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(Season finale spoilers. Don't read if you have yet to see it)

My name is Abdonis. I am strong. I am loyal. And I have witnessed the fall of my hive. My brothers converted and allied with the ones who are responsible for their undoing. There is nothing here for me anymore. I am hiveless. I must get out before the same happens to me.

May fate smile upon me through this difficult time. For no-ling else will...

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Very good, I expect a sequel from that ending.

It was good, but it needs more. I would love to see this changeling meet up with Chrysalis and take back the hive.

Thumbs Up. I agree it could use a sequel if you want to go longform with it. I haven't seen any fics really with this point of view although I have expressed it on message boards.

"Hey, they are race traitors, no longer changelings by any sense of the word. They probably can't even shapeshift anymore."

Comment posted by Wroth deleted Oct 12th, 2016

I love the idea, and for a short one shot its good, though i feel you can do more with it. On the one hand you can have this Swarm Leader join with Chrysalis or you can have him evolve in the other direction. Like say a changeling that learns to eat and grow not with love, but with hate. But that's just an idea, either good job and hope to see more.

Razzy #6 · Oct 23rd, 2016 · · 1 ·

While in of the opinion that only the changelings in the throne room changed and there are many more in the hive and put off it, on missions, replacing others, this was pretty nice and kinda mirrors my opinion of the change.

They are no longer changelings, they're yet another race of cutesy pastel ponies, but with chitin. They probably can't even shapeshift anymore. And they have no sense of loyalty, they literally sold out their mother for some food without a moment's hesitation.

I like to think that they're also doomed, since the flashback from the Thorax episode suggests that Chryssie gave birth to all of them, Thorax is a male and all the voiced drones are males, and they just ran out the only female in the hive, their queen. Whoops.

Wanna read more!

Interesting concept.
After watching the episode I had wondered if something like that had happened.
Also, there are probably other changelings still out there. Patrols, small outposts and something like that. At the very least those who replaced the captured ponies seen in the throne room.

I just started posted a story about a changeling that could not transform, but wanted to.
So I find it funny that the first story I read on this group was about a changeling that could transform, but did not want to.

You should continue this.

A constant error I noticed was ending punctuation being outside of quotation marks whenever a character dialogues. Might wanna fix that.

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