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The quiet, rural city of Notre Mare, Pearis has never been in any sort of ruckus, chaos, or calamity as their quiet years have passed on, under the rule of the secretively iron fist of Judge Chrysalis, their sole judge and executioner. Nopony is safe from her iron clutches, and whenever she strides, her own fanatical 'justice' will follow. However, on one faithful night, an infant is brought to her care that might change it all to the better... or the worse.


Author's Notes: Crossover/AU re-telling of the classic Disney movie and famous novel The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Do not judge me for making this, I made this out of my own free will, and my wild imagination. It might not be a good thing to do, considering that most of you bronies might or might not already recognize the scenes from the original movie, but if you do not like it, please keep it to yourselves. This is made for those who actually enjoy the idea of what I am trying to achieve, and hopefully for those who have never heard of stories like these, but might open their eyes to it.

So, without further ado, here is my story. Read. Enjoy. Like, favorite and comment. That is all.

Oh, and also, Disclaimers:

The Hunchback of Notre Dame (c) Disney
My Little Pony (c) Hasbro & Lauren Faust

P.S: If someone maybe could find a cover image that could fit, or better, make one for it, I'd be eternally grateful.

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'Pearis'? I'm curious, what's the pun for that? I feel a little stupid that I don't get it...

Either way, it's a little borderline plagiarism if you just copy the movie's dialogue and paste it into the character's mouths. If anything else it makes for a really surreal experience when it comes to certain characters that you picked for those particular roles. I can definitely see Trixie as Clopin, but Chrysalis as Frollo? Ehh... It just doesn't fit unless you change the dialogue and, ultimately, the story as well.

Hunchback of Notre Dame is so religiously charged that this crossover really doesn't hold up well unless you twist the story to fit pony standards. Could it work? Oh, certainly! But not by taking Disney's script and placing prose over it.

1057896 It's supposed to be a pun for 'Paris'.

And I will try my best to spice up the dialogues between the characters. I wanted Trixie as Clopin from the beginning, she just seemed to fit with the role so well. And as for Chrysalis being Claude Frollo, well... it was either her, or Discord in my mind. You make the choice. :rainbowwild:

Again, will do my best to make this story work, and spice up the dialogues a bit. I do already have a twist planned for the end, however. Might be a little obvious one, but it'll be funnier if you discover it yourself, and don't spoil it. :twilightsmile:

But ultimately, IF the story does not fit up to your standards, I am terribly sorry in advance if it disappoints you. I just write to bring my readers something interesting from my point of view, as well as doing it because it is fun. If I have to spend, let's say, an hour just trying to figure out how I am going to 'fit the story to pony standards', then it would not be that much fun, now would it? :fluttershysad:

However, if you do have any suggestions to what I could do, just PM me here, or even better, send me your IM address on either Windows Live Messenger or Skype, and we can chat it down. :raritywink:

it is only a copy of the movie with changed names , the themes of my little pony and the hunchback arent mixing at all .you should just do a novelization of the film.

Nah, you're fine. I was just offering suggestions. :twilightsmile:

Like the fellow above mentioned, I think that a novelization of the concept of Hunchback with ponies could be really dang awesome. It'd take some effort, yeah, but that's writing. Writing is a pretty unforgiving hobby in the grand scheme of things. BUT the rewards that you gain from it are always pretty awesome in the end if you take your time and do your research.

I'm a little busy right now with college starting up and my own projects looming over my head, so my brain is a little fried of ideas to begin with... but I would recommend taking the bare bones of the original and molding around it to fit the pony world. No religion, no gypsies, no archdeacons. But you can make a story about a shut-in outcast like Spike and make it really special.


*sigh* Looks like I have to rewrite the whole first Chapter then. :ajbemused:

I am really sorry for having been disappointing right off the bat with this story... I just thought it looked really good to me, and what I think is good, I usually go for. I usually don't care what others tell me because I think they can all go...

Okay, I will not bring it up here. Buck it. *goes to make a depressing Blog post instead* :fluttercry:

Dude, dude! Don't beat yourself up! Everyone starts somewhere, and EVERYONE has a writing style that has to develop through practice.
You've got good prose; all you need now is a spark of an idea to make a good adaptation.
You're doing good. Don't give up out of frustration, rather you should try and keep going. Just don't force yourself. Write only when you feel a desire to.
(by the way, thanks for your watch :rainbowkiss:)

Look, I... don't want to sound like an idiot, but I have no idea what you mean when you say that I have good prose. If you're referring to the slabs of bold text in the chapter, that's basically just the lyrics of the first song played in the original Hunchback movie, that I remade to slightly fit more to the story. Nothing more. It's not good prose. It's copy/paste'd lyrics. :ajbemused:

It's easy for you to say 'Don't give up out of frustration', and 'Don't beat yourself up'. I do that all the time. Even if I make the slightest mistake, I just constantly blame myself for it. I know it's a really bad habit, and that it just make things harder on me... but I just get so bucking mad for no reason when things don't go the way I want it, and instead of taking out my anger on others, I take it out on myself.

Anyhow, I will try and re-make the first chapter... when I get a god-damn idea of how to start it off, that is. *sigh* And I was almost done with the second chapter too... now I have to re-make THAT one too...

I have only one thing to say:

You could improve the title: The Dragon of Notre Mare! Because "mère" means mother and it sounds like "mare" plus they're both feminin nouns so they have the same lexicon as "dame". Not only that but it I believe it will something very exquisite to the story.

The prose is the 'meat' outside of the dialogue, the actual writing and descriptions.

You just have to learn to build from your mistakes. We all make them, and only a few of us really take the time to stand back, acknowledge our fault and move on.

Rewriting chapters is tedious, but think of the rewards that you'll reap from editing it all up! You'll end up with something that you can be proud of, maybe not completely, but enough to tell you that you're skill has grown.

Alright everypony, re-writing of the first chapter is complete! Now, if you still do not like it... this is what you get. Sorry, but this is the only adaption I can make so far.

Just read this, and I can you right now that this is leagues better than your first attempt. This is good work, and it'd be cool if you kept going at it. :rainbowkiss:

I'd say more, but my brain is pretty much dead at this point... bleh

Well, I am very glad you liked the re-make. I will try and keep it like this, and re-make the original story as good as I can, yet keep it as a good adaption to both the movie and MLP alike.

Just wanting to ask for your opinions, how should I do when I get to the Festival of Fools? :twilightblush:

Hnm... Maybe just have Trixie doing a bombastic magic show? Or, to keep with the costumes, you can make it Nightmare Night. Just to name a few. :twistnerd:

Hmm... maybe a combo of Trixie's bombastic magic, and Rarity (Who you all OBVIOUSLY know will be Esmeralda, no shit Sherlock!) having a costume challenge for the one to be crowned King of Fools (instead of the one having the ugliest face)

Im a little disapointed that you took out the arch decon scean. That played a big role in the movie in terms of Frollos character and his guilt vs want.


Yes, but it had to. As GingerNutGin stated numerous times in the comments above; This will be an MLP adaption to the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Meaning religion would ruin the MLP element of the story. The scene with the arch deacon is indeed one of the most moving scenes, but it would just not fit in here. I apologize for the disappointment, but I beg you to think about what I've just said. :ajbemused:

I still think the casting is really good. I also understand why you let that character out. I still have the story in my wach list. I'll see how things play out. Don't give up.

The more you know! :raritywink:

And yeah, the reason Spike's name is bad is a little simpler. Because most ponies (not all, but most) have names consisting of two parts, whereas Spike only has one part in his name, same with Rarity, they are often shunned and seen as outcasts in this video. Chrysalis doesn't care though, since she's a Queen.

Glad you like it! Do not worry, I will update and write whenever I can. :raritystarry:

Well, i can tell this may be good. Can't wait to see what you have in store for Shining Armour and Rarity. Who will be Spikes friends like the gargoyles though?


Well I guess you already know which roles Shining Armour and Rarity will replace, but I will keep you guessing! :raritywink:

Also, I've decided to leave that part out. The gargoyles from the original Hunchback were a very comical relief to the movie, yes this is true, but for the sake of simplicity and keeping it smooth and going for my own good, I've decided to leave them out here.

Interesting, continue.

I think Clopin would be a mix of Discord and Trixie.

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