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This story follows an earth pony plumber or "mechanic" fresh out of Stable 45 named Speak Easy,
or 'Spaz' if you want to annoy him.
He's attempting to make a living in the harsh reality that is the Wasteland.
A virgin of the waste, if you will.
No wait, that's not very good terminology...

Speak Easy doesn't have much of a goal other than you know,
not die.
Even though he has less survival skills then a legless sheep trying to fight against a pack of wolves...

But hey, if a Pipbuck technician can do it...

Follow him through his "journey" as he attempts to make a living doing Odd Jobs with some griffin who keeps on changing her name that he befriended out of pure chance, meeting strangers and making friends (that sometimes want to kill him) as he discovers the wasteland and the many living, usually deadly creatures that inhabit it.

The setting of this story will mainly take place in The Long Walk, where trade rules;
and where there's money, there's bandits, raiders, and poverty.
Keep in mind to stay close to the road, because there are things roaming the plains that are much scarier than a group of bloodthirsty raiders.

This is a fan story based off of Kkat's Fallout:Equestria, so if you haven't read that yet, please do that now.
I don't really know how much this story relates to or follows the lore of FoE or the other amazing side-stories like Project Horizons, Pink Eyes, Heros, Murky Number Seven, etc.
but it should still pan out well hopefully and be a fun read

blah blah blah
<End of Description>

Author's note: feel free to add any ideas you have for new chapters in the comments, my motivation to write these chapters are mostly fueled by your suggestions and comments. Your ideas might even be incorporated into a chapter!

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Input, Support, Ideas, and Questions, are appreciated

Nickname: The Dystopian-Society Stable (gotta love Stable-Tec)

Real subtle.

Comment posted by SumDankPony deleted Aug 18th, 2016

Well that sounds delightful:fluttercry:

There were grammatical mistakes here and there, but overall the most important one was that you used 12pm instead of am. I know its counterintuitive, but it actually goes 11pm > 12am > 1am.

The first time it says his name it says "Speak Well" instead of easy. I did like this chapter though,

You don't need to tell us to read the prologue first, and don't do the authors note in the middle of the chapter either.

I was skeptical of having this background in between chapters, but it actually worked really well. I may have to borrow that trick.

Where exactly does this story take place and when? I want to try to mention this story and its main character in my story Fallout: Equestria - The Gates to Hell. It's just a weird thing that I do where I mention many characters from smaller Fallout fan-fictions in my one larger one.

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