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A mare wake up in a dark cell and quickly discover she have no memories. How will she cope ? Where is she ? What's going on ? You'll find out.

This is my first attempt to write a story. But I am no writter, and english isn't my first language. Far from that. But I decided to try it, and why not try it on a universe I absolutly love ? Let's go for Fallout Equestria.
For people who knows it, yeah, I guess it can resemble FoE : Memories because it decided me to try posting a story.^^

Obviously it's going to be bad, I don't know if it'll be long or if it'll last, but that's my leap of faith. Feel free to comment and criticize. In fact please criticize, because for me it's also a way to improve my written english, and why not writter's skills on the side line.

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Quite the honest description up there. I'll join you on this leap of faith. I will read this later... and when I revisit this page you will certainly attract others to join you on this journey. I do want to get this off my chest as a native English speaker though, one thing: that there is a considerable difference between English as a second language and people just being lazy in words typed. I sincerely hope it is because of the first, and not the second cause. A fresh new story, especially Fallout: Equestria is just what I was looking for to catch my attention.

7248458 Thank you for being first to comment here. I hope I will be able to do something nice.

I'm working on chapter two, and I think I'm at the half with 2500+ words. I think chapter will become bigger in the future. (I kinda put the first online so there would be no turning back. ;) )
I will enjoy having your feedback later.

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