?

The changeling didn't respond. "Hey! I ask you a question. Answer me!" I really hated when people don't answer my questions it just really ticks me off. I walk up close to the changeling but it back paddle up to the wall. This one is really a pansy.

"Hey! I asked you a question, answer me!" I really hate when people don't answer my questions, it just really ticks me off, a lot.
I walk up (very) close to the changeling, but it goes up against a wall. (or it goes into the wall).

Where are Argonians from? The name sounds familiar...


They're are Elder Scrolls Skyrim and Oblivion.

He did but Thorax still wants proof. Razor just told him about the human culture. The next chapter is where things get interesting.


You just gave an idea for a new chapter I'm gonna do after my four other ones.


If it's Tailon sure but I did put a Crossover tag on it.

8174055 Yes it is and cool, let me know when you're ready to work on that.

Comment posted by DisplacedWriter deleted May 22nd, 2017

Yeah, I know what were thinking, "Are you really a brony?" well, yes I really am. I have been watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic from Season 1 Through Season 5 and I gotta say, I LOVE THIS SHOW. ( Clears Throat ) Sorry.

Well, i've been a fan since Gen 2! (but not of gen 3, naturally.) Beat that!


Eddie isn't a fan of G3. He like G4 and those EQG Movies

I have to be honest, I hate it if Celestia or Luna.....or Discord transport the humans in this world, at least if they tell some stuff like "I know you are the only one to save the world. Let's just say I rarely see it done good in my eyes and hate it most of the time if that happens.

I know this just started but I don't see the reason why she should come here to take him with her.

Maybe because I prefer it if they are a suprise to the princesses as well and not that they already know everything about them, from whatever species they are till what they have to do or think.
I know remember all the crossovers like One Piece X MLP, where Celestia either always knows of the pirates or is actually a secret samurai herself.

Sorry I only now saw that this was your first story, while my thoughts remain the same, I think everyone is allowed to do that stuff at least once. I guess some ideas repeat themself.....and not everyone is like me of course.


Well, that's okay. I'm just trying my best to make it right. Now, Razor is a human turned Argonain and his real name is Eddie Russ. You should read Chapter five. He will talk about his life before he was sent to Equis.

hmmmm, bit short but now I understand what you was talking about.


I'm on Hiatus now. but you can do your own chapter now.

The link to the war song sent me to a god role play video

But the staff is blunt how you stab someone? And is he even wearing winter clothes or is it MAGIC...

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