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PonyVille... a town of peace and serenity, even in a dark season like the winter, and everypony is just minding their own business and going on with their every-day life... that is, until both Twilight Sparkle and Spike encounters something horrid, of unnatural dread and cold, and are barely saved from a certain, icy tomb. After discovering the identity of the monstrous being called 'The Groke', everypony of the Mane Six, along with Spike, has to find out why and how the Groke has found its way to PonyVille, or eternal cold may descend upon them!

My first Pony Fic, please be gentle on your criticism! Will be writing more chapters when I have the time.

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OMG!! You managed to make a Fanfic about the Groke from the Moomins?

WIN!! I plan on reading this with serious fervor

Interesting concept... I actually found myself quite invested into what was going on in this story until you placed a blatant link to a youtube video. I know you're trying to set a mood, but something like that does the exact opposite. It rips the reader away from the world that you've built and dampens the atmosphere.

Also try not to rely on too much stuttering and caps lock. Gradual usage is fine, but to have all of your yelling put into caps makes you look amateurish. Granted, we're ALL amateurs, but you don't want the audience to think that. Even so... I liked it. :twistnerd:

P.S; Thank you for writing about The Groke. That bastard used to terrify me when I was little... still kinda does.

Splendiferous Job. Looking forward to moar... :moustache:

That ended... way quicker than I thought it would...

Nice job, a few somebody's or someone's were in there, but I know that it is a bitch and a half trying to get used to the terms of the pony world. I look forward to your new chapters, because... I don't read stories that often... :scootangel:

702271 Nothing is impossible, is it? :trixieshiftright: Thanks for the comment!

702280 Thank you for your constructive criticism! I do realize it kinda ruins the mood when someone randomly pops up a link in the story, but it was all to set the mood. I am deeply sorry, and will think about it next time. About the Caps Lock part, it's just a slight little habit I have, but I guess I'll have to work on it. Again, thank you for the criticism, and I will do my best to improve!

P.S; I know, she terrified me as well... :fluttercry: So what better way to confront your childhood fears other than writing about it!


I'll say. I grew interested in the Groke when I was reading about disturbing children's shows on Cracked.com

I hope Fluttershy will be okay...:fluttershysad:

719871 No, but i can guarantee you that Fluttershy is. I'm just worried about her, that's all.:twilightsmile:

719874 Who knows how Fluttershy will react... and who knows what the Groke will do. Who knows...

FEED THEM TO YOU IN SOUP MADE OF YOUR OWN BLOOD!!!!!!!! Either that, or i'm just paranoid. Have a nice day!:pinkiecrazy:


I hated the Groke during my childhood. Why would I do that bitch's bidding? :twilightoops:

Anyhow, new chapter will be up soon-ish, I hope.

I hope so too. Also, on a side note, I knew that you weren't doing it's bidding, i just like eyeball soup. Have you ever had it?:pinkiesmile:


Oh Celestia... Why does that horrifying thing has to follow me wherever I go!? :fluttercry:

No matter, soon she will realize that there will be consequences for her actions this time around!

Great story by the way! The more people will know about the Groke the merrier! :pinkiesmile:

Looks very interesting... too bad this is story is marked as Incomplete, and last update was so long ago :(

Too bad this thing just ends here, would have been interesting to see where this would go.

I had hopes that we would get to see the Groke in a more sympathetic light later on in the story. In spite of her frightening appearance, she just longs for warmth and companionship like so many others. The Groke is an incredibly tragic character.

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