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Hey, this is Advance, I am new to writing fanfics so please add any constructive criticism when reviewing my stories.


You and Rarity have been dating for a several months, do you have what it takes to confess your feelings for the beautiful unicorn?

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Oh, for Celestia's sake...:facehoof::rainbowwild:

"How about... you bend over instead dear?" you suggest. :raritywink:

Very good read :twilightsmile:

:derpyderp2: . . . . I'm usually more eloquent, but in this case. ME GUSTA! :moustache:

is it just me or do i sense a MLP-Genesis reference somewhere in here :rainbowhuh:

I was with you until she said bend over. Ow.:fluttershbad:

gusta, very shexy
andyways, ehere's my read of this

Those final two words made this all worth it.

:rainbowderp: Major wut at the end

shes telling HIM to bend over
BITCH PLEASE:flutterrage:
but either way it was good just the first person thing was not required

Thanks for the comments everyone! :pinkiehappy: Sorry if I couldn't reply to your comments individually, I haven't had much time on my hands recently. :pinkiecrazy:
But wow! 350 views? That's more than I ever would've expected! :pinkiegasp: Once again, thanks for reading my story! :pinkiesmile:

840916It's Cool, no problem... ;)

840916 Hey! You wrote a good story. :raritywink:

Oh jeez. Ooh. Ouch.


Eh, man. You gonna finish Invisible Relationship anytime soon? Maybe? Please?

Oh my God! *lulz* I was just working on that a few minutes ago. I should start getting serious about this shit, but I'm just not. :/ Welp, I'll work on it. More.

Wha- but, how? With her horn?

I'm not sure I want to know... :twilightoops:

That ending earns a :trollestia:.

I got that joke.
There's a thing called knowyourmeme.
Look it up.

That ending made it lolololol...
Oh my celestia:rainbowlaugh:

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