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This is just stories to have fun with the character of FelixFloetryFox
Go see his story Fallout Equestria : FoxFire

It's just nonsens, and goes nowhere, but it's gonna be cute, in the middle of the Equestrian Wasteland.
Every chapter is written on the fly with no planning. We'll see where this will lead us and what secrets will appear about Pox. ;)

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Whith graduation approaching Pinkie had an idea. She invited all her friend to a slumber party in wich she's going to ask them their deepest secrets. Turns out that they all have some kind of dark past and crazy backstory. Will this knoledge weaken their friendship or will it stenghten it like Pinkie Pie hope ?

An idea born from season 6 episode 23 'Where the Apples lies." Then I extended this stupid Idea to the whole cast. Basicaly, how shitty can the past of the protagonist be ?
In this world AJ is a few years older than the others and the CMCs are younger than in the EqG movies (around 9 or 10 years old.)
Consider the 3 first movies as Canon.
Sex tag is for mention but not actual scenes.
And it's not that Dark

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A mare wake up in a dark cell and quickly discover she have no memories. How will she cope ? Where is she ? What's going on ? You'll find out.

This is my first attempt to write a story. But I am no writter, and english isn't my first language. Far from that. But I decided to try it, and why not try it on a universe I absolutly love ? Let's go for Fallout Equestria.
For people who knows it, yeah, I guess it can resemble FoE : Memories because it decided me to try posting a story.^^

Obviously it's going to be bad, I don't know if it'll be long or if it'll last, but that's my leap of faith. Feel free to comment and criticize. In fact please criticize, because for me it's also a way to improve my written english, and why not writter's skills on the side line.

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