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:D X3 =^-^= <3 :P ô_ō -_- Ó_Ò ...enough said, I think...okay, maybe not, but, Eh, oh well.


When a being lives a life of immortality, said being tends to become lonely, bored, and generally manic depressive...when TWO beings are immortal, said beings tend to become inseparable and the meaning to eachothers' existence. When—and stay with me now—THREE immortal beings are in contact, jealousy and rivalry is quickly spawned. When FOUR (count'em! F.O.U.R.!) immortal beings are forced to coexist, each with very different views on life and reality, love is sparked, hatred to grown, mettle is tested, and wars are waged...when one of these immortal beings spawns a split-personality dark side, all hell is reigned upon Equestria in a Cataclysm which is foretold to occur once every ten millennia.

Your body will be unprepared.

Please please please spread the word of this! I really spent more time on this than I have on anything, and it would be very appreciated if I could receive more than just a simple comment. Like...a review. What you liked, or disliked, and if you want, some critique. Also, tell me of any spleling or grammer mistakes and such. I will hugged you if you did, :D

Rate, favorite, and watch me, because that would be awesome!
I mean, um...if that's okay with you...that is...

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 19 )

It sounds good so far and im just wondering if i should actually answer that question...
i say dare
but yeah no grammar so far and i see nothing but good potential here so do go on

HA. Quite enjoyed that, it was hilarious.

THAT WAS BRILLIANT!!!!! too bad theres no luna form of :trollestia: but oh well
in any case that was amazing, i was reading it out loud to my friend and had to have him read it himself because i was laughing too hard
congrats on being born with such a brilliant mind

That's what I was aiming for.

Really? Well, thanks, then. :twilightsmile: Glad I could be of assistence today.

You have surpassed all expectation. by which I mean you've succeeded admirably, I couldn't write something half as funny.

Well, then i guess my four-to-five years of fan-writing all over the internet (and a semi-college level knowledge of English and Literature from school) has paid-off!...FINALLY.

So again, thanks. :D

What did I just read?

The battle of all battles.
The game of all games!

In other words:
A story called Clash of the Titans.

You're welcome.

This was amazing and I demand a sequel about the Royal Orgy!

There will be an epilogue soon. Almost done writing it up, actually!
But no promises about the Royal orgy.

Someone should have dared someone to break a pinkie promise :pinkiecrazy:

None of them wants to be the next batch of cupcakes.

I was expecting a fanfic of celestia battling among the gods in the olden days 1000 or so years ago, nonetheless great job. For Glory!!!:rainbowdetermined2::twilightangry2:

Actually, the lore of this story basically said that, 1000 years ago, this was still the ground-breaking battling which Celestia partook in. Heck, they've been playing Spin the Bottle to decide what goes for the past couple hundred centuries. :ajsmug: Glad you were pleasantly surprised, though!

You, good sir, are a bucking genius! :rainbowlaugh:

I bet strawberry milk makes Discord make actual sense, and be the god of all that is Orderly!

So it is revealed that Luna is a perverted little Alicorn... :rainbowlaugh:

If i got this right, the game determines who gets to rule Equestria for the next century, millennium, what have you? I wonder what changes Luna will make?

Epilogue, please. Or sequel. You know, if you want to... :fluttercry:

Oh I want to, I just want to finish other stuff first.
Like Lovely Little Tyrant for one.

Will there be another chapter coming soon?

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