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Noxus and Demacia's feud has taken new heights as both the opposite forces of Valoran have broken their Champion contracts with the Institute of War, and are now expanding their battlefields into new, unknown territories. On the Noxian side, LeBlanc, with the aid of several of Noxus' top dark mages, have discovered a portal leading to another dimension where their grip of evil can extend. At the same time on Demacia's side, Luxanna Crownguard and her light mages discover the same, and without further ado sends in a team comprised of her older brother, Garen Crownguard, the Night Hunter Vayne, and several of the Dauntless Vanguard to seek possible allies in this new world.

The world in question? Equestria, and the lands beyond.

Structure of the world beyond Equestria is based on a fan-made map made by the amazing Hlissner. Note that I am NOT going to draw anything from his own Fan Fiction, Where the World Ends. I am only using his map as a means of reference. The map belongs to him.

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Ill add it to my read later list. I'll be honest I've wanted to see a LOL crossover for about a month now (thats how long I've been playing.)


I want to see some of the more....unusual Champions in Equestria.
Like Karthus, or Skarner, or even Hecarim!


Ummm, I've seen several fictions being set in the LoL world, but not as a crossover. Perhaps this one will work better.

Tracking and expectant to see how this develops :trixieshiftright:

803272 Well, as VoidAlon pointed out, there are a lot of LoL fiction here on FIMFiction. Just gotta look in the right places!

803293 Dear God, if Karthus was in Ponyland, he'd be spamming Requiem just to kill ponies for fun. :derpytongue2: But we shall see, I do plan on adding more Champions than just the Demacian and Noxian ones. :raritywink:

803296 I will do my best to try and not disappoint you, then! Hope you will enjoy it anyway. :pinkiehappy:

This is going great so far keep up the good work :pinkiehappy:

803341 darius and draven together :pinkiecrazy:

803357 Why of course! The Blood Brothers will actually be featured in the next chapter! :pinkiecrazy:

803363 i kinda wished they made trynd and sejuani siblings, they both wear the same armor and stuff right? *idea, hint hint* :heart:

803341 It would be funny to see Hecarim in Equestria, it surely would piss off AJ (All the blue ribbons for Hecarim!)

And regarding your comment, just write what you feel without caring about anyones opinion. I've always thought that writing is better when you make it for yourself.

Nevertheless getting positive comments and flattery is always encouraging... Im confused now :applejackconfused:


Mostly I just haven't looked as my reading and writing list is already some 30 fics long with regular culling.

Anyway I am looking forward to reading the first chapter later today.

I demand the tiny master of evil right about now....getting a makeover by rarity becoming the superb villain veigar.

Good story it is nice to see more lol crossovers. Just a couple of things on lol lore I want to point out because I'm evil (Muhahaha) Noxus is not a kingdom but instead more run like a rebublic with a high council being the highest ruling organ. Swain is indeed the high commander but that is just the highest position in the army and since leblanc is not part of the noxian army he is not her ruler even if the position is the most powerfull in Noxus. Now I don't really care if you don't follow the lore down to the exact detail since the story will probably be good anyway but one large thing in the canon universe is that Demacia even thou they may look nicer actually aren't that much better than Noxus.

803721 Demacia is more like a communism, I know that. But no, I don't plan to be a 100% lore-fag and go EXACTLY down on the details. That'd ruin the story-writing, wouldn't it? :derpytongue2:

803780 Well at least it would make it a lot harder :P Stick to your own thing, if you think it feels better it probably will be better :D

Alright, new chapter is up, everypony! Featuring...

Draven and Darius, the Blood Brothers! :pinkiecrazy:

Still want karthus for the Lulz. He can be on his own side.

I actually wasn't aware that Vayne was on the side of Demacia, I thought she just wanted to hunt down and kill anything leading to dark arts.... Which I guess could be alot of Noxian champions but eeehhhh....

814563 Go look up the League of Legends Wiki. It will clearly show that Vayne is one of the Demacian Champions. :raritywink:

814566 is riven gonna fight for noxus she kinda dosent like them in their current state

814725 Riven is, and will always be, a rebellious exile of Noxus. She will most likely be neutral, however, if I decide to pop her in. Please keep in mind that I do not plan to add ALL the Champions, since there are well over one-hundred Champions by now, and that would be too much for me. :applejackconfused:

I really want to see the Void characters get mixed into this as well.
Cho'Gath is my favorite champion and I could easily see him eating so many ponies, including the princesses :pinkiecrazy:


I might, I might not. We'll see.

Sir are u gonna include my brother in it...? Ud better...

And finally, Chapter 2! Sorry, I've been very busy with plot bunnies in my head... :twilightblush:

hoo i like the adicion of ez and amumu to the story
quick question: are you gonna add singed to the story?

1056229 Aaw, was Amumu that obvious? :fluttercry:

Thanks, anyhow. And yes, you may or may not see a few Zaunites as the story progresses. :raritywink:

1056245 well what other champion uses his tears to deal death to other:pinkiehappy:

Mumu! Yay! It's not acrossover until atleast one yordle arrives :pinkiesmile:

I hope to see Nautilus in the story somewhere.

Garen eh well SPIN TO WIN KIDS

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