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League of Equestria - FreudTastic

League of Legends and My Little Pony Crossover

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Prologue: A New world

The cold, grisly winds blew across the city streets of Noxus, the second greater of the two city-states of Valoran, as clouds gathered in the distance, warning of a coming storm. The citizen who lived in the slums just outside the city gates and moat were struggling to find cover under their rags, or in one of the many shacks that covered the ground. In the inner city, a man was seen skulking around clad in steel blue and brown robes, his ‘cloak’ split off into multiple sections with blades tipping each one of them. People seemed to fear him as he passed by, and rightfully so, since he was no one other than Talon, one of the most trained elite assassin in all of Noxus. The Blade’s Shadow was on a delivery mission this time however, as he had an envelope in his hand, as he made his way up the granite mountain which made up most part of the inner city, up towards the High Command building, a grand fortress in its own rights.

The guards, as usual, demanded to hear about his business to High Commander Jericho Swain, to which he informed them he had a letter of crucial importance. And if they hadn’t believed him, which they did anyway and let him pass… well, he’d have a few stabbings to trace back. Smirking under his cowl, he ventured into the fort’s gates, and into the grand meeting/dining hall, which was vast and dome-like in appearance, with a massive long table at the center. On the other end sat the Master Tactician in question, casually sipping on a cup of wine while his pet raven, Beatrice, was perched upon his shoulder and ripping the body of a dead mouse apart, the six-eyed avian cawing loudly as Talon appeared. Swain tiredly raised an eye to the assassin as he scowled.

“And what business do you have with me this evening, Talon? Be quick with your words, I was about to enjoy a nice, quiet meal.”

“High Commander Swain…” Talon began as he reached for the envelope, pulling it out of his robes as he handed it to the commander. “I bring good news from LeBlanc and her sorcerers. She has informed us that she has finally found a way for us to expand our power without having to break the laws the Institute have put up after our little… aherm, ‘dispute’ at their base of operations.” Swain chuckled darkly as he remembered that event; It had indeed been a dispute. And oh, so grand too! Demacia and Noxus had once more gotten into a very big discussion about which kingdom was the greatest, but this time, another topic had been brought into light; which was the greater kingdom to rule Valoran when the Institute no longer had power? Of course, both sides rooted for no one else than themselves, so therefore, both Demacia and Noxus disconnected themselves from the Institute’s rules all together, breaking their Champion contracts as well as making sure that the Institute had nothing to say in the matter. But, as predicted, the Institute still put their noses into business that was not theirs, and made a law that was global for all of Valoran; That Champions from Demacia and Noxus were not allowed to meet, under any circumstances. Meaning, they could not go into war, since most of their Champions would be a key point in their victory. A quite bothersome law, but they could face dire consequences if they broke it.

“Ah, so the illusionist finally brings some progressive news to our halls, huh? That is indeed a good start.” Swain smirked under his robes as he unfolded the letter and began to read it. His eyes peered slightly over a few words as he narrowed them to read the fine prints, Beatrice leaning onto her master’s side to check he didn’t miss a line or two, cawing whenever he did. She was an annoyance sometimes, but for an old, scrawny man like Swain, she was a good companion and partner, as stubborn and determined as he was. His dark chuckle was heard as he finished the letter, putting it onto his table as he looked over to Talon with a solemn nod. “Inform LeBlanc to proceed with her spell at once.”

“Oh, I will…” A feminine cackle was heard as from the shadows strode LeBlanc in person, smoke fuming from her form as she had without a doubt been listening to the whole conversation without ever being detected. So great was the power of the Deceiver. “I hope you do not mind my advances, High Commander Swain, but I have already put my sorcerers to work, and we should have the portal up in no time.” Swain’s eyes narrowed in slight distrust and anger when LeBlanc nonchalantly stepped in from the shadows, Beatrice letting out a series of loud caws before she was calmed down by her master.

“LeBlanc… I would advise you that eavesdropping is not a very honorable act, especially not in front of your ruler.” He sneered, standing up as he looked her over. “But I suppose that it is forgivable this time around… continue with your work at once!” LeBlanc nodded solemnly as her commander barked at her, giving him a slight sneer back as she disappeared. Swain sighed as he sat down again, Talon bowing before he left the hall. His intents were clear.

Noxus would rise to power. And nothing, not even the Institute of War, would stand in their way.


A young, blonde girl with a set of light plate armor was seen skipping along the roads of Demacia as she was delivering her own news to her superiors. Naturally, the Lady of Luminosity had lessons to take at this hour of day as she still was a mage in training, but she had important news for his older brother. Reaching the barracks of the Dauntless Vanguard, the elite soldier troops of Demacia, she went into the building and found her brother – Garen Crownguard – surrounded by his men as they were all discussing about the Institute’s new law, most of his men being infuriated by it.

“My soldiers please remain calm!” Garen demanded as he tried to get his men in order. “We all know the new laws of the Institute of War are somewhat bothersome to our current situation with Noxus, but I promise you one and all; those scoundrel dogs will pay in blood for what they have done to our lands over the centuries! Not a single of their soldiers will remain standing once we are done with-“

“Brother! Big brother, I have a message from the Light Council!” he heard the juvenile, jet chipper and light tone of his younger sister, Luxanna “Lux” Crownguard, as she made her way through the bulk of armor and muscle that was in her path and up to her big brother, smiling at him as always. “I need to show it to you right away, brother!” Garen gave her a light smile back, before he looked back towards his soldiers and ushered them back.

“Return to your duties, soldiers. I have a message to take care of.” He ordered them as he then followed Lux, ruffling up her blonde hair a bit as she giggled. “Ah, Lux… it does my heart good to see you in times like these… you still doing your studies?”

“Yes, big brother… I’m doing all I can to become the best Light Mage in Demacia.” She smiled at him as she straightened her hair out a bit, before reaching into a satchel on her side, pulling out a letter from it. “But I have more important news than that, brother. Look at this report I got from the other Light Mages!” Garen took the letter and neatly unfolded it, before he read it, his eyes scanning over it rather quickly, but got quite a bit of it as he then wore a proud smirk on his face.

“By the Crown Prince, this is indeed great news!” he exclaimed as he then folded it back and gave it back to his sister. “This will definetly be a good way to turn this in our favor, as I am sure our enemy will have found a similar way to reach this new world. Speaking of the crown prince, have you informed him about this as well?”

“Not me, but a few other of the mages said they’d inform him immediately.” Lux proclaimed as she took the letter back and stuffed it into her satchel. “Brother… are you sure this is right? I mean, invading another world just to continue struggling against Noxus. I just think that… it’s kind of unnecessary to spread our conflict into other dimensions. It will not only be bad for us, but for that world as well! They might be peaceful, and don’t want war in their realm! What if we’re just-“

“That has been taken into concern, Luxanna.” A loud voice was heard above them as, trudging up to them with his great lance and golden armor, was Jarvan himself, the Crown Prince of Demacia. Lux instantly curtseyed for her crown prince, but Garen merely smiled and saluted him, being a childhood friend of the towering man. Jarvan nodded once to Garen’s salutation as he then looked down at Lux. “Your concern for this new world’s well-being is taken into note, Luxanna. However, if we allow the dogs of Noxus to infect their realm with their iron-fist rule, do you think that they will be better or worse off than if we intervene?” a short silence was heard from the Lady of Luminosity as she did not know what to say, but Jarvan chuckled softly. “I understand, it’s a tough decision. But we shall make sure to damage as little of their world as we can. I promise, Lux. Now, please join with your fellow mages. I’ve been informed they will start creating the portal as soon as they can.” Without a word of protest, the light mage nodded as she rushed off. Jarvan sighed, standing next to Garen. “This will be a troublesome fight… one which will be taken to grounds we’ve never been to. But we will prevail, in the name of my father, the king.”

“Indeed… how about the other factions?” he then asked. “Bandle City, Piltover, Freljord… Ionia? I am sure that once this reaches her hears, Poppy would be more than happy to assist with a band of Yordles. As for Piltover, Freljord and Ionia, I am not sure, but our allies should not be taken out of the equation.” Jarvan nodded once to this, but then shook his head.

“I think it’s best if we held them out of the equation for this time, Garen. This is between us and Noxus. Gather your Dauntless Vanguards. We will leave immediately as the portal is up.” He said, and as Garen nodded, they both recited Demacia’s anthem;

“Demacia; now and forever.”


It was a rather quiet day in Ponyville for its inhabitants as everypony were minding their own business, going on with their errands and preparing for a rather big celebration. It was the celebration of Princess Celestia’s 30th year as the leader of Equestria, and everypony had something to do. Everypony… except Twilight Sparkle. The violet unicorn was trying to do something, but found herself to be too panicked about her teacher’s arrival to Ponyville to actually focus herself to do something, as she was dashing left and right inside her library to try and find something she had recently discovered. So far, she had not done any interesting research, and it felt like a big problem for her.

“Oh my gosh, there has to be something that hasn’t been gone into detail yet!” she begged as she tried to find anything, just anything, that she could go into detail with. Meanwhile, her assistant Spike couldn’t help but to snicker a bit as she was rushing back and forth. “Oh quit it Spike, and help me find something!” she scowled at him, and he shook it off as he began to look around too.

“Sorry Twilight, but you just look so funny when you run around like a headless hen!” he teased with a little laugh, looking through the tomes and books in her shelves. “You really need to learn to categorize your books better, Twilight! I mean, Pinkie Pie can find books easy as that, but neither of us can! I just find it weird that-“

“I know Spike, let’s… not berate on that subject anymore, okay?” she demanded as she just wanted to keep away from that subject due to embarrassment. She just sighed and kept on her search. Just then, there was a knock on the door as Twilight asked Spike to open it, and when he did, Derpy Hooves was just outside, smiling stupidly like always as she brought out a newspaper entitled “Equestria Daily”.

“Daily newspaper!” she called out giddily, before she flew off again. Spike sighed and said a quick ‘thanks’ before she was off, sitting down as he thought he had earned some rest, and read through the paper quietly… until one topic caught his eye.

“Holy Guacamole!” he called out as his tail stood on attention. “Twilight! Come out here, you got to see this!” as if on cue, the violet unicorn was by his side, as he held up the article. She gasped a bit, seeing the title of it, and the text beneath, which she read out loud;

Strange Creatures Seeks an Audience with the Princess!

Celestia remains quiet of the details

Earlier today, a strange phenomenon occurred as what seemed to be a giant gate of light appearing right outside the borders of Canterlot, and out of the portal stepped at least fifty-two strange, bipedal creatures with tall bodies, bulky armor and sharp swords, except for one of the possible leader beings, who appeared more feminine and had a numerous amount of apparatuses on her body. The creatures asked for an audience with ‘the world’s current political leader’, which in turn is our beloved Princess Celestia, and despite being the day of her celebration, she agreed on their terms, and they are now holding a meeting in Canterlot’s halls as we speak. The Solar Princess, however, keeps further journalists out of the discussion, and the only thing we’ve heard so far is from the Moon Princess Luna, who comments;
“I am sure my sister does what is best for our country. I cannot comment further.”

Twilight felt a lump grow in her throat as she read it. Strange bipedal beings asking for an audience with Celestia? This sounded like trouble. What if the creatures’ intents were no good? She had to find out! “Spike, we’re going to Canterlot. Stat!” she said as she stormed out of the library, her dragon companion running after as quick as he could. Just then, they were met up by Rarity, and while Spike was swooning over her like usual, Twilight saw her serious expression. “Rarity! So, I guess you read it too, didn’t you?”

“How could I not have?” she said with an exasperated tone. “This is disastrous! If those creatures are allowed near Ponyville, who knows what’ll happen!”

“I know, and that’s why I’m going to Canterlot. I want to be there to see what my teacher will do about it.” Twilight replied as she looked around, seeing all the other ponies being busy discussing the headlines. “I wonder where the others are…”

“Well, Fluttershy was barricaded in her cottage, I saw. Looks like she doesn’t want to be a part of the discussions, or she is just scared like usual.” Rarity said as she thought a little more. “I haven’t seen anything of Applejack or Rainbow Dash, either…”

“Hey guys, did you see the news!?” came a shout from above as said cyan Pegasus dove down to them, floating about in the air. “I wonder what those creatures are that I read about! They sound awesome!”

“I’m not too sure about that, Rainbow…” Twilight mumbled. “Look, I just want to find out about what’s going on right now, so I will be teleporting anyone who’s willing to join me to Canterlot. Dash, if you wanna join us you could just fly there. I bet you know the way.” She smiled as Rainbow nodded with a salute. “Rarity, I suppose you’re the only one wanting to follow for now? Since Applejack, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie seem to be busy otherwise.”

“Well, I… I have to look after my boutique!” the pristine white unicorn explained. “What if they come here unnoticed! I cannot let them raid my store!” Twilight just nodded as it would be easier to teleport just herself and Spike.

“Alright then, I’ll get back as soon as I know more.” She said, and Rainbow Dash was already flying off to Canterlot. “Spike, grab hold of me.” She said as the dragon obeyed, her horn glowing white as they disappeared in a bright flash. She had to know what was going on, and more importantly…

What would Celestia’s verdict be?


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